Dreams Without Goals Will Never See the Light of Day...

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Hi, fellow Steemians!

One of the most interesting things about us humans is our ability to dream, regardless of our restrictions and limits in the real life.

Dreaming is an exceptional ability. Not only does it take an admirable amount of imagination, it also extracts a certain sense of courage and bravery to picture things that may be unlikely to come true in the face of the real world and its ever-weakening circumstances.

In the world of our dreams, nothing feels impossible or improbable to attain. We can rise up against the limits of our vision and the horizon of our approach and dream about all the extraordinary feats we could undertake to live life to its fullest.

The power to think and the ability to dream are our greatest blessings in this world.

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Back in the days when I was just a teenager, I dreamt about all the things I wanted to accomplish. These dreams were so powerful and unimaginable that if I let other people know them, they would probably call an insane person.

These dreams often game me sleepless nights, thinking and wondering about all the possibilities that this world and this life had for me, and how my decision then could change my fate forever.

I remember taking walks in the middle of the night, looking at the clear sky, and wondering about my place among the stars. I felt peace and happiness, for I was a dreamer who could accomplish anything and undertake any challenge.

But as life moved forward, I realized that I was shifting away from these dreams and in my mind, all of them began to seem improbable or unattainable.

Every day, my faith dwindled and my hope drowned in the senselessness of my approach.

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How can a dreamer, someone who dares to imagine even the most impossible things, succumb to such hopelessness and chaos?

I learned the answer to that question the hard way, and I had to pay the dearest price which was my wasted time. So, today I want to give you an answer so you may have a chance and not make the same mistake that I did.

My friends, dreams without goals can never see the light of day. For indeed you can spend an eternity dreaming about the most extraordinary and fantastic things that could happen to you and your life.

You could dream of becoming a president, a leader, a billionaire, an inventor, a visionary, a soldier, a hero, an artist, and you could dream of accomplishing the greatest deeds as these personalities, but without goals, your dreams are just dreams in a cold winter night.

Your dreams will never see the light of day, and the breaking of spring, without your dedication and your determination to set goals and strive towards achieving them in small or rather insignificant steps.

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Dream, and dream big, for dreaming requires bravery. But set goals, for the realization of your dreams relies on you charting a path towards them and taking steps to actually get closer and closer every day.

At the end of your life, you can die a dreamer, or you can set goals to realize your dreams and turn them into reality.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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That is the truth! Great post!


Sure, it is just like a dreamer, who likes to day dream without thinking that dreams does not come to pass if your do not work out for it. Great post..!

Dear chbartist, once again you've wowed us with indepth writing. You've written well as to say dreams without goals never becomes reality, however i have a little suggestion; sometimes the condition we're are surrounded by plays also a major role. There are a lot of kids in rural areas who dream to be something great, however their circumstance and poor living has rendered them hopeless, kids in warzone areas who dream for peace have that dream shattered as they watch war drones destroy all they have, what about girls in who dream to become doctors but they can't because the society they live restrict them from doing so. I feel while we're striving to set goals(which is within our control) to realize our own dream, we should also give a helping hand to those who's goals is rendered void because of situations beyond their control.


Hi @zubbyfaith! You are very kind with your words. I understand what you mean, but if you read my posts from the start you will see that I started with almost nothing. I went through all the worlds, played soccer in the favelas, and learned a lot from these people. I have met many of them who have unfortunately gone the wrong way but I have seen many leave the favela and win in life because we have free will and it is important to understand the strength of this power that we have. As a people coach, I absolutely took over 100 people from the favela to have a middle-class life, but they had a burning desire to really get out of that life situation.

I have also traveled in many countries and unlike many people I like to visit the poor places to understand the culture. When I was in France for example I was in the south of France but also I wanted to know the ghettos of Paris, just as I was building my journey and I was growing and moving through many minds and I feel privileged to have known of the favela even the highest executive.

So I can tell you with certainty that we who need to change things, things do not change without our action. I also know that every country has its peculiarities but if you live in a country you see that it is impossible to conquer what you want the question is: What to do?

Use your Positive Mindset every day and I assure you that it will give you the answers you need even while you sleep.

Never sleep without first thinking about what you want every day. This is very powerful, I can assure you.

If you support some cause, tell me. What country are you from?

If you have a cause I can help a little but I can not save the world but I can leave a legacy for many people who can do each their part and if they really have the burning desire to change I will always be willing to guide.

I apologize if I did not respond the way you would like but always be here with us because it will be beneficial for you and other people. I can say it with my heart.

With all respect!


I tell my dream in comment section of your stuff that I want to earn 1 million dollar online I'm and ordinary filipino to a dollar money


I did not quite understand the ordinary part, but about earning 1 million dollars online my friend I will always be honest with everyone here as I have always been with all people throughout my journey. Everyone wants what you want but the question is: What do you do everyday to get to your dream?

Do you work?
Do you save money?
Do you invest?

I am very sincere in saying that to earn 1 million dollars online you should study hard and this will not come easy, you must dedicate yourself, work many hours a day, and move every day cpm focus on your goal.

Your question is very abstract and difficult to answer because there are many variables to gannhar that amount especially online as is your dream.

Try reading my posts from the beginning and you'll see that miracles do not exist.

I apologize for the sincerity but I say what people need to hear and not what they want to hear because if it was not so I would be an irresponsible one. I can never deceive people, this is against my philosophy of life.

I can contribute by teaching people how to fish but I can never give the fish and eat for you.

@chbartist sure Dreams without goal like a thoughts with out mind. without goal we can do only day dreaming and that no matter for our career . because we dreams about our goals if want to get success otherwise no reason to failure .


Yes sure first we must set goal then start dreaming on it . It better for dreamer.

Good afternoon sr @chbartist, receive a cordial greeting.

Waoo, excellent publication, let me tell you that I am a dreamer, all my life, I have spent dreaming things that for the moment have been difficult to achieve and there are others that I have achieved thanks to God.

I agree with you that dreams without clear goals will not achieve any result, but goals without hard and constant work will never be more than a big dream.

In my life, I have achieved that many of my dreams have been fulfilled, I dreamed of being a professional and I was successful, I dreamed of getting a job, falling in love, having a car, having my own business (so, I had to close it, a time later), and I succeeded, I dreamed, with having a family with a beautiful wife and beautiful children, and I also succeeded.

Those dreams were possible thanks to the fact that in my life I have tried to execute the cycle Deming or PDCA cycle, plan, do, verify and act. This is what has allowed me to achieve all those things that I wanted to achieve and that I have been able to achieve.

Currently, my dream, like most of my Venezuelan compatriots, is that we can have a free country, free of crime, free of hunger, free of authoritarianism, free of corruption, free of illiteracy, free of all the needs that we suffer daily. Venezuelans, I'm sure we'll achieve it soon.

Thanks for your great post, a hug

enlightenment post.
if we live in a dream world, then what happens is only a dream when we wake up to find a reality far from being dreamed. That is why when we dream of wanting and getting up quickly to formulate a strategy and realize our dreams it becomes a goal that we must strive for. For the same reason if there are still dreams that have not yet been reached, it is time for the turn of the year to determine the resolution of what we want to go. set the pace to leave 2018 and head for light in 2019
Happy new year, hopefully blessings can be with us all

thank you @chbartist
thank you steemit
Warm regard from indonesia

  ·  3년 전

I love the way you push people to achive their goal in all the comments <3 please include me in your list, i love your work !


Thank you @kemc! I'm including. You Are Very Welcome!

Very great article friend @chbartist
We should first set our goal then we should dream of getting it.
If we run away without a deadline, we will never be able to reach it and if we reach it then its importance can be eliminated.
Thank you friend, treasure of knowledge to share in all of us.

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Hi @chbartist it's good to be a dreamer because dreams are important for goal setting. I agree that we see many dreams and few are even not even closer ti reallity but still it gives us thought to think differently. Infact dream is the first set of goal. Thanks for such a nice post @chbartist

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Yes it is true that we can do anything in our dreams, no work is impossible for us. But now it is not known that we are dreaming. We are very happy in the world of our dreams.

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Dreaming without setting goals to realize it is just wandering in a fantasy land wasting your time and energy.

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  ·  3년 전

Dreams are part of our imagination. We can't build or create anything unless we dream about it. It is the founding stone of every creativity. However, goals are not independent. We set goals but for this we have to imagine whether that goal will be suitable for us or not. We think about its feasibility and evaluate its outcomes in advance. This makes our goals realistic and achievable.
Yet another great post from you dear @chbartist. Merry Christmas to you.


Thank you friend. Happy New Year!

  ·  3년 전

Welcome dear! same to you.

Many successful people focus on positive affirmations and meditation to help make their dreams a reality. By meditating on what you really want and how you’re going to get it, you may come up with solutions that you would otherwise not have thought about. Meditation gives your mind some quiet, peaceful time to work behind the scenes. You can create a recording for yourself that walks you through your vision of your completed dream so that you can really focus on the positive outcome.

Positive affirmations also help keep your spirits up and keep you moving toward your goal, even when you don’t really see a way. Just because the way to your dream doesn’t seem obvious to you just now, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way. Something could change in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, you’ll be able to see how and when your dream will be realized. Create your affirmations around the positive amazing feelings that surround your dreams, so that you can keep your vibes high and you can let the ºººhow’sººº go and allow the universe to take care of that for you.

If you hold tight to your goals, you’ll find it easier to stay on the right track. Training yourself to observe progress can be important, too. This will help keep you motivated.

Awesome... @chbartist ...!!!


Thank you for your comment!


Thanks a lot to you for your help in each post you´re working everyday for us...!!!

You're absolutely right, it's worthless to dream if you do not do anything to make them come true ... the most important thing is always the effort you use to achieve your dreams ... not to let them fall asleep, but to activate them so that they come true ...

We all are dreamer in our life. But making them true is what makes us different. Setting goals for the dream from the early stages of life is tough task. Because as we grow older we get other choices in our life and forgot the dream.
Living with all the life responsibilities it may not be possible to achieve our dream suddenly.
So yeah, your idea of setting goals is the most perfect thing to do. We can set small goals first then eventually go forward.
I still have some big dream in my life and your words are giving me courage.
Thanks for that.

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It's true. I have also lost a lot of time because I stayed dreaming and not taking actions to make those dreams come true.

Gotta set things straight and keep things in perspective. Life will never be worth if you ain't reaching for your dreams

This is a good tip:

Dream, and dream big, for dreaming requires bravery. But set goals, for the realization of your dreams relies on you charting a path towards them and taking steps to actually get closer and closer every day.

Brave is not only who has great dreams. Brave is who tries to make the dreams a hapoy reality.

Dreams are vision that gives rise to a plan, and plans require goals to know if we have met.

I hope you have a happy day. Never stop dreaming

Good day @chbartist.

We must plan and establish short and long-term goals to follow the path to our dreams. This is how things are put into action.

In my country it's called Grabbing the bull by the horns. Hehehe!

Merry Christmas!

without action, too, nothing will happen. we have to work on what we are aiming for.


hard work always pays-off.

Hi @chbartist , you are absolutely true, thank you for your motivating words. I know I am also day-dreamer. I feel quite uncomfortable in my live and want to make a change. My biggest dream is to become a teacher. And I did something for that, but just something. Last year I attended course and passed exams, this year I unsuccessfuly applied for the job at some schools. I know it wasn't enough and I have to try harder to become a teacher from September.

I too learned the hard way by not setting goals for many of my dreams back then. I was under the illusion that I had plenty of time to do that. Months and years passed faster than I thought it would. I learned that dreams get piled under everything else we do in life if we don't make them a priority. Making goals for dreams help keep them a priority, and bring us closer to achieving them.

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you must be an old soul coz your wisdom is so deep. keep writing because sometimes people need to take a break from their stressful lives and your articles are sort of a breather.

it's not always an easy road.. but always look straight ahead despite of the stumbles and falls. those will make you appreciate your goal more.

That's a ton inspiring mate.
Thanks for your words
Yours @jojivenna03

@chbartist I agree with you . Dreams without goals like dreams at night and go for away at morning. Only dreaming is not credit of success. @bhagyawati

Reminds me of the novela that says “sueños, sueños son” in that dreams are a fiction if the effort to make a reality is not put into practice!

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You are right, dream is essential to be a successful person with hard labour, targeting goal, we should advance forward to meet that and decorate our lives with various colours. Thanks for such a creative writing.

We all are dreamer in our life. But making them true is what makes us different. Setting goals for the dream from the early stages of life is tough task. Because as we grow older we get other choices in our life and forgot the dream.
Living with all the life responsibilities it may not be possible to achieve our dream suddenly.
So yeah, your idea of setting goals is the most perfect thing to do. We can set small goals first then eventually go forward.
I still have some big dream in my life and your words are giving me courage.
Thanks for that.

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Yep you are right dear.
Dreams are useless without goals. We dream what we want but if we only dream then we will only get that in dreams.

Right, dreams without goals. it's like walking aimlessly. it's like sailing adrift. It's like wanting to be a doctor and not studying medicine first

Your objectives must have a due date. Once more, this implies you know when you can commend achievement. When you are taking a shot at a due date, your feeling of direness increments and accomplishment will come that a lot faster.

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  ·  3년 전

I'm totally agree
Dream without goal will never see the light of day. Dreaming is the workshop of every idea. Dreams are very important. We can see right brother's dreamed to fly so they build airplane. Every invention starts from dreams. So we have to be dreamer. But if want to achieve those dreams then we have to set goals. Because with out goal, dreams are nothing. Dreams and goals together help to get success.

Dream big and set your goal.

Thanks for this nice article. I really enjoyed it and learnt allot from this .


Muy buena letra, "los sueños sin metas nunca pueden ver la luz del día"

sometimes people escape trough dreams because reality is harsh but then again i agree that one must have goals, dreaming aimlessly is pointless

Execelentes fotos, es toda una aventura!!!

HEY, @chbartist Your photography is simply amazing...


  ·  3년 전

Nice Post, just what i needed to hear. looks like you broke 50 upvotes!


No friend you do not understand, if you read again the footer of the post you will understand that our goal is the significant comments have 50+ upvotes. These votes are given among bloggers, they vote for each other and that is the goal, the generosity of a community where everyone who leaves meaningful comments receives 50+ upvotes from the community we have built here.

  ·  3년 전

And the world without fighting the Jews will never survive... Know your enemy

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Chbartist you nailed it. I think we cannot separate dreams from goals, if we succeed in doing so a dream becomes a trance. Dreams are not illusions.

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"without love in a dream it will never come true" .... thanks.....

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This is TRUE!
You can never get to your destination if you will not start moving.

I love the quote: if wishes were horses, beggers would ride them. yaah!

with that in mind, I wish to be in the list! hehehe...

Dream is what is termed imagination. But sometimes can come to reality if properly followed up. Our goals in life can be achieve if we have determinations towards such goals.

Back in the days, my goal was to become an engineer. Though I worked towards it but later discarded. I left the path of engineering for education. So goals can be achieved if your mind works towards it.

Thanks , @chbartist for your