The Questions That Will Decide Your Fate...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Our thought process is an interesting and layered institution that is sometimes difficult to explain or analyze. Questions are an important part of that process, and a deciding factor of how we approach our problems and solve them.

What are the things that you question every day? How do you define and justify the things that happen to you? Questions play a huge role in how success is achieved when it comes to our beliefs, our decisions, and our performance in doing our tasks and taking action for our goals.

There is a famous quote attributed to Anthony Robbins which reads, “Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

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Most of our thoughts everyday are expressions of opinion rather than important questions, the answers to which could change our life forever. If we want to live a quality life, we need to make a habit of asking questions from ourselves.

These questions could be as simple as ‘How do I want to spend my time today?’ to more life-altering ones such as ‘How can I achieve my goal of learning a second language?’

Do not underestimate the power of asking these questions of yourself. If you turn this idea into practice, you will come to realize that suddenly, you are asking questions that are demanding actions from you that improve your life on small or large scales.

Even in relationships, the real chemistry appears when the two people involved decide to ask the hard questions of how well they interact with each other and what paradoxes set their characteristics and mentalities apart. Being prepared for such paradoxes can lead to a healthy and long-standing relationship.

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The problem is not about the fact that people do not have the habit of asking questions of themselves. We actually do that. But how well we practice this idea is questionable on many levels.

For example, a lot of people fall prey to destructive ideas and ask questions that would hurt their development in life rather than improve it.

‘What is the point of doing that? Why should I bother when I clearly don’t stand a chance of achieving that?

Why is it always me?’ are all statements that may find their way to your thoughts in the form of questions.

But this tendency should not discourage us from asking questions. Einstein once said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”

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When we see successful people, we believe that they have accomplished great things because they have special gifts or are talented with high intelligence.

The truth is, most of the times successful people know how to think about the right question. Then they will try to find an answer to that and reach their goals.

If you are constantly wasting your chance of questions in your brain asking stuff like ‘Why am I depressed? Why do I not have any accomplishments?’ you will never get to the questions that you should ACTUALLY be asking of yourself.

Be mindful of the questions that you ask yourself. How are they going to benefit you? Will they solve anything? How closer will they get you to achieving what you want? These are all the prerequisite questions that you need to ask before going for the main ones.

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Starting today, try to make a self-conscious habit of asking important questions from yourself about your life and your progress.

Remember that only by asking and answering the post important questions can you achieve your goals, realize your dreams, and become who you were born to be.




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Questioning is an integral part of learning. When I was a student, I used to ask a lot of questions, usually frustrating the tutors. I learnt that many of them were silly. But it added to my teaching methodology that I answer the silly questions of the students with deep explanations. But I have noticed that whenever a student asks an important or quality questions, I feel like appreciating the student from my heart and I do appreciate him. This is the importance of asking quality questions. The thing is that We tend to get stuck and ask the same questions. We must question and learn and ask new questions each time. If it is required, we may repeat the answer over and over to ourselves.

The Shrimad Bhagwat is a vedic text which a conversation between a dying king and a self realised sage. The quality of questions of the king pleases the sage so much that he appreciates the king in one full chapter.

Just to quote the first question he asks to the sage is as follows,"what is the duty of a dying man"...


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I find this to be confusing:

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If you have got the upvote, then please go to the previous post and see the people who have not received the upvote who have posted in the last can help them by upvote

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I think that to ask us those questions that really are of quality and bring well-being to our being and our essence, we must also have the mental capacity to have quality answers, which provide solutions, progress and happiness to the different situations that arise. .

In the previous publication, he commented on how difficult it is to leave our area of ​​Conford and how brave a person should be to leave that area and venture into the pursuit of achieving their dreams, for me that is a fundamental part of the response that we must have, for those questions that we must ask ourselves and that contribute, as I said, to the welfare and progress of our lives and those of our environment.

Sometimes we have very negative people who, with all the situations that are presented to them, always have a claim, without even trying to find a solution to these problems, these people, from my point of view, do not want to leave their Conford. zone. What is desired is that, without effort, work and dedication, the problems are solved with the grace of God, And yet, when God is almighty and can open doors by means of faith, it is also true that if we do not eliminate the negative part of our mind and do not open those doors, unfortunately, the problems are presented to us, they can not be solve.

Everything depends on ourselves and our mind can achieve the change we so much desire and need.

Regards ..

How might you be progressively positive and increasingly bold in testing yourself to help out others, while at the same time enhancing your very own conditions The more you consider this and use it to manage you, the more probable you will feel constrained to make a move and get things done to support others. The outcomes will enhance your life.
The more you "kick the can" not far off, the more you disregard the desires and dreams of your heart; the more you live another person's life, which is NEVER a shrewd choice. Since once you start to do this, the more twisted your psychological and passionate reality genuinely progresses toward becoming. You encounter more noteworthy dissatisfaction and nervousness, and honestly, the outcomes aren't pretty, either.
@chbartist @coolguy222

Saludos chbartist! Excelente publicación!

En la universidad, cuando tenemos que realizar el trabajo de grado, debemos de realizar el planteamiento del problema, y en este sentido se realizan las interrogantes, las cuales darán los objetivos del trabajo; al no realizar este esquema el trabajo es de mala calidad , ya que no va tener coherencia el desarrollo y por lo tanto la propuesta no va ser factible.

En la vida, para hacer las preguntas correctas debemos conocer el tema a tratar. El primer paso antes de hacer la pregunta, es investigar sobre la situación a tratar. Es lo que se conoce en el ámbito de la investigación como "los antecedentes".

A través de la capacitación se desarrollan herramientas que permiten afrontar las adversidades y convertirlas en oportunidades.

Feliz día!

lately I have asked me many questions, especially questions about the things that do not allow me to advance in some established goals .... I think it is important to ask us these questions because there are times that we are stuck without realizing, and time passed and we are still there , but when we started to ask why? we realize things that we had not noticed in that time of stagnation.
Eu escrevi para você no privado

  ·  2년 전

Questions are very important because these are the only thing which can helps us to achieve our Target. If questions are genuine and high quality then we have to find the answer which is really challenging to us. This process automatically enhance our skills. Questions could helps us to enhance our potential.

hiee @chbartist... great post..👍
I think question play an very vital role in everybody's life but the more important things is how we answered them, always be postive with your answer, there is the time where people have to answe their on questions..
I have an habit of asking question to me whenever i start something new or stuck in some prblem, i think that's the bestest way to come out with your prblems.
I really appreciate your words, your feelings and your way of writing..👍

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Human being are curious by born, they are curious because of question, question is the fundamental of curiosity and a man can learn when he have curiosity and learning is the fundamental of knowledge, so we can say that question make us knowledgeable, hope we all have the life changing question.
Thank you
I'm continuously up voting everyone but no body up voting, and think that we are loosing our bonding.

Really very good Interesting post.
Sir good community I am here for the + in this listing.🙋

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You are, Look the last post list! You are Welcome!

Hi! thank you rou your post. Recently I wrote the same post but other
here 👉
I want to join in your list ! I will thank you)


Hi, @katebobkova. I including you! Look at list in the last post and I support U. You receive my upvote in Your good post! You are welcome with all of us here! Regards

  ·  2년 전

Asking the right questions, not as a criticism or a complaint but in search of ideas or solutions, will not stimulate creativity and will show us the path we must follow to bring about the situations we want.

Questions are the path to knowledge so asking the right ones will leverage your learnings. The importance of questions related not only to the process of finding solutions but also executing solutions as asking the right people is a key part of the process.

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Heaven for me is real based on my faith, knowledge and experience.
My question would be:
What are the steps to get to heaven?


Listen Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven! Serious! Regards!

Only the true self can guid one in faith ....all else is fate inDeeD

Thank you Kindly

Excellent reflection to take into account on a daily basis. It is necessary to ask ourselves many things, but above all to have the right answer, sincere, loving, respectful. I think that this habit can change our lives for the better. My sincere thanks.

Questioning sets our focus. It motivates and forces us to think outside the box. Questions serve as our guide to what are our objectives in life.
We are just living in a school of life and our success is determined by how we positively answer those questions that define our fate.

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I agree, sometimes what i want to do is make a good comment :)

I think that the three most crucial questions that can define our destiny are:

  1. What do we really want? The answer outlines our goals. Acting without defined goals does not make sense. To live without direction is to waste life.

  2. Why is that desire crucial to our life? This question will give sense and inspiration to strive to achieve our goals.

  3. How can we achieve what we want? This will lead us to plan before acting.

Best regards.

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I was Taught to ask the right yields better results.thank you very much for sharing your blog.i really like your blogs👍🏽 Now following 😁

Athena 👸🏽

My favorite question is "why", it helps me to understand my motives and actions, and also to keep a positive outlook on people.
Thank you for the article!

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