The Story of the Sculptor and the Marbles; The Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone...

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Hi Steemians!

We tend to get defensive when it comes to our most cherished possessions in life. Our home, our family, our circle of friends, our favorite pastimes, etc. are all within the boundaries of our comfort zone.

But our comfort zone is not limited to the things we own or have power on in the physical world. Our mind also has a comfort zone in which the secure state of our consciousness rests. This is the force in your mind that compels you to stop doing an activity or gives you fears and doubts in your decisions and actions.

This is the force that determines what is right and wrong, and what you should and shouldn’t do in order to not disturb its peace or move beyond the boundaries of its tranquility.

Today, I want to tell you the allegorical story of the marbles and the sculptor.

img src

Once upon a time, there was a popular museum that was renowned as a famous tourist spot throughout the world. The most famous piece of work which attracted most of the visitors was a sculpture that was magnificent and splendid to behold.

People from all around the globe came to the museum every year to visit the glorious sculpture.
There came a day when a stone from the ground of the museum started speaking to the sculpture.

‘I never quite understood our difference,’ said the stone:

‘We were both marbles of the same kind. We were mined from the same place. We were taken to the same workshop. But you turned out to be a sight for all, while I am trampled on everyday of my life. You are a statue ornate in glory, and I am an insignificant tile on the ground.’

img src

The statue laughed. ‘Remember the sculptor that fashioned us?’

‘Yes.’ Replied the stone. ‘I always hated him, with all of his tools, constantly changing and shaping us. What painful experience it was!’

‘Well, that is the problem.’ The statue claimed.

‘When first he started working on you, you resisted him and his tools. You were a hard stone that would not give in to be carved. That is why you were thrown away for other uses. Whereas I tolerated the pain of the sharpening tools, and now here I am; a sight for all to behold.’

img src

We are all marbles in this great universe. We go through all sorts of struggles and pains, but we decide if we would be willing to become statues of splendor or tiles to be trampled on.

Do you want to live an existence of glory, or just a tool and a means for everyone else to get to the place they want?

How much are we tolerant against the tools of the great sculptor of our lives?

Are we willing to get out of our comfort zones and bear the struggles of everyday life in order to achieve greatness?

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide on how to use the marble of your life!




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What doesnt kill you make you stronger . I believe that i have heard that quote before this.

Where will face good time and bad time while we alive , yes we all will face them . What make us different how we react on what happen to us. A we take these bad thing in positive way or in negative way. we can choose which side we are. Even if it was good thing , we sometimes take it in negative way.

Sometimes its gonna hurt us , but if we take that as a lesson . I believe , well chance for the good thing. So it up to us to decide how we respond them

Steem on .

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Friends, your written article looks very good. The method of convincing yourself also feels very good. That is why we also forward this. Thanks for sharing this

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If we are not able to leave our comfort zone, we will not reach our desires, I have always liked the story of Jose, the dreamer, he was the youngest of his brothers and his father, he spoiled him, he made him a colorful tunic, his brothers envied him, they sold him as a slave, but when they sold him, they ripped off his coat of colors, that layer of colors represents the father's protection, his comfort zone, when he left my family land to go to university and become an engineer, it was my first step to make a difference in my life, it was not easy, to leave my house, my family, when I was just a teenager, but today I can see that it was worth it, when we left our comfort we grew in character , in experience, and we can see that we are really made, we have to make transcendental decisions that will make us forever. God is the potter, we are the clay.

The friend has explained you by giving your true exact examples
Gold is also found in the fire before becoming pure

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Great post! Well remembered about the comfort zone of the mind. Today, with the technologies, we became more and more desenhinho for comfortable. Life works in different dynamics, and getting out of the comfort zone is necessary to cope with the demands of life. The more need to be in the comfort zone, more this person has to reflect to restore a healthy psyche! Thanks!

wonderful articles @chbartist. you have an art that you can write several articles by a word. and i request you all chbartist community member please respect each other and be human and teach people to be human. and always cooperate with the true people, never leave behind.

Wow, you took me by surprise with that one
At first I thought it was going to be the one about the boy watching the sculpture chiselling away at a huge block of stone until he carved the figure of a woman
The lad's jaw dropped, and he said:
Wow, Mister! How did you know she was in there?
Or the other one - short and sweet - is
A lump of coal and a diamond are pieces of carbon that acted differently under pressure
That story is a great lesson for life
How many times do we hear people complaining they haven't got enough
Yet they refused to 'chip away' at their own constraints
Never made the effort to bring out the best in themselves
Would never tolerate the pain and difficulty of 'sharpening' their skills
Their image
Or there outlook on life
Yet they happily (and I've just written about this today) criticise and envy those who enjoy the rewards of improving themselves

Like No pain no gain. Its exactly the crux, we need to step out of the comfort zone.
Very well written Keep up with such inspiring content.

Comfort zones are similar to giving up on improving which become detrimental to long term success. Even as we achieve goals and objectives. we should always strive to continually learn and adapt to the changes around us...

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Once I also visited FRI museum. It was related to forest things "forest research institute ". When I reached there I saw it was amazing every things wants to chit chat with us . They were looking like alive I wasn't interested on guide, what he was saying only I was seeing them.

Trials and hardships in life are the tools that shape our characters. As they say, suffering can make you better or bitter. It is within your power how to turn your bad circumstances into a blessing. It's the attitude of the heart and the mind to be always positive in your perspective.

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Hello my friend. This text is magnificent. It is very inspiring to think that life is hard, like the marblemilk in the marble, we have to be more malleable and work hard, enduring the pain to reach the glory. Very handsome your work my friend. How do I become a contributor? Is there anything other than voting?



Hello dear, @zetacoin. Thank you for your words, you are welcome. If you want I can include you in the list that is in the footer of the post in future posts and you will be notified whenever I post something. We have been able to do a great job here so far that everyone votes on each other who leaves meaningful comments and if you see the previous pots you can see people with more than 10 Upvotes. My mission and everyone in this blog and always seek the implementation of Positive Mindset, generosity, there is no place in this blog for negative people and the fundamental foundation that we build here is RESPECT above all else. As I said earlier, you are welcome and thank you for your kind comment.


Hello my friend, you are absolutely right, we will continue to help us. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER. Yes, if possible you can add my name, I would like to be notified with it's posts. Success always, my friend @chbartist


Hi dear, @zetacoin. I included you in list and keep your eyes open in the footer of the posts! You are very Welcome!


Tank you my friend @chbartist .

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Welcome! Look the list in last post! Regards

From where you get these ideas? So amazing!

Believe you can and don't limit yourself coz with positive attitude you release the best in you. . Merry Christmas to all....

I´m really sure that if you decide to stay in your Comfort zone... It means for me this terrible two words...ººººGIVE UPººº

There is not nothing for improving yourself if you are inside of four walls .....

I´m pretty sure that if your are immerse with talented people you will be reach learning some more skills and get some positive minded ...

Also comfort zone means a place where you are confident with something more actually ... may be to sing a song because you are good singer, but not a good dancer... small example ...!!

decision could be worth it...!!!

Incredible post @chbartist ... Congratulations...!!!

More than incredible post!👍. Thanks @chbartist for sharing. I wish you Merry Xmas in advance.

@chbartist, Absolutely important message, comfort zones just make us limited and keep us in dim light which will going to move towards the darkness. But when we stay with the courage and come out of the comfort zone and face all the challenges then it make us the true fighter and for sure we can become an individual with strong mindset. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Be the soft stone man

Great post!
If you're not determined to leave your comfort zone out of fear or worry, you'll never find new horizons and places to explore.
The passage between your comfort zone and a new territory is a very thin line, but that doesn't mean that it will be so easy because many positive and negative things can happen and just you are the only one to decide how they will affect your life and how they will forge your future.

Good job, 😊👍👍

It feels like I actually can heard the talking of marble and statue. The writing was too reviving.
We used to see other's success and thinking how grateful they are. As the struggle is not always visible. We also refused to go through sorrows. But that is what made us stronger to fight for the goal.
There is a saying in my country- "Gold can't be made with out burning it." This is so true in our life, we often realize that.

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