How Can We Get Rid of Our ""Addictions""? This Post is a Very Powerful Analogy for You to Start Reprogramming Your Mindset and Reaching Your Goals ...

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Hi my friends! How are you?

Today I would like to make a very important analogy so that you all begin to reprogram your Mindset urgently to begin step by step eliminating anything that is disrupting your growth in life in pursuit of your goals.

As I said it is an analogy and it is not necessarily related to the vices or demons that I have described here but being more direct with my words you must destroy any thought of negativity that may be inside you.

Believe me! This is very powerful!

In this post I want to give you a life lesson or tip that was once given to me, and I have lived every day of my life with gratefulness that I had this particular piece of advice to get me through the darkness that surrounded me.

We all have our demons; the dark dwellings of our inner self that we keep well hidden from the world outside. These demons are often locked away in a safe corner of our conscience, but you can see many a man succumb to these demons and fall from the grace of their humanity.

One of these demons is addiction; the tendency to routinely do the things that would harm us in order to get instant gratification. Addiction is best categorized as a bio-psychological disorder, which means that there are two sides to this disorder. One is your body and your nature, and the other is your mind and soul.

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Dopamine is an important chemical in the circuit of your brain which is in charge of the reward circuits. For instance, eating a chocolate chip or going for a walk on a beautiful autumn day both appeal to your dopamine levels and give you pleasure on different scales.

But then, there are also substances and certain activities we do that produce a high level of dopamine in our mind, higher than what can be deemed natural. How powerfully a substance or an activity can activate and raise your dopamine levels determines how addictive it can be.

The psychological aspect of this affair, on the other hand, is rather interesting. Some people use addiction as a coping mechanism. Some people use it as an escape from the real world, be it a temporary one. It is as if we are constantly deceiving ourselves into spending time in an alternate reality where our pains and our struggles cannot reach us.

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You know that I am never here to simply preach. You need to understand that there are several methods of fighting addictions and throwing them off. Not all those methods have been effective through the years of being put to use, but psychologists are trying out new ways every day to crack this and find an ultimate solution.

One of the most interesting and fascinating methods to try if you are dealing with an addiction is the process elimination of thought. Imagine that you are standing in a room with the light on. The light is troubling you and what you decide to do is turn it off. The problem is, that light can be turned on at any moment in an instant. It is not a permanent solution, it is merely damage control.

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That is the same case with addictions. Now, imagine a plate full of cookies. Imagine that you are addicted to these cookies. Can you simply decide to not give in to your cravings and eat them? Of course you can, but for how long can that decision stand firm in your mind?

We hate our addictions. We want to eradicate every trace of them, little knowing that we can never do that. The problem is that the addiction is always going to be there. The substance is always going to be there. The activity is always going to be there. What you need to do here is simply learn how to accept the existence of that addiction and learn to control your hate towards it. Learn how to think about it, and really consider the act of doing it, rather than focusing on the idea that you need to shut yourself away or completely take the thought of that addiction out of your mind. That is deception. The thing that you are addicted to is always going to be there.

In this way, you are no longer obsessive about your addiction. You learn how to tolerate the brightness. You no longer aggressively turn off the light. You will learn how to leave the light in spite of those addictions.
You never have to lie to yourself, you merely have to come to terms with it.

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In my previous blog posts, I have already talked about the concept of courage. I have described hope, despair, darkness, light, and what you need to see through it all.
I will make it simple, plain, and straightforward, as it was given to me, and it is you who have to sit down and think about it:

The only way to defeat the demons that haunt us is to face them.
Running away from them, finding a way to cope with them, giving in to their incessant temptations, or locking them in a safe inside your mind is not going to save you. These demons are like wounds; the longer they stay, the deeper their devastation.

Face them. Face them head on, with everything that you have got. Gather you will, your courage, your determination, your hope, your desire, your dream. Use them in the fight. Face what is troubling you head on, and then, at the end of the struggle, find a way to finally move on.

That is the most important thing: being able to finally move on and let go of those demons. Not run away from them. Not lock them up. But throw them away and move on.

Get up, and start fighting from today!

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You are right But if a man attempts himself.


Excuse me, but i didn't understand what you mean! Regards

There is no need to battle to be at peace. The fight is it's own stressor that can lead to addictive cycles being triggered. Getting to the original cause of the feelings involved and noticing that mostly, addictions are fueled by an attempt to feel different while not knowing how else to go about it is key. By making the unconscious conscious, we can begin to clear old imprints, move old charges and start to feel and think more freely.

The addictions are very difficult to eliminate for some people ... however, I know many people who have achieved it only with the help of God ... Only he can cleanse the soul, heart and mind of the people, when really the person is willing to follow him and serve him in spirit and in truth ... In my locality there is a Christian Organization that helps people who have drug problems and really what they decide to give their whole lives to God are those who have achieved it .. to get out of that vice that kept them imprisoned for many years ... I've seen them ... Maybe your publication has nothing to do with the spiritual, but for me this contribution that I am leaving is very important.

i can look at a plate of cookies and sustain without any will power until i eat just one, then some sort of magic happens... no more cookies!


Good!!! LOL!

Cant stop reading you :)

@chbartist But I am just beginning to be addicted to Steemit than other social media. Should I shake it off now? 😅😁🤞🏻... Good self improvement advice though

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Steem is not an addiction, it is your possible future fortune if you do everything right and with positive spirits. Steem is like your job if you want and being addicted to your job is not sacrifice. Work always dignifies and enhances people.


Agree.... rather be addicted to Steemit than others anyway. 😄😄

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I think we can be addicted to anything technically. So why isn’t steem an addiction?

I have been working on training students. They struggle with various minor addictions. Here is my methodology based on research by Dr Bruce Lipton


Basically by concious repetition of non addictive or anti addictive actions backed by positive affirmations.

Pls follow me. @questionthetrend

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Thank you for your comment!

Yeah, it's true addiction will always going to be there. We just need the will power to avoid it. But people gets to late to understand or approve that they are addicted.
But what about positive addiction? Like reading a book or innovative cooking. They can have positive remarks in our life I think.
Your powerful motivational writing are really helping me to rethink and coaching me to my journey on Steemit. And your thinking about the community is much appreciable.
BIG HUG to you too.

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This sounds like rewiring the brain to me. A person's negative thoughts towards an addiction makes it worse since the person tries to separate it with a mental barrier instead of dealing with it. It's only a matter of time before the barrier cracks and lets the addiction loose again. I agree that positive thinking and taking action is a great way of dealing with addictions. A person doesn't have to face addictions alone. A support system is a great tool in promoting the positive change a person is working towards. A support system doesn't necessarily mean using professional help. It can be anyone that you want to support you.

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Dear @chbartist sir!
Negative thinking on our pessimistic feelings leads us towards the darkness of life. Within us all the mentality of two ways is found in negative and positive. It depends on us how we are using it. Due to not getting proper advice from the right direction, we become indoctrinated and become indoctrinated and awaken the devil in hiding inside the mind. And the positive side of our life is depressing.regards

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Battling addictions are both challenging but fulfilling as it demonstrates the power of dedication and consistency when commited to acheiving goals against it. We all arise stronger given the learnings of the experience.

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@chbartist thank you for putting out posts like this for all of us.

I feel, a shift of perspective can also help, focusing all your energy on the long term goal instead of the instant gratification of feeding whatever addiction we might be battling with - something easier said than done.

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Amazing and informative blogg👍 @chbartist!!!we have to care our body and nature,brain and soul by leaving all those things which are harmful for us...

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This perspective that presents us on addictions is interesting. I think that addictions are not the biggest problem that one can have, but the way we are used to doing things, the formulas we choose to solve our problems, because addictions arise precisely when we have a big problem that we do not reach solve, when we feel an interior emptiness.

We pretend that something as complex and personal as our problems are solved with external things like chocolates, alcohol, cigarettes, when the solution is really in us, and we must put ourselves into action

@chbartist But I am just beginning to be addicted to Steemit than other social media. Should I shake it off now? 😅😁🤞🏻... Good self improvement advice though

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Great topic. Very thoughtful reflection.

Face [your demons] head on, with everything that you have got. Gather you will, your courage, your determination, your hope, your desire, your dream. Use them in the fight. Face what is troubling you head on, and then, at the end of the struggle, find a way to finally move on.

Of course, this always works better when we have some help. Not necessarily professional help. Sometimes all we need is a friend to talk to, to talk us out of a bad decission or out of our paralysis to face our addictions or apprehensions.
I compare this with working out/doing excercise. You may spend months, even years planning to start a routine, a training regime, and it is enough to find a friend to push or drag us to actually get started.
The pushing motivation may came from the most unexpected source; it's just a matter of keeping out ears receptive to hear the good advice.

I always learnt to control my addictions by learning the way to live without it. You need to strongly believe that there is no other alternative except to quit the addiction. Second method is to reduce the number of times of getting addicted on a day to day basis, since it becomes difficult to stop the addiction all of a sudden. You fix the time for yourself to completely quit the addiction within the stipulated times by gradually reducing the count of addiction.

Friend @chbartist,Article giving positive power to life, which makes the mind liven up and promotes positive thinking. Thank you very much for such an article.

Nice Write up

Sending this to my brother. Thanks for taking the time to write this out!

I love this post and I agree with it strongly!!!

There's a part of me that wants to reprogram but then there's the other part of me that makes decisions when I'm not aware. At least that's how it feels like.

This is gem of an article to be motivated. Nicely presented ! I feel it's gradual process to change one's mindset.

Great piece and good, simple advice.

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