Comparing the Forces of Intrinsic and Foreign Motivation… Part #2

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Hello, Steemians!

Motivation is the most important force of nature that pushes you in the direction of everything you have dreamt of. It is an understatement to merely say that motivation is the most contributing factor to your eventual and inevitable success.

As we already discussed, there are two forces of motivation in our possession. One is intrinsic and the other, foreign. Foreign inspiration is basically all those elements of the outside world that compel you to do something.

Foreign motivation is a systematic dance of rewards and punishments in the whirlwind of society and its obligations.
But intrinsic motivation is completely different.

When you are inherently inspired to do something, you don’t do it in the hope of taking pleasure from its reward. The true pleasure lies with the deed itself, and that is what separates intrinsic and foreign motivation.

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While it is an undeniable fact that we need foreign motivation to perform particular tasks and adapt certain roles, it must be noted that at the end of the day, intrinsic motivation is what separates us from the common population and lights the flame of our passion against the challenges of the journey.

If we were to put these two forces of motivation into perspective, we could claim that intrinsic motivation is much superior to our sense of obligation about the rewards and punishments of society.

We covered this part in our previous blog post.
In today’s article, we are going to talk about the ways with which you can light your inner fire and bring intrinsic motivation from the boundaries of theory to your own mind’s reality and understanding.

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The first step towards realizing intrinsic motivation is to ask the important questions from yourself. What are your goals and dreams?

What steps are you taking everyday to get closer to what you want? How do you define the meaning of life and how meaningful do you live it anyway?

How close are you to your own ideals and values?

Answering these questions will kickstart your inner flame through the force of clarity. With clarity, you know what you want to do with your life and how you want to do it, and that in itself elevates your self-confidence and grace.

After igniting your flame, you will come up against an adversary that might destroy your mindset and leave you in a ruin of your own making. So, I am here now to warn you about this adversary and prepare you for its arrival!

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This adversary is the dilemma of challenges and difficulties that one has to face in order to achieve something. A lot of people know how to dream, but do not fully understand the cost. Everything comes at a price, and we must be willing to pay that price.

When you are motivated from within to do something, you are mindless of all the challenges that await you once you step in the path. The flame of those who are not prepared against these challenges will surely perish and depression will take the place of motivation.

What you need to do is accept, from here on out, that you ARE going to face difficulties and challenges that will put your stamina and resilience to test. You must be prepared for the worst.

If you go head first into danger without realizing what you are up against, it is no surprise to find failure at the end of your endeavors.

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After that comes ambition and the fearlessness to think even beyond everybody else’s wildest dreams. Society usually compels us to be reasonable and rational, but once you ignite your inner flame and defeat the adversary of challenges, you must be willing to push the limits of your ambition and dream big!

With such practice and wisdom, you will find that your intrinsic motivation has turned you into a force to be reckoned with. You become resilient, steadfast, hopeful and inspirational as a result of growing your intrinsic motivation to the point of soaring high in the skies of ambition and desire.

Trust me, that unstoppable force has the power to take you where you need to go!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Hello @chbartist! As you say, in order to face that adversary of the dilemma of the difficulties, first we have to know well what we are facing to be able to act properly. If we want to achieve an achievement or obtain something in particular, then we should be able to buy the complete experience, with the kit of the good things and the satisfactions, and the kit of the difficulties and the things that are not pretty.

Very insightful post. I've noticed at times intrinsic motivation will be put down by society as 'useless' but not everything needs to be useful to society to be meaningful... An example in my family would be my brother who is learning a few languages, including Luxembourgish and Armenian, with plans to learn more 'obscure' languages. My parents, and extended family always joke about it, and will tell him to learn Spanish or German or something that he will use in regular situations, but he feels drawn to these languages.

I think intrinsic motivation is much more interesting and meaningful, though there must be a balance, because you do typically need to be motivated by foreign forces as well. As important as our intuitive, natural motivations are, we must find a healthy balance and also be productive. Ideally, you can turn your intrinsic motivations into something that benefits society and in return you are rewarded for... That is what I still need to figure out how to do

Reminds me of the concept of grit that many discuss these days as resilience is a key factor to facing the challenges that you are confronted with in achieving any goal!

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When you're characteristically inspired, your conduct is spurred by your inward want to accomplish something for the good of its own - for instance, your own happiness regarding a movement, or your longing to take in an aptitude since you're anxious to learn.

When you're extraneously spurred, your conduct is persuaded by an outside factor pushing you to accomplish something with expectations of gaining a reward - or maintaining a strategic distance from a not exactly positive
@chbartist @coolguy222

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I have been motivated by many things, but the greatest way I find myself moving to do some work is when I see the action or the end result of people who have conquered the Sam thing I want to do. That is the force behind the motivation that keeps me moving forward.

Motivation alone can't get up anywhere. Many people read motivational books, listen to podcasts, watch movies but on the real ground of life they are not ready to sacrifice so they end in failure and depression.

These are ours. In whatever situation, people look at the situation and decide for us an attitude that we are such ...

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We dream a lot, but we never take into account that the adversaries presented themselves, and when they arrive many times we are not prepared. Sometimes we need people at our side to encourage us and encourage us to move forward.

Motivation will always be a source of inspiration, Although there are many theories about what motivates us, the truth is that people are motivated by both internal and external factors. In foreign motivation, behavior is motivated by the desire to obtain something desired or avoided. an adverse result. One of the best known theories about intrinsic motivation is that of self-determination. Launched in 1975 by psychologists by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, both professors at the University of Rochester, it states that people have three innate psychological needs:
The need to feel competent
The need to relate.
The need to have autonomy
Thus, the intrinsic motivation arises in the human being from the combination of these three dimensions. Reference is made above all to those actions where the person carries out a series of behaviors of their own free will, inspiration and desire. Never to get a mere external reward. For me, this motivation is the strength of your being, which keeps you in the fight because you were born with that in your spirit....

I'm totally agree with you that's right if we want to light up our inner flam then we have to believe in our ability and remember our goals. We have to ask ourselves what we are doing to achieve our Target or goals. Are we going to right direction. We have to analyze our progress and we have to do our best.

Un interesante post, amigo, @chbartist. La sinergia entre ambas motivaciones es lo que nos permiten enfrentar con reto nuestras metas y sueño. Un feliz año nuevo para ti, abrazos.

@chbartist the force of intrinsic and foreign motivation is polls apart because intrinsic force is in you and it always force you to achieve your goal but foreign force will act when you will see to others or other ill motivate you . Both have their meaning but if you you have inner force of motivation then it will help more than foreign motivation , off an on we need of both .


I believe that one of the most important things we can have is an intrinsic motivation, what really fascinates us and impels us to achieve everything we desire from the bottom of our hearts and for which we use all our mental and financial resources to achieve them.

In life, in all activities, situations, relationships, jobs, etc., there will always be problems, the important thing is to face them, develop our mind to get out of them, separate the dilemmas that arise, try to eliminate those stones. in our minds that we find along the way and allow the passion that this intrinsic motivation generates to allow us to make the right decisions, until we achieve our final goal.

Regards ...

Both, intrinsic and extrinsic forces are important, and need to keep them in balance. Because the forces extrinsic forces are you get material rewards, and intrinsic forces are the leading pleasure in our life.

The intrinsic motivation is that which in the morning makes you jump out of bed to go and do the work for which you feel passionate. It's that engine that starts inside you and drives you to go for your dreams.

Trust me, that unstoppable force has the power to take you where you need to go!

Its the power within so to speak.

Its like self confidence.
Yeah, if we're motivated from within and from outside forces, we're unstoppable.
It takes a tiny spark to ignite our innermost soul to soar high to its peak.
Like the saints of old who were gifted with superpowers like reading human minds, bi-location, levitation etc. Saint Joseph of Cupertino, the "flying saint".
These supernatural powers are gained from inner and outer forces fused together to form a distinct and unique ability beyond human capacity.

Can we acquire these unbelievable powers?
I guess the most important one is to live our lives according to its purpose, if we know what our purpose here in this universe.
Acquiring those powers and neglecting our purpose and the things we ought to do would be a disaster for our body and soul.

Important piece of the overall characterization of intrinsic motivation states is that optimal challenge is central to intrinsic motivation. That is, people are intrinsically motivated to take on optimal challenges, for those are the activities that are most interesting, facilitate competence, and promote development.

Intrinsic motivation involves doing an optimally challenging activity that is interesting, is energized by the basic psychological needs for competence, autonomy, and relatedness, and does not require a contingent outcome that is separate from the activity itself.

Incredible @chbartist ...!!!

Motivation have a great healing power health brain and life all I think that's a big life changer.
Great post thanks for sharing.

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yeah well said ! practising setting the goal and asking myself what steps/actions i m taking everyday toward it, what's the results telling me and keep tracking of them.

PS :
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@chbartist sir!
Inspiration is divided into two forms, an internal motivation and an external motivation. Internal inspiration can provide the person with an internal motive force to enable the person to take necessary effort to exercise and develop skills and abilities. . Whereas external inspiration gets us as a reward for encouragement. Which can help us reach our destination. It acts as a motivator in a manner.

Hi there. I'm new to this concept. What must one do to be on the list? And being on the list is to serve what purpose? Thanks! :)

Motivation is very important for us to succeed in all we do in life but without passion integrated into it, one won't make sustainable success in the long run.
Thanks for the great article!

Extraordinary Articles. I am a big fan of your motivational articles. if you want to move forward in life, it is very inmportant to take inspiration from others like i am taking inspiration by @chbartist

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I dont care, no more shit spam. Thank fuck for that.


Hello @chabartist, I just saw this message today. I will take my precautions. Thank you very much for letting us know.

That's really nice :) Happy late new year!

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I think you hit the nail on the head with this article. That is one of the biggest difficulties with intrinsic motivation is that it is distressing and terrifying to face the uncertainty of doing things, because you care about them. I am currently working on trying to move my life onto a path that I believe is meaningful and fulfilling, and it is nervewracking to not be sure how I am going to make this happen. I want to improve people's mental and physical health, and I want to improve the health of the environment. I appreciate that you ask the questions that you are in your article, because they do remind me that I can tackle my own ambitions if I approach it one step at a time.

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