The Conscious Effort of Making Excuses and its Impact on Your Life...

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Hi, Steemians!

One of the very first things that we think of doing whenever we are faced with a dilemma or a problem is making excuses to relieve ourselves of the struggle that we must go through in order to deal with them.

Our conscious effort of making excuses whenever something goes wrong or we do something bad is one of the many reasons that our life is in bad shape.

In this blog post, we will examine the cause of these excuses and the method with which we can counter them.

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Let us make our case by examining the life of a certain dreamer.

This dreamer is a revolutionary thinker who is always experimenting on new innovations in his mind.

He is also very keen to achieve success in life.

The dreamer starts an independent and personal project.

The first day passes with little to no success.

After a couple of days, he faces against his first big challenge; the observation that he is not putting in enough time for his work to flourish.

So, instead of thinking about a way to boost his productivity, the dreamer starts listing excuses in his head.

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‘Well, to be fair, I was occupied by my friends the other night.

Actually, if you think about it, my mental state is not as it should be.

Come to think of it, I have only just started this job and it is early for this surge of productive energy!’

He thinks to himself.

These are all the excuses our dreamer friend comes up with.

What is the result here?

The result is that he cannot bring himself to improve himself.

At the sight of problem, the dreamer shrinks from responsibility and assumes that he cannot perform better than that.

The conscious effort of making excuses can adversely affect your life in ways that you cannot begin to imagine.

People who tend to make excuses in their minds fail to immediately go searching for a solution.

The result of this is an inevitable waste of your time and energy.

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More so, it is fair to mention that a mentality constantly seeking excuses can never make any progress in life.

The progress will be dampened by the pitfall of your shortcomings and your unwillingness to admit that some of them are actually your fault!

When you face a new problem or situation, think about the first thing that comes into your mind. Is it an excuse?

Is it something that gives you comfort?

Or are you looking for a solution right away?

By monitoring our thoughts and reactions, we begin to understand how we approach our problems and then we can consciously decide to avoid the pitfalls of making excuses.

If you want success in life, you have to earn it!

A person who is always coming up with excuses is no closer to success than a person who is not even dreaming of success!




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I just came across your posts after a member of my group was unfairly flagged by another community (who shall remain nameless).

I have to say I enjoyed reading your post and will be following you.
I will pass your name to the rest of my community....

Please feel free to add me to your list.



I need Your discord number to find you @richatvns. @richatvns####


I'm @thehumanemoticon on discord... LOL


Or write me on steem chat @richatvns


writing you nowon steem chat


Your discord number. I'm including you in my list. See the last post list! Regards


hold on I'm helping someone I'm onboarding with theier intro post...

One thing I've realized is that you must do what you want to do. That's the only true path to happiness. Me and my brother are polar opposites. I work long hours and put in effort into what I focus on. My goal is to create wealth and success for myself. My brother on the other hand is happy working a 9-5 shift, coming home to his wife and dogs, and playing video games and cooking a meal before bed.

It all boils down to what YOU want. If what you want is success, you will either not make excuses or work past the excuses. If your deep seated desire is actually just to lead a calm, stress free life with not much wealth or success, that's amazing.

You just have to figure out what you really want and pursue that. There's no point spending a single second doing something we don't want to. That said, it's easier said than done.

Cheers @chbartist

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Pero ¿por qué no pensar que la vida que lleva su hermano es el éxito para él? Esta sociedad tiende a establecer a una persona exitosa a quien tiene un alto rango, posición y dinero en una cuenta bancaria y no a ver que un simple campesino que ha cosechado una enorme sandía es exitoso. Empecemos eliminando las comparaciones. La idea debería ser que, dado que todos somos únicos e irrepetibles, el éxito es único y muy propio, como usted dice: si lo hace feliz, es exitoso. @artelita

But why not think that the his brother`s life leads is success for him? This society tends to establish a successful person who has a high rank, position and money in a bank account and not to see that a simple farmer who has harvested a huge watermelon is successful. Let's start by eliminating the comparisons. The idea should be that, given that we are all unique and unrepeatable, our success is unique and very own, as you say: if you make it happy, it is successful. @artelita

Hi chbartist, and all the steemians!☺️ I recommend all those people struggling with mental issues like always making excuses for everything to try meditation.

It really has helped me not only about procrastination but also to be more calm, happy and appreciate more everything and the everyday life. 🧘🏾‍♂️

I personally use Headspace, but it could bee really good to do an app atached to steemit and motivate people to meditate. I don't know I leave the idea in the air🌬️

Enjoy every second!🌞


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Thats a million dollar idea in my book !


Well then we'll have to build it!😜 I'm learning Computer Science, be sure this project is his way!!!


We fell safe and happy in our comfort zone and find numerous excuses to be in . If we want to succeed in life ,we should be innovative, challenge ourself .We should have a motive in life to get out of our comfort zone and proceed to our goal.
Thanks @chbartist

Surely either we can have results or excuses.
Keep flourishing buddy.

Excuses hold us back from achieving our goals as they blind us to executing our thoughts actively. They leave us too often in a comfort zone which we know is another deterrent from achieving goals. No excuses, act!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Dear @chbartist & your fans / followers Have a Good Sunday..!!!
your Posts learn us too much.
i always wait for Your posts at to reading & learning

Dear @chbartist Never break Whatever is lost on the earth, in some other form it comes back in life. personally i like you and your fans / followers.

As an enthusiast of photography, I feel astonished with those pictures. The colours inspire me a lot and, specially, they transmit me feelings just looking at them, and that is something that not everyone can achieve. Also, I have to say that they fit very good with the text. Very interesting post, congratulations!

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Work on something that you are passionate about and you will never have to work again.

There is no lack of opportunities or ideas, there is a lack of courage, of guts to look in the face of uncertainty and to say: "here I am with my heart ready to give you clarity". There is no lack of resources, there are too many excuses. There is a lack of commitment to our projects, of responsibility with oneself. Be loyal to your dreams and if you have an idea develop it, nobody will do it for you. Society will put more or less means against you, but always there is always something in favor, locate it and use it as a push. More people are needed willing to slam doors to ungrateful jobs, to unfair situations, to toxic people ... Give decisions to doubts and risk in exchange for increasing the chances that other doors will open and the world will improve.

yes you're right, we have to recognize our faults and learn from them.
Sometimes it's good when we have someone who can quickly show us our faults like in some sports where a good coach sees the faults better than ourselves.
Have a beautiful Sunday

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hi @zanoni how are you
yes You'r right :)


thanks, I'm fine
Have a wonderful Sunday

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nice name TOM :)

I totally agree with you. Many of us love to look for excuses for unfinished business. As George Washington said Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.

"you want success in life, you have to earn it"
That's million % true @chbartist

Watch your success in "DREAM"
FEEL your DREAM IN real life
Your DREAM want just "EFFORTS"

Excellent your post friend @chbartist. I think the point is that we should feel responsible for the events that mark our lives, although a few can be fortuitous and have an impact on us, the vast majority of things that affect us are a product of what we do or do not do ; therefore, success will depend almost exclusively on our actions and our positive attitude.
The excuses are only unconscious arguments that we generally use to justify to others the results that we have not been able to obtain.

Greate thoughts bro @chbartist yes if we are not doing hard work we are cheating not other but we are cheating ourself

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Bad excuses occur when your body is tired. So looking after your health well.

That's it. Stop excuses. Why? Why do we need to excuse ourselves for not having done the effort that we should? The answer is easy, we do that because we feel bad of not having done it and we need to feel that it is not our fault, in stead of trying to improve for the next time. Cool psicological post!

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Such a good post!

I guess there are valid and invalid excuses in some ways from one way to another.
But most of the time excuses lead to obstruction of growth of our lives and the common good.

Congratulations @chbartist!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 9 with $ 108,52

Giving excuse is not at all helpful for us instead it ruin our fire to finish the task. We must accept the fact whatever it is rather than giving excuses.

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There are a lot of reasons why we have trouble sticking to good habits or developing new skills that could help us improve our life. But more often than not, the biggest obstacle to change is sitting right inside of your own head. Our mind is a powerful thing and it controls our life a lot more than we probably realize.

This is really amazing post.According to me excuses are one type of slow poison, which effects very rude to your god giving life slowly slowly day by day.I am agree with your thought that Observing and Monitoring ourself is one of the biggest strength or ability to overcome it.Excuses cause ruining routine habits and once we support it in near future definitely we become unsuccessful.So aware of it.Thank you for sharing this post @chbartist .

How can I join your community sir??

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Hi chbartist, and all the steemians!☺️ I recommend all those people struggling with mental issues like always making excuses for everything to try meditation.

It really has helped me not only about procrastination but also to be more calm, happy and appreciate more everything and the everyday life. 🧘🏾‍♂️

I personally use Headspace, but it could bee really good to do an app atached to steemit and motivate people to meditate. I don't know I leave the idea in the air🌬️

Enjoy every second!🌞

you are a genius.
Posted using Partiko Android.

A great read and example. We should really face whatever problem that we have because at the end of the day we are the one who can solve the issue and to make it end.

In some point of life, you just have to decide what is more important your dreams and you will try to achieve them, or you will just find a job that provides cash to achieve dreams in another way. You just have to make a decision because everything depends on you.

Hello friend, I really liked your post, good job, I hope you can give me some rewards to have as good votes as you receive in your posts, because I would like to reach those good rewards for each post. Excellent greetings and success

I admit that I often make excuses on certain occasions, and it is usually due to fear of something new. I think that many happens to us.

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