Swallow the Frog and Get on With Your Life...

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Greetings, fellow Steemians!

Frogs are generally deemed as disgusting creatures by the masses. Even more so if you imagine that you have to eat one! I think we can safely assume that no one would want to do that voluntarily.

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In our previous posts, we discussed the nature of ultimate reality and the illusory veil from which everything is given an adjective in the whirlwind of destructive emotions. We examined the windows through which we see the reality surrounding us and how these windows manifest. In our series of motivational and inspiring posts, our main goal is to help you learn how to create and shape these windows for yourself.

That is, to see the world in a better light and find a way to cope with the difficulties that you have to face in life. To see them not merely as difficulties, but opportunities that could open our eyes to new horizons unbeknownst to us. But not everyone is capable of doing that.

Sometimes people’s predisposition to see the world in a different light overwhelms their determination to find a better way to live or shake off the negative outlook that has been with them all their lives. Maybe that outlook is a part of their identity.

But there is also a solution for that; a chain of thought, if you will, to come to terms with that outlook with a different approach.

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Backtracking to how we started this article, frogs are indeed disgusting creatures. Let’s just say that you don’t want to have to deal with them in any sort of way. Now imagine that you are standing in front of a pond full of frogs in all different colors and sizes. You have to eat these frogs. This scenery is basically your life and your everyday routine.

What good does it do if you stand idly and don’t get on with what you have to do? It is a truth in life that we are not in possession of enough time to do everything we want to do, but we CAN do the things that are important. You are always going to be behind. You can never catch up with life, but you can learn to take advantage of it.

In the book Eat That Frog! Brian Tracy compares the scene of life to that of the frog pond we mentioned above. When you work up the courage and the will to eat the biggest of the frogs, the other frogs and what they can do to you will seem of little to no importance. For then, you have overcome the greatest challenge.

Now, you not only know that you are capable of eating those frogs, but you are capable of eating the biggest and ugliest of them all.

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Simply put, you should start your day by doing the thing that you hate the most or the deed that you tend to postpone. When you are done with that, nothing can bring you down or come in the way of the rest of your day.

You will no longer feel anxiety or that nagging sensation in the corner of your mind that says you have to do something you hate but just can’t bring yourself to do it.

When you swallow that frog, which is the biggest of them all, you will no longer feel the need to cower behind your doubts and fears, even if you have a negative mindset towards life and existence.



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This book must be very good ... The comparison with the frogs is ... something grotesque ... the frogs give me a lot of disgust ... but if I adapt it to reality, I must confront what causes me so much disgust or so much hindrance to be able to continue on the road ... that is a therapy very similar to facing fears, you must face what you fear most to overcome it ... otherwise it will always be there managing your feelings!


nice follow me

i really do ear frog when i was travel in vietnam and cambodia. And they are delicious , it was so tender and yummy in the same time. 😂😂😂. You should try it in the future. But wait ,lets back to this article .

well , everything we do , it ll become our habit after we use to do it day by day. eating a frog is not comfortable , sometimes we dont wan to eat it because the frog is ugly enough to make us afraid eating it. But, when we have taste and eat the frog , it was delicious. It become one my favourite dishes in vietnam .

I believe that if we do things or our routine everyday like eating the frog , eventually we wlll love it 😍.

you can follow me ay @tommyl33 for my travel journey , life lesson and photography journal

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It's a good comparison. Some of our duties are as disgusting as frogs. I, myself, have my issues with frogs. Twice in my life, in two different places, I have been awaken by a real frog on my face. In both occasions I killed the frogs our of pure uncontrollable disgust.
I guess sometimes we need the actual frog to get on our faces to do something about it.
I hate to run errands and deal with all the chaos in our society, but since i don't a choice and can't have anyone do it for me, i do all my chores and run all my errands as fast as I can so that i can devote the reamining time to what I really like.

Yeah bro chbartist!!! You are giving your time to these bloggs and i am totally agree that you are teaching millions of people and i appreciate your work please keep doing it...best wishes...

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Excellent @chbartist, if we do not face the things that seem unpleasant, we simply can not advance to the next level, it has always been said that the wrong step must be hurried, that's right, in the bible it tells the story of Pharaoh and the plagues of Egyptians , and there is talk that one of the plagues sent were frogs, when Moses spoke to Pharaoh to remove them, he replied: tomorrow, he preferred to spend another night with the frogs, this is a great lesson since antiquity, when there is an obstacle in our path, it usually happens that the level of intensity with which we are affected by anxiety and anguish depends more on the consideration and value that we give to a situation than on the meaning and value it really has. What I want to say is that we ourselves, most of the time, are the ones who magnify the suffering, anxiety and anguish that we feel, because the situation that we consider and value as the cause of such feelings does not really have the importance or the focus that we give him. Within us there is a spirit of conquest, and we have to apply it to any circumstance.

I often take the same approach with getting the challenging tasks done before others as the thought of knowing what is still needed to be done can overwhelm one’s concentration to get other done effectively.

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Great thinking @chbartist
Face the biggest challenge, deal with it and other tasks would appear as trivial and as you mentioned it will take a lot of anxiety out of the equation

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Well, as a man who grew up on a farm, frogs are our foods. Lol. Of course, there are many things that disgust me.

This is a great advice when dealing with fears and pride. Swallow our pride and take heed to the counsels of others. Have the courage to face the greatest challenge of your life. For in not facing our fears, we will become forever a slave of it.

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@chbartist sir!
Life is full of challenges. At every step the person takes a test. Time and circumstance are not always the same. In the most fulfilling circumstances, the person making the right decision leads to success. Yes, I agree with your point that the beginning of the day should be done with the task which is the most difficult. We have difficulty in fulfilling the work. However, this difficult task leads to dislike and disgust, even if we meet the difficult responsibility, then the smallest responsibilities and tasks are made easier.regards

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This sounds like effective time management. I thought this article was an interesting perspective. Doing the most troublesome tasks first or the ones that we tend to procrastinate on won't make doing them more fun or enjoyable, but we will have finished or made progress on it. I believe this way of doing tasks will be good at increasing self-confidence since you made progress on or finished something that stressed you. Also, we won't be allowing negative emotions regarding the tasks to fester, so we can enjoy our day better.

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Fear is like a thief, if someone sees it stealing, then he tries to escape from there immediately.

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Sometimes we have to do those things that we hate, it's hard for us but later we realized that that Was necessary for our success. Great example of swallowing frog you have given to us.

Thank you @chbartist for your efforts for building such a wonderful community.

I'm glad to be a part of this community and want that more and more people join us.

A great hug for you and for everyone who is a part of this beautiful community.

And if you have time then visit me here @coolguy222 ,and If you like something then must hit the upvote button. It will be appreciated

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If you face fear, then fear will have to be run because fear is a fantasy and you are a real one.

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Yea, comparison to the frog is very good. I hate this feeling when i put something away, wchich I steel have to do. I'm stressed only longer than I need.

@chbartist ya you already discussed about philosophy mindset . I agree with you philosophy does matter for our mindset all our system and our results are depend on our thinking what we think and how we think . Our mindset is creat our future and we can not make it storng untill we didn't get any motivation and for it philosophy is must .
And it really works too.

This frog story can equally be likened to a battle scenario between two general in war zone, once one general is killed, his soldiers will surrender to the other side.
A good article to start today

Thank you for posting this! Now I can put away my Magic 8-Ball.Take the Leap magic 8 ball.bmp

I am wondering why this post is so life touching!! We often fear to face the ugliest truth in our life. Life always have a different plan. So it hurts most when we have to face the difficulty. But if we could gather the courage to fight back or what you are saying shallow the frog,then we don't have to take the tension of failure and upcoming sorrow any more.
Thanks for your words.

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Hey I just had to comment on your intro saying “Frogs are generally deemed as disgusting creatures...” I really have to disagree with you here, it is toads that are deemed disgusting, on the other hand frogs are super cute, an environmentally important species and their courting singing chorus is delightful to listen to. As far as eating them goes, I believe it is mainly only the French that eat frog’s legs as a delicacy, although they may be eaten by other cultures around the world as well. I notice one of your commenters @tommyl33 mentions eating frogs in Vietnam and Cambodia.

I have a green tree frog that sits in the soap dish in my rainforest semi outdoor shower, it is so beautiful, flouro green and sings every night.
Anyway I am with you for your awesome positivity towards #steemit and I think that your plan is a really good one for the community and it will help minnows like me grow and become more successful on this platform as well as help us to make meaningful friendships with other #steemers, regardless of whether we like or dislike frogs! I think your philosophies are genuine and you have the right idea here.

I would like to be on your list and will start to post more often and help to get the ball rolling for myself and other new #steemers as well.

Love & happiness to everyone... BUY MORE STEEM

Yea, comparison to the frog is very good. I hate this feeling when i put something away, wchich I steel have to do. I'm stressed only longer than I need.

@chbartist La vida es lo que uno hace de ella: Una escuela, un campo de batalla o un parque de diversiones... Tal cual

Eating a frog is apart of success menu, it is an avoidable. So get ready for a feast.

You got a 43.09% upvote from @booster courtesy of @chbartist!


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