Introducing the Best Methods That Can Strengthen Your Willpower Part #1

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Hi, Steemians!

Ambitions, dreams, goals, career accomplishments, family interactions, healthy diet, mental well-being, and many other things in our life rely heavily on our willpower.

Willpower, or as Friedrich Nietzsche once called it the ‘will to power’, is believed by many to be the one of the main driving forces of mankind in all their endeavors.

Our lives are riddled with small or big unforeseen problems and obstacles.

Not every single one of us can emerge victorious in the face of all these dilemmas. How do we fortify our willpower?

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Almost everything in life requires a manifestation of will and the power to go through with it with a clear mind and unwavering determination.

In this blog post, I am going to teach you ways with which you can release pressure from certain areas of your thought and gain your willpower again.

First Approach: Set achievable and small goals!

Now this may come as surprise to many. Instead of telling you to dream big and set your goals and standards high, I am telling you to set the bar low.

But hear me out!

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You are eventually going to achieve your life’s dream, but in order to do that, you must convince yourself to take small or even insignificant steps.

First, create a big picture of your goal, then break it up into smaller parts.

Write down a practical plan that can be as small as a daily to-do-list.

Determine the specifics of your plan.

Remember that this plan has to include achievable goals in your path to the big picture, otherwise it will be pointless.

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Second Approach: Self-Control

The ability to control thoughts, emotions, actions, and other behavior when we are faced with impulses and temptation is an important step towards achieving our lifetime goals.

Self-control and willpower go hand in hand on many occasions. In fact, the drive to not stray from the path comes from the willpower to delay or stop gratification or immediate indulgence.

The capacity and strength to resist or override a destructive or negative feeling or thought is something that a lot of us fail to do and that is why our lives fall into misery.

When you hit an obstacle, it is only normal to feel that you are falling apart, and a lot of people tend to act without thinking when they feel scared or stressed. This is why self-control is fundamental.

Stay calm, find the problem, then remove or solve it and always keep your eyes on the ultimate goal.

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Third Approach: Small Achievements as a Boost of Self-Confidence

When you set achievable goals and actually complete them, you get a boot of self-confidence, because these small activities are an achievement unto themselves.

Use these short bursts of confidence and power to push yourself on the way or even push past your own expectation to go beyond.

These small victories help turn your steps into leaps as much as you keep building them up. This process works like training a muscle in your body.

Your mind is the same.

You can train it on a daily basis to use these boosts of confidence and willpower to achieve whatever you want.



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Now is just finding the time to do it.

Free Will was given to people to decide what they want.
We only have to use our free will wisely and set up our goals reachable.
One step after the other is necessary to achieve our own success.
Daily imaginations of our goals, good plans, hard work and a never give up mentality will help us to make our dreams become reality.
Have a wonderful first May, hope you heard already today is #SPUD , Steem Power Up Day 💝💝
Special thanks to
@nathanmars #Seven77

Have a wonderful day

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Greetings @chbartist

Three efficient tools to guarantee the achievement of the objectives:

First, raise small but achievable goals

Second, maintain self-control at the most difficult times

Third, increase confidence in our abilities

Using the three tools we will increase our willpower.

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Dividing the great goal into small subgoals to encompass step by step each one of them is a really effective thinking and action technique. Emotions will always knock hard at the door of your house, wait for it to calm down and attend to the situation without ever losing the final goal. By achieving small goals you are creating an invisible confidence that will grow and grow and will be your shield to overcome obstacles. Will, Determination and Trust . Thank you @chbartist for your interesting reflections.
Dividir la gran meta en pequeñas submetas para ir abarcando paso por paso cada una de ellas es una técnica de pensamiento y acción realmente efectiva. Los emociones siempre golpearan fuerte la puerta de tu casa, espera que se calme y atiende la situación sin perder jamás la meta final. Al ir logrando pequeñas metas se te va creando una confianza invisible que crecerá y crecerá y será tu escudo para superar los obstáculos. Voluntad, determinación y Confianza . Gracias @chbartist por tus interesantes reflexiones.

Dear @chbartist

The ability to control thoughts, emotions, actions, and other behavior when we are faced with impulses and temptation is an important step towards achieving our lifetime goals.

The path to success in human life is very difficult. The person who is mentally strong can reach his goal. There will be many factors to distract in the path of success, but those whose will power is strong never gets disturbed by these things.
As I remember, many attempts were made to distract you from your goal and mentally disturbed people, but your will power was very strong due to which you did not get distracted by your goal and with all its complacency Answered.
You have a very beautiful message in this post, especially for a new partner who gets mentally disturbed because of not getting anticipated success in a few days. Not only this blockchain but also our will in our personal life and our determination helps us move forward. No work is difficult or impossible, only if we fail to determine our goal according to our own interests.
I fully agree with your point of view that we should set out small goals to reach our goal and move on slowly because success requires constant effort and patience.

Hi @chbartist
A very nice article about the ways to strengthen our will power. Will power plays an important role in life to take difficult decisions.
As you mentioned its part 1 and I am waiting for part 2 as well.

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Great one there Nietzsche!! Excellent tips to achieve dreams!

Have a nice day chbartist!!☺️

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Excellent advice, Many times we forget these tips that will help us to move forward, especially self-control, it is vital to reach the goals.

My opinion Discipline planning and salf control, meditation, stress levels manage through deep breathing focus only important issue all activities sure growing will power.

Sir I think you providing us a nice mehods through your blog post
I agree.

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how can i join your community (please resteem this post if the article is good if my article is not good help me, please reply if i have a bad article sir

A great approach to consider as having milestones and tollgates as guidance is a great way to remain motivated and forge forward. It helps build momentum which lead to grit and resilience no matter the challenges and adversity we face!

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Well said @chbartist I would like to add on this.

Setting small goals to achieve a big one is an important strategy but often people forget another important factor which is to set a deadline on their small goals and when it consumes a lot of time without any deadlines, they end up on that small goals too.

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For me the best method that I use to strengthen my will power, is just simply remembering what it felt like to be hungry without a dime in your pocket.
That is one experience from my past I don't ever want to feel again.
Not wanting to be in an helpless and hopeless situation is a great will booster and motivation that works like magic for me.

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Hola chbartist es cierto, cada día debemos utilizar unos minutos para organizar nuestras tareas, me gusta este primer paso, lograr apartar todo aquello que nos genera flojera, alcanzar nuestra propia confianza con nuestros logros, que bien, hago algo similar pero llego el momento de aumentar el esfuerzo, gracias…

yes will power play good part in our life you play good part of motivational blogs caurage us to get sucess thanks CHbartist for your support

Nothing is too small, nothing is too big...Breaking down Bigger dreams into smaller part to achieve the set goal is important! Sometimes dreamers gets overwhelmed..learning to take it one step at a time matters. Drops of water can actually make a sea, small steps can drive success! A good read @chbartist Thumbs Up!!!

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Everything is to the point. A very compact guide to success. Thank you @chbartist

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It was indeed thoughtful to provide the idea of short achievements to raise confidence in way to achieve major goals.
Keep inspiring.

verdad hermano es mejor en ocasiones ir logrando las metas por etapas que todas en un gran tajada porque no todo lo que te propones alcanzar sera tan rápido o fácil de lograr ciertas metas requieren mucho tiempo y paciencia para verlas realizadas tenemos que tener un control y ser cautelosos pero a la vez decididos cuando se puede jugar para el hot run si se puede sacarla del campo pero en ocasiones es mejor un hit o doble que un out no es cuestión de conformismo sino de experiencia antes que decisiones impulsivas.

Heya, @chbartist...Such a interesting and useful knowledge we all can use in our day to day life... Your teachings will help many of us to be better... Thanks =)

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Pressure does not always help and it is always necessary to try to get rid of it quickly as possible

In my own idea as far as human nature is concern we are get stuck and we need to do extra mile discipline to defeat ourselves. Our own nature is the biggest enemy to achieve success.

Good advice in this post especially for people who are finding it difficult to have the confidence to make important changes in their lives. Small steps are very proactive. 🙏

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You only know how strong your willpower is when the things are tough

Thank you for your lovely suggestions. Definitely they will work.

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Wow, excellent advices, i will try to follow them.

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I agree 100% to this key points that you mentioned. The idea of achieving the small incremental steps to our goal is what gives us the motivation and strength to pursue in achieving our main goals in our lives.

This is real gem of thoughts and thanks for sharing it to steemians like us. It is very helpful😊

Gracias por tan sabias palabras. Cada lectura de tu blog deja un aprendizaje.!

Important advice for everyone.
Good luck.........

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Loved your post. I truly believe that the step of setting your goals right will help the most to not lose your will power. Our goals have to be SMART so we don't get lost!

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I am totally amazed!

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I am totally amazed!

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Good piece. And allow me to add my own three-step formula:

  1. Hold your head high so that your eyes are never off the goal. In other words, stay focused... and believe in your belief to achieve.

  2. Now, know that even “a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” Take that first step.

  3. Now that the journey has started, never look back; nor halt. Do pause for rest, but never stop.

Eventually you’ll be there.

Achievers' secret to success that works in all walks of life.

Good luck all!

Thanks for the post.

Me I invest in stock and crypto to be my real goal it become reality

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You have to do it. You need a sake and then you can reach evrything. Make little steps forward to the target.

I have known people that have just come out of very struggling situations with very low self-confidence and self-esteem. I have myself lived very disappointing experiences that required the application of what you have just explained. My self-confidence has been so low that the only way I found to recover from that has been exactly to establish relatively low goals to my self. After all, in those situations, one of the most important things is to recover the self-confidence above anything else. That is undoubtedly the first step to achieve anything else afterwards. So personally I know that what you say works in a very effective way. Thank for sharing it with us.

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