4 Mentalities That Will Turn You into an Inspiring Person...

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Hi, Steemians!

The feat of inspiring other people to fight for their dreams was one of the subjects that we previously covered in our series of motivational blog posts regarding a creative and progressive mindset and outlook towards life.

As we covered earlier, the greatest gift you can give anyone in your life is the strength of your presence and how your inspirations manifest themselves in those who are around you and see you everyday fighting for your dreams and overcoming difficult challenges to finish what you set out to do.

It is difficult to even take care of your own dilemmas, let alone be wary of what other people go through and try to help them in a way that pushes their life forward. In today’s blog, we will list the top 4 traits that will turn you into an inspiring person.

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The first step towards becoming an inspiring person is to increase your general gratefulness towards everything in your life. You are bestowed upon by many blessings that might be currently hidden from your forgetful eyes.

To be grateful about even the smallest blessings that we have in our daily life is to learn how to see the world in a better light.

The trap of entitlement and victimization suddenly gives its place to an optimistic and hopeful outlook that is always searching for the light in everything. This will go on to inspire those who are around you, as they take lessons in how you see the world and how you react to different things that happen to you.

The second trait is your fearlessness in diving head first into new experiences and not feeling insecure about your prowess in achieving new tasks or trying out novelties.

It is true that attaining everything in life comes with its own challenges and difficulties, but your fearlessness in experiencing new things and walking down uncharted paths will inspire the people in your life to be as courageous as you are.

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The third trait is something that we have already talked about in our blog posts. Do not be afraid of your own vulnerabilities. When we talk about inspiring people, we do not talk about flawless entities of immense and immeasurable power. Everyone has their own weaknesses, and you are not an exception.

By embracing your vulnerable side, you show the people around you that even the very best of us are full of flaws and might make mistakes. You show them that it is okay to feel insecure from time to time, and nobody is perfect or omnipotent when it comes to the hardships and difficulties of life.

More so, you will show them your emotional side, and as a result, they can connect to you on a more intimate level and cherish your inspiring presence from even a closer approach.

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The final trait, and the most important one, is to respect our values and ideals. A person who can merely preach and doesn’t live up to his own beliefs is as inspiring as the bearer of the legacy of all the hypocrites and frauds of history.

Your promise is the most important aspect of your inspirational character; the promise that you will live up to your own standards and become an embodiment of them.

That is when you will be able to reach out your hands and give your knowledge and wisdom to those who hear your word, hence becoming the inspiring person that you set out to be.

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Having an inspirational presence in life is not an easy task.

But with practice and patience, you can master these mentalities, not only helping out your life as a result, but taking the hands of all those who are in need of your guidance.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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As usual, an inspiring share from you. I have read your articles a lit and that’s a source for my daily inspiration.

No one is perfect, we all have our own giants to overcome, but each stage we overcome is what helps lift others, I always say that they are my scars? they are simply the memory of a battle that could kill me and could not, I defeated.
Most of the time dreamers go through hard processes of preparation, God uses it to create in us a firm, decisive character to overcome obstacles.
We have begun to think when Jesus came into the world made man was to demonstrate the way of life, with justice, equity, respect, and above all love, which is the perfect link. Yesterday I remind you a lot of @chbartist, I made a message about dreams. Thanks for your wise words.


If we are to become a successful person in our life, then we have to walk on a proper path of ethics and ideals, which is possible only if we do the same to our elders and follow the guidance shown by them.

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I think these four traits also highlight the importance of humility when approaching life in general. If this is not done, we easily forget where we come from and the importance of our journeys.

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I agree with everything you say here ... We have to thank every detail in our lives ... many people are more aware of what they do not have than the things that God has given them, even if they are small .... enjoy them ... and finally you close with something very important, in life you have to be authentic! live what you preach, you should be the best sample of what you preach, the best testimony should be you ... if you do not live what you preach, what example can you give ???. It is impossible to inspire someone if you are not a sincere person.

Totally agree with you I like the final one we have to believe in our selves and respect our ideas and value. If we underestimate our selves then we can not achieve something in our life. We have to appreciate our ideas and have to work on them with effectively so we can achieve our Target. It is necessary to add value in our thoughts and ability so we can do something extraordinary.

I really like this article.

Show people you care in your words “How are you today?” and your actions ºººsmall acts of kindness go a long wayººº.

Be enthusiastic is contagious, is common enough to be cliché, but it’s a cliché because it’s true. Reflect enthusiasm every day to the people you are in contact with and I’m willing to wager your genuine smiles, positive energy, and caring concern will be returned ten-fold.

If a person you know and love tells you a secret, trust takes a long time to build, so you can be a positive influence that people are unafraid to talk to. Small compliments have a way of brightening any day..

Stand firm if you want to show the people around you that even the worst of circumstances can be overcome with positive thinking, continuous improvement.

Anyone can hear the words other people say, Make eye-contact if someone talks to you about their problems..

Keep your head high and eyes forward so you can say, “Hello,” or, “How are you?” to everyone you walk past. Walk with a friendly swagger that reflects confidence in who you are.

Stay calm and be so cool, also share your influences, what books have made a huge impact on who you are as a person...? or
Have you had the pleasure of inspiring a person to take a positive step forward to a better life?

This is amazing @chbartist ...!!!


I always enjoy reading your comments @edgarare1 :)



Thank you so much my friend ..!!!

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Yes!, @chbartist, life is how you are able to overcome all the twist and turns in this world. Upon all the afflictions if you are able to overcome them, then you are victorious. Thanks for your motivational post.

I really specifically like the third point. Personally, when I give advice based on my own experiences, such as to my friend who struggles with depression and self worth, I try to keep it realistic and show vulnerabilities. I won't say "just try x, y, and z and you'll probably feel better" I'll say "in my experience it takes multiple tries to find something that helps, it can be exhausting at times, but please persevere. It will be so worth it. One day, you'll be so much happier. You will still have bad days and struggles, but the bad days won't be nearly as bad as now." Which is much more honest, and creates less hope than the first might create. The difference is that the first creates a lot of false hope, which won't last, and when it falls apart it'll only make things worse. This may create less,but it's true hope, hope that will build upon itself instead of break itself down

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Fulfilling your life's purpose is inspiring others.
And here is my own outline of the enumerated traits of being an inspiration to others.
Gratefulness - a disposition of a contented heart.
Courage - standing strong in life's battle.
Self-acceptance - embracing what and who you are.
Integrity - living what you preach.

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Achievements are naturally inspirational. i think when we achieves something it creates energy. When I talk about achievement I do not mean big money, big name and big platform. It can be your honest, your discipline, your work ethics, how you handle issues and relationships and many other things. We should always remember that people are watching us even when they seem they do not care about us. So whatever you do be careful but also do not do just for people to see, do it because it is the right thing and do it for yourself. You will inspire many.
Do not worry about who will not appreciate you, nobody get all positive reviews in this world and sometimes the people we inspire are not vocal like the people who dislike us. But always remain a positive energy.

@chbartist as we know that our whole life is basis on our mentalities . It can be negative or positive . i pick up one line from your blog "It is difficult to even take care of your own dilemmas," - i agree with you because sometimes we face some problems for that only we can find solution .

@chbartist, Most importantly we have to understand ourselves because when we know who we are, what we are doing, what is our path and what we have to achieve then for sure in this path we will going to develop all the traits which are needed to make someone Inspiring Individual. Most importantly only experience speaks for the individual. Stay blessed. 🙂

Ive got to say thank you chbartist, today i put one of the 4 mentalities into practice, which was about embracing your vulnerable side and the result was amazing, because my little just walked up to me and said seeing me admit my failures gave her hope that failling wasn't the end. I feel so happy that i atleast inspire my little sis to not be afraid of failures

Saludos @chbartist! necesitamos inspiración, y también podemos ser inspiración para otras persona, en este sentido debemos cumplir, por lo menos con los cuatro aspectos que identificas en esta publicación:

El primero es "inspirar" en los demás el acto de agradecer, hasta en los malos momentos, porque también dejan un aprendizaje.

seguidamente, debemos desarrollar y mantener en constante incremento el sentido de emprendimiento, impulsando nuevas experiencias, confiando en las capacidades y destrezas que tenemos y que nos llevaran a cumplir los objetivos.

Continuando, debemos aceptar nuestra debilidades, esto nos hace ser más humanos y desarrollar el sentido de empatía, con lo cual lograremos mejores relaciones con los demás.

Por ultimo, tener presente en todo momento los valores, los principios, los ideales y respeto a las normas, dando el ejemplo desde nuestros actos.

Feliz día!

To inspire others, you have to be an example to follow, as you noted in the fourth trait. It is more important because we are still deven identify in us the best human and instrumental values. You can be very Intrepid also, but to be aware of our limitations. And be grateful makes us people humble and simple, and that's people we like.


Dear @yaleal

To inspire others, you have to be an example to follow,

Indeed. And it's really not easy. Im doing my best to inspire people as a boxing coach and also as some sort of influencer here on Steemit. But it does take away pretty much freedom of speech. You cannot do or say anything you want if you want to be example.

Ain't easy.

Great comment buddy



Hi @crypto.piotr.

I think your efforts have worth, you've inspired and motivated many people in steemit. You've done with me.

It is true, it's not easy as you say, because many times you have to suppress your emotions, up to hide the dislikes and anger others you cause. But fear not to decline in it. We understand that is part of human nature.


Dear @yaleal

you've inspired and motivated many people in steemit. You've done with me.

Thank you for those super kind words! :)


People who seek to be inspiring should be, above all, LEADERS, people with the knowledge, values ​​and ingrained principles that inspire all those people and who agree that what they profess is true.

Hi @chbartist. I especially like the last quality you mention and how you referred to it. Hehehe! If we pretend to teach a truth to other people and be an inspiring person, then we must be the first to put that truth into practice. This should even be the first quality of the aforementioned 4, since by preparing to teach and exemplify, we became the first reference of the moment for our viewers. Therefore we must live up to what we intend to sell.

Dear @chbartist sir!
Every little thing in the world that inspires us. An ant inspires us to work together. On this blockchain, we encourage good articles to write good articles of ours. People sitting in the viewer's gallery do enthusiasm for their team. This is also a form of inspiration. I agree with your point that we should be motivated to make our weaker side a strong side and we should move forward by taking inspiration from them. Because the drawbacks occur in everyone, no one is complete. Indeed, inspiring midwifery in life is not easy, but it is not even impossible.

But with practice and patience, you can master these mentalities, not only helping out your life as a result, but taking the hands of all those who are in need of your guidance.

Oh yeah.
It also takes persistence and consistence to make them a habit for life. Perseverance is also a factor. Other virtues and values may also be added in order to serve our purpose in life, to love the source of all and to love others as we love ourselves.

That's a really nice post

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

It is really inspiring and motivating.

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I had not thought about how important it is to be an inspiring person, sometimes we are without knowing and we influence people that we do not imagine that they admire us, but having that awareness to improve in more aspects of your life, is a good goal to start the year.

The great goal of this year to be inspiring people!

Are you one of those insecure people that goes ape shit when challenged with logical discussion about posts...?
(to many big snowflakes around these parts for me to offend you...)

I have no intent to offend - but staying silent is also offensive to me...lol
I'll wait for an answer before I give you my take on it...

I hope we can have a good discussion...


Hi @lucylin

I accidently bumped into your comment and it did left me a bit confused.

If you're hoping that @chbartist will reply to your comment then please do not feel disapointed. I know him a bit and he is very supportive and he is trying to engage with people, but at the same time he is very limited with time.

So unfortunatelly he hardly really ever does use this time to reply to people. Treat this author as a one-way street. Great content, but engagement will most likely not happen.



I understand completely... no worries...

Nice post. I like what you are doing and I wish to join the list. Kudos for growing the Steemit community!

Another amazing piece of work @chbartist

Where do you get all your ideas from?

As we covered earlier,

Perhaps you could consider making this kind of sentence a link to post you're refering to? The thing is that you blog a lot and looking for some particular post is a killer and huge put off. It would greately help many people, including me ;)

More so, you will show them your emotional side, and as a result, they can connect to you on a more intimate level and cherish your inspiring presence from even a closer approach.

You nailed it!

Many people keep saying about selling "stories" as a way of connecting with people. I believe in building "emotions", as a bridge connecting me with others.

It's not easy to achieve, but bring so much satisfaction.


Great post and useful to people thank you for sharing

Thank you for letting me know the importance of mentality.

Sir your every post valuable nice topic.

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I don’t know what to say. I found this post most interesting. You know why? In the first place, it discuss all about my current situations, secondly, it gave me light on how to handle these pains. I thought I was emotionally strong but since the last nine months, too much challenged in every aspects of my life.

As you discussed, the third and fourth points greatly attaching my values and tired of thinking about these staff. I wish I could read more of it!!!

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I agree with your statements but it is so difficult to live by them...

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