One Month Later: A Reminder for New Year Resolutions...

6개월 전

Hello, dear Steemians!

We are one month into the new year and I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about our new year resolutions again.

Many of you chose new year resolutions as a means to use the opportunity and novelty of the new year and improve your life. A new year resolution doesn’t even have to be something ambitious.

You could choose to eat less in the new year, call your parents more, enjoy your moments and be more grateful about your life, or follow your dreams and take steps to achieve your goals. These are all admirable resolutions.

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We choose new year resolutions because we think that we deserve better.

Our life deserves a chance to be better than what it already is. And we are right. We need resolutions, because resolutions are simply an aspiration to our greater selves.

Sometimes people find themselves in circumstances that do not particularly make them proud. It is easy to lose touch of who you are and what you want. It is easy to forsake your dreams and conform to the pattern of society.

That is why resolutions are important. Resolutions simply remind us that we ought to be someone else.

They push us towards our ideal and true self; the identity that is hidden behind all the layers of pretentious thought patterns and behaviors that we pick up from society.

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But people being people, they are always forgetful of their own aspirations and thoughts.

They might be enthusiastic about doing something new one day and wake up the next day feeling completely lost and devoid of energy.

Some of you may have actually taken steps to achieve your new year resolutions, but some of you have simply forgotten about them. Some of you may have started fine but forsaken the pursuit after a while.

But you should not be disappointed in yourself. You should not feel loss, sorrow, guilt, or remorse. It is in our nature to forget our aspirations. It is only fair that we get carried away by the expectations of society and its mediocrity.

But this is what reminders are for. We should remind ourselves of what we set out to do. And this is what I am here to do.
I want to remind you of your dreams.

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It is not too late. We are only a month into the new year. There are eleven more months, and a sum of at least three hundred days. Imagine what you could accomplish in all that time.

Think about your dreams.

Think about your why.

Think about the reasons you wanted to do that.

Think about why you decided to declare a new year’s resolution for yourself.

Think about all the potential that you are wasting by not following your plans and improving your life.

Think about the life you could live were you to simply work up the courage and take steps to improve it.

Do not feel guilty or cowardly. There is still so much time. You merely needed a reminder. Maybe there is a reason behind the fact that you are reading this right now.

Take it as a sign, and go through with your plans and resolutions!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Hola amigo @chbartist excelente tema, nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena. Es bueno tener presente siempre las grandes cosas que queremos lograr en la vida y cuando estamos en la visperas de años nuevos, le pedimos con mucha fuerza al todopoderoso que nos conceda la dicha de lograr nuestros sueños, pero no todo se lo podemos dejar a él, hay que ponerle empeño a lo que queremos lograr, con entusiasmos, con ganar de querer salir adelante, por un futuro mejor, es un excelente tema amigo, lo felicito de parte de @jorge090202 desde Venezuela.

Dear @chbartist

It's your loyal follower here :) Another great piece of work buddy. Seriously sometimes Im wondering how can you manage to create that much of quality content. Are you doing it all by yourself? Impressive.

A new year resolution doesn’t even have to be something ambitious.

Fromy my experience people seem to be always very ambitious with resolutions and that is part of the problem. Our targets and goals are usually very realistic, but resolutions are closer to "xmas wishes" than anything else. Most people seem not to even take them seriously.

Wouldn't you agree?

But you should not be disappointed in yourself.

Why not?

Yours, Piotr


Thanks I be back here in a few weeks or so.

ufff ... I must confess, that some of my resolutions, I have not fulfilled .... I thought and I did not start, thanks for reminding me hahaha ... By the way, thanks to one of your publications, I started reading the book that I borrowed, and that I have been postponing for a couple of months.

Thank you so much for the reminder. You are right
We "might be enthusiastic about doing something new one day and wake up the next day feeling completely lost and devoid of energy."

Sometimes one single incident is all it takes to deviate us from our resolution, especially if we are already shaky or sensitive about the change ahead.

It is hard sometimes to carry out the new plans, but as you say, we don't have to start big. One step at a time may be all it takes to strengthen our resolve and paint the path ahead.

Not really a fan of New year resolution.... Though its a good bench mark to make you achieve or make better where there were lapses in the old year. However, If you are losing hold of your new year or they look insurmountable carefully restrategies and be sincere to your resolution, remember you made them to make you better.big Hug @chbartist

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Such an amazing article that's why I'm continuously following you. It is really necessary to set resolutions because if we set it then we have a path to follow through out the year but it is most important to follow that resolution. Everyone wants to be successful so it is necessary to set a goal and follow it to achieve it.

Setting a resolution is not enough on the way of success it is necessary to add efforts to become that resolution real.

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Reminds me of what someone said about commitment, "Doing the thing long after the mood you said it in has gone !" My commitment to myself is to post something here everyday ! love to be involved in your community, have a great weekend !


I like your quote a lot. This rings true for many people. I do a lot of minnow tips here and you are write about the posting frequency. At least one post each 24 hours is critical here. Few people can succeed with less.


Thank you, it is always good to get reassurance that you might be on the right track, I am just coming up to a month on Steemit, any advice you have is always welcome, shall be following you from now on, have a great weekend !


Followed you back and glad to connect. I so happen to have this mega post of helpful tips I did a few weeks ago. Please take a look and dive in anywhere. Just work through it and you will succeed for sure:

You can always comment on any one of my posts to ask questions and I will help you. Good luck!

@chbartist all of have more ambitions and joy on the arrival of a new year but the thing that we might not noticed is to decrease of a year from our lives. We hopes for ourselves for alot good things to do and to be happened.

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Thanks for sharing this.
My first step to achieving for resolution I set my goal actually I want to reach.

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Thanks for this message of encouragement and hope I needed that when I woke up today :-D

Every day is an opportunity for us to be the person we want to become.

@chbartist is at it again. Nice! It isn't all about making new year resolutions, what matters most is the ability to actualise the new year resolutions. As a living being, I have come to respect time a lot. We should make statements or sentences on our personal diary with respect to time. Instead of saying: I will close the deal on selling those apartments this year 2019, We should say or write things like: within three weeks of march 2019, I will close the deal on selling those apartments. I sincerely think that the latter example will increase our consciousness or focus on achieving our new year resolutions.


That is very useful advice. Too after we think something will happen or be done "later." but tomorrow never comes!

It is never too late to start as every day is but an arbitrary day than can be the first of many more. Celebrate small achievements every day and you will get closer to those milestones!

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staying focused on new year resolution, declaring it for ourselves as well as for others is very important

Pedimos con mucha fuerza al todopoderoso que nos conceda la dicha de lograr nuestros sueños..... Dios me lo Bendiga a Todos este 2019 Saludos desde Vnzla..Pronto Saldremos de Esta Situación

Hi friend @chbartist my self promise in 2019 improve in my life through the change bad habits.

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Ohh! 😄😄
I'm just don't remember what was my resolution???

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My commitment to myself is to post something here everyday ! love to be involved in your community, thanks for the post

@chbartist most of have forgotten their new year resolution
If you wanna be great, you have to be consistent in your efforts

I am still keeping my new years resolutions (Didn't make any, no problem)

Oh yeah.
My New Year's resolution is to:

  1. Not to get angry the whole year.
  2. Not to worry the whole year.
  3. Not to murmur the whole year.
  4. Not to complain the whole year.
  5. Not to be afraid the whole year.

many people's dream is dying as ages go by. They even dare not to see some reminders.

SO INSPIRING! Thank you! :D

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This will be the last message for a time as I be investigating most of the Mexican pyramids there. This has been one of my goals and I am looking forward in sharing my experience here with all Steemians.
@chbartist if you could add me to your list I would be most happy.
"👍""👍"Keep up the good work "👍""👍"

I believe that rather than New Year's Resolutions (which many people say don't work), people should set goals for themselves. How do they differ? Well New Year's Resolutions are all in your head, you say "I'm going to stop smoking this year", and then you kind of forget about it. Goals are conscious decisions that you're going to do or stop doing something, you write them down and you track them daily to keep reminding yourself what and why you're trying to achieve. If you fail a day that does not mean you can stop and try again next year, you can try again tomorrow! It's very important to have a well defined 'why' that will motivate you to keep trying, if you have no idea why you want to stop smoking for example, it's likely you will not stop.


I totally agree about starting again. I am a weight loss coach and I tell people they can start at the next meal - today. The excuses I get are along the lines of "I can't start now, because..." They need to wait for some thing else such as the end of school year or for summer to end of the kids to be older. This is what I fight daily. I tell them to start now and start small. Later things can get bigger and better. But the first step must be taken first - no matter what the date.

Dear @chbartist
It has been the condition of more people than us that in the early days, they look more vigilant towards their dreams but as the time passes, they return to the same old routine. Examples of a lot of people who try to do something new at the beginning of the new year but after a few days they wander from their path. As we all know that only a year is not celebrated by celebrating, we have to face new challenges, responsibilities have to be completed and dedicate ourselves to those things which will fulfill our dreams Let us help you. As you said, there are still 300 days left. If you try hard to realize your dreams to fulfill your goal, then the floor will not be far away. Because in life, the same person is successful who dreams and attempts to fulfill them.

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Surprising, I think a lot of people need to read something like that. Simply thanks. It is true that sometimes we need to remember what our dreams are and give priority to our lives, remembering that we are the ones who must strive to make our dreams come true, because nobody else will do it for us

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Today, more and more people are facing difficult situations. But there is no new thing to come to the difficulties. Even before, people had to suffer problems.

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I made a New Year's Resolution to be able to pay my taxes on time this year.

So far so good, last year has been rough though. I made over $100k on crypto investments and then lost almost all of it. Yet Uncle Sam still wants me to pay the full amount on the $100k gains...

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