Do All or Naught; Analyzing an Error of the Mind… Chapter #2

2년 전

Hello again, dear Steemians!

If you remember my blog post from a few days ago, we talked about a cognitive error of the subconscious mind. In today’s blog post, we are going to expand on the definition that we explained earlier.

As we stated before, our mind is a complex organism that is constantly processing data in a layered and multi-functional realm of thought and experience. In this complicated system, erroneous fusions are hardly something surprising. These errors are not inherently dangerous or life-threatening, but they can adequately become an obstacle in your way.

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What we call ‘do all or naught’ is a parlor trick of the mind, compelling you to procrastinate the things that you should get on with doing, because through your urge of idealism, you cannot find the perfect circumstance to perform your task.

You decide to start studying for your exam on a particular hour of the day, but when merely minutes pass from your pre-chosen time, you forsake the endeavor. Your mind doesn’t have a reasonable or valid excuse for such decision, but you forsake your task nonetheless.

You are either all in for something, or you completely forsake it. That is why we call this cognitive distortion ‘all or naught’!
But this erroneous train of thought is not limited to our decisions and actions.

‘All or naught’ also has roots in your mindset and worldview, often resulting in devastating outlooks that ruin the lives of their owners. This is what we are going to discuss in our today’s post.

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People who subconsciously fall prey to this parlor trick of the mind are prone to losing their sense of argument and logic. As they grow with this cognitive distortion, they will begin to see world as a plain of black and white, utterly rejecting the idea that some things are grey and a mixture of good and bad.

This is absolution, and leads to a fallacious thought pattern. For people who see this world as a slate of black and white, everything must either be good or bad, beneficial or hurtful, right or wrong, pleasant or bitter. For them, the idea that everything has its different sides and dimensions is completely incomprehensible and ludicrous.

Their resolve in tagging everything with a particular adjective without considering the other aspects and elements of those things will also reduce their empathy to the point of cruelty. It may not be their fault, it is just the erroneous thought pattern that compels them to see the world in an absolute and unshakable form.

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Nature tells us that nothing is absolute. Philosophy tells us that everything is arguable from different perspectives. That is why ‘all or naught’ as an outlook can be a devastating thought pattern.

As said in the previous blog post, you need to be more self-aware of how you make your decisions and perform your tasks. Today I want to say that you need to be more self-aware of how you see the world and wreathe meaning into it with your thought.

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For life is not completely pleasant, nor is it utterly bitter. Your existence is not entirely joyous, and nor is it altogether wicked. Every aspect of existence is a mixture of different elements and perspectives.

Join the fight against cognitive distortions and erroneous mind patterns today by bringing self-awareness to your outlook and thought.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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In human life, happiness and misery continue to come in the way of sun-shade.If you have found happiness then you will also get troubles.But they all change like weather.Time is changing, keep yourself restrained, believe in yourself.
Thank you friend @chbartist

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Everyone owns their time and is responsible for what they say or do ...

There are small conflicts in people once we get away from the planning we have to carry out any activity or action. There are cases like you that mention that the brain stops wanting to continue with the activities without any reason when we deviate from such planning.

We must be proactive, plan and, in spite of, that things do not arise many times, how, we propose them,
Continue executing the task or activity that is running, maybe I did not finish it or maybe yes, but in the case of not doing it, we will advance much more than if we stop without doing anything.

I think it's good to be aware of our thought patterns, especially cognitive distortions like the ones you talk about. "All of nothing" and "black and white" thinking can lead to all sorts of issues as you suggested (procrastination, lack of empathy ...etc). Thanks for the reminder to be aware of my thoughts :)

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Some of the time we consider things to be being dark or white: Maybe you have two classes of collaborators in your brain the great ones and the terrible ones. Or then again perhaps you take a gander at each undertaking as either a triumph or a disappointment. Perceive the shades of dark, instead of placing things as far as all great or all terrible. @chbartist

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The tendency of our minds to lean to one side or another is detrimental in the valuable learning process of experience. I think that we must remain open to different views to better engage other whom think differently. Diversity is a blessing and given the now borderless world provided by technology, it is imperative that we move forward.

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This is not for upvote, just to appreciate this wonderful post which has some very beautiful thoughts and addressing an important issue and the interesting thing, we all know about this problem but ... don't know.

Have a nice day.


I was almost just guilty of doing this before I read this article. I'm about 30 minutes past when I would usually go to the gym and was about to skip it... not any more! Thank you :)

  ·  2년 전

Life is continuously moving. There are so many ups and downs so we have to be prepared for it. There are happiness and also sorrow. Life is like roller coaster ride first it goes down then it definitely goes up.
Thanks for this awesome article.

Its so common to fall into that trap of ,"i am with you or against you",but most religious teachings advocate that;" Either you are for us or against us".
Even in times of war the soldier are made to believe that they belong to one side. With such scenario, can one argue that their could be a collective victory for both sides, It could be possible when there is a truce , the limiting factor is that each side want to be victorious.

But coming to political discuss, the politicians understood this aspect very well that majority of the time the citizen accuse them of speaking from both side of the tongue.
but like you said, there is no absolute certainty as no one has the monopoly of truth.
You can bring more light to this discuss, I will like to hear your perspective if you happen to go through this comment.
To community of positive minded Steemians and @chbartist

You rightly say the view of every human being is different, it is his thoughts that he sees the world in positive terms or negative

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@chbartist yaa i remember your first post of it , nice series of that . we were talking about subconscious mind . Ups and down life partner because in ECG if you get straight line it means no more , so ups and down is also necessary in our life .

  ·  2년 전

With regard to people whose opinions are different from ours, we must be respectful, tolerant and, as far as possible, analyze their points of view, because perhaps there is some truth in them. We must be like bamboo, firm but flexible.

A cognitive bias is a type of error in thinking that occurs when people are processing and interpreting information in the world around them. The human brain is powerful but subject to limitations. Cognitive biases are often a result of your brain's attempt to simplify information processing. They are rules of thumb that help you make sense of the world and reach decisions with relative speed.

When you are making judgments and decisions about the world around you, you like to think that you are objective, logical, and capable of taking in and evaluating all the information that is available to you. Unfortunately, these biases sometimes trip us up, leading to poor decisions and bad judgments.

If you had to think about every possible option when making a decision, it would probably take a lot of time to make even the simplest choice. Because of the sheer complexity of the world around you and the amount of information in the environment, it is necessary sometimes to rely on some mental shortcuts that allow you to act quickly.

Cognitive biases can be caused by a number of different things, but it is these mental shortcuts, known as heuristics, that often play a major contributing role. While they can often be surprisingly accurate, they can also lead to errors in thinking. Social pressures, individual motivations, emotions, and limits on the mind's ability to process information can also contribute to these biases....

Incredible @chbartist ....!!!

Dear @chbartist sir
Continuous mental labor increases the chances of error. After the mental work of the whole day, the brain needs rest. But if we are to be seen, we work somewhere in the mental form of late night, due to which the brain gets less than expected. We should thank God that we have a brain-like pure instrument that is not uncontrolled even after collecting such data. Yes, there is a need for adequate sleep to keep the brain fit, but it is hardly possible to do it.

Thanks @chbartist for the upvote, I wasn't expecting it.

Have a nice day.

This post is nice.

This is a nice post.


awesome post

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erroneous mind patterns

Procrastination is the enemy of good enuf...

As a perfectionist in recovery, I use this mantra as the means to 'git 'er done.' And, I have to say, it is extremely empowering and productive to see the imperfect completion of a project over the nagging and perpetual thought of starting.

Sage was the person who said:

Nothing and no one beats a failure except the person who TRIED.


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