Learning to Speak Your Mind in a Lost Society....

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Speaking your mind with the current mentality of the human society is basically like throwing a knife on your own foot.

In the vulgarity of our determination that nothing is absolute and subjective concepts should be open to interpretation, there is no single answer for any aspect of the human nature.

A person of intellect might feel lost in a society like this. What would be the point of learning more? What would be the point of arguing?

What would be the point of progress? Because the moment you open your mouth to speak, you are but a lost voice in the whirlwind of entitled but worthless opinions.

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You hear this sentence a lot, ‘everyone is entitled to their opinion’ and that ‘we should all respect each other’s opinions’ and while that is a decent and romantic sentiment, it can also be a dangerous path for our cultural progression.

But as Plato once said, ‘Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.’

There is a clear boundary where knowledge and ignorance come into play in the foray of human intelligence.

When expressing your opinions in today’s world, ignorance comes at play with phrases like entitlement and claims that your opinion should be your own and not held as a negotiable fact.

In a community such as this, there are no longer any answers, only better and better self-entitled victims of chance and ignorance.

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When you think about an idea and express it, the idea might have a certain novelty to it and thus, buy the aggression of those who hear it first.

When you speak the truth with reasonable logical assessments and imperial evidence to back your claim, there is always going to be a person who simply suggests that your word is merely an opinion and not the truth. These types of people believe that you cannot find truth, because there is no such thing.

But these are the type of people who have never had the courage to seek truth and knowledge beyond their own comprehension of the world.

But you should not allow the voice of madness to dispel your inner voice of reason. One could obviously claim that every statement can be logically assessed and analyzed. You could determine if something is right or wrong.

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One thing doesn’t have to be a hundred percent right to be considered a fact of society.

Many cultural aspects and sums of wisdom cannot be scientifically measured in a lab, but they can be assessed by a set of rules that determine their authenticity.

Do not be afraid to speak your mind. Do not be afraid to make your points. Society is always going to shut you down, specially today’s society, hell bent on the idea that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion.

Speaking your mind is one of the first steps that will make sure you are taken much more seriously in the society. Do not fear the negativity.

Just say everything that is on your mind, but make sure that your points are supported by logic and common sense.
After all, freedom of thought comes with the freedom of speech.




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expresar o decir todo lo que piensas se puede convertir en una espada de doble filo es muy liberador expresar nuestra opinión pero que hay de esas personas a las que sin querer lastimamos; dicen que las palabras son nuestro maximo poder entonces es mejor saber cuando usarlas


Dear @chbartist

Speaking your mind with the current mentality of the human society is basically like throwing a knife on your own foot.

Most of the time those who speak their minds freely are doing so simply because they do not care if their words will hurt others or not. So free-speakers will always tell "the truth". Their truth. Regardless how awful it can be.

Personally I rather when people keep their thoughts for themselfs most of the time. Not being able to "speak their mind" I would consider a blessing. Most of the time.



Great point mate however I feel it is important to challenge the status quo for everybody's benefit.

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More like shatter the status quo.


Dear @steemingmark

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This is just a first round attempt. I hope we can make it to second round hahha :) Naturally I would appreciate if you could ask your friends to help with our little "quest" :)

Let me know what you think? Perhaps you can also share some advises and hopefully we can "do little bit of brainstorming". Would be awesome to win :)



I have commented for you mate after your email too

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Excellent review and motivation @chbartist, only by expressing our opinion we will be able to understand ourselves and establish ourselves as a person. You are right, even if people do not understand us, we need to put forward our thoughts and opinions to them, only this way you can find solutions to many problems on our way and realize our dreams!

Very good point.
I'd say this is precisely the time to study more, to learn more, to cultivate our intellects more.
It is precisely in times of obscurantism, when lots of people think their opinion, wrong or misinformed as it may be, is as valid as a solidly backed up one, when the sober minds have to speak up and provide spaces for open and civilized discussions about the pressing issues of our time.

Every time a supporter of the chavista government, for instance, tells me that supporting this government is an opinion and therefore should be validated and respected, I ask them, would you support and validate the opinion of someone who thinks that it is ok to beat women, or rape children?
Because those are also opinions.
Some people opine that gays should be eliminated from the face of earth, that blacks or other minorities are inferior and therefore should be subjected by other races; there are people who opine that the oppression of certain regimes is bad, but that of others is good (good empires vs. bad empires).
Some opinions are just wrong; they defend immorality and injustice and therefore should be combated and proved wrong with solid evidence and arguments.

Many injustices keep being commited because way too many people remain silent about them; because they are afraid to speak up, becasue they feel they have better things to do and every one should be concerned only about thir particular issues, or because they think their voices will not be heard.
These times we are living are no times for conformism. That always precedes great injustices.

Oh yes @chbartist, a very correct judgment and I fully agree with you that we all need to express our opinions to others, even if this society does not understand us and condemns us. If you withdraw into yourself you can lose the sharpness of thought and through statements we will move forward towards our goal!

Great advice. I personally feel that it takes a lot of courage to put your ideas out there as they are often criticized, judged and argued. But I also think that that is part of the process. If one makes outlandish or controversial or highly opinionated claims then they are sure to recieve backlash and often rightfully so. people should be aware of that. Using ones voice takes courage and I believe that this is especially the case when standing up for others or offering dissenting views or questioning the status quo. But again, we need to be prepared to argue our point :)

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There isn't enough courage to speak openly in the world the today, that's a big part of the problem..

I behooves us all to get out there, and speak!


You might be right about that

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When you think about an idea and express it, the idea might have a certain novelty to it and thus, buy the aggression of those who hear it first.

I think everyone should be given chance to speak their views. Its everyone's right to speak but I understand that it's not that much easy. It takes a lot to speak self opinion but that is the only way to express ourself.

Thanks @chbartist for nice post

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While I disagree with some of your perspectives, some things I wholeheartedly agree on, and is in sync with my own perspectives..
You might like this post... As time goes on, I'm starting think this could be the crux of the problems we face today...


  ·  8일 전

Sometimes we are afraid to express our opinion to a person we consider wise and in the process we miss the opportunity to share our ideas and contribute knowledge that can broaden an established idea.
Greetings my dear @chbartist

Real wisdom is the essence of life and the true light of the soul. The only knowledge in the whole universe is good principle and true companion. All the things you wrote are absolutely true and full of knowledge.

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Freedom of expression exists, however, everything depends on what you think and where you express it. There are places where it is not convenient to express what you feel. and on the contrary there are places where we must express everything and even defend our opinion to "cape and sword". Moments in which we should not be silent and it is necessary to say what we think.

It happens that everyone believes that their opinion is the absolute truth when in many occasions it is not. We must be mature enough to accept when we are wrong.

Discussing with foolish people can be a waste of time, because they are like donkeys and are not able to recognize.

Great article @chbartist, it is always rewarding to read your articles greetings from Venezuela.

Never give a discourse without references from history or writing, and, now and again, a line or two from verse. You may astonish as a speaker, however you will stun considerably more on the off chance that you drop in statements On the off chance that you can't be heard, at that point the explanation behind the gathering, for your discourse, is a great exercise in futility. It hasn't occurred frequently at people in general gatherings
@chbartist @coolguy222

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When you speak the truth with reasonable logical assessments and imperial evidence to back your claim, there is always going to be a person who simply suggests that your word is merely an opinion and not the truth. These types of people believe that you cannot find truth, because there is no such thing.

Truth is real and authentic, may it be comprehensible or incomprehensible. Its mysterious in some ways. Basically, its the reason that surrounds it.

Ya @chbartist, absolutely right. Speaking with the mentality of the society is really not fair. Actually society is consist of us, so society society should have all of ours views.

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Everyone wants to listen in her fever some time truth is better.
I think don't say your though without real facts and reason.

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I think don't throw your personal information thoughts every moment without knowing truth and trust.
Don't miss use freedom of speech.

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CORRECTO. DEBEMOS HABLAR SIEMPRE CON LA VERDAD. y en esta sociedad, en donde hay tanta información, siempre hay que hablar con conocimiento de causa.... es decir saber lo que vas a decir, y lo que vas a decir tenga carácter de veracidad.
Tener la certeza de que tu opinión es la verdad, según tu conocimiento es primordial, pero no a todos les parecerá tu verdad como certera.
Hay que estar preparado para aceptar que puede haber otra verdad y que tu no la conocías. eso es Humildad de conocimiento.

I don't have anything to reply. But, one thing i want to say is no matter what don't be scared what you want to say. Keep true to yourself and your family.

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The truth now can only be true for this moment, it can be false someday.! Animals see the world differently and can have a different set of truth!. Buddist will teach us that truth and reality are just perception. We follow leaders who speak their mind and we accept it as a truth, that's our ancestor did and build the foundation of what it is today. Anyone can be a great influencer who can set a different set of truth. . This topic is really mind blowing and it gives me headache :) .. Nice post.


Are you a postmodernist, would you say?


i think more on buddist philosopy. postmodernist and buddist teaching shared similar views,.

Most of the people are close minded. The are not up to the beauty of change and they are afraid of challenges... They are more into their comfort zones.

Another reason is the mentality of people of "Seniority "..... These people underestimate their subordinates....

I just wish that majority of the people would learn to lessen ones pride to Listen... Coz in listening we understand and grow...

I agree to your point of view, we should learn to take a stand and share our thoughts then only we will get some good space in the society.

@chbartist, In current world the Freedom Of Speech is just for saying because in many cases people want to hear what they want to, and if next person have different opinions may be they can face the arguments, againstness and hate. But truth is, with difference of opinions we can analyse right solution of particular issue, problem or subject in question.

So, we have to break the cage of limited thoughts and perceptions and have to pursue our life in vast way. Stay blessed.

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Saludos @chbartist! En base a tu planteamiento, la opinión permite expresar a la persona su pensamiento sobre un hecho, pensamiento el cual puede estar basado en criterios objetivos o subjetivos.

La dinámica de la sociedad requiere de la participación de todos, pero esta participación debe ser de forma acertada, con opiniones que den valor agregado, que aporten el crecimiento, al mejoramiento, a la eficiencia de las gestiones sociales, que nos permitan mejorar la calidad de vida de todos, incluyendo seres humanos y seres vivos, cuidando el planeta, que en definitiva es nuestro gran hogar.

Feliz día

@chbartist we must have the courage to seek truth, we must put ignorance away from us.

Hello appreciate @chbartist.

It is the verb in the mouth of an ignorant a dangerous double-edged sword.

The communist and socialist theories speak of the "empowerment of the people". This has served for years to leftist governments for the manipulation of the masses, making them believe that in reality they have some kind of power.

Imposing the workers in the managements of the expropriated companies, fomenting local civil associations for the promotion of activities in the communities. While all this has served to give self-confidence to those citizens who previously did not dare to issue an opinion, also to sponsored anarchy.

Just say everything that is on your mind, but make sure that your points are supported by logic and common sense.
After all, freedom of thought comes with the freedom of speech.

Great advice, it's correct. But not all of us are able to take responsibility for this great power.

Yours, Juan.

I used to be doubtful about the sentence that ‘everyone is entitled to their opinion’ and that ‘we should all respect each other’s opinions’ and @chbartist you are very true about it being a dangerous path for our cultural progression.

Opinions can be stated but it is just that many are ignorant and not wiling to put in the effort to solidify their opinion with facts because we've got no time dealing with ignorant and petty opinions. Opinions that are ignorant and baseless are full of hate which spreads negativity and that is not what we are working towards.

Also, I feel the idea of morality has to be redefined. Most arguments and indifference of opinion happens due to difference levels of morality. Like, again "What is morality?"

Wow just amazing, one of the best review of our modern society, yes i have seen that when i used to speak and express my views, they don't listen that and ignore by saying that it's not practical, we are under the burden of our own ancestor rules, why we are maintaining those rule, why we can't be more logical and practical.
As a parents I will teach my child to express his views freely, whether it's practical or not, I will discuss with my child about the problems of our society.
Thanks for such an amazing post,
You really inspired me

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Jamás dejemos de decir lo que pensamos, somos seres libres, tú opinión y la mía es valiosa, no tengas miedo a decir lo que piensas y menos a esta sociedad actual, que a medida que avanza todo, parece que está avanza en la crueldad y el egoísmo. A esas personas que de alguna manera se sienten solas y/o apartadas por que su grado intelectual tan alto le aleja de los demás, sólo les digo Vivan, vivan su vida y sean felices, tenemos que aceptar la cruel realidad, la sociedad en lo humano parece retroceder día a día.
Let's never stop saying what we think, we are free beings, your opinion and mine is valuable, do not be afraid to say what you think and less to this current society, which as everything advances, seems to be advancing in cruelty and selfishness. To those people who somehow feel alone and/or apart because their intellectual degree so high distances them from others, I just say: Live, live your life and be happy, we have to accept the cruel reality, society in the human seems to retreat day by day.

I'm reviving my Steemit account from 2017, and your post is the first thing I read. This is a timely reminder: Do not be afraid to speak your mind. Especially when you have studied the facts, sought what is true or fair, and used logic and common sense to arrive at/support your opinion.

Earlier today, I also saw a post from Brain Pickings by author Maria Popova. It shares another perspective opinion-making, but just as thoughtful as yours. Here goes:

I have read through the friend @nothus with some interesting topics and we have another friend in common @crypto.piotr that seeks to help many people friend with the problems that there are in Venezuela excellent initiatives and I like the topics that you treat, you give us a positive side to things and I love many blessings and thanks.

Te he leido a traves del amigo nothus con unos interesantes temas y tenemos otro amigo en comun crypto.piotr que busca ayudar a mucha gente amiga con los problemas qye hay en Venezuela excelentes iniciativas y me gustan los temas que tratas, nos das un lado positivo a las cosas y me encanta muchas bendiciones y agradecimiento.

I totally agree with you but sometimes when you speak your mind especially on social media and if you don't share same opinion with others, you will receive backlash.
@chbartist thank you for this wonderful post.

Yes you are totally right. We must speak up ourmind and make it asa a way to inform our feeling thought or idea. However we mus keep our independence and free from tendentious to blame each other. It's better to speak the truth, not hoax, spamming or other criminal action.
Thank you @chbartist for sharing this valuable post.
Warm regard from Indonesia

u made it finally i was waiting for that as per your thoughts it gives us clear view that of we are the part this world and this society then obviously we have a great role in this society we cant b pupit in that we have views and thoughts we can express it but b logical and after that if some one is disrespecting that,it his fault we should b fully confident on that.

great advice as always.thanks for those post

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Every one he free about what he say ,for me i Will always say my opinion .be free

@chbartist add me into your community.


Thank you so much

The fear of speaking out is one to overcome. Love this

Posted using Partiko iOS

Truth is like the sun. you can shut it out for a time, but it aint going away. Elvis Presley


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Its just so hard for some people to put their ideas out there...

Dear @chbartist
If we do not know about the subject matter we know about or know about the things we know, it is a better option to stay silent. But we have information related to theme, then it should be expressed in the possibility that the possibility can be expressed. The purpose will be expressed. But when it is possible to do the possibilities. Once the prospect is, our work is, whereas the logic is of the people who have a lot of work, the people will not be afraid of any other person. This person also applies. This idea is to be given the same related to the post. We should keep your thoughts related to the post. Unless the number of any talent can not be familiar with any of the minds and ideas, the performance of its talent is not possible. As soon as possible, the freedom of your talent is not possible. As well as the freedom of the expression is not possible.

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I'm new. Excellent work. Me advised you @crypto.piotr

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Speaking your mind is a double edged sword. Opinions can be unwanted or not well-received. Your opinion come from YOUR own experience, perception etc. On the other side, if it has to do with you then... Speaking up is a requirement. Awesome article 👍

The outside world is lost. I’ve long stopped trying to make sense to it.

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the mind is the most powerful that the human being has, with the power of the mind you can stop feeling pain, just by thinking something strongly, that is, desiring something fiercely, the power of your mind attracts it, the sadness of all this It is because we have stopped using the power of the mind to do wrong or in the best cases, to use it in vain things. Very interesting post @chbartist


I have worked on some "power of attraction" methods and find them to be helpful. And I have also worked to get non-productive thoughts out of my head. I think both of these mental exercises help me even if I do not get immediate results. And sometimes the result is much different that I expected but still a good one.

I have read your article, it is very informative and helpful for me.I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. Thanks for posting it
i will pray you get more success and live long happiness. again thanks

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