How to Approach Your Over-Sensitivity and Irritability?

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Greetings, fellow Steemians!

Some people tend to be over-sensitive in their social affairs, to the point of easily getting irritated by everything personal that others have to say about them.

Over-sensitivity can be a devastating character flaw, to the point of compromising your relationships and jeopardizing your opportunities. If you get irritated by even the most insignificant occurrences, if you exaggerate everything other people say about you or look to find a negative meaning in every expression, then these are signs that you are over-sensitive.

Your irritability will eventually lead to your friends being irritated by your mentality, since they constantly have to be careful not to say something that would hurt your feelings or make you sad or angry. It can also lead to loss of tranquility and happiness, as it gives your mind an excuse to constantly look for things that make you unhappy.

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If you have such tendencies as the ones listed above, then you need to know that you are not alone and that you CAN actually do something about your over-sensitivity. In this blog posts, I am going to list some approaches that can help you fight back against your constant need for emotional satisfaction through your irrational idealism.

Perhaps the first step towards fighting back irritability is resisting the idea of taking everything personally. People who are over-sensitive tend to think that the whole world is out to get them. This belief is irrational on all levels of sensibility, as it promotes a fallacious and shrouded worldview of hatred and doubt.

We may come to meet a lot of people who can hurt us, but that does not mean that everyone is inclined to do so in random words and acts of cruelty and spitefulness.

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Over-sensitivity is usually a strain of irrational thought. If you begin to really think with your logic and sensible arguments, you begin to realize that your problem may be a lack of deeper thought. But how can you utilize your logic?

Talk to yourself. The next time you come to the realization that you may be over-sensitive, try to talk to yourself and think with logical arguments about your situation. Why are you so sensitive? Why should you become miserable because of something that other people say?

How much value do you put on their statements, and how well-founded are they?
These are all the questions that you need to immediately ask yourself. Do not focus on your misery, focus on finding a solution and trying to get rid of it once and for all.

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Now this may be a tough one, but in order to beat over-sensitivity, you sometimes need to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If they hurt you, try to see everything from their perspective.

That way you might begin to realize that things were not as serious or upsetting as you thought they were. You may even be able to analyze their critique and invalidate their statements.

A lot of people tend to get upset when their beliefs and values are threatened. It is as if they see their identity and existence purely as the amalgamation of their values and beliefs, and when the opposite of such values and beliefs are stated, they feel that their identity is in danger of being discredited or wronged.

What these people need to understand is that they are so much more than the sum of their beliefs. Their identity and existence are not reliant on beliefs, for these ideas and values are constantly changing and expanding, opening up new horizons for us as they evolve.

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Without independent thought, it is easy to accept what everyone wants you to think. If you suppress your power of thought in this manner, you will fall into the pit of depression and irritability, all the while losing your grip on the balance of your life.

From now on, try fight your over-sensitivity with thought, logic and sensibility.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Dear @chbartist sir!
Insensitivity in us comes only when there is no good happening in our lives. Irritability is a product of our negative thinking. There are many reasons for irritability in us. Occasionally there are domestic problems. The surrounding environment is contaminated. Due to problems with failures The burden of too many expectations also causes irritation and apart from this our envy nature also causes irritability. It's not that the irritability never ends. Keeping in touch with good people, by adjusting the circumstances, remove the inferiority of mind, avoid the loneliness, etc.
Thank you


That's a good way of putting it. Kind of like using it as an internal warning system, alerting us to things going on in our lives that aren't right for us.


You nailed it in your response! Your suggestions are very good food for thought – and action.

perhaps, no harm will be done for as long as you're not blinded by any negative reaction. if being overly-sensitive will ruin relationships, then carefully assess the situation first and see if it's worth it. sometimes, words have biting effects in the heart that cannot be easily erased.

Good write up. Over sensitivity or hyper sensitivity need not be a self-destructive trait though. I know I"ve always had a high level of emotional sensitivity. This has meant that it was easy for me to be drawn into other people's emotions in the past, but with a strong person grounding it's also been of huge benefit to me.

For instance, I can read people very well, which was a huge benefit when I was working in sales. I can build rapport with people very well and I can also pick up on things that are troubling people, or use it as a warning system against dishonest or unscrupulous people.

Emotional sensitivity can be a huge benefit, it just means that people who don't have enough self-awareness to separate themselves from other people's emotions can caught up in their drama.

Great write up, mate.

Once you find where you’re sensitive, an emotional salve helps ease the sting. Maybe you need to be alone for a while. That’s okay. It’s also okay to ask for help. My favorite relief is spending quality time with friends, but I sometimes have trouble asking for that.

I used think that asking for help was a sign of weakness in me. When I helped my friends, I never judged them as being weak. They were simply going through a rough time, and I wanted to help make them feel better.

That’s when I realized that not asking for their help denied them a chance to be my friend. I now feel that asking for help is like giving a gift. I’m giving my friends something they want...... a chance to be my friend.

Maybe I need a distraction, and we just hang out together. Maybe I need to talk through what happened, to figure out how to stop it from happening again. It doesn’t matter. I tell them what I need, they provide it happily, and we both feel better.

Calm yourself. When you notice that you're feeling anxious, excited, angry or upset, you can learn to recognize your body reacting to those feelings. When you do, relaxation techniques like meditation, exercise, massage, and deep breathing can help to calm both your body and your mind.

Incredible @chbartist ...!!!

Hi @chbartist!

It takes time. Can be done by understanding the dynamics you explain well. It's important so that we are not caught up. Myself too am a similar kind of guy, more sensitive that required. But am lucky to get proper. Mentorship. Thanks, your post was inspiring.


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Emotional sensitivity is a healthy sign, but oversensitivity can have negative effects. Hypersensitive people often feel left out, but these feelings can be the result of their assumptions or misconceptions about others. If people misinterpret their daily interactions, they will be unhappy and lead unhealthy lives. Find a balance between sensitivity and common sense, confidence and resilience so that you don't get stuck with the little things in life.

Thank you for sharing this important post with us @chbartist.

First of all we all have to deal with this topic, we have to accept that we are susceptible to it more or less.

Then I think it is also important to make yourself clear what you actually want, and then go this way.

Surely there will be many situations that will cause those old fears and feelings again, but hey it doesn't matter what the others think or say about it, it's your way, your goal, let the others do what they want and do the same.

In more than 30 years as an entrepreneur I have had to take a lot, I had to learn even more, I had to come to terms with a lot of things. I often ran into a wall, fell deeply several times but never stopped, but stood up again and again no matter what my environment said or thought, hey it was my life my mistakes from which I was allowed to learn.

It came so far that I was the one who was allowed to train others how to get through such situations and build something for themselves.
There is always something better in front of us on the way than behind us, the life plays in here and now no matter what others say and think, it is your way, your life, your success, you give the weapons to the others so choose wisely.
Zwischenlinie-2 für Steem-Post 940x120.png
with sunny greetings from Andalusia

Don Thomas

Dear Chbartist and his fellows,

I'm sorry to say that, i'm not a regular on your community, because my grandfather is very sick for the past one month and I am busy with his treatment and my job, but i'm a very fan our writing and your community. By the grace of Almighty creator my grandfather feeling better now, and i want to be a regular member of your community.

I think over-sensitivity and Irritability it's a great Obstacle to become a perfect human, those make a distance of our relationship with people and make a great communication gap between us. And gradually it's make us frustrated, and maximum time when we can understood that it was so late to correction, hope those people who read your article they have a chance to justify themself and will be approach like that you said.

Thank you all.

When we’re in pain, blaming the person who hurt us is a natural defense mechanism. We project our pain outward as anger, rather than turning our attention inward to heal. Are we accusing someone of making us feel worthless, Unattractive,Unloved and unlovable?

Naming the accusation lets us dig beneath it to find the sensitive spot it’s protecting, and see what’s really going on. @chbarstist

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Friend @chbartist,Your today's article is also very good.
It is important that you try to define which of these reasons you apply, to understand the development of your introspection and to understand why you think this way, it will be impossible to change your behavior.

Thanks for sharing

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How on Earth do you consistently write that long meaningful post? That is really some superpower that I wish I had. I am still struggling to even type reply comments.

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Gotta start somewhere I guess :) I think a lot of people who are prolific in their craft have built it up over time through consistency, not necessarily by going from writing nothing to writing 3,000 words a day.

Hi @chbartist. How are you?

Bringing this to practice is emotionally difficult and difficult. But the key is to ask the diagnostic questions about the external and personal reality that it proposes.

And while the answers arrive we can wait, and if the answers reveal that it is that other person or circumstance about the problem and not us, we should not take it personally and go ahead with what we do. And if the problem is with us, instead of taking it personally, we must think about how to solve it.

Merry Christmas for all and happy new year 2019!

How I wish my mum could see this. The problem is she might find it insulting too.


This makes me grin... I have someone in my life that needs this message as well, but would be insulted by my bringing it to their attention.

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I have learned to internalize these situations in order to seek the logic behind the behavior. I still take some personal but realize that if ny behavior was to my expectation, it is all that really matters. I live my life thinking of the consequences of my actions and ensure I am comfortable with them and what if my family read about them and their perspective.

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Dear @chbartist,
Firstly i am not an oversensitive person, and i think that it is good for me.In your post you made a short list of actions that we can either accept or deny in order to pass over the problems of over sensitivity.
Among all of them the point mostly strike in my mind was that to see everything around us in others perspective. I think it is great idea to get relieve on many disturbing, unwanted situations. It will help us when we feel lonely and bored too.
and dear friend
i request you kindly to upvote my post too. This post i made was inspired from your post
you are a great inspiration for people like me

Saludos @chbartist! La sensibilidad puede estar causada por agentes internos como externos. En recomendable cambiar de ambiente para evaluar si la sensibilidad es causada por el entorno o agentes externos. esto nos permite conocer la fuente del malestar y con el diagnostico tomar las correcciones necesarias para poder llevar mejores relaciones.

Many times, there are people who tend to be a little sensitive, irritable and I would say that they are even complexed.

These people, after they usually have this type of inconvenience or suspicion, tend to feel bad about themselves and to hold a grudge against the person who has made them feel bad.

Many of these people tend to fall into depressions and are isolating themselves from their environment and, as you say, from the opportunities that may arise.

For that kind of people, we should try to support them, help them and make them understand that they must control the impulses and be a little less passionate about any situation of this type that comes before them.


I am not sure how you have written all the points about oversensitivity! It's was my thought that nobody could understand the feeling if they are not in this behavioral situation.
I was sort of like oversensitive in the past and still a little bit till now. But I get rid most of it. I understand from my experience that how it effects on people around me. I still feels disgusted very easily.
I go through every single word of your post. I like to add another points who ever feels same like me. Try to respect other's life choices and opinions and accept that we all have different priorities and thought in same matter. People's reactions and expression are different and we have to adjust ourselves with that. These thought helped so much.
I will be very grateful if a single one can get help from this post.

I have a friend, child hood friend; whatever you said to him he replied it with lots of laugh and fun. I have never seen him being irritated or became sensitive for what other people said. Emotionally, he has his own niche and never though back what other said to him.
Even you intentionally tried to down him in the dumps, by no means finds him being irritated or depressed. He always prefers happiness over sad. Joy over angry.
Therefore, I have learned two important things from this guy. It might be own perspective/Personal lesson. But let me share you

  1. He never let others to deplete values from his deep. In life, as a human being we may face different circumstances that might critically defy our values. Never swallow.

  2. He always pays attention to conversations that bring forth positive energies or focuses on matters that inspire him rather than thinking and rethinking those that irritate or make him sensitive

@chbartist sensitivity matter time to time . Sometimes we we think about No gain No pain . So all thinks matter us where we need of it . nice blog .

Over-sensitivity can also lead to being paranoid. This is my write-up of being paranoid, causes and treatment.
Thanks to words @ chbartist

This also may mean there's a deep under laying problem that you need to discover. Dig deep and ask yourself am I irritated by this or I have unresolved issue in my heart. Could it be I feel inferior or is because of my up bringing? Such things do not just mushroom.

Great advice! (From now on, try fight your over-sensitivity with thought, logic and sensibility) However, when a person has come to the point of being over sensitive, there is an untold story. That is why talking to yourself might help filter things. It would be very interesting to dive deeper into this topic and look for underlying triggers, trauma's, neglected needs (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or intellectual), or simple dissatisfaction. Very interesting topic. I like your post, it triggers conversation! We should talk more about this on this platform. Cheers!

  ·  2년 전

A person is extremely susceptible if he has very low self-esteem. To raise your self-esteem you must begin by loving, valuing and accepting yourself, that will allow you to improve your emotional independence. regards

My wife cry a lot but I think I appreciate her sensitivity because I saw how genuine her heart is and she is also honest with me regarding what she feels.

I agree with your perspective of Approaching the Over-Sensitivity and Irritability.
Keep up with such inspiring content.

@chbartist i would love to meet you in person.


Maybe, one day! Regards

Good Evening y'all.

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