Power of Suggestion and Why Repetition of Words Cements Them in Your Subconsciousness - Believe me! This is very Powerful!!!

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Some believe that ‘wishful thinking’ will not get you anything and optimism will eventually lead to disappointment.

While we do not want to discourage the storm of disapproval, which ultimately fuels us in our endeavors, we do need to determine the importance of words and how they can affect your subconscious mind.

We have already discussed the thought process of your subconscious and how it can determine your true identity or affect your decision-making in significant moments of your life.

Now we will talk about the constant effects that ‘words’ can have on this subconscious mind.

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An idea first forms in our mind as thought. Language determines the true nature of this thought and expresses it in a comprehensible way through the utilization of words.

Whether these words are an expression of reality or imagination, or an explanation towards the embodiment of real elements or fictitious ones, they have an everlasting effect on your subconsciousness.

With this approach, one could go so far as to claim that words can be miraculous to the state of your mental health and well-being when used properly. Imagine if you were constantly exposed to energizing thoughts that were expressed through positive sets of words and sentences.

After a while, those expressions would make a home in your subconscious mind and turn that positivity to a part of your identity.

Inception of positivity and an optimistic mindset, or destructive stains of negativity and a pessimistic outlook towards life traces back to the extent of our exposure to words and how they affect our subconscious mind.

If you are constantly exposed to positive words, then you will feel contentment with your life and your goals. If you are relentlessly exposed to waves of negativity, you will feel disdain and hatred for the world.

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The most important thing to remember is that we should be much more self-aware and in control of the things that we are exposed to. Our everyday life is filled with surges of this positive and negative energy, and with self-awareness, we can minimize the destructive effects of pessimism and amplify the enriching effects of optimism.

More so, we could utilize this tool and reprogram our subconsciousness towards tolerance and patience about our goals and ideals. This will greatly affect our perseverance in attaining the things that we dream about, and will light a bright fire in the darkness of our endeavors.

Some would call this practice of repetition a willful guidance of thoughts through the power of suggestion.

The power of suggestion has proven to be a powerful tool in reprogramming human mentality. The reason for this is that suggestion and repetition are truly influential.

You may not immediately see the effects of such practices, but over time, they will become an inherent part of your subconscious mind.

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Utilize the power of suggestion to reprogram your mind and use the repetition of exposure to optimism to increase your mental strength and perseverance in the face of life’s challenges and difficulties.

Believe me! This is very Powerful!!!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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It might be helpful to your community and steemit in general if you 'MUTE' these scam artists? Then they will not show up in the future to 'steal' votes.


fuck posers and fuck bots

Fearless individuals are positive thinkers. They likewise encircle themselves with constructive individuals and face their feelings of trepidation and manage them. I have perused numerous articles that portrayed the distinction among confident people and worry warts and gave some presence of mind guidance on the most proficient method to end up increasingly idealistic.
There are three essential contrasts in the responses of confident people and worriers. The primary distinction is that the confident person sees a misfortune as impermanent, while the worry wart considers it to be lasting. The confident person sees a tragic occasion, for example, a request that falls through or a business call that bombs, as an impermanent occasion, something that is constrained in time and that has no genuine effect on what's to come. The cynic, then again, sees negative occasions as perpetual, as a major aspect of life and predetermination. @chbartist

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And Thank you for your effort and contribution!


Great comment friend! Not to add! Congrats

@chbartist, In my opinion, spells or words create forms in our mind specially Subconscious mind, and words hold powerful impact for sure. When we consume positive words and we over and over exploring it and consuming and thinking about it then our subconscious mind push us into that reality. So, if we believe towards something then subconscious mind will push us to meet bits of those subject on which we believe. Stay blessed. 🙂

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The subconscious is truly powerful as it is the force that drives action particularly when quick reactions are needed. The fact that these could be trained through problem solving and as you mention repetition is a powerful activity to foster future personal growth given that our minds are our most valuable asset.

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Dear chbartist, i don't know if you were reading my mind or maybe its just pure coincidence that you post about the effect of words on our subconscious today. Thats because yesterday night at 9pm, my little sis woke me up crying about my mum who just insulted her and probably said some things that hurt her. After calming her down and advising her a little she finally stopped crying. That night it came to my realization that it wasn't the fact that she was insulted that night that made her cry, it was actually the accumulation and repition of hurtful and negative words being said to her before in the past probably in the surge of anger, that piled up and finally made her breakdown that night. I for one also feel that the person saying the positive words is as important as the word itself. We all in one way or the other want to hear people that we know and love such as our family and friends tell us soothing and encouraging words of how we've made them proud but most times its always the opposite, such as in my sister case. So my little advise is that at every opportunity we get we should tell or fams or friends or colleague how much we love and appreciate their effort and how much we're proud of them. However as much as it is nice to hear our loved ones say positive thing to and about us, we however must not grow too dependent on that, this is cause if we lived our life or take into account what people say, we would live our life in constant depression, because people are insatiable. We should therfore build s a self mechanism, to always say positive words to ourselves even when the people around are saying the opposite. So in the spirit of positivity, i want to say weldone chbartist, your posts are inspiring and deep, you're an excellent writer.

First of all, Are you a writer? like you know how to play with words, the conclusion part was awesome, the way you carved and concluded your entire writing into few sentences is awesome, I am still learning this art here.
Moreover that is good that you want the community you create dto be much genuine and spam free I understand people do cheat and its good that you addressed about it.
Keep up with inspiring content.


Thank you friend, But I'm not a writer, I'm a composer, songwriter, producer and I play many musical instruments. Regards and thank you for your words.


great man!

Finally someone explained it well!
I often hear that we should visualize success, but nobody has been able to explain why thank you so much.
I often hear also that, this way to achive something is bad in some cases, becouse brain gets gratification before we reach the goal, and we can become addicted to it.
Do you think it's truth?

that's why they say that thoughts become reality because the subconscious is really more powerful. i have been reading topics like this in instagram so it's nice to see this in Steem, too.


i think i know what you mean.. this is also in line with positive affirmations so the brain will be used to those thereby forming physical manifestations.

HI @chbartist , thanks for your encouraging words. I hope I can re-programm my mind and reach my goals. That's great how you are spreading positive thoughts.


Excellent post @chbartist, we must definitely pay attention to everything we read, because we allow it to enter our mind. Sometimes we read horrible news and we turn it into habit, and the worst thing is that we do it in a state of somnolence, without knowing the impact this has on our subconscious. I think we should analyze our routines and find out what really benefits us.

Well done and worth reading. I will add that we choose the words that we use to ourselves and others very carefully lest we sabotage our efforts.
Thank you

I just have to share the book of Dr. Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Belief - it speaks of how your thoughts affect your cells through the membrane, which can change what products it excretes or if it stops altogether, therefore a large amount of cortisol can be amassed if one thinks too stressfull thoghts, while dopamine and epinephrine levels can get higher through joyful, positive thinking.

It's all explained very clear, with all the scientific terms being well explained. Really, it's in my top5 all time favourites! Strongly reccomended! :)

Good topic @chbartist. Words have power over us. It is very important that parents and teachers learn to use their words to build values ​​and strengthen children's self-esteem.


the mind is divided into two main aspects – the conscious and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is made up of our surface thoughts, wishes, desires and aspirations. The subconscious mind is the realm of our automatic and habitual thought patterns and beliefs..

The best way to identify what subconscious programs you’re running is simply to look at your life..

It is made up of ‘the program’ 95% of the time. Your life is a printout of the program. The things you have in your life that you love are because you have a program that allows you to accept those things into your life...

Incredible @chbartist ....!!!

We often feel disgusted towards reputation of words and don't bother it to set in our life. But it's very helpful to build it in subconscious mind.
Taking suggestions now a days become very rare. Every one thinks themselves master in every thing and when someone else's give them suggestions they feel hurt.
Most of us do not give the importance to self awareness and made mistakes our life partner.
Your words may help to grow self awareness and the foundation of our subconscious mind.

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Hi @chbartist!

I have tried repeating spiritual suggestions and am still doing it. I hope you saw my comment on your meditation post. I was taught to chant spiritual suggestions by my spiritual mentors. I practiced it and I saw my life changing. Eventually I started living with monks during my college days and my life changed significantly. Being trained in with science and spirituality, I see things with a mixed vision.



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The word is the means through which man expresses his feelings, if the correct words are used, then he gets positive results.

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Another great article
Friend @chbartist,A person dedicated to achieving higher goals of self improvement, personal development or spiritual progress is required to understand himself. That's because if a person understands the shortcomings of himself, then he will be able to concentrate his attention in efforts to improve it.

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Wishful thinking is a good thing which gets fixed in our subconscious mind. Our mind play a very important role in everything we do. When we keep saying the optimistic words to ourself then such words gets in subconscious mind. Optimism is good and should follow it.
Thanks for the amazing post @chbartist

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Read my comment friend! The First comment in this post. I think that you wasted 1 vote! Just to advise friend! Regards


You're right @chbartist I am in favour to support only meaning comments and anyone who comments without reading post, i don't support. But I voted here by mistake and will be careful dear. Thanks for notifying and appreciate your efforts to notify me and checking minutely all the votes and comments at the same time.

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Always I Keep my eyes open friend! We need care with what our try build here!

@chbartist we say that only suggestion is one think which can you get free in that universe . but sometimes it works , Suggestion is only way of your goal , how you will achieve , what you have to do ? it should be out and out by yourself . Because People will suggest you What you will tell you them ? how you will present yourself in front of them , But what are you actual , Only you know . So listen solution but don't follow it . start analysing on that and then act . what is right for you . and it must help you in grow up .

A child's behavior and mindset are forms of what they've heard about them. When a baby is born, s/he would believe and accept what name s/he would be called later. Truly, most people act in response to what they've heard about them. Words can paralyze or empower a person if it's already embedded in one's heart.

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What is sweeter than honey? The reply would be word, it will make you enemy, it will make hero, it depends on how we use it, if we repeat a word again and again, our sub conscious mind leads us towards that point and we begin to think in the same way. Thanks for very very nice article.

Hello friend despite having 2 years in @Steemit, I had not had the opportunity to read your posts, it's really a great job that you've been doing I congratulate you.


Thanks, but if you can read all. Take a little time for it because I wrote posts with logical sequence to peoples understand step by step how to change your Mindset and grow. Regards!

So true but, The problem is the negative things are almost found readily and naturally but the positive things you real have to work had to find them. I think there is a reason has to why negativity is popular. People who produce negative content and the people who outlet the negative content make a lot of money, could this be one of the reason? Second to some being negative means is a new cool. So it is not enough to abstain from negative things but also it is important to produce positive content as you do chbartist. To those who have kinds get them learn positive things. If you have a negative friend influence them with positivity.
Thus we can create a positive world not only being positive people.

Another great piece of content about selfesteem and selfawareness.. the first thing I thought about reading the title is: brainwashing

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But your first thought does not seem to me to be positive. If I'm wrong I'm sorry I did not understand what you meant. Everything I post is my lived experience, it's never about theses or opinions and I just want to share this with people and I hope they try to extract what's best in writing. You are always welcome, but I still have not understood your person. Sometimes it seems to me that you have a tendency to see the negative side of things first. If I'm wrong I apologize. But like I said you're welcome. With all my respect. @chbartist


So I am making you a compliment and I am negative?
My first thought after reading your title was indeed "brainwashing". If that sounds negative to you I can't help it. How I interpreted what you wrote might have to do with my life experiences or what I just read or with something you wrote or the language. It seems to bother you if someone does respond with an own thought or opinion. I am sorry to hear that and will try not to respond on your content any longer.

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Hi, that's not what I meant. You can have the opinion you want and I respect. I just said I did not understand your way of expressing yourself. As I said in the previous review I apologized if I had not understood your language. I wish the best for you. With all my respect. @chbartist


I wish you the same, pity we do have a language problem. I simply can not change it. Best wishes for 2019 as well.

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Thanks for your posts and the great encouragement you're giving people.

There's a book called "Psycho Cybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz from the 1950s or so, which is easily available and inexpensive, and gives an excellent explanation of this and related phenomena.

I just found a good summary of it here:

upvote and resteem

  ·  2년 전

I want to be included in the list of contributors to this community. What I will doing?


I'm including you! You are very welcome @aple

  ·  2년 전

thank you it was my pleasure for me

Language is an art, each of us should learn how to communicate correctly, because it may help us succeed.

Amazing @chbartist sir!


I had voted in you, but I wold like see you make some meaningful comments based on the posts because I would like to make sure that you do not comment as a spammer and I'm sure everyone on this blog would also like to see this too so as not to give votes to those who do not dedicate effort to write. Regards

Repetition is true learning

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I tell mind control to fuck off daily, I don't have time to make someone else's dreams come true when I have my own.

This post has received a 45.91 % upvote from @boomerang.

Interesting post, thanks. Words are spells. To truly program your subconscious, say them aloud, don't just repeat them in your head. You form brain patterns in directing your various muscles to speak the words; then another part of your brain is activated in hearing them. Completing the loop this way makes it much more effective in embedding them in your own subconscious.

I have no real science to back this up, just observations from about 30 years of trying to enhance the capabilities of my own brain with awareness of the subconscious patterns that drive us forward or hold us back. Create a mantra and repeat it to yourself at least 3 times in a row, you need to truly believe in what you are saying emotionally as well as intellectually. Convince yourself it's already true and soon enough it will be.

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