The Magnitude of Walking Down the Road Less Taken...

2년 전

Hello, Steemians!

There will come a moment in every person’s life when they will have to decide between the roads of life that have diverged in front of them.

Where those roads will take you, no one can know with certainty. This world is filled with endless possibilities and your life will diverge several times before its end.

When you decide to enter one path, you may think that you are going to lose all the opportunities of the others.

And you would be right. But thinking about it like that isn’t going to help you at all. After all, being able to make the right decisions is the foundations of a fulfilled life.

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Think about the choices you have in life. Think about all the decisions that you could make in the right time.

It is intimidating, isn’t it?

Thinking about all your options, and all the possible outcomes that your options are going to bring.

But it is not just about your numerous and various options that confuse you. The problem is, each of these paths have been walked, at least once, by other people.

So, how do we decide which is the correct one?

At the large scale, you have many paths that lead to many destinations. You could be a writer, farmer, scientist, doctor, politician, philosopher, teacher, mathematician, salesman, entrepreneur, and etc.

But the real issue is that each of these professions will in time diverge into their own different pathways.

There are many roads set in front of an author, a teacher or a politician.

How does one choose?

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There is something awfully exciting and dreadful about taking the road less travelled by.

Most people would prefer to just take the safe route, the path that other people have taken, and the path that has proven to be fruitful.

The road less taken does not have this defining quality. When you try to do something unique, you are entering a world of solitude.

You do not know where you are going to end up, but you know that you are doing something unique and different.

It is difficult to adjust to the unknown and the unexpected. But at the end of our lives’ journey, taking the road less travelled will make all the trouble worthwhile.

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Be fearless in what you decide to do with your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that has been tried and approved to show that it works.

Taking the road less taken is intimidating, and that is why many people do not risk it. But for those who do, wondrous things await at every step of the journey.

It will be tiresome, difficult, and haunting, but it will also be worthwhile.

I’d like to bring to your attention a bit of poetry by Robert Frost, which could aptly make the point of our blog post:

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

What will you decide at the crossroads of your life?




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Freedom to 'choose a path' is an illusion for the hungry mouse in the maze..I sometimes wonder what freedom really is for humans and who is running the experiment? Still taking the less walked path gives you best stories to tell..if nothing else :)

Great post and beautiful pictures!

It's indeed intimidating when you're at the intersections of multiple roads and you can't decide which one to choose because of the fear of missing all the other opportunities that other roads might offer.

I always thought finding myself on the road less taken to be a curse till I realized it’s the only way to arrive at an alternative destination!

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Todo ser humano dependiendo de sus actitudes, propòsitos, inquietudes y proyecciones al futuro, debe tomar el camino que por intuiciòn le parezca màs còmodo e ideal, independientemente que su elecciòn le resulte el menos comùn, pero con toda seguridad que estarà experimentando una experiencia, una vivencia que le marcarà y probablemente le permita alcanzar su objetivo de forma òptima y con
mucha eficiencia. No necesariamente se debe tomar el camino màs transitado; a lo mejor haciendo lo contrario puede resultar que hemos transitado por el camino equivocado.

Interesting post. The road less travelled is a favorite topic of writers in my lifetime. It always represents a path only taken by the bold, who want more then the rewards of the well worn path. Travelers on the road less travelled are willing to trade comfort for greater success. They are willing to trade certainty for potentially greater rewards. I feel cryptocurrency and platforms like Steemit are the road less travelled. Facebook is the well worn path. But this one comes with promises of friends, adventure and possibly riches.

Opportunity don't happen you create them self secret of success one's destiny to do without fear

This is a decision that many of us musicians have had in front of us when we have to decided between our day job or our musical career. Many people can manage to juggle both successfully but others end up on the lonely destitute path of the musician or artist, scraping pennies together to survive. Some such artist have no regrets because they are Pershing the path that they love. They really deserve praise for this as it can be a difficult choice and a difficult path to stay on. Love and success to all the musicians and artist out there who are doing it hard.🙏

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Keep going in life, find what you've been searching for. You create the life you want to live, it's not going to be handed to you.

@chbartist yes and that point everyone have a born legacy to go ahead and decide for a replenishment that could lead a not only an individual but also group or community to skies and vast horrizones

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Choosing the safe path is synonymous with insecurity. When we choose a path we must be willing to travel, bad experiences are also learned, who does not risk or win or lose, simply stops. Thank you friend, @ chbartist, for sharing once again your thoughtful post.

Life is a continuing learning path, I believe that the path to success are the one who choose the path for personal growth and not the easy one, for betterment not only for itself and also for others.
Whatever the path choosen, should treat with courage, hope and gratitude, whatever the end result.
Whatever man's definition of right and wrong, man's choosen path is what his/her purpose in this life.

Keep hard working in life dont accept your work's returne i can gurantee you one day you will be a successful in your life great blogg @chbartist bro...

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Not only one time @chbartist, many times comes in life when you have to choose one path from the two diverging path of the road. And that moment is very important becoz all your future depends on which road you select to move ahead.

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I think maybe If you not willing to risk the usual you will have settle for the ordinary.

Making a decision is a dilemma...
It needs a lot of thinking and action despite of the uncertain outcomes.
Nonetheless, what ever the result may be it will lead us to our goal as long as we are consistent of being positive plus effort of attaining it. Remember, successful people fail a lot of times along their way before they reach the peak. " Nothing Risk-Nothing Gain".

The path least taking is often the one of adventure and fulfillment! Despite not always taking that path, I can say that it has been the one with more impact in my experience which is often what is needed to achieve our goals and objectives.

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Life is like a book. If you know how it ends, would you really want to read the rest of it? Walking the road less traveled should be mandated in order to preserve what is left of our humanity.

In life we need to succeed then have to take risk..this risk could be in different form. Life is not full of comfort all the time and whenever we get opportunity we must grab it.

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What makes picking a less travelled path daunting is there won't be as many people I can take for mentors. It's less travelled, so there are less experienced individuals whom I can seek advice from. This is the reason I feel so much more pressure. Maybe, it's what life is all about - always embracing the unknown ahead.

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Well done @chbartist. This post is a perfect example of the fact that people who had accomplished great feat in life actually dared the seemingly impossible things. These men are non conformists. They don't limit their reasoning ability to the view of the society. The thing is, to choose a route to ply on, one just need to discard thoughts on what other people may think of them and I strongly believe that that is the best and the first step if we ever want to achieve something great.

  ·  2년 전

@chbartist has done so well in this post. This is one of the reasons why the Europeans took dangerous adventures of exploring Africa and other parts of the world during those dark ages and presently looking skyward towards moon, mars and other planets

It is more exciting to take the road less traveled, but equally always measuring the consequences and keeping in mind what we want to achieve.

@chbartist right said
We should choose one path and unique because it differentiates us from others which gives us solitude where we can find our true potential.

The road less taken is where the fun tends to be ;) As tough as it may be, totally worth it!

Going to a unique, different and less traveled path doesn't mean a right road.
Its about every person's free will to choose based on faith, knowledge and experience.
If our purpose in life is known, then the choice is obvious.
But how do we know our purpose in life?


I think you just have to keep trying and learn to discern when the path is not right for you. You can always change later. I think it is better to try and fail than not to try at all. I can think if a few "wrong moves" in my life that then led to other, better paths. But if I had not tried the bad plans, I would not have ever been in place for when the right choice came along.


Yeah, you're right.
Even if we're already old enough we still make mistakes, and this is part of our lives. Without mistakes we would not learn more.

Greetings @chbartist, I thank you for the great message you continuous to give us.

"Elección" una simple palabra pero que conlleva una gran connotación.

Hello @chbartist!

Taking the road less traveled often becomes the best decision, especially when you know that what others do continues to do the same without getting a single positive result, and it seems that they do not realize or want to evade the problem. That is where we have to be good judging the situation, and see objectively what is best for us to achieve our goals and dreams.

The problem of staying doing the things that others do is that not all things have to work for each of us, what works for me probably does not work for another person, and what works for that other person does not work for me.

We have to develop our plans based on our personal needs, and the needs of our projects. And there many times it comes as a solution to take the road less traveled.


@chbartist this great post remind me of a poem I read in secondary school.the road less traveled, I will choose....

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Benefiting a lot, unswervingly taking the path of your choice, although hard, but also happy

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Simply inspiring. Thanks.

Very interesting post I live thus poem by Robert frost I like to think it's about not conforming bit a lot of critics think the poem is more about just making a decision bit I think roberts decision ended up him young the army and never coming back. Do you know if I have that correct?

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thats really interesting info, thank s for sharing

Choose a different path or less traveled, often is subject to criticism and opposition, in this I have had experiences, when for example I arrive at a place and I say that I am an evangelical Christian, they already see me as an extraterrestrial ... but I do not mind going against the current, because I am sure of what I am and what I want. It is the most important thing ... to feel good when going down a different path.

Hi chbartist. Thank you for the article. I’m at a crossroad and trying to build up my courage to decide whether to take the road less travel or rather the unpaved and unbuilt road. That decision is scary as hell, so this article is so apropos. Continue to walk your path and nuff success! I resteemed your post! Nuff blessings

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The road less travelled is certainly noteworthy. However sometimes in life, it can be a good thing to avoid certain problems that others have experienced. Sometimes it is good not to step in a dog turd. Yet if we are speaking in terms of challenging ourselves, then I agree with you. Common sense? I wonder if it is cowardice or wisdom? When a younger person, you have lots of energy at your disposal. When the years go by, the energy that is available diminishes, careful use of a limited resource is quite wise in my opinion. How many times do I see many individuals trying to avoid being a clone, yet fall into the very trap of becoming a clone. Being an individual of a unique nature means one just does not worry too much (if at all) about the opinions of others.

Great post. As a born-again believer I live by the principle that God has scripted each and every life. He says that He knows the plans that He has for us...Most fail to stick to God's Script and instead create junkets that have nothing to do with His Plan. We find ourselves wondering what's missing; and, the answer always resoundingly ends with...God in the equation. The path of least resistance bears a special twist when doing life God's Way. By this I mean, no matter how difficult, no matter how knee-knocking scary, it is always the best thing to do...following the leading of the Holy Spirit. In this, no matter the outcome, there's a blessed assurance that all will work for God's Glory and our good (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:24-26).

Best regards.


Awesome thoughts bro! Listening to your heart is important when choosing which path you should take.

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Me parece increíble el mensaje que dejas en tus post, Gracias por compartir con toda la comunidad!

elegir un camino de piedras y espinas puede parecer muy duro, pero todos sabemos que el sacrificio es el mejor camino hacia el éxito personal.