Life is Valuable with All its Comings and Goings, and Ups and Downs...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Where there is joy, there are seeds of pain. Where there is hope, there are seeds of doubt. Where there is love, there are seeds of hatred. Where there is light, there are shadows of darkness.

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You cannot have life in one way or another, for life is a combination of every good day and every bad day. Sometimes, days start perfectly but end terribly.

Sometimes, days start with trouble but end in joy and delight. There is a day for falling in love and finding someone to adore, as there is a day for bearing the pain of loss for someone we care for. There is a day for defeat, as there is a day for victory.

The promise of dawn is a truth of life. Dawn will always arrive, and what will surely follow is darkness. It is an eternal and incessant cycle of balance; between good and evil, right and wrong, day and night, joy and pain, love and hatred, and life and death.

How we perceive this cycle of comings and goings, and ups and downs, goes back to our mindset and approach. How do we react to the delightful things that happen to us? And how do we react to our tragedies and our shortcomings?

It is just a matter of ‘how’ you decide to look at things.

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What I want to explain to you is a philosophical truth of existential nature. It can be difficult to come to terms with. It can be troublesome to accept or cherish. It can be painful to observe, and it can be devastating to bear.

The truth is the same sentence that you have heard a thousand times before, but not once did you have the courage to really think about it: there can be no light without darkness.

Your joy is meaningless without your suffering. Your successes are meaningless without your failures. Your happiness is meaningless without your sorrow. Your laughter is meaningless without your tears. Your life is meaningless without your death. Only with the existence of all these elements together can we really appreciate life and find meaning and purpose in it.

Now you may understand why I said that this is a difficult truth to accept. This truth is essentially saying that you cannot take joy in your earned hours of happiness without contemplating the idea that your sorrow has given meaning to it.

It is difficult to realize that your success would literally not exist without your failure to wreathe meaning into it. The opposite is also true in all of these scenarios.

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This is the truth of creation and the balance that brings all things together. There only remains one riddle.

How will you approach the comings and goings of life?

How will you decide to react in your ups and downs?

Will you see your pain only as suffering, but as a means that can provide your joy later on?

Will you see your happiness only as serenity or as a tool that can give meaning to the tragedies of your life? All of this is up for you to decide.

You can decide to only accept joy and reject pain, but in the process, you will lose the meaning and purpose of your life.

I don’t know whether you are currently on the hill or in the mud, whether you are loving or hating your time, but keep your hope, for you will get through it all to see the other side.




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life is like a wheel. sometimes we are at the top , bit eventually there is time we will go down there. Its teach us dont be an arrogant if we re already success , and kn the same times , if we still not success,dont stop trying and working because someday everything we do will be pay off. The wheel of life will spinning , and we will go up there.

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Hi @chbartist ups and downs are part of life and its importance to understand the value of other one. Still life is very much valuable. Have a great day.

Posted using Partiko Android

His writing is very motivating and makes me leave a bit of the sadness I have felt these days, as you say, life is cyclical, sometimes we are awake, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we are happy and sometimes unhappy. They are stages of a life. Everything has its moment, and everything happens, for better or for worse.

There is a song by a Venezuelan artist, now resident in Spain, who says that there is no evil that lasts 100 years, nor, a body that resists it, we Venezuelans, we hope that this situation will change us one day, that the cycle of life in our favor. . It's time to have a relief, a better situation, so we can get out of this madness.

Thanks for your words, in this stage that Venezuelans live, it is a hope to read this type of article and to know that sooner rather than later everything will happen.

God bless you greatly

Every person will enjoy the happiness of their share, then the misery of their share will surely come. That is why we do not want to panic.

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Life is beautiful, it is a school with certain challenges, the fact that the giver of life is God makes her precious, died for us because we were of great esteem before her eyes. There is a text that I love where David says:
Psalm 139: 16
My embryo saw your eyes,
And all those things were written in your book
That were then formed,
Without missing one of them.
We were not created by chance, we were made for a special purpose, with a task and mission to fulfill. For me, to live is Christ, and the rest is gain. When God created us, He did it so that we could govern the earth, within us there is a potential to overcome obstacles, win battles, because we can do everything in Christ who strengthens us, he is our help, our help, makes life meaningful and a reason to be.

Hi chbartist!! I just really love topics about life, and love to write about life, because i got a lot a pain from it, i just know that every life have to be a perfect goal, have to perfect planning about his goal and have to ensure the proper management of time, otherwise it will be very painful. We should careful about what is coming in our life and what is going on, we have to think about our-self more than others, we should no broke down at the time of our down, and should thankful to creator at the time of our Ups. Thank you all.

Ohh, I can never get over your style of writing, it's incredibly deep. Sometimes it's hard to focus on the message, because I admire the way you did it.

Starting with a great line, "Where there are joys, There are seeds of pains." Really I like reading this post. But my life bows more seeds of pains. I hoping for joys. ^ _ ^

No regrets in our journey through life! All experiences mold who we are and how we handle situations as they appear.

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Is not like they may come, its sure they will come, this tells us, such time we have no control over. Sometimes they come as a result of our poor decisions, sometimes they come because they are life realities. A good life, a peaceful life, a happy life and a successful life is not void of these times. By the way nobody is immune against such times. It is how we choose to respond to them that makes a difference in our lives.

And even if you are now in pain, hang in there for they will end any day.
Learn the lesson it taught you..then move on.

Spot on as usual with your articles. The keyword is, and always will be, 'balance'. It is our perception of how we deal with these events that shapes how we perceive our own existence.

Very very excellent writing, your writing is very practical, you are going to be a great philosopher, every single word is meaningful and related to our lives. A BIG HUG.

@Chbartist the life is god gift it is not in our and night tell us the truth of the life. Ups and downs are common.we should always try to be happy.

@chbartist sir up and down are part of life. We have to accept them without cross them we can't achieve our goal. Life up and down make us strong.

Friend @chbartist,You have written the truth exactly..
There is no guarantee that every effort should be made to succeed. Success comes from co-ordination with physical labor, mental stress and worldly conditions. If you have to be unsuccessful then only you should think that there is a need to work with more diligence and moderation...

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For a seed, it needs to die to become a new plant. Life is a mystery for me. For in laughing, there can be sorrow in the heart. And at the same time, you shed tears for joy. What I only know is that there's no success without failures.

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Hope is the light on which the whole world is standing. if we lose it, e have nothing. so do your best and hope fo the best.

keep your hope, for you will get through it all to see the other side.

Dayyan Khan

Wonderful this text. Success in everything in your life my friend.

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başarı herşeyin ilacıdır.....

@chbartist Sir, your mind-blowing blog has blown out all the doubts hanging in our mind, the ifs, buts and everything. What an inspiring, motivating, reassuring, captivating .........and what an impact it has created in our minds....WOW....Consider a person who has lost all his hopes and accidentally entering Steemit and reading chbartist Sir blogs, he will lose once again, but it is negativity this time and will progress in the forward direction in an astonishing way.

Once again, hats off to you @chbartist Sir.

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