Challenging Yourself Daily is an Important Part of Success...

2년 전

Hi, Steemians!

You have a clear image of what you want in your head. You plan and schedule and take steps on a daily basis to achieve your goals. You then begin to realize that despite your best efforts, your progress is slow and questionable.

Being drowned in our daily routine is something inevitable.

You may start strong, and keep going with your plans with power and strength, but you will eventually lose touch of what you are doing and find yourself in a wearisome and boring situation.

To alleviate this boredom, you need to start challenging yourself.

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Even when we are giving life our best and trying hard to achieve our goals and realize our dreams, or even when we are making sure that we spend every moment of every hour wise, we can still fall into the trap of nonchalance and finding our days a bit tedious and repetitive.

Because no matter how much you try to live a purposeful life, we humans are creatures of habit and eventually settle on something that reduces our satisfaction over time.

Our monotonous everyday routines are one of those things, even if they help you get closer to achieving what you want.

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One of the best techniques to raise your productivity level is to challenge yourself in new ways when you wake up and start your day.

Doing something challenging and actually breaking your own habits and norm is a great way to raise your spirit and boost your efficiency.

For example, if you are in the midst of studying for something, set a challenge for yourself tomorrow and say that you are going to study for 10 hours.

You could even set a challenge and say that you are going to do a week’s worth of work in just a single day. You could set the challenge of reading a book over a day or two.

When you do this, you reach peak efficiency for just a bit of time between your tedious weekly routine.

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This is helpful in many ways, as it pushes you forward beyond your comfort zone and brings colorfulness to your life by changing your daily procedure.

It can also allow you to get more done in less time. For example, with your casual and current speed, you may take weeks to finish reading a book. By challenging yourself, you could do it in a manner of days.

Setting challenges and taking them seriously is the only thing you need to do so that you can raise your productivity with this method.

Set difficult challenges, and make sure to tell yourself that you can take them on and be successful in finishing them off!

An important mindset of successful people is their willingness to constantly challenge themselves and come out of these challenges triumphantly.




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yeah even trying to post everyday is challenging

Posted using Partiko iOS


I post on 2 blogs here and have challenged myself to do the first post of each day for both of them before anything else. My real goal is 2-3 posts on each, but the first one is critical. I have autovoters and if I do not post the votes do not happen, so I have a good reason for this.

Also I read a post here early on when I started that said, "you cannot call yourself a steemit blogger if you do not blog. So I take this advice to heart.

Most days I meet the challenge. Then I can comment, check discord, or do whatever else after the two posts are done.

However, I have been working for 3 hours today and no posts are done. I am so glad I saw this post right now. I am going to reboot, get a cup of coffee and start my day over. those two posts take well under one hour if I will simply FOCUS!


Hello, I'm new, I'll try to commit myself to growing my blog. Thanks to those who will help me'


Here is an old post I did about starting here. Don't vote on it.

It is a lot of information. Just work through it step by step and you can succeed. If you need help, I will answer anytime. Just comment on one of my posts.

Best of luck - this is not an easy place, but it is worth it :)

even challenging yourself to go that 1% further daily can make wonders.

It's not always about the big challenges, as long as you see what boundaries and limits you decided to put on yourself and start to ask more of yourself. Been doing this since December 2017 and mindset has changed massively. <3

Oh yeah.
Doing better and better everyday through challenges.
My example is try to challenge yourself 1-3 hours in silence if you could make it.
It will alleviate yourself and achieve awareness to things and people sensitively.

You will more energetic when you will see your goal in front of you. If you set up daily challenges then you will get something good at the end of the day and it's make you happy at bed time, daily challenge yourself makes you stronger , creative and sharp minded . So we have to make challenges it can be easy but should be daily. Nice @chbartist

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Sometimes we tend to be frustrated when we compare ourselves to the successes of others, when in fact we must surpass ourselves, assuming one goal at a time. Only we know the strengths and weaknesses of our main opponent: ourselves.

Have a happy day and may the force be with you

Stretching oneself to achieve goals on a daily basis is a great way to build confidence and gain momentum for longer term projects! This will allow you to improve your boundaries and establish aggressive goals to enable your personal growth!

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@chbartist, Awesome brother, after reading this post one line entered into my mind and that is, "When you raise your difficulty levels yourself, then what you were thinking as difficult will move with ease". Stay blessed.

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I will put this into practice to get out of the routine once in a while, especially to read a book that was lent to me and I have not finished reading precisely for the whole routine of the week.

Yes @chbartist it is all upto you that where you yourself in your goals.People be more curious to go ahead more when they see themselves completing given challenges 19302f93263135afa55c1c4cec13a017.jpg

Yes, it is true that always successful people with their own understanding confront hard and difficult situations, and with their understanding, they win over those circumstances.

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Thanks for yet another excellent Blog post! I find, that the big challenge is to align your habits with your desires...

Good article, applicable to our daily life and our performance as a steemian.

We must challenge ourselves to do new things every day and thus we will have a more interesting, more complete life.

I'm a new steemit user and I'm very happy to be part of this community. I'm still learning how to be useful. Thanks for all your help 😃

You are right not to get bogged down in the routine of daily affairs, you need to be able to wake yourself up, setting yourself any goal that will not let you get depressed because of the monotonous life

Yes right @chbartist. When you challenge yourself everyday you improve yourself.

Posted using Partiko Android

lo importante es no rendirse ! ,seguir adelante a pesar del cansancio, ser fuerte y saber sumar. saludos y gracias.

@chbartist phenomenal content as always
When we challenge ourselves, we can reach high productivity

Dear, @chbartist, Thank you for this great article! and as usual i would like to add that Challenge is the food achievers feast upon, dream about and dive into. Challenge both sharpens the sword and nourishes a more resilient sense of self-confidence.
By challenging yourself regularly and decisively, you step outside your comfort zone and enter undiscovered territory and all that leads you into successful life. :)

I really like your articles, you are very good at finding your words.
Regarding this article, I can say that everyday there are temptations from the outside to give up my dreams. Many people try to change my perceptions of how I should live my life. It's pretty tough when it comes from close people.

@chbartist Thank you for the great inspire guideline for us. I always try to searching motivational and daily task guideline, it recharge my daily work and I wanna try to make a daily routine. But most important part of my time spent on sleeping. I'm very lazy and illness.

We often get captured with our routine life but after certain point of time it's required for us to change it and come out of our comfort zone. This makes to face challenges else routine life will make us lazy.

Posted using Partiko Android

Im always trying to challenge myself to to better. But then depression hits...

Thanks @chbartist, it very prudent and great treasure for one to challenge him self or herself in all the things he/she is undertaking, it is one of the great exercise to our mental faculty and our whole being as human. In life one cannot develop without challenging himself/herself, either being learning, good health, strengthening ones christianity or whatever. We can get anything that we want if we throw challenge to the body or if we stress our body a little bit. The whole being of human is such that the more we decide to get something meaningful in life we must suffer for it, thus nothing comes in a silver platter. Thank you once again for this titillating message!

Wow again wonderful post. Definitely you are right we should challenge ourselves because through that challenge we will come to know the feeling of success and Along with challenge we should work hard for success thanks for this lovely post dear @chbartist

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks a lots @chbartist for another awesome post which is great for a common person to becomes a wonderful person. Through challenge yourself we become more strong and in this our credibility will increase.

Sir challenge self is important our performance with responsively.

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  ·  2년 전

As usual informative post it is important to give challenges to ourselves if we want to achieve something. Challenges makes us more efficient and success consious. If we don't challenge ourselves it leads us to comfort zone which is very dengerious for success path we have to brave enough to except challenges and have good mind and knowledge to complete them.

Your post is always good. I like your post very well I love my farindIMG_20190203_205540.png

Hola chbartist paso a saludarte... nada queria conocer un 81 !!! Jaja salu2

Again it's very motivational... Thanks for sharing...

Uhmm... muy buena aveces es necesario hacer ello, para no ser monótono y caer en depresión.

Great post.actually life is we should enjoy this life.

Sir self challenge it's interesting idea for achieving successful goal with confidence.

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Most people have dreams, desires, or yearnings to fulfill. It is good and means that we have not lost the creative ability to think and visualize what we can become or have, but often the desires are only left in the mental sphere, because all we are doing is "daydreaming", letting our free flying But without accompanying it with actions.
That is why the effort that we must impose for that, go from being something that is in our mind becomes a reality.


Awesome productivity tips..

Love this article!!

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Excelente post. Excelentes consejos.

That was very good!

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I found the words endlessly valuable. Nice catch!

Thank you

I want to try )

About 97.18$ has been spent to promote this content.

Regards appreciated @chbartist.

A moment of inflection must arrive in our lives where we realize that we are the ones who limit ourselves and impose chains on our capacities.

The routine, the comfort zones, give us a biased idea of our potential. Yes, there we have control, but if we do not challenge ourselves, we will never know if we are capable of reaching the stars.

Thanks for such valuable words.

All best, Piotr.

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