Philosophy of Consistency and the Importance of Breaking Down Big Goals...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

In my many years of entrepreneurship I have come to realize that working yourself to the ground hardly ever works. What works, however, is the application of consistency in every endeavor or trial you take on.

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We have all experienced this; we decide to go to the gym and get into shape. On the first day you exercise for 6 hours and when you come home, you look in the mirror and see no change.

The second day you go to the gym and again work out with intensity, but when you come home, you witness no change. You see no results, then it must not be effective. So, you quit.

Or imagine that you are really into someone. You remember their birthday and buy flowers and gifts for them on Valentine’s Day, but you still witness a one-sided emotional interaction. You start to think that it may never work out as you see no signs of it when you do something about it. So, you quit.

When it comes to studying for your exams, you sometimes find it difficult to grasp the subject matter and really understand what it is about. You pick a day, and decide to spend hours and hours pouring into hundreds of pages of manuscript, but you still do not comprehend them in a reasonable way.

Hence, you decide that you may be too thick to understand the lesson or education is not the best course of action in life. So, you quit.

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There is nothing wrong with you, and you are not doing anything wrong. The problem is that our vision is sometimes limited to the idea that everything must have an immediate result in accordance with the laws of cause and effect. That is a misguided perception of how this world works.

When you begin to exercise, you are not going to see results within the first few days. I am not sure how many days it takes, but I do know that if you have consistency, you will get into shape. It is only a matter of time. You are not going to get into shape by going to gym for a week and exercising punishingly and intensely. You are going to get into shape if you work out every day for 20 minutes.

What does brushing your teeth for two minutes a day do for you? Absolutely nothing. What does brushing your teeth for a whole year for two minutes a day do for you? All the world. It will give you healthy teeth.

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When your main aspiration is to reach an income of six thousand dollars in a month, you should not look at it as this overwhelming and unbeatable number. Six thousand dollars a month is two hundred dollars a day.

When you realize that your milestone is to make two hundred dollars a day, achieving the goal will no longer seem like such an impossible idea.
Consistency is one the most important habits of successful people. Pressuring yourself into intense deadlines will gain you nothing. But if you bring consistency and discipline to your schedule, you will not live to regret it.

We cannot exactly say that how long it will take or on what day you will start to see the effects of consistency, but one thing is for sure:

You will eventually start to see those results in everything that you do with consistency.



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I have always been Guilty of inconsistency until i finally understood how much it cost me in realising my goals........i learnt that breaking my Big goals to smaller bits and chunks made it easy for me to hit my target.....

Consistency is very important whatever we start. Result is a time taking process and we can't expect the result immediately but if we continue to do the same without gap then for sure result will come. Now a days patience level of people is too less and they want instant outcome which is practically not possible. In fact if we keep doing the work without worrying about results then we won't we worried about the time it took to achieve result and that will make us to maintain consistency without any worry.
Thanks for the post @chbartist
I am happy to be mentioned in each and every post of yours because it notify me about your news posts as well. My schedule is quite hectic now a days but whenever i get time i read all your posts and comments and even i vote to each meaningful comment. Have a great day.

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You are absolutely correct. We should always think of the out come on the long run instead of the short run.


i agree with you . Bruce lee say he was afraid with people who learn one punch on thousand times than people who learn thousand punch only for one times because that man become expert of that punch.

morale of the story : be consistence

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You said absolutely correct @tommyl33

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Hi @alokkumar121

Consistency is very important whatever we start.

You nailed it. Discipline and consistency = results.

Yours, Piotr

I agree with what you say. But there is also something I would like to add from my own experience. I wanted to be a stockbroker when I was in my high school. I was following economics programs and magazines since then. I've learned things that people in that age don't know. However, I later realized that both my dream and my thoughts were very effective. Because I really wanted to do that job and did it. I believed that i can this.

Another story is about my marriage. Before I was married, I was thinking about how I would be with someone in my mind. Especially the character structure had to be suitable for me. About 6 months later I got married with that person :) We have been married for 4 years now and have 1 child.

I've provided all of this in my mind. I also believe that the power of the words we use is the most important. Because I think all these issues are related to our belief in our brains. I even wrote a summer about it. You can look here if you want

After all, if we really want, and if we have the ability to do what we want then life will already offer you. We just have to be patient.


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well said buddy. wise word say ,

If we believe we can , yes we always can but if we believe we cant , yes we always cant.

We are what we thinking either it true or not

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Absolutely, it is important that focus our thinking

Yeah my friend consistency and discipline is necessary to achieve our goals, we should not quit at any stage. Life is kind for those who do struggle.

Thank you for building such a beautiful community. I'm glad to be a part of this wonderful community.

Have a good day from my side.

A great hug for you @chbartist and for other members who are here with us in this journey.

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yeps 👍👍 consistence and discipline with 👏 job

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  ·  2년 전

It takes consistency to achieve a goal. We must remember that Rome was not built in a day. Can we feed ourselves for the whole week by eating too much in a single day? Never! In order to live we have to take food everyday. This is the way things works.
Many times we can't see any change in things despite of our hardest efforts. Some people put too much pressure on themselves to achieve the goal in no time but ultimately it harms them. Too much efforts bring tiredness that eventually forces them to quit.
Hence, patience is a vital thing while pursuing any goal. Shortcuts never work in some situations.


i think we need to add some value on these consistence and discipline hard work which is reason , a big why we want to do it .

so when we wanna stop , it ll remind us what we start that in the first place

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Very true @akdx. Good point.

It takes consistency to achieve a goal.

Without consistency and discipline it's really hard to get anywhere.


What consistency and persevetance do in our lives are innumerable. Like you said, it is always difficult to experience the change you had wanted at the starting point and most times this discourages us to continue.

I think we should always look at the out come on the long run instead of relying on instant change immediately we start up something new.

I personally have experienced this hwee on steemit. When I started out on steemit, I was expecting to get instant/fast result and reward but it didnt work out my way. This made to quit steemit. However, later on I wenr back to research on how steemit works and it is exactly what you've given above... Consistency, engagement, good and valuable contents...and the list goes on.

Thank you for sharing such a wonder experience of yours once again.


agree with you buddy. the first step is always the hard one

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Yeah @tommyl33 and if we are not strong enough or encouraged and supported by others we would easily give in.

I completely agree, First of all success is what we crave for and work harder for. being consistent is so damn important as it will lead into something worthy, but I wanted to add my view here, that dragging and pressuring ourselves into deadlines are sometimes and somehow important. it tests our ability to perform in limited period of time which definitely will bring some worthy changes.
keep up with such inspiring content. always happy to be part of your happy community.


another additional point of view .

Craving for success (intention ) -> work hard with consistence (action) -> deadline (goal setting)

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I completely agree buddy!

Ahh! Being consistent is the hardest thing ever to do! I think I honestly force it out of me on principal, hoping one day it will somehow pay off and I will be in q better place xD like unemotional faith, or DEPRESSED faith LMFAO!

jokes aside, as usual, an absolutely inspiring post. My generation especially and the next one under me is obsessed with immediate gratification. We are bound to be disappointed, but having info and real wisdom available so we can get out of these bad habits is absolutely imperative.

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Discipline , consistency with RIGHT way is only way to get good result at the end of any job we do .

I we have good discipline and consistency but our way of doing is wrong , we ll never get good result but all we get is not what we expect to be good .

Like wise word say , we reap what we sow.

Follow me at @tommylee for my travel blog , life journal and photography journey

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A very relevant post my friend! We do not need to look very far for examples of this behavior as in the little time I have followed you @chbartist, I have seen consistent motivational discussions. I have also seen your effort to reward the community by asking each to engage with other comments and provide support to those who deserve it. We are getting close to your goals and have also learned the importance of supporting each other as I have learned that a post worth less than $0.02 does not get rewarded after changes to Hard Fork 20. Therefore it is more important us to support each other now! I am am reviewing your community everyday and trying to provide enough voting to ensure that each relevant and meaningful comment surpasses that threshold so that their effort is recognized. It is a token of appreciation for the effort and intention of your consistency!

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This reminds me of this biblical passage that I once read ...So, do not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will bring your eagerness. Sufficient to each day its own evil.

It is better to do a little significant every day in a year, than to do too much in a day for a week. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to do physical things in an unlimited way, we must work with order and discipline for this.


Saludos @ juanmanuellopez1 comencé a visitar a los miembros de la lista de esta comunidad tan bonita siendo tu el primero y ¡Oh, sorpresa! al igual que yo Venezolano, amante de la música aunque en mi caso no soy estudiada pero amo tocar cuatro, amante de citas bíblicas y en steemit. No puedo sentirme mas feliz. Saludos desde este Pais , tu Pais mi Pais.


¡Que bueno! Me alegra mucho que los venezolanos estemos tomando estas oportunidades de entrar en el movimiento blockchain que está cambiando el mundo. Saludos para ti también, y mis mejores deseos para ti, y que puedas aprovechar al máximo todas las posibilidades que brinda Steemit. Feliz navidad!

I have never achieved anything of true value without applying the principles of consistency and perseverance.

Parents today lament that their children are disobedient and disrespectful. When I observe the lack of time being invested into our young people today and inconsistent parenting I shake my head and try to point out how to "train up a child."

Good habits start early and the earlier the better. My parents sent me back to a task time after time until it was done correctly. I hated it back then, but I love the discipline it taught me.

In the same token, writing is a discipline and you can't start a blog in a day. Many have left Steemit before they learned the ropes and built any following because they didn't apply discipline.

Thank you for your reminder and have a wonderful day!

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😂😂 i start steemit with big expectation fast money in steemit but i was wrong . i stop writing in second month when i was travelling in indonesia because i didnt see the value or expectation that i get from steemit .

Then i travel to cambodia and some of my friend from malaysia has start getting something because they consistence to do steemit while i was stop doing it.

i see there will be time that we ll reach our destination as long as we dont stop continue doing what we have to do .

thanks once again for your greet reply . this remind me to continue consistence doing this thing

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Sir is a very wonderful post. You are absolutely right that we start any work with interest, but at the earliest times we will lose it in the affair of our nature, our nature or our tendency is such that we have received the praiseworthy Live in the hope of doing.

Hey @chbartist thank you for your post. Consistency is key to achieve success in the long run. Moreover you improve your skills during that journey. Take steem as an example: if you are not an experienced writer you will begin blogging making some mistakes. The chances that your first couple of posts are a success are rather small. With every post you make you try to improve, working on your mindmuscles to create an even better output than the last ones. The quality will increase -> more people follow you -> more upvotes you get and finally more steem you earn :) some people learn faster, some slower but they all combine consistency to master their specific skill.
Thank you


i agree with this one. it remind me how i start in steemit while nobody teaching . i agree with you , along the way we learn how to improve our post learn how to interact with other , delivering quality contain and it was much more in steemit i have to learn

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Friend @chbartist,Your thoughts have a very high ideology.
The ego tendency is not seen in aspiration.Due to lack of ego, superiority develops in personality.Confidence increase.

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Totally agree that people want to change or have the results of months or even years in a week. I remember when I broke this cycle of, if I don't get the result in a week so a quit. First I put the goal for more than a month, so the results before that isn't important, because in that case, what matter is the consistency that I need to do to everyday. When we focus so much on result and forget the steps until them, you get screwed.

That's what it's about, to persevere in life ... I admit that I'm not very persevering at times when I have many stumbles on the road, with respect to some task or goal ... sometimes I think maybe it's come out that I do not It suits me ... and I do not keep insisting.

But life is about that, perseverance to get the desired results, I like to strive and I am constant in what I want and I face the obstacles that may arise, but as I said before, when MANY obstacles are, I really do not I follow and I reprogram my goal ... because I see it as a sign that it does not suit me ...


lets continue encourage each other to become more productive and consistence doing god job

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Yes consistency is one of our biggest challenge. It took me a while to get used to use this platform and even more time to post constantly. Also is very easy to loose it or get distracted, as focus sometimes changes faster than you think. Anyway thank you for the reminder, your post felt like it was addressed to my inconsistency :)

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steem on ☺️☺️

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Hi @chbartist, thank you for the positive words and consistency is a key to success literally as we human beings we love fast things and I'm grateful that every single day, this sinks into my head.

Consistency vs inmediate gratification expectations. That's a battle royale.
The media bombards us with adds showing miraculous methods to lose weight, gain muscles, fix stuff at home. Everything with litle to no effort and cheap.
That's an insult to anyone's intelligence and yet there are companies making millions out of people's gullibility.
I learned from childhood that if looks that good it can't be good, it can't be real because nothing in life, at least of transcendence, comes easy.
Then we have internet and smartphones that has made communication fast and efficient. We've gotten so used to get things fast that we forget some other things, including financial prosperity, takes time, planning, and effort.

Yeah!!!great blogg @ chbartist bro for ex. If somebody needs to be a succesfull here on steemit he need to consistantly active here...

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Excellent, good job!
Thanks for the post @chbartist

Dear @chbartist sir!
Consistency means the continuation of the work we have been initiating and continuously developing and development in it. Our biggest problem is that we start the work, continue for a few days but fail to reach the conclusion and leave it in the middle saying that there is no quick profit from it. We can take the example of Steemit, at the beginning we work with this loud noise but gradually relaxes the grip. Actually, we try to complete the year's work in a week or a month, which becomes a burden for us. Do everyday work everyday. Of course this will benefit us and we will be on the path of development.

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If we take a look at our planet earth, It spins every day on its axis and this consistent movement makes it to move round the sun in 365 day a year, Then how can we be wiser or smarter than the host that provides a place for us to exist by trying to cut Conner and expect immediate result. Imagine if the earth stop spinning for a day, what will be our faith.
Nature is there to guide us and provide answers for us, it is only left for us to learn how the world works from it.

Also, Cause is not equal to equivalent effect in the short run, but in the long run it is equal to a compounded result. Growth curve is always exponential
The truth of the matter is that if you my good friend @chbartist is not consistent on this blog, this community will never grow

The law of attraction. What you visualize and works toward will manifest itself. People read this and think it means all their goals will be achieved in a certain span of time. When in reality, the whole point of this 'law of attraction' is that you visualize it so much you constantly and consistently work towards it, with an almost obsessive mindset. That's what gets the results. I see a lot of entrepreneurs today telling all their followers to 'hustle and grind' and to 'spend every moment working'. But what's the point of that? You'll do it for a week and get burnt out. Instead if you were to work towards that for only 3-4 hours a day, but EVERY SINGLE DAY, you would see a much steeper learning curve. Everyone so fixated on working 20 hours a day being successful in a year, they don't realize it takes so much longer. All the big boys from Warren Buffett to Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates were all extraordinarily talented and smart people, but it still took them years, even decades to get to where they are. I like the narrative you're pushing about consistency over killing yourself in the short term, glad to have stumbled upon your content.

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  ·  2년 전

"Slow and study wins the race"

This is a famous phrase about consistency and continuous work. There's a famous story which is origen of this phrase "SLOW AND STUDY WINS THE RACE"

Once there was two friends Rabbit and Turtle.
One day rabbit was showing how fast he could run. He was laughing at the turtle for being so slow . Turtal feel depressed and challenged Rabbit for a race. Rabbit thought this was a great joke and accept the challenge. The venue and time was decided. The fox was to be the umpire of the race.

As the race began, the rabbit raced ahead the turtle, just like everyone thought.

The rabbit got to the midpoint and couldn't see the turtle wherever. He was hot and depleted and finished and take a short rest. The rabbit Now whether the turtle passed him, he would have the capacity to race to a complete objective before him. This time the turtle kept walking particularly organized by step. He don't pay attention to how hot or tired he got. He only proceeded forward.

Regardless, the rabbit rested longer than he had thought and woke up. He couldn't see the turtle wherever! He went at full speed to the finish line but found the turtle there waiting for him.

The Rabbit lost the race .

What is the total of the story ?

How fast are you it doesn't matter if you don't pay attention to your work or challenge. Consistency and continuous work will always win. Turtal work with consistency and never get detrned by the others who laughed at him. This is a very short and good message to us.

So always work with consistency and never pay attention to those who are depressing you. Let them underestimating you. Keep in mind there are many dogs who's work is only barking. Don't stop for throwing Stone in them. Focus on your target you will definitely get success.



obviously consistency is play an very important role to achieve our life goal... i think we should keep patience while starting something new in life... In starting we have to struggle alot without getting any result but we keep on try definitely we will succeed in our life... i think same theory apply with steemit also..... 🤗
once again a big thank you for mentioned my name in your list.. i feel happy whenever i notify that @chbartist mention you.... this is one of the reason i read your post as soon as i notify.....
but now a days 'm strugging in steemit lost all my steempower... but i will keep consistency in my goal to succeed in steemit field... 🤞

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Agree with u. Beautiful

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Hi friend @chbartist

I was looking for a publication or blog that I talked about or touched on the subject of personal development or motivation and personal growth. I set out to look at the #goals tag when I came across your blog, it's really helpful, you touch on extremely important topics. I'm a Venezuelan student and I currently live in Venezuela, I still haven't left my country despite the strong economic crisis because I think Crisis are opportunities to test your skills and personal growth. I had to leave the university because I could not afford my studies, however this has not discouraged me to continue publishing here in Steemit. Productive and positive thinking is fundamental in moments such as the Venezuelans and many other societies around the world, despite my youth I try to assume life as if it were my greatest challenge. Excellent publication friend! You have a new follower! It's the first time I've visited your blog!

Include my profile in the list, because I do or want to be part of all this with all of you!


I love this vote and vote, supporting the community I do not know if my vote has any monetary value, I'm not sure but I hope it's courageous. By the way it occurs to me that I can visit each member of the list to get to know the community better and start with @ juanmanuellopez1 reviewing your comments get here.

Congratulations @chbartist!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 8 with $ 121,61

I wish you all success and happiness in the new year. strongly recommend. It's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. yukseltilmis doseme

Me he dado cuenta que comenzar es muy difícil, por mi profesión siempre he tenido problemas para comenzar un proyecto, aunque ya lo tenga contratado (soy arquitecta), entonces me armo de valor e interrumpo mis actividades normales porque ya empezar se convierte en una responsabilidad.

y ante la responsabilidad, hay que dar respuesta al contratante.

El tipo de trabajo no importa, cuando somos independiente en nuestro trabajo, empezar es difícil, y francamente lo hacemos por cumplir. Ya es un hecho que debemos hacer el trabajo para cumplir, aparte de satisfacer nuestra necesidad como profesional, de satisfacer la necesidad de ganar dinero para poder vivir, ya que esto conlleva a satisfacer todas nuestras necesidades como seres humanos.
ser constante ante una responsabilidad que se ha dado por un compromiso, te hace ser valiente.... ERES VALIENTE... SOY VALIENTE.

Sometimes life's lessons elude us, but I think they are still learned deep down and we come to realise them later

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I used to think your mass buying of votes was lame but in these troubled steem times the more people buying votes the better it is for steem eco system, to keep us alive. Other coins have number of transactions shrinking like crazy but steem is still getting used no matter what the price, I buy more more votes with 25 cent steem. The people with the litecoin and the eth don't want to spend it when its low but I have no problem spending 25 cent steem to buy some votes.

You are very correct on the fact that Consistency is key to achieving a mission. Something that helps me to visualize that is by imagining that my days do not advance, but that they repeat every single day. So, if each day is a just a loop, I strive to make a day full of healthy and productive habits. Days are all the same, so by focusing on making the ideal day, I have found that I am making progress in my life consistently.

This is the same thing that is affecting most new comers in the crypto world, after the bullish market in 2017 so many investors joined with hopes of 1000 times growth, without knowing investors reaping benefits are those who invested in BTC almost 10 years ago. It takes time and discipline.

As an entrepreneur myself i understand your vibe and this is what keeps us going, believing in something, drafting a plan and working hard on it everyday without giving up, the chart is something similar to Bitcoin Charts but eventually you will reach your goals and start a pineapple fund :)

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Well, it's a great truth you wrote! I was very impatient before, and if I didn'tt see an immediate result, I gave up too early. Sometimes I did my job, but I didn't see its meaning. After a long time I stopped when there was only a small step ahead of qualitative quantum leap. Unfortunately, this was always the case I came out afterwards, and I missed success.
Nowadays, I',m changing my mind. I'll begin my 3rd year on Steemit next January. I regularly write posts even though I have very little spare time. I know the value of Steem has fallen and will certainly fall, maybe below 10 cents. What does it mean? It will go up in some months or years.

@chbartist Realmente cierto ya que es parte de la ansiedad que muchos vivimos y es por eso que entramos en desespero sino vemos resultados rapido, muy bueno este post amigo.. Me encanta

I have always been Guilty of inconsistency until i finally understood how much it cost me in realising my goals........i learnt that breaking my Big goals to smaller bits and chunks made it easy for me to hit my target

Perseverance is the basis of success. Trust and believe in yourself. Be sensible when it comes to setting goals. Find the best perspective to take action and face a fact.
What encouraging phrases and ideas you give us dear friend @chbartist!
We must always remember that the constancy of the drop of water causes great changes in the solid rock.
All best, Piotr.

INCREDIBLE POST! Since I started reading it I loved it. The concistecia is a key and lethal weapon to achieve success and total victory in any battle that is being fought. The philosophy of consciousness is well specified in this magnificent paper. Great Friend! Above!!!

Got inspired by the word consistency. Kindly include my profile, too, in your list. Thanks

  ·  2년 전

good way

I think you exceed your goal!! Congratulations, this is a very good post!!


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