Success Story #4: From a Janitor to One of the Richest People in the World...

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Greetings, dear Steemians!

In our series of success stories, as you may know, we take a look at the inspiring life tales of the most accomplished people from across the world, often with awe and astonishment as to how they could tolerate the challenges of life to arrive at their current place.

A few years ago, Jan Koum sold WhatsApp to Facebook in a staggering $19 billion contract, making him one of the richest people in the world of computers and IT.

As impressive as that might sound, Koum’s origin story is one of grief and hardship.

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Koum was born in a small village in Ukraine to a construction manager and a caring mother. His early life was not particularly easy, and at the age of 16, Koum and her mother immigrated to the United States because of the troubling environment that they had to tolerate in their original home.

They were given a two-bedroom apartment by the government.

To pay the costs of living, Koum’s mother became a babysitter and Jan himself worked as a janitor in a grocery store, sweeping floors and thinking about his dreams for life.

One of the most difficult moments of Koum’s life is when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. His father could not make it to America, so when his mother died, Koum was all alone.

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There was a point in Koum’s life when he had to stay in line in front of a North County Social Services building to collect food stamps and enjoy free meals as he couldn’t afford anything else.

Koum was interested in computer sciences and didn’t lose a chance at learning something new everyday about computers and programming. He eventually found himself working in Yahoo in their advertising branch. He didn’t care much about advertisements, but he did find a good friend there by the name of Brian Acton.

Jan Koum couldn’t easily connect with people, but he found a certain comfort in his friendship with Brian Acton. Together, and after his mother’s death and the troubles at Yahoo, they travelled the Southern parts of America in the hope of finding something new for themselves.

In January 2009, Koum bought an iPhone and realized the potential of App Store. In the coming months, he envisioned and took steps towards making his idea of a messaging app a reality.

WhatsApp was eventually born, and despite the enormous technical setbacks, found his way around in the heart of the public opinion.

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In the year 2014, Jan Koum sold WhatsApp for $19 billion to Facebook.

He most fascinating thing about that contract was the spot on which it was signed. Jan Koum, Brian Acton and a few other representatives drove a few blocks from WhatsApp headquarters to an abandoned Social Services building, the same building that fed a struggling Koum in his early years.

It was indeed a significant and meaningful spot for Koum, as it reminded him of his bravery and courage in the face of life’s difficulties. Difficulties that could drive any man insane or fill them with hopelessness.

WhatsApp is now one of the most popular messaging apps throughout the globe.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Motivation is definitely not a pulling force, it’s a driving force from within. Motivation doesn’t pull me out of bed in the morning, it pushes me out of bed. Motivation comes from within us when we want to achieve something and need to push ourselves to achieve those goals.

The Inspiration is really good. the motivation is a pushing force not a pulling force. I would say, the inspiration is kind of pulling force which lays a foundation for motivation and motivation gives the push to achieve the goal....

Or may be .....
Inspiration is a driving force, while motivation which is a pulling force.

Magnificent @chbartist ....

Dear @chbartist sir!
Yes indeed if there is a desire to learn inside us, many inspirational people will be present in history, who have fought themselves in the category of successful people while facing the odd circumstances. As Jan Koum did not give up even patience in extreme circumstances and brought himself to the line of successful people through little resources., Jan Koum people remember because of WhatsApp,Facebook. But there are many people who succeeded but were not the subject of discussion. Talking on a small scale, we can find examples of many people around us who have touched the heights of hard work and perseverance in adverse circumstances.

  ·  2년 전

Really a great story of success. How a poor boy became a billionaire. Success depends on your efforts. Stronger the effort bigger the success. Stay calm and focus on your work so you can achieve everything in your life.
Work in silence let the success make noise.

I have been using WhatsApp since 2010 and yes it's the highest popular messaging app in the World. Jan and Brian did a tremendous work to think about it and making it a reallity. Now people rarely use SMS and switched to WhatsApp. Story of Jan is full of motivation and it teaches us not to give up in any situation instead keep thinking creative and unique.
Now the current situation is that all smartphone users use WhatsApp and even businesses have also moved to this platform. Undoubtedly this is great communication app with low cost which is only for internet use and not costly or limited like traditional SMS. Thanks much for such a great and motivational post @chbartist

Posted using Partiko Android

Good evening, according to the case you mentioned and keeping the distance, of course, I have seen in my life many similar cases, people who during a part of their lives had many needs and then their intelligence and skills allowed them to be successful people. With many possibilities in life.

There is a particular case that I want to share with you and with all the Steemianos, who want to read this writing, it is from a friend who, for most of his life, was a very poor person, his parents had very few resources, they worked, one as secretary and the other as a fireman, in a service station., They tried to survive and move forward with a family with 4 children, being my friend, and, of which I am speaking the eldest of them.

Being very young he had to go to work to help his parents, he worked long time in the field, as a caller, calf breeder, manager ... With luck, and with the help of a man, he managed to start planting 5 hectares of corn and, little by little, the amount of planted hectares increased, could begin to acquire a house, a car and other properties, until he managed to buy a farm that has worked with his closest relatives.

Once I manage to have a productive farm, I buy another farm that, with the help of the bank, through bank loans, has allowed them to have conucos of corn and sorghum, which have allowed them to turn it into a Non Millionaire person, but Yes, a very economically stable person, with comforts and possibilities.

This case happens a lot in life, but it is only achieved with work, perseverance and dedication.



One thing i have come to realize in life, in which i am going to faithfully apply in 2019 is that " we are our greatest limitation" not circumstance or situation.
We erroneously see our present reality/ condition as been constant, forgetting that every thing in life is in a state of flux.
The young man above saw a need in his family, and he had the right mindset which gave him the courage to assist in filling the gap. Then life took care of the rest.
Its a great story.
Regards friend

Any work in which hard work is done with confidence and desire, then we will be successful in it.The stories of successes of some are common, due to their convenience, but there are some stories that are absolutely amazing to hear

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Hola chbartist! estas haciendo mucha tarea de investigación, ademas un
trabajo inspirador! En el camino de la vida se encuentra muchos obstáculos, que dificultan el viaje, pero son esta dificultades las que nos prepara para el éxito.

Es importante recordar el camino, no olvidar lo difícil que fue, de esta manera mantendremos la humildad y la empatia hacia los demás.

Muchas gracias por el trabajo que vienes desarrollando!

I wish the story could go into more details on how Jan Koum build WhatsApp after he bought his first iPhone. Anyway, keep up with writing. I wish to have your super power of writing long post frequently.

Koum is seriously an inspiration for all of us, the hope of not loosing and trying hard to achieve the dreams. when we try harder and in smarter approach eventually everything falls in place.
Keep on sharing such inspiring stories.

History continues to demonstrate that it does not matter where you are from as long as consistency and dedication are provided, many things can be achieved!

Posted using Partiko iOS

@chbartist, Mindset is big thing brother, if we hold control of it then everything is possible otherwise the path is tough and situations can depress us. Really motivational to read and very important too because real life stories hold vital clues because it is passed through from the tough and rough experiences. Stay blessed. 🙂

Posted using Partiko Android

This story of yours was very inspirational, it shows that if one does hard work, then he can do anything.

Posted using Partiko Android

In fact, these people have worked very hard, so these people have reached here. sorry to interfere @chbartist. The Richest person in the world is Jeff Bezos, i think so and sometimes bill gates.


Thanks for your comment, I understand what you mean but not so easy to rank the richest because currently in the business scenario it depends primarily on the source you may have seen about it. There is not only forbes magazine for example. It is now a time of merger of companies It is possible for you to have billions and not to go out in any of these magazines because I can own a company and take a large part of the shares of another. Things are not quite as they are advertised it depends a lot. The richest people in the world I can assure you that they are not in any of these publications or magazines because they do not want or disclose the value of your true fortune. Have you seen any Arab Sheik being reported on forbes as being the richest? Try to think why? Do not you think they're the richest in the world? Their fortune pours out of the ground every second. Why are not they at Forbes for example? These ratings change each month. To be honest we do not know for sure who is the richest in the world for these reasons, for example politicians will never figure in the Forbes. We do not need to debate this because I know why I wrote this. This is not the focus of the message Everyone in this class are billionaires, the important message is the inspiration and as I said before I appreciate your comment because this shows that you actually read the post but it is important to know how the billionaire world works . Regards! @chbartist


Thanks so much @chbartist to explain deeply.

Hi @chbartist thank you for this amazing story. Troubles in live, good idea, hard work and then unbeliavable wealth. Maybe live for the movie screenplay. That's great that we live in a world where can this happen, everything is in our hands!

Dear best blogger,
No doubt about the beautification and inspirations. I love a writer most name "shib khera" he also a write for inspiration, but in short you are the best.
In this kind of article we find similarity with our life, only struggle part, but we are find any similarity with success part of anyone, I hardly believed that life give a chance to everyone, who can realised it, who can pick it in time, and try his best, he become success.
Hope we all in this community have a great time.
Thank you

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Wow! What an inspiring story... most youths just use this app knowing that it was bought by Facebook for a huge sum of dollars but without knowing the story behind the man who built it.
Thanks for sharing!

вы пишете интересно и очень позитивно, приятно читать истории. По возможности буду тоже вас поддерживать. И делиться вашим постом чтобы потом не потерять


Большое спасибо, мой друг.

That's a life story that inspires us and motivates. This is an example of having a business vision taking advantage of the opportunities and competencies for which we develop professionally.
Greetings @chbartist

I've only just joined steemit, and this will be the first post I've commented on. I've looked through your post history and you seem to be not only prolific in your writing but also maintain a high level of quality. Bravo!

Success is not always easy, it takes determination to get to the top.

Hi chbartist! This is a very inspiring post to know that whoever doesn't give up on his goals will eventually succeed no matter how hard is the journey to get there. Upvoted!

Man if people only knew Gina bot exists so they could subscribe to your posts and get a notification instead of you having to type out their usernames for half a post.


Hi, thanks for you write about it, but since I have a very busy life I just write and write in steemit, it's good that you know something interesting that technologically can do it automatically, but I would like you to understand that most people like the list because they feel recognized for being part of that community because they know I'm looking at them. I try to make the community something that even people feel that I am reading what they write and this brings me closer as people and not robotically. Do you understand what I mean? Is not it good for you to be responding to your comment? Do not you feel appreciative that I took the time to read your comment and respond to you? Does not that make you feel noticed by someone in such a cold world where people live all the time looking at their cell phones instead of looking into people's eyes? I can understand your good intention with me e and I appreciate. But I am explaining to you about attention and recognition of the people who contribute here. Yes it's hard to read the comments and insert people on the list, but they ask for me. Do you understand the importance of this? I do not always want my work facilitated because I am here working with people and I want this community to integrate and who knows someday we can have a great event to get to know each other and I can share knowledge of my work. I know that behind these profiles there are people who thirst for information, growth, and recognition because they interact with each other. It was not easy for me to build that generosity here. You understand? I can not robotize everything if I really want to help people who are on steem. You are always welcome and I hope you have understood what I mean because I dedicated my effort to write you a response greater than a post! LOL In addition I would like you to know that I see the comments and if anyone wants to leave the list she can request for me or I withdraw from the list because I see that they do not interact in the community and if I realize that I will retreat myself. Regards! @chbartist


I want my 2 minutes back

One good thing about reading success stories of individuals is that one way or the other we could actually relate to them and see that if they could do it, then i can. This inspires us to see that no condition is permanent.

It's not easy to succeed. If you try hard and don't succeed, you may not be trying hard enough. Believe in yourself and your efforts will pay off in the end. Come on!

what a great and inspiring story. Where ever we come from is not important , what important is what we wanna be in the future .

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Ganteng ya, salam kenal ya pak


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Ooops even i didnt know the watsap history, but i alway belive in persistance and no matter my earning is low but i belive through persistance i will earn like @chbartist one day thank you dear for the info

Never ever give up on your dreams. Your determination will take you further. :)

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The Inspiration is really good. the motivation is a pushing force not a pulling force. I would say, the inspiration is kind of pulling force which lays a foundation for motivation and motivation gives the push to achieve the goal..

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