Is This World Getting Worse Every Day? An Observation on Good and Evil...

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Hi Steemians!

It is not peculiar to see people rant about how the world is getting worse every day and mankind is falling from grace. The question is: How much credibility can we give to statements of this kind?

You have often seen a lot of people who believe that it is hard to find a reason to be happy in the current state of the world. You may have also felt this yourself. Every day, when you open the news website or turn on the television or radio, you hear bad news and terrible incidents that have happened to people from around the globe.

Even if we could even find a way to see past these tragic incidents, how could we forget all the pain and suffering that people themselves inflict on each other?

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Some people claim that the world has seen better days; that we are merely descending ever deeper into a hell of our own making with this human society.
But when you really look at the facts, you begin to realize how fallacious these kinds of arguments are. Allow me to elaborate.

It is in the human nature to notice and contemplate the negativity first, rather than the ever-enlightening positivity that always surrounds them. For instance, you hear that thousands of destitute people have been given quality jobs and are starting a new life. This can make you happy.

Now imagine that the television news announces the death of some people in a bus crash on the road. The tragedy of the such incident can cripple you for days. You feel sorrow, anguish, and pain for the latter on a level which is contemplatively incomparable to the first occurrence.

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For so small a reason as the hospitalization of someone we know, we feel such a great surge of negative energy that we couldn’t even come near to attracting in its positive form if someone found a permanent and effective cure for cancer!

We live in a world of abundance. Billions and billions of people live on this planet. Have you ever realized that for every nasty deed that is performed in one moment, there are millions of kind deeds to compensate?

Have you ever realized that for every heart that stops beating, several hearts thrive and start their journey in life?

Have you ever realized that for every cruelty and unkindness, there are countless people who spread the significance of love and sympathy?

No, we hardly ever realize that. What is there to blame, other than the indulgence of society on this systematic predisposition to only see insignificant darkness even in the brightest of days.

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Even our media plays a large part in this matter. News agencies are always desperately looking for controversial chain of incidents that would arouse the awe and dismay of their audience. Little do they care about the small acts of kindness and love that moves the world forward.

Now that we have come to this graceful realization and truthful revelation, we can decide to see the world as it really is, and not as it has always been shown to us from behind a veil of ambiguity and deception.



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Thank you @chbartist. You are one of those people whose words bring positivity to the readers. Your contribution is significant. Actually the principal that is behind all these negativities that we see is Greed and that too of small number of people. By and large people are good. I have seen this in large and small groups of people. In any my class of 30 students, there will surely be 1or 2 disturbing ones. Anyways, I deal with them with love and I see them changing.

The negativities are highlighted so much that the positivities are hidden. Just like these few students are the highlight of the class.

Anyways, the answer is Love. We have to spread more love and kindness. Only these things can satisfy everyone's carvings. Not matter.

These were my quick thoughts



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Hi @questionthetrend . I'm glad you understand what the is doing here is genuine and truly. I'm a businessman and these people you refer to as one or two negatives I do not let it contaminate me because I know what I'm doing here. We can not be hypocrites, everyone who is here wants to make money.

I do not like to talk about how I helped people on my journey but in the face of a few attacks, sometimes it leaves me disappointed because they are people who do not even show their face, they hide behind an avatar to attack. But I want to show you a small sample and I'll still make a post about it.

During my journey I have made many people get millionaire without wanting anything in return like commissions or something similar.

I got tired of seeing people in the hypermarket with their carts almost empty at the time of paying and they started to take products because they did not have the money for the basics.

I lost count of how many times I saw this scene and at that moment I would tell the person to pick up his cart and take a walk in the hypermarket and I would put all the basic food and personal hygiene items and even some superfluous things that they had never experienced in their lives and I paid their account and never see them afterwards.

I got tired with much pleasure of paying people's bills when I saw they did not have the money to pay for their food at the hypermarket.

In November I donated more than 2000 dollars to people I saw here on steemit who had no money to eat and not necessarily I transferred from my steem account because I used an exchange just to keep it a secret and I will never talk to who I did it.

Like I said in previous posts and I do not know if you read but money does not corrupt people it potentiates what you've always been. If you were generous when poor and getting rich you will have more power to be more generous.

But a person of poor character when poor can never get rich because the money will potentiate her power but the evil character will continue and she will use that money to hurt people.

Do you understand what I mean?

In a while I'll start to direct my posts more directly from how people should act to make money but first I need to build a community that has Mindset prepared and positive to receive direct information.

I want for all of you the same success that I conquered in my life with a lot of sweat, pain, and tears.

Success is for those who work life will reward these people, even when we have someone to guide us and tell the truth this becomes easier and I did not have this privilege, I broke the stones alone and I work 16 to 18 hours a day .

So tell me: Do not you think it fair that someone who has always worked extensively and had the respect and honesty above all does not deserve to succeed?

I am the same person that I was when I was poor but as I said: Money only enhances what we are.

And to finish my reply to your kind comment.

When I'm attacked I'd rather pay back with flowers!

Have a great day!


Well said.
I share your affirmation:

If you were generous when poor and getting rich you will have more power to be more generous.


Absolutely @chbartist. I agree to everything whatever you said. It takes a generous heart to extend helping hand. Money can be asset and can be used positively as a broad resource.

I was pleased to read your long response. Sure enough, I want to do something for the children/student/parents community in the future.

An honest and genuine and hardworking person always deserves all success.

It requires as you said this struggle for the success to relate to other people and help them else I think money can be intoxicating and leading to greed for people of crooked mentality. One who had been generous while struggling will be generous while rich. Money will enhance him.

I am glad to know about you and your life. I will keep you in my prayers that you always remain unaffected by "them".

And the to make the last statement which you made requires real compassion and grace.

Sorry I could not reply early


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I have been desperate for a long time. Yet every morning, whenever I saw the first sunshine, I START to embrace new hope. Start to think perhaps God wants me to be a better man by making me suffer a lot.


See my answer to @questionthetrend. Maybe help you! All the best friend and don't give up! NEVER

Ah, bless you for your awesome mention @chbartist :D

In class, we discuss a lot the old saying of "the good old days" and the romanticism of the past and what it was. When you look at the facts though, you see a world that is slowly becoming richer. Wealth is being divided throughout the many countries, living standards are rising. The greedy do their best to hold the world back, but the pressure of truth and goodness always fights back. Now instead, we see more awareness for our planet, more awareness for global developments and corruption, and more access to information and knowledge than ever before.

I say to many people to stay AWAY from negative thoughts and beliefs. It attracts the negative consequences, because everything we say to ourselves affects our behaviors, affects those around us, and in turn spreads the negativity like a disease, causing people to do less and care less because they lose faith in progress, success, or goodness in the world.

We must do and preach what we want and what we want the world to become.

Thanks for constantly producing this amazing and uplifting content. You are one of the shing stars for improvement on this platform! You always got my love and respect, even as a new little fishy :>

  • shahzadeh

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Thank you for your kind words and good comment! You are very welcome!

Sir, you have rightly said that at this time a lot of bad things have been engulfed in the society, that is because we are always engaged in trying to humiliate each other and make a lot of bad work in earning money. It's always the newspapers they try to frighten the society and give religious fights even among the two people, which is very wrong and the consequences are false.

To be honest, if we see world with positive thoughts then we have a large variety of good people who ate honest with others and If we see with negative thoughts then too q lot of evils exist.
So both type of evil and kindness exist.

I'm happy being a part of this wonderful community. I really appreciate your efforts towards building a strong community in which everyone is getting support from people.

Have a good day @chbartist from @coolguy222

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Thank you friend!


Ни кто не мешает объединится нам и создать свою систему управления и до тех пор пока этого не произойдёт тьма будем манипулировать нами и управлять и уничтожать самых лучших и смелых из нас . Мы сами виновны в том что происходит , и всё это зло на планете происходит с нашего молчаливого согласия и равнодушия .

If we go back millions of years ago, we would see the present world was not in a possession to live for animal, if we go back only 4 to 5 hundred years back to see the scenario of Europe, how was the humanity there and how is now, every thing is changing in this world, good things are taking place because of you like people. A big hug my friend.


Thank you @rafique1953! Have a nice day!

Friend @chbartist,I think this is the human nature, due to which this happens that if someone person may see such diseas, which is possible, it is possible to negatively per capita, so it is seen in most cases and as far as the media is the media then the media is also going to be your business, he will be highlighting every news, he means only from spices, from the spicy news.The themes you choose are very good and sensitive and the world must think about it

This is similar to the aspect that no matter the good deeds that one does, we are only remember for our worst! This is an unfair human attribute that must be fought as the world is so much of a better place despite not being a utopia. I have recently been involved in volunteering in small events for the community and it is amazing the numbers of people that assist in these events every year despite the hardships of their own. However, we pay little attention to these deeds and instead focus on the negatives.

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Evil is the devastating effect of sin in this world. Some people make this world a hell because of selfishness and greediness. But we can make this world a taste of heaven in spreading love and care. Together, we can make this world a better place to live in with the love of God.

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Sir, you have said very right that at this time a lot of badness has raged. Everybody tries to do bad things against the greed of money, and it is a matter of new newspapers that it is always to increase your TRP, they express small news very interestingly.

The Chinese words "Ying yang" summarises the balance in nature, there are light and dark forces whose duty is to balance nature, just like there are day and night.
Imagined if we concentrate on only what a happens at night, "Lol " we will be living in our dreams.
That is exactly what the elites uses the media to achieve, to keep the vast population on the world on the dark side of life through bringing negativity to their consciousness, while they enjoy the beauty that sunlight / been positive brings to life.
It just a question of awareness and enlightenment to see the bright side and you are doing a good job at that.'
Regards friend, keep it up

Thanks @chbartist for sharing👍! You are one of the best writer I ever seen on this platform, your word usually motivate, change my way of thinking and am very sure that am not the only person reading this post which means you have change many peoples life .Once again , I would like to say a big thanks to you @chbartist.

@chbartist First I want to say thanks for your work I live this community system it will sure help to boom us .
Very interesting blog basically world has worse and pleasant day both but matter is what we choose .and this depend on our work our happiness it's doesn't matter we have money or not but if we have happiness in our life it means we are heading towards a great life and it should be also .


Thank you @bhagyawati for your kind words and look my answer to @questionthetrend above in this post. Maybe help you understand better we can do here. Regards

The harsh environment and economic conditions we are living in has led to the high volatility of peoples behaviors, just like our Bitcoin. I have accepted to spread love and kindness, that means their demons can come too.

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Thanks for sharing your post. True that in our society you always hear both the negative and the positive. At other times one outweights more than the other or vice versa. The negative ones could certainly devastate those who are truly affected by it and even those who aren't they too can feel the pain. The positive ones are something than can lift us up and may even give inspiration to others. We wish there are more of these. It could make the difference in the world.

Some people believe that it is very nice to find tangible reason to be happy but many are trying hard to destroy what others have built. We are in a wicked world but all we need to do, is to play our part nicely in other to remain good people in this wicked world.

People are smiling because they saw their colleagues have good jobs but with that, many are furious because they don't want the progress of others.

Be of good conduct and also your brother's keeper.

Thanks so much @chbartist for your great write up.

Just the price of steem getting worse

All you have to do is stay on the right path, do the best and be positive and you will see happiness and positiveness around you.
Well said:

We live in a world of abundance. Billions and billions of people live on this planet. Have you ever realized that for every nasty deed that is performed in one moment, there are millions of kind deeds to compensate?

Dayyan Khan

Anyone who wouldnt agree is a bold face lie. All hands up if you agree that this world is getting worse.
You are asking a question in the title of this blog

Is This World Getting Worse Every Day?

According to me it is true this world where we live today is getting worse. People don't care what they are doing. Now days every person wants their own profit no matter if the work he do is a big loss for another person. Really this world is full of negative people. I'm not talking about this platform but I'm taking about the world where we all live.

Today's life is a race where everyone is running to be successful they want to win so they don't care is they decive the other one, if they hurt the other one.

I'm just experienced this bullshit in my own life where people use you and when it's all done they simply say goodbye to you. This world really getting worse. It is too difficult to find a better place to live in.

Lastly I would like to say that in this negative world I'm trying to sty positive always. I'm doing my best to give a shit to these negative people. I'm working hard and waiting for the day when I show then there right place.

Thanks for this awesome blog and a positive community

The world always change, i know. But the people in the world are not always good or bad. The world has a balance and the life in the world progresses in balance too. But we all can not this balance. Because we do not know this subject and we do not have an awareness, we divide life into concepts.

We often miss the important thing. We just should focus our possitive thinking and continue to dream.

In a way, people are partly to blame for spreading more negative news in the media, since negativity is addictive, and since very few people are willing to control that, then the media only offers what they sell the most. in the market. It would be interesting if there was a movement to contribute to the good news and positive messages, this could be a possible project in Steem.

Until the time comes when the media announce the bad news when it is really necessary to listen to them and not fill their pockets stimulating addiction to this negative product.

Dear @chbartist sir!
The world is constantly going to its lowest level or it is probably not logical to say that there is no shortage of good people in the world. If our thoughts and behaviors are good and positive then we will definitely see the positive side of the world. The world we see in the same way we see the world. The diminution of our ethical values ​​and our narrow ideology are largely responsible for taking the world to the lowest level.

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The negatives are always captivating and draws in more audience than the positives. I think that's why the media will rather dwell on them.

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Hi friend @chbartist this World is the best place and i say that it's not getting worst. I accept that there are few people or communities who creates hatred news or do some inappropriate activities but everyone is not like that. If you really want to the reallity of the world then communicate with strangers who are either from different country or city and have some conversation with them. You will surely like it. I do it very often. Whenever i get a chance i do it and i tell you till now i never ever had any chance when anybody talk to me rudely or misbehaved. People love to share their thoughts, culture etc. So i can say that this world is the best place. Have a great day @chbartist

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The media is based on marketing a product and a particular view point. They are not interested in reporting the news. Their goal is to play on and feed into our fears. Most of our fears are irrational and not based on facts. They are based on feelings. For instance, I may have a feeling of danger . The feeling is real, it just may not be based on facts. So the media presents stories and views that" justify our feelings." An example would be Liberals or Conservatives automatically seeing the other as inherently evil. It's not that we simply disagree on the issues. We see them as inherently, unrepently evil. And vice versa. When my feelings and presuppositions are affirmed, then I am affirmed. As for looking at the negative of things, it is hard for most of us to be positive about life. When things go good, then we attribute it to the "universe". We don't realize that somebody worked hard and planned and made good decisions. Just like when things go bad, we have to have someone to blame. It wasn't that I failed to properly plan or do my due dilgence. It's the "universe" conspired against me. Things do happen and they do go wrong. And it doesn't have to be someone's fault. The question is now do we respond in those moments. I have learned that the key is to not just be positve, but to be grateful. An attitude of gratitude changes our enviornment and our personal trajectory. @chbartist I love your posts. I appreciate how you are here to serve the community and help us all to be successful. Include my profile in the list, because I do or want to be part of all this with all of you!

I think virtue and vice are warp and woof of our world so the news need to cause widespread public alarm against wickedness.

Actually, I am one of those who constantly complain about injustices. I guess those are easily noticeable and we unconsciously decide to make them more relevant and impact us emotionally harder.
It would be nice to have the numbers, but based on a positive statistic, we may extrapolate that to acts of kindness

Have you ever realized that for every heart that stops beating, several hearts thrive and start their journey in life?

I checked this one and it is a bit more than double. Every hour about 15,000 births vs. about 6,000 deaths.
We may safely assume that that must be the proportion of acts of kindness and justice vs. evil acts. It has to be like that, otherwise this world might have gotten to an end ages ago. I think we count the negatives because they disrupt the harmony of the positives. I walked with my wife and daughter yesterday some 12 blocks. Nothing happened except on one intersection where an imprudent driver almost hit us. Not having enough with giving us a scare he yelled profanities at us because apparently we were crossing the street too slowly. That was the highlight of the walk for some minutes. Then, we decided to see the positive and forget about that driver.

So, statistically speaking, there are tons of good drivers for every idiot, but we notice the idiots. We expect the rest to be normal; we don’t keep track of normal. We don’t give thanks for normal.

Hi @chbartist

Great choice of topic.

I do strongly believe that we had our great time of prosperity and peace for quite some time and it's all about to be over.

You have often seen a lot of people who believe that it is hard to find a reason to be happy in the current state of the world

Those people should understand how difficult it has been for the past generation. And it would help to if they could imagine how difficult it may be in very near future.

You seem to be much more optimistic than I am. Seriously I envy you. I've learned to enjoy whatever I have but I honesly think our future is doomed. Not for everyone. But for majority of people.

I am here making a list of all of you who have helped build this community

I guess we have more in common than I thought :) I do exacly the same.

ps. somehow Im not on that list bububu :( whyyyyy? oh whyy? didn't I engage with you many times already in the past? bubububu


While it is true that in these times the evil has multiplied, and in the Bible says that the hearts of many will cool ... it is also true that there are still people who think about their neighbor and who in one way or another are always willing to reach out to the needy from their possibilities ... There are those who have much and can help in greater proportion and there are those who do not have much but we help from our possibilities.

Here at steemit I have seen how they have helped many people, just as there is solidarity with Venezuelans and that is something very beautiful, people from all over the world who are with us despite the distance ... even you @chbartist, have been a light in the middle of a difficult moment and I am very grateful for that. God touches hearts ...

Some time ago I wrote a publication where it was scientifically proven, that seeing bad news is harmful to the organism, and that in all the media, negative news is more prominent than positive news and in this way, if the first What you see is negative news, your perception of the world will be dark and negative ... yes, it is true that bad things are happening ... but in the same way there are good things that happen around us and that we should also thank. As we pay more attention to the good that happens around us, we will learn to see life from another point of view ... obviously much better.

Hello everyone, I am Kristina. And I want the children not to get sick and people do not kill animals.
I want people not to destroy our planet and not to pollute it. I want more kindness and peace. That's all I wanted to say.


in order to express your opinion it is not always necessary to write a 2-page pitch. If the number of words is important to you, not their meaning, then I leave the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the Jews get their way, then yes, the world does get worse every day...

And it seems as if they DO get their way...

I completely agree! Often negetivity holds a stronger side and the positivity is hidden. So, it's a must to learn to stay positive and happy. moreover I loved the way you create your blog wich sucha description at the bottom. lot to learn from you.
keep up with such good content.

I believes that everything that happens around us might influence our thoughts too. No matter what it is, we're still the one that have control of our feelings. No one can change the way we feel about it, unless we make it happen.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful thoughts @chbartist

I do not blame the media that much for choosing to be spreading controversial news @chbartis, it's just that they have understood that humans respond more to emotional news and since they are doing thier jobs for profits, they kept spreading news that will profit them.

Wise words @chbartist.
Maybe it was better sometimes, but we are now here and the past should not be returned.If we find the skin in a day, something good, nice ... then we're happy.It depends only on us.
I do not watch TV, I do not hear the news. I feel that everyone should work on themselves, to be a better person. Only in this way will we improve the world. What is good and what is bad? For example, if we enter the cold water, we can get cold ... if someone breaks his leg and does not travel with the plane, and the plane crashes. What is good then what is bad? 😏

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Unfortunately the human doesn`t understand that "EVOLVING" does not mean " GETTING WORSE" ... pleased to have read your words...salute!

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Certainly something worth considering and exploring. Thanks for sharing.

To suffer is an important part of life and because life is singular the suffering starts only after a judgement/thought... All this is most important and very complex.

Today is not worse than yesterday. History of humankind shows that we are becoming "better and better", which is evolution.

My observation of (my) life is showing, that to most humans the omnipresent ego-selfish-ego is blocking the view of this fact, which keeps them in fear, which drains them of their life energy...

To observe this mechanism in oneself it is vital to open the heart, the absolute and unlimited life energy source (which is called lots of different names, I prefer to name it LOVE), so we can live in the most important balance of life. And with the necessary life long work on keeping this portal of joy open, we may found the beginning of the meaning of life...

Anyway, I would like to thank life for that you exist! May all your dreams come true, for this will open up even more of the unlimited potential of love...


It was quite refreshing reading through this. Although, sadly sometimes it does happen that because of negative influences it does force a perspective change in people. And it is really disappointing when someone with such a bright outlook have their shine dull over time.

hello @chbartist i agree when you say human being tend to see negative instead of positive .

Let say a man , good man who do all the good the positive thing in all his life , helping other people everyday but once he do only one bad thing in life , people will only that only one thing that negative, they will say that for the rest of his life and never consider the good side or thing that he do in his life. That how the human mind work .

For my opinion , what happen to the world or what happen to our environment or to ourself nothing to do how it ll impact to us. If television say bad thing , spending bad rumour etc , the only thing that ll happen to us is how we react on it. If we take the negative thing and turn it into positive, the world will become the better place for us.

But if anything good but we turn it into negative , our world become worse . Like wise man say, if you face thousand negative thing in our life , but if we focus on only positive thing , good will come to us

cheers . follow me at @tommyl33 for travel journey , life journal and photography

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In a world where love is possible there must be free will. Some people choose to do good while others don't.

The night is darkest before the dawn~ ! Stay positive! Things are about to get soooo much better! WWG1WGA!

In so many ways, we see what we are. I mean, in the exactly same situation two people may see different things according to who they are. So it's not only the things outside ourselves which are "labeled" as right or wrong, sometimes we are the ones who can decide to see the light or the dark in every situation. Is the world a terrible place? no. It's the home of the human race, and because of that, world is fill with both good and evil.

Hello, your post is very good I like its structure and I feel that within all the negativism of this planet it is good to read things like that, but ... I would like to know how to get so many rewards; I feel that many people do not read me and truthfully I post interesting things, thank you.

This is actually the best time ever to be alive. Just turn off your phone for 10 hours a day and be disconnected like we are supposed to be once in a while. The anxiety will melt away.

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The world is same as its always been. Technology has revealed the real nature of humans and the result isn't pretty. Years ago, people would live their entire lives under a fake persona, with no real outlet to show who they truly are. The power of technology has changed all of that.

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