The Effects of Meditation and Taking the Journey to Explore Yourself...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

In this modern society, we live busy and convoluted lives. Tension and pressure are faithful companions of such lifestyle as the one we are experiencing nowadays.

Our everyday experience of human interaction contributes greatly to our ever-growing sense of anxiety and stress. Our workload weighs heavily on the peace of our mind. Our relationships require constant attention and dedication to thrive.

How could we scold someone for becoming a living carcass of exhaustion and dread in this hell of our own making?
But such traumas, little or big, are an inevitable fruit of society. In a situation like this, a wise man seeks help to mend his mind and soul and shield it against the raging storm outside.

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You do not necessarily have to pursue spirituality to attain peace of mind. Your mere negligence towards knowledge greater than your current understanding might just be enough to strip you of blessings that could make life more enjoyable or at the very least, easier.

A lot of people reject meditation because they are too busy to try it. Little do they know that meditation is actually one of the most useful tools for busy people and their distinctive lifestyles. Taking a couple of minutes every day to reflect on yourself and your journey while dismissing all your distractive thoughts is as pleasant as it is beneficial.

One of the most interesting effects of meditation is giving you perspective. We often live in thought bubbles that reduce our outlook to our limited experience of the past few weeks.

Meditation can effectively eliminate this thought bubble and give your mind freedom to explore new approaches and perspectives to deal with your problems and make decisions based on the greatest command of your common sense.

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Our competence in completing a task, coming up with an idea, or making a decision greatly depends on our ability to focus. Meditation can proficiently take care of your distractions and increase your attention. If you turn meditation to a habit, it will continually contribute to your ability to focus on particular tasks so as to not get easily distracted by your thoughts or problems.

Anxiety and stress are usually products of overthinking and erroneous trains of thought. Without the utilization of proper tools, these problematic thoughts grow bigger and stronger within the boundaries of our consciousness and turn into obstacles in our way.

Meditation can reduce your stress by stealing your attention from such erroneous thoughts by giving more legitimacy to the peace of your mind.

Research has shown that people who tend to meditate grow their consciousness to a powerhouse and are more capable of controlling their emotions in times of crisis.

Meditation has proven to improve our memory and cognitive functions. It is no surprise that peace of mind can be of utmost importance to the health of our brain, and meditation is one of the ways to achieve that state of tranquility.

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Meditation is a practice of consciousness and a vast realm of peace and comfort. There are many methods with which one can meditate.

I am merely here to convince you that you should give it a chance, and it is up to you to research its knowledge and learn its ways.

By studying the methods of meditation and bringing it to your daily life, you will greatly enhance your capabilities and improve your general health. Do this, and you will find that the result is both unexpected and baffling to behold!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Quite motivating post. Due to the fast pace of modern life, meditation for today's human being has become very important. If we want to stay physically healthy, with stress and anxiety-free life, then we must adopt meditation. I feel only five minutes of meditation can fill positive energy in our life.


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I'm so glad you made a post on meditation and that you mentioned that it can improve memory and other brain functions in individuals. I've read several research article about meditation that were published in peer reviewed scientific journals and there is some very interesting research out there. The most interesting article suggested that 20 minutes of meditation per day can actually grow brain matter. MRI scans showed that grey matter density increased in the brains of individuals who practiced meditation. Among the areas affected was the hippocampus - the part of the brain associated with memory. Other areas included parts of the brain associated with perspective taking. It seems that there are many benefits to meditation. Great post. Thanks for sharing :)

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There are thousands of studies that have shown meditation can positively impact mental and physical health. Meditation can help us reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships. It has been shown in various studies meditation could works. Meditation is a good way to live stress free life because meditation gives us mental peace.


One thing to keep in mind is the notion of finding yourself. Explore why you think you must find yourself and what that means. Contrary to some popular opinions, you can never really lose yourself, although at times you may experience a feeling of being lost. What can happen, however, is that you can find ways to become distracted by external events and lose touch with the contents of your conscious mind. You can view the conscious mind as a kind of mental storage room, a place where you store beliefs, ideas, and expectations. If you were using your conscious mind effectively, you would examine the contents as you placed them in your conscious mind. The really interesting thing about the contents you store in your conscious mind is that they have a major impact on the reality that you experience. If you are experiencing a need to "find" yourself, exploring the contents of your conscious mind can be quite rewarding. Meditation is a means of doing that; but keep in mind that meditation can take many forms ranging from sitting in a certain position with the mind attuned in a specific way to walking in a serene setting while lost in thought.

The goal of meditation is to enable your mind to process keen information pertinent to you rather than just processing all kinds of information that doesn't matter at all and through this process, you will find yourself.

Most likely, you'll get back in tuned with who you are that used to be aligned with how you were as a happy child but with the adult wisdom and experience.

Amazing @chbartist ...!!!


Thank you friend. Your comment is very great!


All the credits are for you my friend @chbartist because you are teaching us something especial for helping and change how our minds think, I always enjoy reading your incredible post.. Thanks a lot for your amazing job...!!!

We all heard about meditation here and there. But practicing it in our life or starting to do it is much more difficult I think.
As we don't used to give personal time to thyself. We used to keep busy on our phones when we got time.
But just start with the basic technique of meditation and see the results in few days.
Yeah we don't need to have spiritual growth to meditate. Just give yourself time. That's enough.
I personally do some basic when I got time but yes not a regular one. When I used to do, it was really refreshing and gave me more concentration at work. Now a days I unfortunately used to neglect it because of busy schedules.
Your inspirational words may help me to get started from the beginning.

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Very nice friend @chbartist
Often, all of our equipment that is reaching memory is lost. But meditation is the best way to exploit the power of the subconscious mind. By which you recover long forgotten information healthy and natural.

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Hi @chbartist

Here is how I do meditation. It is called Mantra Meditation. In this meditation we chant a vedic mantra on chanting beads. Repeating the same mantra over and over again. We try to be concious of clear pronounciation and hear attentively because the tendency is to be mechanical once the chant sinks into subconscious. It might seem different but it offers all the benefits you mention.


Nice that you made a post on meditation. Really beneficial.


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Meditation is very important in today's era. Meditation brings peace to the mind, so that we can do many difficult tasks easily. This is like a light in our life which takes us from darkness to light.

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Thank-you for bringing to light the benefits of meditation, a practice that can bring about a much better life and a more peaceful and harmonious world.
Personally I find it of great benefit in starting my day so I can be centered, peaceful and clear, ready to greet the many children in our "Play and Exploration" program.
I even figured a way to introduce meditation to my granddaughter in a game of Jedi Academy where it is an excepted practice for becoming a Jedi.
I think the earlier you are exposed to it the easier it is to incorporate it into your life.
Wouldn't it be marvelous if it were taught in schools and became a part of their daily routine!

Greetings, everyone. Great reminder.
Isn't it interesting that being something so simple, free and private, most people find it impossible to meditate?

It's like being asked to close our eyes or do something silly in a public place.

I guess, meditation has suffered the stigma of many practices associated to some form of exotic/non-mainstream religion, which prevents people from embracing it in its purest form, without any particular attachment to organized religions of cults.

I do not meditate as often as i should, but i learned some basic breathing excercises many years ago during a human development workshop and it has been very useful to combat stress and lack of focus. I built an audio library around this idea that we needed to break with the crazy everyday urban routine and connect with nature and with our inner self.
I am myself still surprised at how easily we can relapse into disconnection.

Great post by @chbartist. The mediatation effect is very effective. nobody knows better than india yog guru baba ramdev, about it. with meditation, you get rid of tension.

This is a really nice post.
And yes, everyone needs to meditate and relax to release bad vibes all throughout your body. :)
Thanks for sharing this.

Over the years I have developed meditation techniques that have been very helpful to see me through difficult times. meditation not only slows me down, mind, body, and soul as it roots me firmly in the solitude of the moment. Thanks for sharing.

What an amazing post and community! I am currently learning about MBSR (Mindful based stress reduction) and would love to contribute some positive energy in the community if you want to include me in the list :) I am still learning my way on steemit, but am very interested in this positive community you are creating :) kudos to you for starting the ripple, I hope you all have a great day with lots to smile about :)


Thank you @thehippierays, I'm including you. You are very Welcome!

Good afternoon sr @chbartist, receive a cordial greeting.

For many years I have suffered from anxiety, I have gone to several doctors, who have helped me to control this condition and, in all cases, they have sent me to meditation,
The action, with which, would allow me to relax and control those situations or actions that lead me to fall into anxiety.

To be honest, I have never paid much attention to this technique, it has always seemed to me that the desired results have not been obtained, at least in the short term.

the times, that I have implemented in me, this technique, have been in small portions and, being honest, I have never achieved the desired results.

I'm not saying it's Mala. Maybe, for other people like you, it has helped a lot, maybe for people who want to get rid of stress and, have the ability to concentrate completely, will be very useful, unfortunately for me, they have not achieved the results they would have wanted, at least not, in the time I wanted.

Believe me that I've always wanted to get the results that you indicate in this post, possibly try to try again soon,


Classroom teachers would do well to incorporate a few minutes of meditation after recess and/or in lieu of recess.

It is a learned art, and teaches a crucial life-skill...discipline, which many youngsters have trouble with. I do believe video games amp up the 'hyper and/or aggressive energy in some kids.

If I were interested in a doctorate, this would be a good thesis; but, I'm sure it's been done and done

Best regards.


Meditation is indeed useful and important in life, we all should indulge it into our daily routine.
Moreover there is lot to learn from the way you write and compose the post , I am still learning and do keep on inspiring through your wonderful writings!

Meditation gives you a clear focus on what you want to achieve. It develops critical thinking as you learn to eliminate unnecessary thoughts. It helps you to set your priorities right.
Meditation helps to set your spirit right and gives you confidence in times of conflict.

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The psychological order you can create through reflection may enable you to break conditions by expanding your discretion and attention to triggers for addictive practices. Research has demonstrated that reflection may enable individuals to figure out how to divert their consideration, increment their determination, control their feelings and driving forces and increment their comprehension of the causes behind their addictive practices.@chbartist

This is something I have not been to get to given my busy lifestyle. However, I do think of the time I take to go for runs as a therapy to reflect on not only my surroundings but the situations I constantly face on a daily basis.

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@chbartist meditation take care of distraction , depression and from many evil thoughts . this habit sharp your memory , Make strong your remembering power. Yoga and meditation keep maintain our physique .

I have heard many benefits about meditation, but as you mention it in your publication .... I never have time to do it ... with so many occupations every day, it barely gives me time for deep breaths from time to time.

I've tried meditation for a couple years now and it seems to have helped a lot. It has kept me pretty calm and less irritated than I would have otherwise been. It may have even of helped my health in the long run as well.

Isn't meditation simply placebo? I've looked into this before and there's usually two techniques that come up. One where you're told to focus on a thought and one where you let your thoughts loose and try to remain calm at the same time. I won't deny people who say that this helps them remain calm and focused but what about people in college or in demanding jobs. Focusing better won't make you smarter right?


I understand what you mean, but it's not a placebo, what happens is that there are people who can find the way in their minds to meditate and some do not. The post is talking about it but each person must find in their minds their abilities to get together and have more balance because it does well for the mind and body. On focus, no doubt this is the most important thing we have to exercise in our Positive Mindset. Regards

Totally agree
Meditation would help one to gain control of self and deal confidently with various emotions of life and helps to keep the mind clear and focussed

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Saludos @chbartist! Gracias por tus valiosos consejos, los pondré en practica. Es necesario bajar el volumen en la mente, para así poder escuchar al alma!

We should fully realize the importance of meditation and learn how to meditate properly. Believe that our life will be happier!

is true, the meditation is usefull for we relax and find the inner peace we need

Yes i personally i believe in meditation though have never done it, how i wish you come with post directing people how to meditate coz most people thats the problem they dont know how to do it ........@chbarist you put my request in consideration fellow @syliviafocus1 #life


Hello @syliviafocus1 , your understanding was perfect in relation to the post. I just did not understand what you meant when you said: put my request in consideration fellow @ syliviafocus1 #life. Regards


Oooooh i meant put my request into consderation of making blog on teaching people how they mediatate.

Personalmente he comprobado los resultados eficaces de la meditación y de verdad la recomiendo, además la cualidad de la mente se puede despertar y disponer de ella por medio de un control consciente de nuestras vibraciones u ondas mentales; ésto según las leyes de influencia mental. Excelente artículo, me ha gustado.

I totally agree with you, I also wrote about it, in Polish :D

Your text are magic, my friend @chbartist.

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