Here is a Truth of Life… It Will Never Stop Raining!

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Hello, dear Steemians!

In this post I would like to share with you all something peculiar but true that I learned during my journey.

There is something really peculiar and strange about rainy weeks.

If you are in a spot of the world that is constantly experiencing cloudy weather, then you can understand the feeling of being trapped inside the cloud of rain.

It can go on for days. Sometimes it stops.

Sometimes it gets heavy. But it is always there nonetheless.

The clouds pour over the city like the shadow that haunts us all our lives. Their rage is a rhythm.

Their voice is a message. The message that cries the corruption of truth.

The clouds pass, but their message remains hidden in the deepest corners of our hearts.

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And the message is… it is never going to stop raining.

The cycle just repeats itself. Cloudy days have always been symbolic to me.

They have always represented the truth of life.

The fact that it is never going to stop raining. The trouble is always going to be there. Though welcome at first, things may turn out to be problematic in time.

The rhythm speaks of irritation and discomfort.

And that is just another truth of life. it is never going to stop raining, my friends, but we might just be able to learn the truth and dance with the rhythm of the music.

The music of life. The ultimate truth of existence.

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Learning how to dance in the rain is the ultimate lesson that anyone can learn in life. It is also the hardest concept to grasp. The longest battle to fight. And the only way to salvation.

The many years of life have shown me one thing; to assume that our pain and suffering will suddenly decide to get out of the way one day and leave us alone is as foolish as it is without poignancy.

The struggle and the pain are always going to be a part of your life, whether you want them to or not. What better way to experience life to its fullest other than accepting this truth and getting on with what you are given, rather than what you should have been given?

The clouds will always come back. When they stay, they reveal a secret message to anyone who can hear it: There is no escaping from the rain. What you can do is learn how to dance with the rhythm of the clouds.

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Get in there. Whatever the price. Whatever the cost. You will find happiness in accepting that life can be difficult sometimes.

In understanding the truth about our existence, you will realize that the reason our lives are meaningful in the first place is because they are laden with pain and suffering.

This is what gives depth and clarity to the sunny day, where no clouds can be seen.

Instead of foolishly hoping for the clouds to pass, we should learn how to dance in the rain and live life to its fullest.


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after every rain the sun shines again. The life wouldn't be as colorful as it is without the ups and downs, without laughter and tears.
Yes, we have to accept it and learn to dance in the rain.
Have a wonderful day

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Perhaps, that’s the summary of the vicious circle of our lives...

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So true! Storms can actually be beautiful too!

The rain and the challenges that we confront in life are part of the journey as they teach us resilience and grit to continue forward despite adversity. It makes us all stronger individuals as we seek our calling and goals.

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I love the smell of wet earth, the one that reminds you that it has started or finished raining, the rain is as important as sunny days, if it does not rain the plants die and the rivers dry, it would affect us directly ... in the life is the same, if we do not learn to live or dance in the rain that touches us, we could not strengthen ourselves in life, we will not advance because it is necessary for our growth.

Sadness and happiness are two parts of life. When one comes another leave automatically. We should always be the same whatever is the situation. Life is all about learning at living peacefully and we should keep moving. Thanks @chbartist for the post.

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Very correct..but always try to choose the right part which is happiness


Yes. Very well said @okodughaonox

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Wow! This is a very deep and meaningful post that got my thoughts running wild. In some ways it made me think of England where it is always cloudy and raining and where you learn to not let it affect your mood too much. In contrast where I now live it’s mostly sunny but when it rains it goes on for days and is very heavy, making everyday stuff hard. However we sometimes dance in the rain it’s warm and a powerful experience. Thanks 🙏

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Trials and tribulations are inevitable part of life. It is the most unwanted things by many but it's the only way you can be triumphant.

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Off-course after darkness only we realize the importance of light.
Also I would like to share my recent post which is on an original incident, hope this community will show some presence there as lack of readers is demotivating.


Yes, I agree!

Greetings @chbartist.

If we like a sunny day, when we see the rain cloud coming, we will feel that the day darkens and cools

The sunny day allows the plants to carry out photosynthesis, and the rainy day allows the plants to take water and soil nutrients for their development

Each stage of life allows us to grow as a person, develop knowledge and skills applicable in future experiences, ensuring progress on the path of life

It is difficult to see positive things in bad experiences, but it is true that learning is very valuable

Thank you brother ...for such a wonderfull lesson ..

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Rains give humanity an a amazing gift which is rainbow..And we can see rainbow only after rain.. It definitely is a message to humanity that if we show the courage and passion to get wet, we will be gifted with rainbow..

YES YES and YES, it's part of life. Interesting, that if you feel happy, after some days or weeks you will feel depressed, even though your life didn't change drastically

I actually love the rain and have shower on it.. :)

Yes! We can't stop the rains in life, but still we have the power to choose, to choose the joy in every storm. It is not denying reality but somehow learning to let go and move on in it so it will not ruin life itself, and yes! to learn to dance with it..

Hello brother I am all time read your post amazing life changing quotes you can post thank you brother amazing hard work

Yes, friend I agree with your philosophy that's incontrovertible trough really life never stopped raining.
Great trough of life here's thanks for sharing friend.

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Thanks for the message. I was just wondering if we could look at raining as happiness, then your message is ultimate. It never ceases to rain happiness. Cool, right?

But thanks nonetheless!

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Hello friend, you have a happy day, we all must learn to dance in the rain, not every day there is a good sun, I loved your post, congratulations

The ultimate pain is death.
If we learn how to deal with small pains then eventually we will learn to deal with big and huge pains.
Just dance while learning!

Se dice que después de la lluvia sale el sol para todos, entonces por qué seguir lloviendo sobre mojado. La vida es para vivir como vaya saliendo. Es normal sufrir pero lo más importante es no dejarse arrastrar a la depresión.

good and perfect story

very useful article

happy to See you again :)

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There’s beauty in the rain 🌧 and after every storm this is still the chance of a rainbow

About 98.43$ has been spent to promote this content using

Damn it this message hits hard ☔

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Life is a journey that is full of challenges. The higher we go the tougher they become. Endurance make us become winners.
Thanks for the post, it opens up our path.

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Loving your blog! It’s
Resonating 🤓

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