Accepting That We Are All, One Way or Another, Afflicted with Flaws...

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Hi, dear friends!

The wisdom of our species is still in a questionable state. You could claim that we already know how to build the perfect utopia, a place where everything is right and no shortcoming or wrongdoing may befall a single human being.

This is true, because our ignorance is not lack of knowledge, but an unwillingness to embrace a higher understanding of our society and world.

In this sense, there is knowledge, but there is no will to acquire it.

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That is why generation after generation, we are mingled with characteristic flaws, willful shortcomings, and other precarious insecurities of emotional nature.

Your parents or your grandparents and generations before that did not have the knowledge to raise their child with caution and wisdom, making the right decisions at every step of the way and using psychology to make sure that their child is not going to have a turbulent and unstable personality when he grows up.

This was mostly trial and error, or if we are being overly optimistic, a common wisdom passed from generation to generation on how to raise a child.

But all those methods and shared wisdom had flaws and were not approved in a scientific way.

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It might be too much to expect that one day, society will decide to embrace a higher understanding of life and create the perfect society, but until then, we can only accept that all of us are flawed.

Take a look at the current state of our society. Apart from a particular group of people, most of the population live in utter ignorance.

Everyday, we witness a watered-down society where people work to cover the costs of living and distract themselves with things that are not in their best interest.

Most of them are not even willing to take up a book once in a while and start reading a bit, probably assuming that a little more knowledge is too much to bear.

Some of our youth outright laugh in your face when you mention subjects like acquiring knowledge or coming to a higher understanding of life.

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That is why our outlook towards life is flawed, as is our character, because our upbringing was done in questionable circumstances.

What is one to do by accepting this fact?

Humans are creatures of pride and vanity. Without accepting the idea that we may not be right all the time or that we may have characteristic flaws that need to taken care of, we can never hope for progress.

Without forsaking our pride and accepting our flaws, we continue turning the wheel for an eternity.

The cycle continues. Generation after generation, the collective arrogance and ignorance of the human race thrives, and destroys the hope for a better society.

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You cannot expect other people to behave perfectly or always make the right decisions, because you yourself are prone to mistakes and other flaws of the same nature.

This sympathy will lead to more harmony and peace amongst the members of a society. It can also help you build mature relationships based on trust, compromise and tolerance.

No one is perfect, and nor are you. But we can all aspire for perfection and try to deal with the flaws that have afflicted us for as far as civilization goes back.

Let us be more understanding towards one another, let us be more forgiving of other people’s mistakes, and let us be mindful of our own flaws and shortcomings and find ways to counter them with knowledge and wisdom.




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Hola amigo @chbartist excelente publicación,hoy en día estamos rodeados de personas llámese sociedad, poca culta que muestra poco interés por en las cosas positiva que nos tiene la vida, sin pensar en el futuro de nuestros hijos, siempre esta presente el yo y solo yo, aunque con sus decisiones dañen al prójimo, lo felicito por éste post ya que está lleno de un contenido enriquecedor en conocimientos, de parte de @jorge090202 desde Venezuela.

If modern parents, from an early age, had taught their child the qualities that kill ignorance, our society would be much better.


Not everyone agrees on what qualities are good or bad. People should be left to decide for themselves what they believe in, not indoctrinated with a certain set of subjective 'qualities that kill ignorance'.


To me, that quote is pretty self-explanatory.

Ignorance as a quality of personality is a force forcing a person to degrade. The viciousness of ignorance is not in ignorance, but in unwillingness to know. Unfortunately, every year there are more such people.

Firstly you can add me to the list for sure..

Perfect society seems muth to me as we all expert in imitate other person who I believe as a succeSsful person but we never use our own intellectual to grow even yourself in a perfect way then how can we support ourselves to grow our kids in a perfect way and make them understand the perception of their sixth sense..

I think generation by generation human beings are not being smart but dumb as our previous generations waste really sound in their perception then us.

Your thoughts are clear to me. Interesting. But I want to say about trial and error in the upbringing of children and the experience of our grandparents. If we turn to the Bible, then many mistakes could have been avoided. Human pride makes us go our own, unique way. it seems to us that we are above that experience and the wisdom described in this book. But, I see young and old people in the Church, their whole experience was deplorable, as a result, they still turn to God for wisdom.

Hello @vhbartist. This topic is important to analyze why some social groups can not advance beyond poverty. Parents educate their children to reproduce their lifestyle. Aspects such as educating them for social ascent, it seems to them a useless task, it is enough to have only in life what is essential to eat and dress, and not to look for a better quality of life.

This can be understood from their point of view, but the school and even governments should encourage education in both knowledge and values ​​to overcome their poverty. And one of the main values ​​that should be inculcated is the value of work and excellence. Let's support these initiatives.

Best regards

I The greatest mistake here's mostly you can make is to believe that you have to do everything on your own personal power don't assume that asking for any buddy help and support or guide that is real reason of mistaken.
In fact it's just opposite to asking to help or accep help to accomplish a goal that also ingrained in to your own sprit that you will help others over obstacles or hardles as well.

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Dear @chbartist
We should not be too hesitant to accept this fact that our ancestors were more dependent on estimates because they did not have the means equipped with modern techniques as of today, due to which all their methods and knowledge are faulty and not approved by scientific method. Were. They rely on tests and errors. Though he had lack of scientific method and testing, in most cases his decisions proved to be correct because most of his experiments were based on experience. The cycle of time keeps running. Time changed, circumstances changed, technology changed and people also changed. The flaws were already there and the food is still there any person can never be perfect Yes we can definitely learn from mistakes and try to fulfill the shortcomings.
Thank you

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The main problem is that in modern world every body think he is perfect to do everything and he can achieve everything on his own. It is really a big matter of concern because no body is perfect it is universal Truth so always keep in mind we can walk together longer instead of walking alone. We have to be cooperative so we can achieve our Target Easley and early.

Lastly I would like to say that you really write mind blowing articles . I always try to leave positive comments on your posts . And I didn't forget to take a quick look on your blogs on daily basis.

Much love from @ajks

You are right, ignorance is the main problem of society. People believe that they can´t aspire to more is because society has created that. We must know that we can aspire to be better whenever we want. We own our mistakes and successes, and when we accept that, we will be prepared to be better.

Society must balance itself in the old and new guard, not as methodical as the more experienced, nor as precipitous as the novices. I think so we will break the '' wheel ''.

I think sir society is a good medium that's balance between generation of generation transfer moral values experience.

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Every day we see shootings, rape, missing people etc. It just doesn't stop. We will never come close to being any type of utopia sadly. Maybe 1000 years from now when The world is full of humans with brain implants that tells them everything to do in the correct manner :P

Education has been repetitive years after years and we must absolutely ask ourselves where we are going, and especially if we are parents.

I feel that we are submerged in the sea of ignorance, but we can rescue the best of ourselves, we must accept failures and with will and knowledge solve problems and build a better future.

No one is perfect, we must have this clear, and possess the intention to improve through the acquisition of wisdom.

Imperfection is our opportunity to become better everyday to achieve our goals! I believe it is what makes us unique and such complex beings. Evolution would be impossible if otherwise!

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"In this sense, there is knowledge, but there is no will to acquire it."

Thank you for this phrase of good words!, this is intelligently said, some people acquire the knowledge but they are left with the implementers to bring to reality. This in effects cripples many opportunities for people with good visions.

@chbartist correcting the shortcomings is the ultimate thing to achieve success

So that we can have a healthy society, tolerance, respect, understanding, are the most important components that must be applied, taking into account that in humans perfection does not exist and that anyone can make an error in any area, We must all help each other, in the areas where we have failures, instead of telling or accusing others.

Even if we reach a hundred years old, we're still imperfect.
And we all gonna die with flaws.

What matter is at least we tried our very best to be perfect even if its impossible.
The sad thing is when we just let ourselves as what we are in a safe comfortable situation, while others are helping each other solving problems.

We are in an imbalance society because every is just thinking about their profit, they don't want to walk together in this human, they always want to be in the safe side. We should learn together and accept this truth we are human we all make mistake, our society will be perfect only when we stop living only for money and to fulfill our daily needs and start gathering extra knowledge about life.
This post is very similar to me, I didn't join any MNC because I don't want to waste my life only working 9 to 5, I want to learn more thing in my life.
Thank you for such a wonderful post.

And that's the reality of life. Finding perfection in imperfections, finding solutions in flaws and nurturing power within your weakness and limitations. Great words in here.

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Flaws like your pathological vote-buying? @steemflagrewards

Regards appreciated @chbartist.

The vision that you pose is of deep reflection.
Anthropologically, the human being as a society is constantly evolving. So far we are as we are, of course we have more future than the past. But inexorable time presses us. We must exponentiate our own evolution. It's possible? Absolutely.

We must look for innovative ways to raise our children. To raise them spiritually. Expand your thoughts.

Let's focus on our children. They are a grain of sand on the beach. Grain by grain we will get very far.

Thanks for such valuable thoughts.

All best, Piotr.

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That is why our outlook towards life is flawed, as is our character, because our upbringing was done in questionable circumstances.

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