Awaken the Beast Within and Do Not Stop Until You Reach the Destination...


Hello, dear Steemians!

How far are you willing to push in order to realize your dreams and achieve your goals?

Ask this question and think about the answer that you want to give to it.

Our determination to go after our dreams and put ourselves through the endeavor that is required to realize them is questionable, because our resolve is not as solid or unstoppable as we would like to imagine.

You do want to succeed. You do want to realize your goals and dreams. But you are just not willing to see what it takes to realize them and what you might have to sacrifice in order to achieve them.

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Consider one of your lifelong dreams. Imagine that it is already yours. You have done this hundreds of times, and your reason is quite understandable; it is a beautiful vision.

But have you ever once considered what you will have to actually do in order to realize that vision?

This is the problem with many of us. We do not understand the stakes.

We are more comfortable staying in our dreams and only thinking about all the amazing things success and achievement will have for us, rather than getting out there, getting our hands dirty and actually doing something in order to reach our destination.

As I said, we want success. The only problem is, we do not want it hard enough. There is no sense of urgency in us. We see success as a good attribution to our life, whereas the truth is our life depends on success.

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If you truly want success, do not spare yourself. Do not show your mind ease or comfort, nor clemency or pity. Awaken the beast that is inside you.

The beast that will stop at nothing to achieve all his goals and realize all his dreams.

In this game of life, you are the hunter and your goals are the prey. Be wild enough to chase after them with the utmost determination and resolve.

Work in a way that inspires the people around you and leaves them with awe and wonder.

Show them how powerful you could be were you to simply decide, here and now, to give no quarter and fight as hard as you can to finally gain everything that you have ever wanted.

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Our lives are playgrounds filled with endless opportunities. You have all the precious tools that you need in order to fight for your dreams and take steps to realizing them.

The only thing that remains is your mindset.

Are you willing to do what it takes, or will you die a dreamer?

Awaken the beast within, and go for it!

Go for it with all your ferocity and dedication! It is only then when you are giving it a hundred percent that you will start to see the results of your endeavors!




Important Note!

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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Dear @chbartist sir!
The goal is easy to determine but it is very difficult to reach. For which we need to recognize the extraordinary power and functionality in our lives that help us achieve our goal. Whom we also call self-power. To reach any destination, you have to decide the route that goes to the destination. Life is made up of challenges and in the race of life the same people remain, who believe in themselves and their self-power. Dreams see all of us, but perhaps few people succeed in transforming them into reality. Our strong will, our mood, our positive thinking, our dedication to our responsibilities and the ability to accept challenges are the underlying powers within us that help us achieve our goal. thank you


Thank you @certain for your kind words!


@chbartist, OH FUCK, I SEE 7 FUCKING POSTS OF YOURS IN THE TRENDING CATEGORY!! SEVEN!! Should we just rename this website to

i always wondering how is to living within my dream. Thats why im crazy make it come true . yeahh what ever its take for me to climb up the dream and make it true. then i can tell my grandson proudly how i make my dream come true

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There is one parable that I really like. It teaches to go to the goal as the last day in life. A master of Zen taught the student archery. The student took a bow, two arrows and prepared to do the exercise. However, the Master approached, took one of the arrows from him and threw it aside.
“Why did you take the second arrow from me?” The student asked.
“I didn’t take the second arrow from you, but the first one, since it would have gone by anyway.

  • But why? The pupil asked in surprise.
    “Because, if you were shooting, you would know that you have another attempt left,” answered the Master.
    Your post is well motivated to action. Thank you for sharing

Excellent review, my friend, and you are right, each of us must induce ourselves to take certain actions, go this way and reach the top, then you begin to understand life for real! Thank you @chbartist

Saludos @chbartist! Excelente publicación! En base a loindicado, traigo un pensamiento de Colin Powell: "No hay fórmulas secretas para el éxito. Es el resultado de tu preparación, trabajo duro y aprender de los errores".

Feliz día!
  ·  작년

Good. I loved your statement " a hunter and your goals are the prey.....". its inspiring.

Usually pushing yourself is only "getting out of your comfort zone"! Getting things done, is the key to success! Upvoted and resteemed, for your support! I am still new to STEEM IT, but what do I need to do to get in your list?


The list I made is from this community, read the Important notes footer. This list was made because people interact with meaningful comments on this blog and vote for each other. If you want I can include you, because every time I post something you will be notified, but it is important to read the footer. Regards


@chbartist so if I understand it right, we will be all upvoting and sharing eachothers comments and posts? I (the person who posts for Ambr Global) am still new to this platform, I have to figure everything out. Right now I search for new posts from people I don't know, and show them my support by leaving an upvote and resteem. I have noticed this platform is not so active, which I think is caused by the current bearmarket of cryptocurrency. So I will be trying my best here to build this company account, and make many friends on the way. I have been on a similar platform before, it was called TSU. I am always generous with upvotes and comments, so be free to include me in the list, i'll do my best to support the community! Still trying to figuere out what posts I should create here, as the blockchain vocabulary posts get boring!


Hello, let me explain better. The people on the list are people who comment on the posts on this blog. Everyone here who leaves meaningful comments gets my upvote and upvote from others who have also left meaningful comments. You may notice that in this blog many people have 8, 9 10 upvotes, because we have a family here where some vote for each other. Understood? But what I said is that some people do not like being included in the list because they get notifications whenever I post something but if you want I can include you in the list. You will be welcome.


Hola , soy nueva en STEEMIT, me interesa mucho trabajar en el día a día , con el fin de ser mejor persona, esa cualidad , es a mi parecer la clave para tener empatia con el resto de personas y lograr los sueños que se tienen y coloborar en lo que se pueda para que los que nos rodean lo logren tambien, feliz tarde!

IF there was no money involved people could more easily reach their goals. Nowadays many people have dreams but they cannot realize it because of the lack of money, yeah just money stands in the way! A cashless, card -or chipless society should be happier , doesn't it ?

  ·  작년

Hi @chbartist,
Let me add another valuable key to success : CONTINUITY.
By continue trying again and again after many failures, we end by reaching our goals.
So everybody just DON'T GIVE UP!
You will acheave your dreams.

Sometimes I find that you have to put one foot in front of the other and have faith that God will sort things out. The daily challenges and tedium of life can wear you out.

Amazing post, so motivational i really surprised after reading your post
it is much help full to grow himself, sir keep it up i have become your fan dear, God bless you , and again keep it up,

A really good post. It has awaken my mind to dreams i allowed to remain just dreams instead of turning them into realities. Now I'm willing to go all the way possible to achieving them. Please how can i join your community @Psylas93

  ·  작년

Many times, we see our dreams frustrated, because we do not have enough determination to fight for them. The mind of the human being is very complex and it is very difficult to convince us that we must abandon our comfort zone, sacrifice things, relationships or situations that allow us to reach the goal we have planned.

Your inner strength and your physical, intellectual and mental capacity are the resources we have to fight for our dreams and, the determination that you put to achieve those dreams, are the means that will make you reach the goal.

Courage and good luck ...

The path is often clear but challenges appear along it so it is important to maintain the direction and not to stop as momentum often build in your favor to complete goals and objectives.

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  ·  작년

every post is carefully prepared ... a lot of work ... @aple

"How ironic is life, the person who brings out the best in you and makes you stronger, is your weakness."
Start today to see your bad days with another look very different, a positive look that helps you cope better and to deal effectively with everything that seems to be against you. Because even in the worst moments, you can get the best out of you.
Anyone can take control of his life and exploit the forces that shape his destiny, if he applies the fundamental principles of self-mastery.
Self-mastery is the key to quality of life. In particular, creating, nurturing and strengthening a powerful belief system is of vital importance - if you do, your life will necessarily follow that direction and reach its final destination.

"In the depths of man these powers inhabit
sleepy powers that would amaze him, that he never dreamed
own; forces that would revolutionize your life if you woke up and
they will go into action "

Nice article. Most people don’t understand the years of hard work and failures that an “overnight success” has gone through

Hello, many times we do not truly internalize the need to meet our dreams and goals, we think we can achieve them at any time and that they are right around the corner. But it's not like that. We must work them every minute, and know that every second that passes without doing something to make it happen is time lost.

  ·  작년

Awaken the beast within, and go for it!

Oh yeah!

Looks like mad lol

I guess its not actually the beast within, its just a metaphor. It represents our strongest desire to unleash to find its fulfillment.

When you read at least forty biographical books of successful people from different careers you will know that it takes the lion in you to get where you want to reach.

@chbartist, Absolutely, Success is beautiful to vision but ground shaking while walking on the path of Achievement. Sometimes we need everything easily, and there is nothing wrong in this mindset when anything related to short term goal, but when we talk about the ultimate dream and achievement which we know that this aspect is long term, then long term goals need that Slow and Steady Construction. Stay blessed. 🙂

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claw, and the strength that we carry within, for this way to see them materialized.

Dreams are achievable and achievable, but, for that, we must dedicate a lot of work, effort, sacrifice, passion, energy and a touch of luck, at the same time leading, promoting and developing all the material, financial and mental resources, for can see them fulfilled.

Many people are dreamers, but let the opportunities pass them on the one hand, for not wanting to leave their conford area, it is at that moment, where their illutions vanish.


  ·  작년

You have to live by following our instinct and intuition as it would make the Eagle. Reach dreams depends on our inner strength and our willingness to make them reality. We all have the ability to do so. Greetings friendly.

If we can a dream we can achieve it
Dreams come true make really when your positive attitude.

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  ·  작년

It is necessary to set goals so we can start work to achieve it . It is important to be time consious so we can get our Target. As you said we have to awoke the insider best in order to become more success consious. We have to work until we reach our Destin place. If we want to achieve our goals and wants to reach our Destin place then it is important to do efforts continuously. Continuous work can leads us to success

The ideological power is useful in each area of life. The thoughtful person receives successful schemes and achieve success by considering the idea which will take steps in the direction. It is necessary for the right idea to be positive thinking...

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hello I think your publication is excellent, really you always need those tips and help to get out of our hole.

Everything you said is true in my opinion. I always thought what could have been if I do something spontaneous or out of the ordinary(for me) but I never did it... I always had a fear of new things and I do not know why... even though everything turned out well in the end. I remember the first appointment to the driving school, before it I was scared as hell but when I got there it was not so bad actually, I don`t understand why I was so scared... I will try to meditate on your words from now on because I think you are right. And I will follow you and reestem this post.

  ·  작년

i always had a dream of climbing k2 and nanga parbat one of the deadly mountain and every day i woke up and practised with new enthusiasm and studied about it all the time dreams are destination but i depends how we are in choosing a right path

Nice article. Most people don’t understand the years of hard work and failures that an “overnight success” has gone through.

Living your dreams means doing the tasks today. Too many people keep doing the same things expecting their dreamy future to happen, "just like that". Same actions will bring the same results and they are not the ones who will bring to life what you dream of if it hasn't happened yet. Do today, enjoy tomorrow.


Good post! really inspirational!

Hey, Chub Artist,
While you are peddling dopey bromides and strategies to game the Ponzi Scheme here and elsewhere to your self-absorbed NPC sycophants, the world is quickly descending into a chaotic hell. But hey, kids, keep contemplating your belly buttons and parroting your moronic mantras--I'm sure that will make the world a better place!

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  ·  작년

But some profiles has seems to be fake popularity, if invest more into steempower so has more influence and earn more. But that talks are empty.

Congratulations @chbartist!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 4 with $ 116,35

Very good.

Hats off to this excellent blog. 👌@chbartist and Iam resteeming this post to help other steemians across the world .
Such a fine piece of writing with lots of hardwork and passion on it...
With lots of love💗

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