Comparing the Forces of Intrinsic and Foreign Motivation… Part #1

2년 전

Hello, dear Steemians!

Do you remember the last time that you truly wanted something with all your heart?

In our lifetime, there are many things that we pursue. But then, sometimes there are things that we truly long for. There is a difference between wanting something and longing for something. When you long for something, you deem it more important than the most fundamental things of what makes you a living being.

You crave it with all your thirst and desire, with every breath you gasp and every step you take; the thing give us more happiness and satisfaction than the sum of all the wealth and power that this world has to offer.

Where does this inherent and powerful force comes from?

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If you go behind-the-scenes in the set of success, you will realize that behind every accomplishment and achievement resides a powerful motivation that drove their dreamers forth.

But there are two types of motivation; intrinsic and foreign.

When you talk about foreign motivation, you are describing all the elements of the outside world that compel you to do something because you will be rewarded or not to do something because you will be punished.

Rewards and punishments are the pinnacle of foreign motivation, driving you to perform certain tasks and chores and take care of your social responsibilities.

For instance, working at a job and dealing with your boss is a foreign motivation. You work because you are expecting to get paid at the end of the month, and that is the reward behind your motivation. If you do not finish your tasks in time, your boss can scold you, which is the punishment behind your foreign motivation.

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As effective as foreign motivation can be to anyone, it is not usually ambitious or truly valuable. Almost everyone uses foreign motivation on a subconscious level in their daily lives, but not a lot of people benefit from intrinsic motivation.

Your inner motivation is the opposite point of foreign motivation, in the sense that you decide to do something because it makes you feel satisfaction and tranquility without the intervention or requirement of foreign elements.

With foreign motivation, you feel joy or pain as a result of those rewards and punishments, but with intrinsic motivation, you feel joy as a result of putting value on a deed itself, rather than the outcome of it.

When it comes to dreams and goals, our sense of peace and satisfaction is much more important than our fear of punishment or our wish for rewards.

Following your dreams is independent of such sensations, and that is why, rather than relying on foreign motivation, one should focus more on his inner values and dilemmas.

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When intrinsic motivation drives you forward, you will feel satisfaction and joy in your endeavors, because rewards and punishments are obligatory, whereas your values and dreams come out of passion and desire.

Do not put much value on the motivation that comes from foreign sources. Try to elevate your inner flame by thinking about your dreams and what they really mean to you, and how they could change your life if they were to be realized.

In the ultimate fight for motivation, your compassion will always trample on the obligations of the outside world.




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  ·  2년 전

Motivation is needed for everything. This is the thing which encourage us to do something. Every work we do there is a reward for completing that work. The reward we received that is motivation which helps us to achieve our Target. Motivation helps us when we feel tired.
Thanks for this breif article about motivation and also thanks for types of motivation.

Good afternoon

These 2 types of motivations must be related to each other, being, of course, the intrinsic motivation to which we must pay more attention.

There are different examples or situations in life where each of these motivations are manifested, for example, there are people who struggle daily to see a family member recovered, there are couples who can not have children who struggle to conceive them, there are parents who They go out daily to find food for their children because there is nothing to eat at home, These are examples of this type of motivation that, as you say you should want, you must be passionate so that they can become reality, that is why you struggle and use all your physical, mental and economic skills so that they can be achieved...

In the case of foreign motivation, it is totally different but necessary, because in your work, in the sport you practice, in the love of a couple, in the love towards your children, it motivates you to achieve that your goals can be fulfilled.

When I say that both motivations must be related to each other, it is because the passion that motivates you to achieve what you want from the bottom of your heart can also be achieved if you plan and work so that it can really be achieved. . .


Extrinsic motivation is an external form of motivation. For example, if your boss sets a deadline on a project and your bonus is tied to the deadline, that is a very clear form of extrinsic motivation. In fact, this example includes two extrinsic motivators: your boss's expectations and the bonus. So, extrinsic motivation doesn't always have to be another person, but it is some outside demand, obligation, or reward that requires the achievement of a particular goal.

Be specific with positive feedback that you give yourself. Many people who need extrinsic motivation tend to be very negative in providing themselves with feedback. A good way to observe this is to keep a notebook for a week, or even a day, in which you record self-statements about the goal you are trying to achieve.

Amazing @chbartist ....

Personality and self-concept often determine if you will be inspired either internally or externally. If you understand the difference between internal and external motivational factors, then you are more likely to inspire yourself or others.

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How interesting this information, I did not know that these two types of motivation existed, much less that it existed or that it was called foreign motivation, for example the case of a job. I like these topics that teach new things. Thank you!

Saludos @chbartist! Tal como lo explicas, en todos los aspectos de la vida vamos a encontrar motivación externa e interna. En el caso de las "motivaciones externas" podemos tener como ejemplo la guía de los padres, la guía de los maestros, la experiencia universitaria y el entorno laboral.

En estos ambientes vamos a conocer los estereotipos de plantea la sociedad, pero como persona con una identidad propia; tendremos a desarrollar esos aspectos internos que nos identifican como personas únicas.

En la forma como se desarrolle la vida de cada persona, se debe colocar en la balanza los "criterios externos e internos", buscando el equilibrio emocional que nos permita seguir desarrollándonos como personas felices, productivas y satisfechas con la vida.

Feliz día!

Internal motivation also provides emotions that make the effort feel more genuine which is more sustainable than just needing to do things. I think that as we mature, we tend to learn more from the internal side that the foreign.

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Peace and satisfaction, I love that combination and I rule my life for them, one day at a time. Peace.
I will go back to vote for the last ones.

I am so agree with your post.
Really like your pictures.
It brings colorful and more motivation to undetstand the meaning !
Thank you.

Outward inspiration happens when we are roused to play out a conduct or take part in an action to win a reward or keep away from discipline. For this situation, you take part in a conduct not on the grounds that you appreciate it or on the grounds that you think that its wonderful, however so as to receive something consequently or abstain from something unsavory.

Inherent inspiration includes participating in a conduct since it is specifically fulfilling; basically, playing out a movement for the good of its own as opposed to the craving for some outer reward. Basically, the conduct itself is its very own reward.

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@chbartist I agree with you that a hard motivation need before any success , But if you have that type of motivation in your self then once need to duc it and you will get boom .

Without doubt, this is one of the best piece I have ever read. It's very detailed and informative. intrinsic motivation all the way. Thank you for the enlightenment

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Hi @chbartist.

I think we must use a blend of both. The disadvantage with external motivation is that it might not be in our control but internal or self motivation is our own property. Hence discovering the meaning and purpose of one's life is important. It keeps one motivated even in the unfavorable situations.


Posted using Partiko Android

Derlar chbartist, this is a wonderful piece, and you've successful reminded me on the importance of internal motivation. It is so easy to get lost in the pool of my obligations whether to my family or to my society, letting my situation control my motivation. But thank you for reminding me of how much peace and satisfaction i can get from my internal motivations compared to the feeling of frustration and having no choice from foreign motivations.

This is a really nice post.
Most people think that the FOREIGN MOTIVATION is more important but little do they know, the most important about everything is YOU. Your whole self.
Hope you will be motivated each and every day of the year 2019 and the years after.

hi @chbartist im sorry, i don't comment on your writing, it's just that i want to say "Happy new year" hopefully in 2019 get the best for us.


Thank you friend! Happy new Year for you!!!You don't need to apologize. I wish all the best in 2019 for you.


Thanks, I'm glad to meet you in Steem Blockchain, I see your posts trending every day, hopefully in 2019 I get the best 😊

Your calling to fulfill your life's purpose gives you enough power to sacrifice the things people deemed important. Intrinsic motivation gives you peace within cause you're doing the things that give your life worth. We can do blogging for the sake of money (external) and at the same time, we do it because we want to inspire others and become a part of their success (intrinsic).

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Awesome post!

I'm currently in the process of working directly for my passion to be realised - being a game developer - and I am also building a study-routine and an excersise-routine, which both feel great as I love doing both things. And finally learning how to code (which, the not-doing-of was putting me down all my life) has really uplifted my life, as I realise I am finally doing something about it, by still removing excuses on why not to do my tasks and by making use of every optimal situation in which I can study and eventually be able to create my dream of making games - to educate, to relax, to get on important world topics - I can do it all by creating video games, which I soon will be able to do :)

So, what I am trying to say with all this, is that I was extremely depressed - so much, as to barely, barely getting out of bed, only living in the dream-worlds of my subconscious - yet now, when I have not only gotten back to university, found my life partner and living with her and our 3 doggocats. I have also started to work on the dream I have always had in my life, but through self-hate always had stopped myself from starting to work on. All this self-hate is getting removed now through acts which lead me closer to realisation of my personal goal. It's so easy, yet so hard to find the motivation - I have tried to get it through alcohol, drugs, punishments, rewards, BUT it turns out, the best solution is the simplest solution - no need of relying on external resources for doing anything - we just have to realise what we truly wish to do through our lives and start working on it. Ten, true motivation and true inspiration and true realisation come. :)

Sometimes our efforts are just to pursue the appearance of things, we should figure out what we really want.

Beautiful text my friend @chbartist. You always inspire me.

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When the desire to do any work raises from inside us and our conscience gives testimony to him, then undoubtedly that work will be wonderful Happy New Year.

Posted using Partiko Android

How interesting this information, I did not know that these two types of motivation existed, much less that it existed or that it was called foreign motivation, for example the case of a job. I like these topics that teach new things. Thank you!

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