Dealing with Our Inner Anxiety by Using A Certain Mindset...

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Hi, Steemians!

There are many ways to identify and treat anxiety. Most people seek professional help if they are being wise. But some people prefer to work on themselves and find a solution that fits their characteristics best.

There is a primary reason behind every anxiety and inner conflict, and that is unresolved thoughts. People from all around the world with different cultures and histories have peculiar philosophies for dealing with anxiety.

Today, we are going to show you one of these ways with which you can arrive at a place of tranquility in your mind.

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Eastern philosophy and way of thinking urges us to understand the importance of meditation and allocating time to become more mindful of our existence, identity, and surrounding area.

This mindfulness comes with practices that increase your state of calmness. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to breathe and think properly and get away from your anxieties.

But we can all agree that meditation is not for everyone. Some people just cannot find comfort and ease in the idea of meditating and for some people, some methods are just never effective enough.

That is when another approach comes in, which is to logically deal with your inner dilemmas.

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Let me explain in a more precise manner. Eastern philosophy teaches us the importance of connecting with one’s other aspects of existence and increases our level of spirituality and mindfulness.

Meanwhile, western philosophy has always been about the idea of logical assessment and sensibility using one’s faculty to think.

Most people do not understand the stance of western philosophy on the idea of alleviating stress and coming to terms with one’s situation in life. That is why they seek their much-needed shelter in the arms of eastern philosophy and culture.

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Here is the method that I want to teach you today. First, you must understand that the source of all our anxieties and insecurities lie in an overwhelmed mind that doesn’t get the satisfaction and the care that it requires to function properly.

We tend to get busy but we cannot forsake some of our thoughts. So, in order to deal with them, we trap them in a corner of our mind. Not far away to be forgotten, but near enough to constantly bother us.

That is the root of most of our anxiety. If you truly want to rid yourself of such anxieties, do what I tell you to do.

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Choose a day of the week and dedicate half an hour of your time to thinking about everything that required your attention. All the thoughts that seemed important, but didn’t get enough attention to express themselves.

Sit on your bed with a paper and a pen. Write down everything you need to think about. Then think about these points with care and dedication.

Come to conclusions and write those results on the piece of paper under every point of thought.

At the end of this procedure, you will find that most of your anxieties were rooted in ludicrous and nonsensical feelings that arose from your lack of care for some thoughts and sensations.

Try this and get rid of your anxieties as soon as possible!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Una vez vi a mi mamá tener un ataque de ansiedad, se veía desesperada por resolver lo que según ella la estaba agobiando. Nunca he llegado hasta ese punto, pero hace poco me di cuenta que no es necesario llegar hasta esos extremos para sufrir de ansiedad.
Me he informado un poco y al parecer, el aumento de los latidos del corazón, combinados con sudoración helada y otras cosas que para mi eran insignificantes también son ansiedad.
Que bueno que se tratan temas tan importantes como este aquí en steemit, muy buena publicación.
Será que me haces parte de la lista, @yekitalopez de El Salvador

Thank you for the valuable advice. We all have our fears and we are trying to drive them to the farthest corner of our brain, instead of solving problems.

Oh yes, I remember 10 years ago I practiced such a method and it really works. Looking at a sheet of paper with my own problems and thoughts, it is immediately obvious what deserves attention and what does not. Thank you for reminding me, lately I forgot about it

Its really hard and deadly @chbartist,
The most important thing or atleast lessen the burden is when you open up to someone that you really trust. Dont bother telling the story to other people.

For me it was my sister. I let her decide what should i do next and have her think for me. What ever she says im going to do it.
-Why? Because I know im incapable of making right decision at that time plus i trust her.

After that, Shut myself out from the world for almost 2 years. Nothing but work and sleep.

Its all making sense now, the mindset should be on deep rest not depressed.

Happened 5 years ago. Im all well now.
I always say this to everyone specially the topic about anxiety, im always open to anyone who needs someone to talk to. I wont judge and tell :)

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I used to think that yoga or meditation is the way to control anxiety but never thought of this trick to use it. I think anyone can face anxiety if person thinks a lot for anything and in that case this is going to help a lot.
Thanks @chbartist for the helpful post.

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I think we live in a world that promotes anxiety. We're under constant stress because time is not enough for everything we're supposed to do in the day. There are people who can't turn off their cell phones or turn off their brains in their sleep because they feel like they're missing something. Without realizing it, the tension rises, the hair falls out, the skin erupts, simply because of anxiety, but we continue with the same harmful behavior. Having control of our thoughts can be a good task for this year. Starting with the exercise you propose may help us get started! Greetings, @chbartist

Hi. @chbartist. When we rationalize that which causes us anxiety, we can conclude that the anxiety is based on a lie, and therefore it will disappear.

I never thought about that this way. I am going to try your method. Thank you!!!

  ·  3년 전

Totally agree with you. Such an informative article. Our Mindset is only thing which can help us it is necessary to use our mind in positive way. Meditation is also a great thing for us it can give us tranquility and freshness.
Thanks for sharing this article

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Hello @chbartist, nice to meet you. I really like and enjoy articles about anxiety. I have also found a method from you to eliminate anxiety. I also agree with you that anxiety must be eliminated. introduce me @aulia1993 from Indonesia.

Hello, I like reading your reviews. I find the idea a very interesting approach. I use meditation a lot and will try your suggestion.
Sorry for the bad translation. My English is not the best and I use Deepl to translate.
Many greetings

Great post.
You have always been my role model on steemit when writing my post because i always love your post

That's the thing to resolve our anxiety we must deal with ourselves. I don't like professional help when it is all in my mind, on top of that people earn money by helping me overcome my issues. Because of money being involved I don't really trust 3rd party that he or she is there to truly help.

Thinking and then acting is the best we can do.

We should devote more time to ourselves without ever being overwhelmed by thoughts... We should live the present without thinking about the past or the future... The here and now would allow us to remove any form of anxiety... Greetings Friend

Great idea realy I like your method this is very simple and easy way.
Great thought sharing thanks.

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Sometimes taking a step back and seeing all the surrounding as we often think things are better elsewhere. Instead, if we learn to appreciate the thing we have, it leads to a broader sense empowerment and accountability to take actions for our lives!

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Hi friend @chbartist my personal thoughts anxiety not a problem it's a simple satution as you write here salutations very nice define I like your idea.
Good idea helpful for everyone.

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Interesting article. I wonder if you suffer from anxiety yourself. I have doubts if anxiety (caused by many things lack of money for example) and insecurity (which can be in many ways) always go hand in hand.

If you can not meditate do monotoom work (factory, farming, etc) and for sure you will meet yourself.

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@chbartist I love your technique, simple and you do not have to spend a lot of money, it is practical, ingenious and very interesting, I will definitely take it into account and I will try it, thank you very much for sharing with us your knowledge and understanding and help us to release that burden and stress that generates anxiety.

Hello, very good post, I'm going to share, I think it's good to cover these types of topics. Sometimes we are navigating in networks and feeling bad for anxiety and reading this type of publications helps a lot

Well spoken. I find I need time to still my mind and stop the "noise".

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Good advicech @tchartist. It has a lot of logic. In our mind he lives a child who claims our attention, scares, he stressed, because of little problems that we are leaving aside, those are the thoughts that generate our anxiety. And we bother us, they take us out of the interior peace. I just plays meditating about what I was ordered by the waking up, ended up angry because I realized that I was allowed to masterlessly issue problems and easily. I will try to be more conciliatory with my inner child and take note as you recommend us. Greetings

Anxieties have different types and degrees so to speak I would say.
In general, anxieties are part of human existence whether we like it or not.
The moment we come to existence we already have that.
Anybody who didn't cry the moment they came out in their mother's womb?

We may experience good feelings for a period of time with no anxieties but anxieties still there hiding and will come out in its right time as long as we're living and breathing.
How to end anxieties? It will end don't worry, after death, all are gone.
Sounds horrible? We need to face it or else we end up a worrier.


I work with people coaching weight loss and also belong to some ptsd communities as a helper who does not have ptsd. In both places people can get paralyzed by anxiety - often misplaced.

I try to get people to overcome this by taking small steps in a positive direction. Also to remind them of other things they worried about that did not happen. I don't tell them they are going to die, but I do say, "This too shall pass."


You smoothly polished my statements.
I like it!

Anxiety is a great enemy, sometimes very difficult to control. Deep breathing and distracting the mind helps a lot, just as you mention it and keeping your mind occupied with something else, some task, work or obligation, can help as well.

Greate thoughts bro @chbartist i will write down my things in a paper and will try to improve those things...

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Yoga and meditation also some coffe always work to control my anxiety, very nice post go try it now!!

More mindfuckery?

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I really apreciate this post. I have anxiety since 6 o 7 years ago, and definetely need to try this metods. Thank you!

Great post as always @chbartist

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Great post

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