How Close Are You to the Hut Against the Storm of Doubt?

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For months I was trying to find the perfect allegory and analogy for the philosophy of different mindsets and worldviews and how each can take your life in a certain direction. It was only last week that it all suddenly came to me.

Dear Steemians, today I want to tell you a story, but first, I would like to humbly ask for the utmost of your attention. You will not regret it.

Once upon a time, there were three friends who decided to go camping in a forest. Julia and Robert were in a relationship and were planning on getting married. It was their friend Kevin that had insisted on going camping as he had not seen them for a long time. As day came to a close, and the sun began to set, it began to grow colder and colder, almost reaching to the point of freezing.

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Suddenly, a heavy rain started descending from the sky. The situation grew hazardous. It was dark and cold, and the wind’s howl was menacing under the cover of the dire situation that had crippled them. Robert was unsure. He knew that he had heard of a hut that was near them, a place where they could find shelter. So, he said to the other two that they should go and look for it.

Kevin was adamant, “Have you gone crazy? We should stay put.” He said.
Much to Robert’s surprise, Julia was on Kevin’s side. Robert didn’t know when the raining was going to stop, but he knew that he could not sit idly and do nothing. He implored them to get a move on, as he believed that there was still a chance. The two still resisted. The cold was punishing, and the rain had greatly reduced their vision.

Robert grew weary and eventually stood up and started moving towards a direction without looking back. Julia took Kevin’s hand and the two started following him with nonchalance. All Robert could think of was finding the hut and sheltering inside it, while the two followed and mocked him for the futility of his endeavor.

They even went so far as to laugh at him while shaking in doubt and fire under the gruesome rain and the punishing cold.
Robert paid no heed, for all he could hear was the silent sound of his own peacefulness.

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Hours and hours passed. It was indeed a long endeavor. Suddenly, Robert saw an elegant and gracious hut and started running towards it. He soon lost the other two and entered the hut. A fire burned bright in the chimney. Hot food and other accommodations awaited him; as if someone had prepared all of the convenience for his arrival. On the colorful table he found a note that read:

“I knew that you were coming. Do help yourself with what is prepared for you and what you deserve. They are waiting for the rain to stop and the winds to settle, little do they know that this is merely the beginning and it can never end. Fear not, for one day they will eventually come here, be it only in their dreams.

Because whether they believed in this place or not doesn’t matter. The problem is that they are too afraid to move. They lack the tolerance to take steps. They lack the forbearance for the doubt that inflicts their path. When you were taking steps to reach here, all they could think of was that you were getting soaked under the rain just as much as they did.

That may be true, but the real truth is that you were getting closer while they were drifting further away from hope. Fear not, for they will eventually come around.”

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In this universe, the position of you who have found your goal in life and are taking steps towards it in spite of your doubts and fears is not the same as everybody else. You may be left alone even by the people closest to you, and it is true that you will freeze and drench as much as everyone else, but your destination is never the same.



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Hello @chbartist , success is for those who believe in yourself.

I'm glad to be a part of this community. And I hope that we together can achieve success.

Your efforts are much appreciated

Have a good day from my side.

And if you have some time please visit me here @coolguy222 , if you like anything then must hit the upvote button. It will be much appreciated

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Hi dear @chbartist and all steemians,

I've been thinking about similar issues for the last two years. First, a person must discover self and own soul. Because people cannot find their skills and abilities without self-diagnosis. Then people must move away from concerns and focus entirely on what can do.

Our thoughts guide us. After focusing on our thoughts, the life will begin to guide us in our way.

Have nice new week.

i would to say thanks for being include into the community. Yeps i do read all the comment and upvote them too. Even the value is small, i think it can help other to get good badge and exp to upgrade their status . i hope it ll help you guy too. I also humbly ask if you can follow me on my profile @tommyl33
there is many thing i want to share about real
life experience while im travelling solo almost 1 year now. I hope these lesson can help you in your real life journey. Please pardon my english because im suck at it and i admit it. Im slowly learning for my grammar and how to write good contain so i can help building this community too.

At last , steem on .

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As a Christian person I can tell you that doubts and fears keep us away from blessings, we will all fear, fear and doubt at some point, but within us there is a spirit of courage and self-control given by God to face all obstacles, and the most important thing @chbartist, is to never stop dreaming and believing, the word of God says that: if you believe you will see the glory, it seems easy no? anyone can tell you I believe when everything is fine: there is money, resources, health, but what is difficult when the situation is contrary as in the case of the story told here, the kingdom suffers violence, and only the brave ones snatch it away.


Dear @chbartist sir!
We have to make an effort to determine and achieve our goal because the world is selfish. Occasionally the circumstances are contrary to our thinking, due to which we become uninterested. When the circumstances lie, they leave their roles as well. At that time our patience, our sense, and our morale defend us. thanks for continuously giving positive mindset.

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I also believe that way. Success depends on what we believe in and depending on thyself. When you talked about " we may be left alone by our closest," touches my heart. This situation may broke our heart and make us fade but teaches us to be strong in future. That's the life lesson.
You made up the story,or it's a local tale?

And again what you are thinking about the community is really appreciable.

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Great job once again sir.
It could be quite disappointing when even people we love loose faith in us and our dreams just like Robert's fiancee. But then people see things differently and from different perspectives; thus unwavering focus on one's desired goal is required. The road to success is not an easy one. It is said before walking through a path you have never walked through before, it's necessary to seek advice from the right set of people (people who have walked that path before) in order to get authentic information whereas others who have never even tried walking the same path may not give you authentic information but rather mislead you.. In essence company matters . Surrounding yourself with people of like-mind and equal zeal could also go a long way to keeping you focused.
In all hardworking, resilience, hope, faith and determination are key requirements on the way to success.

Great write post from you as usual.

""You may be left alone even by the people closest to you, and it is true that you will freeze and drench as much as everyone else, but your destination is never the same. You are right about this and also let us always trust in God to always help us as we walk along the destination

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for having me on your list! I appreciate it.

My friend time without commenting, but always try to read your article in what is possible, very good story the truth, and good very good history and reflection and we must always trust in ourselves and we must have faith in the things that We believe, and your doubt that things will come out better, best regards.

The path is often filled with briars & naysayers, but only the ones who keep their goals alive will arrive. It took me 11 years working full time and going to school half time to get a bachelor's degree. That can be done, but only with extreme fortitude when you have more challenges than the average bear. :)

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"In this universe, the position of you who have found your goal in life and are taking steps towards it in spite of your doubts and fears is not the same as everybody else." The path of every one of us is different and might not seem from as a gain from the minds of those who seek to underline the diferences. I like to consider myself a Buddhist and the end of sufferance is a day by day challange. The goal is not to be seen from outside but to be able to reflect love and kindness as a life practice. I do love you initiative and i hope that we will manifest this great comunity that a lot of us we dream.

Sometimea the best route is filled with challenges but is the most fulfilling given the learning experience it brings with it! We should never become discouraged of the tribulations along the journey as they are what makes us grow.

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Salute you bro @chbartist for giving us such an interesting community and inspiring bloggs...

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How insightful. We all have dark and cold times in our life and times when we feel totally alone in our own darkness. We have to have the courage to keep moving forward and not stand still for too long.

We must always strive to reach the purpose that God has for us, we will have setbacks, we will have resistance, but that should not stop us, nor get out of the way to enjoy all that God has prepared for us. He is waiting for us in the cabin and knows that we will arrive despite the storm that crosses our path. DO NOT DO IT WAIT!

we all want to succeed, that is our shared vision, some concentrate on event, others concentrate on the pattern of event and some rely on the structure of the system they exist in( Salaries). But those who can see the shared vision clearly can note allow everyday events to quench their taste.
The friends were lost in the events but he had a clear vision of where they all need to be

Everyone has different dreams and goals in life so even if we are closed to few people whom we can call our friends they are going have a different way for their success. We have to walk alone on the path of success and to start moving in that direction only we can help ourself and we have decide.

This weekend i was quite busy so couldn't read few posts of yours which I am reading now and putting my comments. Thanks friend @chbartist

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First of all, Robert probably lost his fiancee to Kevin while searching for the hut during those hours since Kevin and Julia were holding hands, and shared each other's hopeless perspective. Robert was definitely hopeful about finding the hut, but logically that decision was extremely risky since they expended lots of energy walking for hours in terrible weather and he probably didn't know if he was walking in the right direction. On the bright side, it is better to have tried to find shelter than to just die complaining and remaining still. The moral of this article is to never give up hope no matter how illogical it may seem since trying is better than doing nothing.

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I agree that everyone goes through hardships and struggles, but so many people give up when it becomes "too difficult." Being a 19 year old that has no desire to drink, party, or to try drugs I deal with a lot of hurtful comments on how "I'm boring or that I haven't lived yet." What I don't tell them is I don't do those things because I am to busy working towards my goals. Drugs, partying, and drinking would slow me down and could possibly cause me to stray away from my goals. I have watched too many friends and family throw their lives, dreams, and goals away from life becoming too difficult and from that I have put my foot down to not let anything stand in my way.

feeling lucky to be part of your thank you list.... i really appreciated you the way you gave regards to everyone.... now lets talk about your story... the moral of the story is very true just believe to your inner strength that definitively give u success... harder journey is the way to success but just believe in yourself...

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Wow. Such a powerful story. Again it brings to mind the fact that life must always come with the turbulence. It's never an easy road.

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Friend, this is a very interesting story. We are following it completely and running on your stated path.@chbartist

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It is a good story to exemplify perseverance and instinctual leadership.

However, I grew up in a forest area. The backyard of my house was a big forest where some farmers had planted cocoa, coffee, bananas, mango, and other edible plants. But it also had huge trees and lots of good-for-nothing bushes. Well, they were good to get people lost in the forest :)
When my friends and i got lost, which happened a lot, it was always a reason to fight to follow the instruction of someone who allegedly knew our way home.

When we did find the right path that person was hailed a hero, but when we got on the wrong track and night fell on us we wanted that person's head on a pike! :)

Following one's instincts may be a good thing, but following informed guesses is better. He who has the valuable information at hand has the upper hand. It is easier to follow a leader or a certain path on our own if we are certain that we will find that cabin in the woods and not certain death by freezing.
You guys have a great day. Stay away from the snow (thoe of you in the northern areas) :)

So many times in my life I have been carried away my goals by fear and doubt! But not anymore, I'm working on that.

Do you find it difficult to balance the desire to place in all the unique nuances for your characters you wish to have in your allegories and keeping the piece short enough to keep the attention of your audience? If so, how do you go about deciding which nuances are important enough and which aren't to include?

@chbartist Para lograr nuestras metas hay que dejar el miedo, es la única manera de salir de nuestra zona de confort..
Como dice el Coach Carlos Fraga. Si te da miedo, hazlo con miedo

Great analogy. You illustrated your thoughts well.




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