The Infantry Man Slogan and Our Mindset Towards Disaster...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Often in our lifetime, we find ourselves in ambiguity. It is difficult to have the whole picture under a particular circumstance.

You can never be omniscience and all-knowing about everything that happens to you, specifically about the things that happen around you or behind your back.

It is in moments like this when we should remember the infantry man slogan during the peak of the Great War.

How surprising would it be, specially to you lot, to claim that a mere mindset saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the field of fire!

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During World War I, there was an outlook which came to the rescue of many a soldier who fought in fear and dread throughout the bloodied trenches of an overwhelmed battlefield.

This was known as the infantry man slogan. When you are under heavy fire, you do not have the whole picture of the battlefield in your head.

You cannot know what your friend a couple hundred meters away is going through. You do not even know if they are alive and well.

The infantry man slogan basically indicates that if you are constantly looking back to see how others are doing, and if they are looking at you for the same reason, then nobody is doing their job properly and all of those involved are in a terrible danger.

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When you are fighting in a field of battle which is heavily under fire, you should not falter or frail. You should not look back or let fear take hold of you.

It is true, you do not know what is going on. You may feel anxious and think about forsaking the endeavor altogether.

But this is not the wisest path of choice. In a field of battle, the wisest thing you can do is to continue on and fight until your last breath. The wisest thing you can do is to not look back, but look in front of you where the enemy is planning to maim or destroy you.

The same could be said about our lives. The infantry man slogan simply states that we are not omniscience as the state of the world at all times, but that does not mean we should stop our advance.

That does not mean we should lose focus. If we lose focus, we will lose life on the large scale.

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Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation that is giving you much anxiety, think about the infantry man slogan.

Imagine that you are under heavy fire in a battlefield. You may not have complete knowledge and that makes it difficult to decide and do something, but it does not mean that you should stop or look back.

You do not need full knowledge of something to be able to do something about it.

The only thing required is the will to act! And the infantry man slogan can make sure that you will act even under the harshest difficulties throughout your life!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Thanks for such a thought provoking post - The take away for me is to keep focused on that machine gun pinning you down at all times or you could lose your head.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, I am constantly trying to be aware of everything; constantly taking in stimuli to try to make best choices - focusing more specifically on the big ticket item of the time is an important conscious choice and is a positive thing to overcoming fear and getting the job done.

A friend of mine once told me another analogy which was simular/but more about ignoring bullies. I can't recall the exact words or origins, but I think it was from China, it was something like this:

'If you are walking down the street to get to school on time, but walk by a neighbors house only to be scared by a barking dog jumping at the fence...what do you do?. If your scared you might turn around and go home, or walk across the street, either way it distracted you from your mission and won you nothing, it won a point for it's ego and you won being late for school...Really, it was just a barking dog to be ignored'.

To me it's about fear, control and power.


Dear @chbartist
It is a directive and motivation for the infantry that focusing only on your goal is to focus on what is happening behind them, in the event of a stray wandering from their goal, where they embrace death May have to be installed.
This is the situation where only one person can be protected by defeating the enemy.
More or less the same conditions also apply to human life. If we face situations distracted without being distracted then we can succeed in achieving the objective.
We will think of the problems coming in the way of failures and we will fail on that.
What does the world say? What is doing? This should not be our attention, but what are we doing? What is our purpose? Our focus should be on this matter.

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In situations of adversity is when we should be more focused to make the best decisions. that's what I'm trying to do now, so as not to lose focus, although sometimes one tends to deviate a bit, but I quickly get to the road. Thanks for this post.

@chbartist, Yes, in life we face some situations where others will follow our lead and we see how they are doing, but in my opinion adversity and tough circumstances develop that Leadership essence in us and no matter what happens we will going to lead effectively, but at the end of the day the magic is depended upon the mindset. Stay blessed.

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Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, the slogan of the infantryman can be useful to all of us, because on our way there will be a lot of problems and difficult situations, but you need to have the courage to go only forward and good luck will be the best reward!

Oh yes @chbartist, everything is relative in our lives and we must clearly understand that the infantry slogan will greatly help us overcome all the difficulties on the way to our goal! It is necessary to go only forward and never turn back, only in this way we will keep our spirit in what we are doing and will achieve victory!

Interesting concept that I can relate to as the focus of high performers tend to be always moving forward without hesitation or doubt! Without focus, concentration is lost and steps can be missing in achieving results!

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First of all, it's a wonderful article which has a message.
This goes very well with every situation. And If even one does their part wisely, it's a job done. But we keep slicing our precious time in thinking about ones opinion. Thanks for remaining us of our responsibilities and presence of mind in our daily battle fields

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It's biblico @chbartist:
But Jesus said to him: Nobody, that after putting the hand in the plow watches back, is apt for the kingdom of God.
Luke 9:62
If you already decided to put your hands on the plow, and walk forward, do not look back; Put your trust and your gaze on Jesus, because He will lead you to victory.

"And when they had taken them outside, they said: Escape for your life; do not look after you, or stop in all this plain; escape to the mountain, lest you perish. "Genesis 19: 17
No one can walk well with their eyes turned back, because surely we would stumble or deviate from our path; and so that does not happen our gaze must be fixed ahead.
Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities that would be destroyed by the wrath of God. Lot and his family were the only candidates to be saved from ruin. There was only one counsel from God to escape a city full of evil: "Do not look back, do not stop, lest you be destroyed."
Lot and his two daughters were saved, because they obeyed the counsel that God, through the angels, had given them. But the same did not happen with Lot's wife, who sadly ignored what God told her to do. He began the career of his salvation quite well, but he looked at his past, what was behind him, his old way of living, the world he was in before and ended with a sad ending.
"Then Lot's wife looked back, behind him, and became a statue of salt." Genesis 19:26
His desire to go back was bigger than to move on. There are opportunities in which one acts as Lot's wife, goes so well in her Christian career and suddenly looks at her past and says: I'm not going to change, I can not get over it, I do not know what to do anymore, I give up, it's difficult, it is not for me and in the end it is trapped and destroyed by satan.
If you suddenly can not get out of a vice, some depression, some family problem or any other problem, just remember this: "Do not look back, do not stop, so you do not perish." Put your gaze forward, like the Apostle Paul did it, because You can do everything in Christ that strengthens you.

Everybody needs to manage weight, both in their own and expert lives. In the working environment, this weight regularly shows itself as tight due dates, requests from your manager, representative execution issues, and different deterrents that hinder you carrying out your responsibility.
Since stress is unavoidable, it's vital to figure out how to channel and manage it in a sound, profitable manner. In doing as such, you'll endure predicament, however flourish regardless of them.
@chbartist @coolguy222

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Always waiting for the post by you because as they say that we should learn from others mistakes on others experiences and you are sharing gems of knowledge in your blog similarly with this blog where you are sharing about mind set of the people and how should they take care of their mind set how should the approach the situation is commendable. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us

  ·  2년 전

Wow brilliant yet sad comparison but makes good sense when you think deeply about it. My grandma survived both wars, World War I and World War II and I remember she used to tell "don't fear wolf (or any other animal), fear other human". I wouldn't understand at first but later when I grew up made perfect sense. When you think about the battles its impossible to imagine what those fighters went through but when you imagine being there with close ones or people you call friends or even those who fight on the same side, that makes all imaginable... we have alot to appreciate

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That's right, in war as in life you have to fight to the last, otherwise you will be destroyed. Thank you for the motivating post.

We all need to learn the slogan of the infantryman. This is a good motivator not to retreat in difficult times, but go towards the goal without looking back. Thank you for sharing

Hello @chbartist greetings to you, found your post very imperative worth sharing, we must comprehend how the infantry actions of life and adults actions of life... In all is about life.

I have never heard that slogan before but I like the analogy. It does make a lot of sense, especially in circumstances where team work is required. Keep pushing forward! Nice post

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@chbartist great reminder you have given us once again to always go back to our roots, where we first started. The first solgan that fuel our engine. Thank you for this great word

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Oh yeah!
The battle is today. Forget the past and future.
Move on and continue the journey.
We can't understand everything and we can'y comprehend anything fully and perfectly.
We gotta move soldier!

Resteemed! I am in such a situation. But I go further and fight! Thanks for the motivation boost.

I have always heard about world war and i am glad i am not born that time. I am just imagining how that time will be

The slogan makes meaning.. Those guys are so determined to face whatever comes the way

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I do not see the "Slogan"
PS: Remember that Infantry work as a unit, a team. You do not look back because you know your buddy will be there for you, if he survived. Cheers

yes I agree. success is total sum of every single effort. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Fear take away our all knowledge and consciousness.. @chbartist very good article...

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War always harmful effect of life.

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Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation that is giving you much anxiety, think about the infantry man slogan.

Hi @chbartist Agree with you. In such situations its really difficult to manage.

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I’m a child to parents from the Vietnam war. I get it.

Muy cierto este slogan, ocurre mucho en nuestra especie humana, con mucha frecuencia desviamos el foco, el norte de nuestros propòsitos por estar pendiente de lo que hace, adquiere y/o logran nuestros semejantes, mientras estamos prestando atenciòn de los acttos de los demàs, descuidamos lo propio, nos descuidamos y por supuesto los resultados no son los deseados.

Really a touching blogg @chbartist "During World War I, there was an outlook which..." is my most favorite line in this blogg...

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Kita wajib membela negara kita dari gangguan dari musuh walaupun sampai tetesan dari terakhir ...

I don't think about war this is really bad for me.

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Hello @chbartist !

I did not know the story about the slogan of the infantry. It is very interesting to know the transcendence that could have for the troops to have their mind focused on this very basic thought.

It might seem selfish, but in reality it is a kind of survival slogan. If we are so interested in the welfare of others, being focused on ourselves would be a real protection for them. I find it particularly applicable to the family and our immediate environment. If we really care that our loved ones are well, we must be good first. That well-being can then be transferred to their environment, infected with good vibes or, on the contrary, made part of our success. But it would be very sad that the only thing we can transmit to them is sadness or failure.

Best regards. Excellent article!