How to Differentiate Between Ignorance and True Intellect...

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Hi, dear Steemians!

We could argue that the greatest possession of man is his knowledge and wisdom of the world. For you can never lose wisdom, even on the worst days and in the darkest hours.

A lot of people do not understand the value of collective wisdom when it comes to using it.

That is in part because of a flawed education system that might not have given them the satisfaction that they expected out of acquiring knowledge.

But there is difference between true understanding and the illusion of enlightenment.

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As the greatest philosophers of the ancient civilization once believed, it is easy to be under the illusion of wisdom and knowledge.

Some people are under real threat when it comes to wisdom. Because the tricky thing about knowledge is that we do not know about our folly and ignorance until it is proven to us.

Many live decades thinking to themselves that they are wise, little knowing that they do are not wise enough to see their own ignorance.

David Dunning and Justin Kruger, two social psychologists, identified this dilemma and disorder, which is now known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

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The Dunning-Kruger Effect simply states that people with low intelligence cannot recognize their own lowly intelligence with logical assessments, thus falling into the trap of illusory superiority.

The case study focused on a bank thief called McArthur Wheeler. This criminal would rob banks while covering his face in lemon juice.

Mistaking the chemical properties of lemon juice, McArthur believed that this substance would make him invisible to camera, due to the fact that lemon juice is directly associated with invisible ink.

A lot of people are victims of such paradigms in life.

Our lack of intelligence prohibits us from knowing what we really know, thus rendering us ignorant to the world and life on a large scale.

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Psychologists argue that true smart people do not brag about their own intelligence and do not see themselves as intellectually superior to other people.

They see their prowess as merely the result of their hard work and determination, where as people under the illusion of intellect often believe that they are innately smarter than other people and understand things better.

Little do they know that their ignorance is so profound that it prevents them from seeing the truth, which is their lack of knowledge in the first place.

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True intellect is not about bragging or taking pride in what you know. Truly intelligent people aspire to increase their wisdom.

As Socrates once said, ‘I know that I know nothing.’ This acceptance is what he believed made him smarter than the rest of the people.

Think logically about your own knowledge and wisdom. We are all subject to change and improvement.

We should all take advantage of that self-reflection and seek true knowledge!




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Great post!

Hi @chbartist I always enjoy reading all your posts. Few posts of yours are completely different thought which i never experienced so I get opportunity to learn from such posts. Kudos to your efforts that you put in everyday to share such amazing posts with us. Have a great day.

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In general sense we're all ignorant.
We're all creatures and we know not fully. Only the Creator knows anything and everything fully.

True intellect in itself is false due to the fact that intellect has nothing to do with truth.

Intellect is the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract or academic matters.

If you are truly intelligent, you don't tell anyone; they tell you.
That goes for everything in life as well, not just intelligence.

@chbartist when you argued others with very little information you lose your public impact and influence that causes poublice ignorant behaviour to you. In this world ignorance is a harsh and painfull phenomena for those who wan't to change themselves and spent their lives with a compromised situation

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Hello @chbartist

The true sage is humble because he will always take advantage of every experience, every observation in order to make a correct judgment, to convert information and data into knowledge. The intelligent man knows that learning never ends.

One must always distrust or disbelieve those who ask to accept their views based on their erudition. Not even our teachers, because all knowledge must pass through the filter of logic and common sense.

Best regards

Aside for some luck, success is achieved by hard work and effort no matter the degree achieved. It also requires adaptation as once it is achieved, to remain so takes dedication. Those ignorant to the fact will fall behind the curve once again and be ignorant to the facts of success.

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Thanks @newageinv for your submission.
But "SUCCESS " could be subjective; changing according to Circumstances and individualistic targets. To WHICH did you Imply Success???

Regards @chbartist. This really reminds me of a man in my neighborhood who frequently brags about his illusory wisdom. He always beat his chest saying that he has never made a mistake before and will never make a mistake. Whenever his children makes a slight mistake, he punish them mercilessly. He even go as far as calling people that made one or two mistakes offensive names. But guess what? he was defrauded off of huge sums of money twice by several con artists. Nobody is perfect! It beats my imagination when I see people brag about their perfection. Let's learn from Socrates deep meaningful statement: "I know that I know nothing" only then we will do our due diligence to be truly and truly wise to an appreciable extent. I remain my humble self @comclick

According to me, knowledge does not mean only divine knowledge, whereas knowledge means to have anarchy between family and society.

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My rule if you want to live happy then do one think ignore blathering and start work on true facts . THANKS!
@chbartist @filmyworld

I like your great thoughts very much @chbartist...
I like your way of thinking and Movitation. Peoples with deep thinking and deep thoughts influence me very much. Thanks you sharing such a beautiful thoughts. Keep on writing.

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the only way to combat ignorance is with the ancient Greek maxim: 《γνωθι σεαυτόν》. Thanks for your post.

You ver kind hearted person.... Wishes for your future..Blog is helpful for all steemians. thank you very much.

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The more you think you know, the foolish you will become and vice versa.

Always keep the mind flowing.

The fun thing with dealing with an ignorami is, he gives you options.

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The case study focused on a bank thief called McArthur Wheeler. This criminal would rob banks while covering his face in lemon juice.

This made me laugh, I can not believe that someone has done that hahaha. What madness ...

Humility makes us wiser than those who think they are smarter than everyone else!

“Watch out for intellect,
because it knows so much it knows nothing
and leaves you hanging upside down,
mouthing knowledge as your heart
falls out of your mouth.”
― Anne Sexton, The Complete Poems

The true crossroads of knowledge begins with oneself, this the ancient Greeks already knew very well. To be truly wise we must comprehend and understand the limitations of our knowledge, know ourselves as ignorant to begin knowing. The opposite of this is known as the Socratic ignorance: to believe that we know something when we really do not have the slightest idea that we do not know anything, is to believe that we know. So what remains is to submit ourselves to a constant introspection to 'know ourselves' and thus help others achieve the same.

I like your thoughts on this... being proud that you know a lot does not make us wise but fools. That's why wisdom is oftentimes referred to as a "hearing heart".

@chbartist, Illusion and Understanding moves closely sometimes and illusion will going to shake our Thought Process when reality will stand before us to educate us and put us on right path to pursue the right understanding. Stay blessed.

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el cambio colectivo no es una quimera, si se puede llegar a las personas y mejorar su forma de pensar, sentir y entender. La base de todo radica en la educación de las nuevas generaciones que nos preceden. @chbartist buen contenido

Exactamente!! no es mas inteligente quien dice serlo, sino quien ve, escucha y hace cosas inteligentes pasando desapercibido. El verdadero inteligente construye edificios el falso solo los usa. abrazo grande!

Hi @chbartist , i am new to steem and was looking for a good content , indeed this is ! , my views are also similar with yours . A true intellect always tries to gain more knowledge and grows towards a positive direction.

If you think you know you are truly ignorant.

Yet another master exploration into the mind of men! Typical of @chbartist.


It emphasisies futility of ABSOLUTE Knowledge as it Obviates POSSIBILITY of Progressive Knowledge .

But Pathetically, most less Intelligent Persons never admit their shortcomings, thus predisposing them to lower level of intelligent!!

Can these group be salvaged?? How??

Knowledge and intelligent both are created a good parsons.

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reminds me of steve jobs stay foolish stay hungry

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I meet more people they say they know and master that thing but in actual did not know

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For you can never lose wisdom, even on the worst days and in the darkest hours.

Oh I would heartily disagree with this ....

.....based on my personal experience and working on the very egoistical premise that I posses some kind of wisdom in the first place - and one which I would also be the first to say, is a very dubious assumption...

Good post!

great post.

I differentiate between knowledge and wisdom, you seem to be using them interchangably?


socrates wasn't smart, he was a fool. and he was wise.

when I hear or read things like this piece, it saddens me. more and more it seems people really become deaf, dumb and blind...

The difference is simple

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This article of yours, I feel, is a must read. Food for thought: Acquire Wisdom.

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Excellent information! "Nuestra falta de inteligencia nos impide saber lo que realmente sabemos, lo que nos hace ignorantes del mundo y la vida a gran escala" Me facino está frase!... -"Our lack of intelligence prevents us from knowing what we really know, what makes us ignorant of the world and of life on a large scale " I love this phrase!