Gratefulness is Underrated and Here is Why!!!

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Hi, Steemians!

A lot of people strip their lives of the conscious ‘choice’ to be happy and feel gratefulness for small or great things that they have.

Gratefulness is the greatest ability one can master in this limited lifetime, but it is often underrated and not talked about enough. Not nearly enough.

Most people even find it offensive when other people advise them to seek tranquility under the wings of appreciation for the life that they are already living.

By contentment with everything they have, and with the knowledge that a bright future awaits those who have the courage to reach out for it.

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A little bit of appreciation can go a long way, apparently. \

Our lives are so intermingled with madness and chaos that we rarely find time or energy to appreciate the small everyday ordinary deeds or occurrences that we would otherwise, in an ideal life, savor.

Our negligence towards cherishing the little smile that our friend gave us, the way a rainy day made us feel delight and emptiness at the same time, how our mother’s food tasted in our mouth and the flavors danced in a wondrous pattern, how amazing it felt to wake up by the side of someone you love more than anything in the world, and all the other small sensations of life, will ultimately prove to be our greatest mistake and shortcoming.

We do not appreciate these blessings, because we are afraid of what that might mean for us and our future.

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Some people mistake gratefulness with immobility. They believe that if they gave themselves the chance to appreciate life, they would start to lose focus and sight of what they should do to accomplish great things.

They tend to see life as an ever-raging battle that needs to be fought with the utmost attention and fervency.

These people go so far as to see ungratefulness as a sign of heroism and bravery against the face of the relentless life and all its endless difficulties.

You do not lose sight of what you must do or how well you have to perform by being grateful for everything that you have. Because that is, by its nature, an unfounded fear and illogical dread.

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The state of our mental health and our happiness has nothing to do with our sense of judgement regarding the so-called terrible state of the world.

We already know that life is difficult, and we know that in order to achieve our dreams, we need to be willing to go through with our plans, come hell or high water, and take steps towards our goals.

We already know that life can be tragic, and the feeling of sadness, despair, loss, and insecurity will always inflict themselves onto us.

But despite this knowledge, we choose to see the things that are worth fighting for. The things that we wake up everyday to protect. We then decide to be appreciative of their mere existence.

We might even start to feel happy or content with what we see before our eyes, but that does not mean that we have lost perspective. It only means that we understand what it is that we are fighting for.

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A person who doesn’t know what he is fighting to preserve will eventually lose his path and find himself in a dark pit of despair.

And as you know, despair is for those who know, beyond any doubt, what the future will bring. None of us are in such position as to foresee the infinite comings and goings of life.

Start to notice the small and insignificant things that give meaning to your life.

Decide to be grateful for their existence and feel contentment for all the blissful things that you may have in this life for a limited period of time.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Gratefulness brings happiness and be contented with what you have. It will allow you to be always +ve in your life. If you didn't have the habit of being grateful with small things you have no matter, even you achieve big thimgs you can't be grateful with them too. As your mine is not use to it!

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Gratefulness is appreciating others' effort in contributing to your success. Many people don't know how to appreciate things because they think they've done things on their own and living a life of survival not on a mutual relationship with his fellow men. Envy and pride are one of the reasons why gratefulness is underrated in one's life.

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Wow this is very true!, gratefulness we should be much happy for the little thing one does for us and show our acceptance to that offer. It is really very painful to refuse to say thank you or God bless you when someone does something for you. If you always appreciate what people have been doing for you , it is then that they will continue to offer help as they have always being doing.

Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, we all need to be grateful to everything that happens in our life and it can be different things. If we can be grateful for the good, then fate will give us a chance to achieve even more, and we must also be grateful for the bad, because we have done something wrong and fate gives us a chance to understand mistakes, gain experience and eventually correct the situation. Grateful need to be able to always be, because we give good!

The feeling of gratitude does not correspond to one of the basic emotions. Quite the opposite. To experience it requires a series of complex processes in the mind. Not everyone can experience gratitude. It is a virtue reserved for the highest spirits and the best developed intelligences.

Unlike other feelings, that of gratitude does not appear as an impulse simply. Gratitude requires that there be a system of ethical values, where the concepts of giving and receiving are resolved, as well as a renunciation of the egocentric vision of life.

"When gratitude is so absolute, words remain."

-Álvaro Mutis-

Many people learn too late that you do not know what you have until you no longer have it and it demonstrates why being grateful is important. It also enables you to leverage these resources to achieve goals through effort and motivation. If you do not appreciate it, you will surely take it for granted and not foster it to your best ability!

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Dear @chbartist, all your's articles are wonderful and mindful including this one. Thank you for doing a big work and for all that great you doing for us. Brilliant !
Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.

Nobody in the world is perfect, there is no shortage in every person, so that is why we should learn to be contented. It is very satisfying in satisfaction.
Whatever time it has received from God should be thanked and learned to be patient in it.And if we do karma then we will surely get the reward

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You are graceful for something and someone given you are done for you and wish you thank them it is best quality of person I also like graceful person thanks for sharing good blog .

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A little bit of appreciation can go a long way, apparently." You nailed it perfectly!

I always thank God for each new day and although I may not always show it properly I am grateful to the people around me, simply for the fact of being there and sharing a space with me.

many thanks to you also @chbartist for sharing your content that makes us reflect

@chbartist we should cherish small things to be happy in our life. Because our character becomes positive.

Great share @Chbartist. Indeed, only a contented person can be graetful. Gratefulness stems from a heart that is satisfied for each level of life, provision, ability, strength, success and even challenges. Gratefulness builds an energy and opens up the eyes to more value of life and living.

I've tasted both aspects of life - ungratefulness and gratefulness and I think life is better and fairer with the gratefuls.

“Keep smiling, because life’s beautiful and there’s so much to smile about.”

Eso que comentas se relaciona mucho con la fuerza de atracción. Debemos afirmar lo que queremos con la convicción de que es y sera un hecho. Posteriormente vamos visualizandonos con lo placentero que nos sentimos al alcanzarlo, pero no en un futuro, sino en el ahora, conectándonos con ese fin, y de este modo ese propósito tendrá fuerza en nuestras vidas. Pero nada de lo que aspiremos se abrirá en nuestras vidas si no nos sentimos agradecidos. Debemos agradecer a todos los que colaboran en nuestro camino por evolucionar o recuperar las facultades perdidas. La escuela esta en nosotros y las cosas buenas y malas que nos suceden están ahí jugando un papel para que nosotros alcancemos un aprendizaje significativo.

Seamos agradecidos para que se inicien las aperturas de nuestros caminos. Ese empuje positivo nos llevará a alcanzar una felicidad que no esta en el qué será? sino en el "ahora", recordando que si la vida aprieta vivimos para fortalecernos con las experiencias y que las cicatrices están ahí para señalar que seguimos vivos, superamos la pruebas y que vivimos para contarlo.

Gratefulness is a best quality of gentle person.
I think about always some time wish to thanks

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With all the wrong in this world, we have very much to be grateful for. Thanks For Sharing.

The life of a person who is not grateful must be empty, gratitude is such a beautiful feeling, it is living joyfully with life, it is appreciating and valuing what you have and who gave it to you, it is recognizing that you are alive ... Every day you have fought and every day you have sown to reap what you have thanked.

Great Philosophy dude!!!
Thats awesome ever.
I want to be included in your contributor list.
Thank you.


I'm included you! See the list in last post. But Please! Every pay attention in important notes write in post. Regards, You are Welcome!

interesting. if you don't mind, please let me refer you to read my blog posted in mindset just 10 minutes latter than this one entitled with "understanding the real qualities of you". thanks

a lot of information for industry and further discussion, a professional post at the highest level, I like to read from time to time ... all the best from @aple

@chbartist I read your post, you write well, all we should pay some attention to each our family members, reletivies, friends girl friends boy friends and the most important thing is nature in this fast era of technology.Listening each other with less talking could come up with alot of fragrences I mean a lot of good things.

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Interesting, but true

En qué consiste esto de la lista de colaboradores? soy nueva.

Muy buen post te felicito.

Very informative! Gratefulness shows who we are!

Being grateful is for free!

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Why we have to be grateful?
Firstly because we existed.
We thank everything and everyone that are part and who are part of our existence.
Do we only thank those that give us money or food?
How about the air that we breath, isn't the first and most important for our survival?
Who made the air?
Are we not thankful of that?
When we wake up, do we give thanks?
Or we just get out of bed then rush because we're getting late in our work.
So sad...


I'm grateful every time I open my eyes and find myself able to live another day. All my blessings for the rest of the day start with that moment. I have had poor health for most of my life and keeping this attitude of gratitude goes a long way in helping me stay focused on what really matters.


Good to hear from you Sharon.
I thank you for being grateful every day.
I wish you all the best for the rest of your life.

I hope we all realize that we're given this life freely and we must as well share and spend this life and give this life in service freely. Our wages or payment for our skills and talents are extra bonuses we receive.


That is a very good way to put it @ronel. I do weight loss coaching and rarely get paid for it. But if one person can do better with their health because of my help, it is always worth it to me. But those pesky living expenses get in the way sometimes :)


I believe all efforts will be paid fully and maybe overflowed if not in this world, it would be in the next after spending our lives on earth. Nothing is wasted if its done for good.

Sometimes we could think we've done much but the reward is not what we expected.
But when it becomes a habit of helping and reaching out, we could no longer think of anything in return and this is the time we'll receive things/joys that we don't really expect, it will just come.


I agree. Sometimes unintended consequences end up being the best ones.

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You have highlighted the exact facts that I believe too.A series of questions will help you to decide what your personal purpose is and whether entrepreneurship is right for you.

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I am always greatful, everyday i spend time with my creator thanking him of his goodness. I always remind my family members and friends to always be greatful in each and everything and not to take things for granted. please include me to be a contributor in this community

Well said @chbartist and THANK YOU! And agree with other steemians including @aasanka, @goldeninvestor. Evidence seem to suggest increased level of serotonin and dopamine (happy and reward chemical) during gratefulness mindset. Attitude of gratitude also help promote mental health. Isn’t life amazing as it is? How fortunate to be able to feel, see, smell, taste and hear. As Nietzsche puts it “How little suffice for happiness.”

Thank you so much for this post. I have little time on Steemit but I wanted to make sure to go back after having briefly viewed this days ago. I absolutely love your posts that I have been able to read. This one on gratefulness is close to my heart. A bird enhanced my experience of this state although it didn't exactly start out that way. I had to turn a bothersome experience around into not only a state but an active expression as often as possible. I shared this in my bird story to encourage others and as it was mentioned, not all are drawn to gratefulness. You along with the other wonderful replies have made me promise myself to share more.

Gratefulness is not only blissful, it is a state of grace.

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