Taking Advantage of Your Problems by Changing Your View

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Hello, Steemians!

Life is not a linear path. We do not always experience delightful things and we, as humans, are prone to many incidents and problems that could slow us down or give us a hard time.

Be as optimistic as you like or as hopeful and dreamful as it can possibly get, you cannot deny the inevitable truth of life that not everything is in our hands. At the end of the day, some occurrences are not within our power or authority to reason with, and some incidents are not essentially our fault.

The thing I want to tell you today might be one of the most important lessons that I have cherished in my lifetime, so I want you to pay close attention and thoroughly consider the argument below regarding the incidents and problems that become an obstacle in your way.

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As I have said before, most people have the same blessings, but don’t use them equally. For instance, we are all given 24 hours a day. We are all bestowed with gifts of sense, thought, and will.

But for all our mutual and shared blessings, there are people who achieve success and there are people who live in misery. As I have said time and time again, the true difference of successful people and unsuccessful ones are in the way they approach life.

You see, successful people tend to have peculiar mindsets when it comes to reacting to things that happen in their life. We can even go so far as to suggest that even their decision-making process is unique it its own right.
How do successful people react when obstacles and incidents disturb their movements towards realizing their dreams?

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Learn how to take advantage of your problems. As we have said before, our problems or the incidents and occurrences that disturb us are impartial in the face of ultimate reality. It is our own tendency to see them as difficulties and delights through the labels of our mindset.

Successful people do not linger in the hopelessness of the incident that has turned into an obstacle in their path. They are always looking for a way to even take advantage of the troubles that come their way.

One of the most moving stories that I heard was from friend of mine that lived in a place where they constantly had power surges and lost their electricity.

He told me that after a while, the illusory veil lost its grip on him and he began to look at that annoying problem from another angle. Every time the town lost its electricity, my friend looked for the positive effects of that loss and tried to find a way to take advantage of his situation.

For instance, he did the chores that required no electricity in those specific moments of the day and saved more time for his other activities.
That loss of electricity was no longer a problem for him, but an opportunity. You see, we always have a choice. We can adapt and take advantage, or we can sit still and complain about things that are not in accordance to our will.

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If you believe in God, then you can say that some incidents are opportunities send forth by him to test your vigilance. If you do not believe in God, then you can say that we make our own chances and should take advantage of every moment in our life.

Whatever the case, one of the most important points in the mindset of successful people is their willingness to see the silver lining and taking opportunities of the situations that may not be in their hand.

So, starting today, consider the fact that each and every one of your problems could be your life-changing opportunities.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Life is only a simulation of your own mindset!!

I totally agree with you @chbartist,
When we have a problem we can do two things, solve the problem or continue to them. Nobody wants to continue with a problem (at least shouldn't want), so if we continue with the problem, it means that, we haven't had give enough effort to solve or we cannot solve that.
In that case, we need to change our behavior to do the maximum effort to really solve the problem, or change our point of view, understand that problem in unsolved and never will be, and it's ok with that. If we cannot solve a problem, we need to understand that, even we put all our energy in that, nothing will change, so why we need to waste our time and energy in that?
Thanks for sharing, and I will appreciate if my blog will be on your list, but just if you see value in my blog and my comments!

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This reminds me of the analogy of the eagle and the storm which I've been taught about dealing with problems and trials in life. As a king of the air, the eagle soars high with the help of a fierce wind even rides with the storms. I think this is the reason why people say spread your wings and soar high to see the world from a higher perspective. Let problems be your springboard to leap with a greater hope in dealing with the troubles of life.

Posted using Partiko Android

Problems in life are going on and we will have to get rid of these problems by trying.
If we wait for the river to dry while sitting on the banks of the river, then we will never be able to do anything in life.
Thank you friend, you have written a lot of knowledge.

Posted using Partiko Android

Very well said, I agree every problems we encounter we need to take it as an opportunity and not obstacle. it will help us to grow, to be strong and to learn how to fight for this life.

We are what we do in those type of situations. I do come from eastern Europe, a place where people's stories are mainly how they are surrendering to the hardness of life. I am happy now that I am able to see all the disasters as new opportunities and nothing is able to put me down anymore. But it was a long journey

Posted using Partiko Android

Que bonito este pensamento. Lembra-me uma época da minha vida em que vivia com dificuldades e certo dia a minha tv avariou.
como não tinha dinheiro para repará-la ou comprar outra, passava o meu serão a ler. então descobri que esta situação, que normalmente encaramos como um problema, se transformou numa oportunidade para
ocupar o meu tempo livre com uma atividade diferente e muito prazerosa. No saldo final, percebi que até fiquei a ganhar. E essa percepção passou a fazer parte da minha mentalidade.
Obrigada por esta reflexão.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is another saying this reminds me of. These experiences, whether good or bad, will build up to future decisions for the best if you learn from them. It is the cycle of life!

Posted using Partiko iOS

These days I was a bit sad, because we had planned to leave the country now in December, but already one year processing the passport of my little girl and there is no way to get the passport, it is one of the main obstacles that the government puts we for leave the country ... so December has arrived and even the office in charge does not know how to respond ... I was a little sad ... but as I have always said, God's time is perfect, and if not it could be at this moment is because it may not suit us to leave this month of the country ... so we will have a lot of patience and we will wait for the time of God, when it is time everything will go smoothly. Meanwhile, we will continue to give the best of us here in my country.


This is a perfect example to see the problem from a different angle :)
I am sorry that the government gives you a hard time to leave the country @blessed-girl , but it also shows you some possibilities. Since you can not leave the country, you can discover beautiful places within your country.

Moreover, you could spend more time with your family or do an activity you always wanted to do.
The core message I want to give is: The one situation might be bad, but it also opens a door for something that might even be better :)

Have a good day,


Yes, of course ... I understand you perfectly and that is exactly what I do ... Thanks for your comment, have a nice day! :)

On one of the worst (by circumstance) days of my life, I took the time to remember the blessing contained within each problem. It was a new concept for me at the time, spurred by the desperation of the moment. It has been more than 20 years, but I still look back at that day and remember the rewiring that took place in my brain and heartspace with gratitude.

I really like your post and positive vibration your throwing out. I def agree you have to take advantage of whatever situation your in, and taking a step aside and looking at it from another vantage point can do wonders. I think most people do not know how to do this. Sometimes it can be as simple as removing yourself from the current environment, go outside and breathe a bit in nature, go for a drive, talk to someone you havent talked to in a long time, do something unusual. Big love to you my friend

Whatever the case, one of the most important points in the mindset of successful people is their willingness to see the silver lining and taking opportunities of the situations that may not be in their hand.

This actually brings me to the story of two business men who deals on shoes. They were looking for new business opportunity to market their shoes and so they found a lonely Island,On getting there they observed a very big challenge. The natives of the Island done know anything about shoes ,they all prefer walking bale foot. Now one of the the business man saw it as a waist of time energy as shoes wont be a good business in such a place why the other business man saw it as opportunity to sell a lot of shoes, it will just take a little of education for the people to know the purpose and why it is necessary to put on shoes
mindset matter most on how to solve challenges..... Best regard @chbartist

I really do agree with you sir chbartist....
Most people always like to be in their comfort zones,then inevitable situations arise to break this in order for us to be better but most people don't see these as an opportunity for improvement instead they go whining , hesitant and angry....

you are right @chbartist,

Problems are meant to be solved, face it and find solutions that are the basic way of life.
If Such problem is solved on rush then it will have a bigger chance to obtain a greater problem than solve it.
Such Problem bigger or small can be solved in such way as GAther, Analysis, and identify.

Collect much information as possible in order to obtain such precise options to choose with.

Analyze each information in every detail to obtain facts and correct opinions to be used as a basis in selecting the best answer among the available options.

Specify each information sources and Opinions of people, in order to know the Identify Behind such Problems (it Cause and Effects).

Hi @chbartist.

Great post again!
Being in learners attitude in both success and failure and as you said in an earlier post throughout the journey keeps us hopeful and contended. I always suggest this to my students. But you see, they will be actually affected when I live it myself!
Thank you for such an inspiration.

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I used to bury myself in a pool of self-pity. Well-meaning friends have enlightened me about changing my outlook. Whenever I post anything negative on Facebook, they surely call my attention to it. I have learned to start appreciating small things and that's when everything commenced brightening up.

problems made me a better person. they make me bring forth my resilience. sometimes, i discover new things about myself whenever i face challenges.

What a great idea it is.
As from a developing country we are surrounded by thousands of problem. I will try to remember your advice in my social and personal life.
Thanks for your eye opening post.

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Man's life fluctuates. But we should not be meditated. Be patient with it, and make your life successful.
Thanks for sharing.

The problem depends on how you face,
All in your heart.
Unreasonable suffering, you think it is training.
Excessive requirements, you are regarded as a test.
Unfair treatment, you see it as a challenge.
Being abused, you are considered to be taboo.
When you are not happy, think about why you feel unpleasant, change your idea(Thinking), you will be happy.

Grat! I follow you!
If you like traveling around the word and art you can follow me ;)

me es muy grato lo publicado me gusto mucho

Seeing the bright side of things and adapting when faced with problems is a great way to manage our time. I believe this is a skill that must be practiced if it doesn't come naturally to you. We must always try to be positive and hopeful. Changing our perspective on things allows us to see the opportunities we are missing.

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Nice analogy of life,really want to put in all my effort to support this community in every way I can✌🏼

Thank you @chbartist,
it feels like that today I just needed that text. You are totally right.
As I pointed out in one comment in this blog, the very first moment something might be bad but it also gives you room for new opportunities and chances in life!

Keep up the good work bud
See you later :P

Hi @chbartist this is nice post and related almost everyone. We all have different problems in our life. I mean to say you will not find any person who don't have problem in life and everyone have their own types. I believe that if can solve the problem then no need to worry and even if I can't solve the problem then also no need to worry. Worrying about problems is not the solution. Instead we must use problem as an advantage in our life which is the best way to overcome. Nice thought friend @chbartist have a great day.

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Yes i belive in your post 100% coz i belive we all do not have equal talents but we have equal opportunies to develop them .......... @chbartist am newbie and i will seriously need your help and guidance because your blogging the type of articles i want

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