The Time is Now; Do it Now or Never...

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Hi, Steemians!

Time might be an abstract and relative concept conceived to properly adjust the needs of an ever-growing society, but it is also one of the greatest mysteries in the life of men.

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘our days are numbered’? The fact that time is abstract, like many other abstract concepts, does not mean that time doesn’t exist.

We have a limited lifespan, and at the end of the day, the most precious resource of our whole existence is the time that is given to us.

Time is fleeting. Time is cruel. Time does not discriminate, nor does it give you second chances. Everything it can ever do is move on, and never come back again.

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If you are a dreamer, or have ever been one, this is your opportunity to really reflect on you most important asset. In this world of causality, where everything happens as a result of cause and effect, and the chain of events are utterly unpredictable, you may not have as much time as you think.

The time to do everything is now. The time to write your novel. The time to start working on your project. The time to profess your love to someone.

The time to pay your debts. The time to make right your wrongs.

The time to rise and fight for your dreams.

This might probably be the most important life lesson that I have ever given you.

My friends, there is a time to live, and a time to sleep. Make sure that you are spending every moment of your time living, for there will come a time to sleep, and in that moment, you will want nothing more than to go back and live a better life.

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Putting things off is nothing but an illusion. If you do not decide to do it now, you will never be able to do it.

The fact that we wait for the right time is just a trick that our fearful mind plays on us, because when you think about, now is as good a time as any other.

If you haven’t already decided to get on with the things that you should have done ages ago, there is something wrong with your approach towards the concept of time.

To understand the value of time, ask yourself simple questions. How does a person who is just going to be hit by a car spends the last seconds of his/her life?

What is the value of a few minutes to a person who has just lost a sports competition?

What is the value of time to a person who has beaten the odds of death and come out of a coma to spend a little more time with their family?

What is the value of time to someone who has only a couple of months to live?

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We often fail to understand the true value of time. We need to be constantly aware of how each and every moment of our life is shaping and changing and evolving, but above all else, never coming back!

Moments never come back. Starting today, think about the value of your time, even if you have not yet chosen to put a value on it, make your wasted moments the last moments that you will ever waste in this lifetime.

The time is now. Do it now or never!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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This is actually NOT COOL. This hurts Steem in the long run. @chbartist Stop posting your shit to the Trending category you fucking narcissist.

Dear @chbartist sir!
The time we have so much value, only we are avoided. Death is unbreakable, which can not be avoided by money or wealth. After the wealth we have ruined all our life, can we buy 24 hours of those money? never. Every day we get 86400 seconds, do we use them? Probably never. We can invest money but never invest time. Time does not come back in time so that whatever time we have to use it and pave our way.

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Good afternoon,

Totally agree, the time is now or never, we can not leave for tomorrow what we can do today, the opportunities happen in a matter of seconds and, if we let them pass, they may never return.

there are people who always postpone their actions for later, for one reason or another, without thinking, that time flies by and never comes back.

We have to live, laugh, have fun, sleep, dream and do the things we want, when we want, we should not miss opportunities and waste time in things that do not add value to our existence.

Regards ...

thanks for reminding me . im gonna start now .


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Saludos @chbartist!. El tiempo que dedicamos a una situación tiene valor si esa situación nos suma beneficiosos. El tiempo que pasamos con nuestros padres, con nuestros hijos, con nuestras parejas, nos brindan felicidad y sentido a la vida.

Por su parte, el tiempo que dedicamos a los estudios, a la capacitación y al trabajo nos proporciona el bienestar económico y satisfacción profesional.

Igualmente, el tiempo que pasamos con nuestras amistades, así como el tiempo que dedicamos a ayudar al prójimo, nos llena de dicha y bienestar.

La mejor manera de invertir el tiempo es viviendo una vida plena.

Feliz día!

Many times, we decide to use our time, doing activities that do not contribute to our well-being or that of our families, saying that I do it later, without thinking that time flies by, and that the time that remains, unfortunately, does not return

For me, in particular, I try to take as much time as possible with my family, see my children grow up, enjoy the last years of my parents' life, sow love with my partner, they are the things that fill me the most. happiness, and spending time with them is something that has no price, the time to enjoy them is now, because tomorrow the children grow up, the parents die and the couple leaves and, if we let the time pass, tomorrow we will miss having invested in things that really matter.

Time, friend and enemy, we run after him, we live for him. It is mysterious and relative.
And no matter how hard we try to adapt and live, to plan everything based on time, it is difficult for us to control it, he is free. He cheats us and mocks us.
Controlling it is impossible, but finding a way to surrender to it, to flow in time, is a challenge.
Be with time, as you say in your post @chbartist the time is now!

After we are gone our time is static, you can see all that we were without time going away.

Great post! I actually used to read something like this every day when I was in school and working on opening my first business! Life is to short not to do what you love and live you life to fullest. Having the mind set of wanting to improve yourself will always make you a stronger person. Never let people bring you down, love and cherish your life.

El tiempo compañeros steemit es lo único que no nos espera, no se detiene, no toma una pausa, entonces si dejamos algo que podemos hacer ahora para después ese tiempo no lo podremos recuperar. Cuando perdamos tiempo estemos conciente de ello. Aprovechemos y vivamos minuto a minuto nuestro tiempo. Saludos.

Oh yeah!
I remember Elvis Presley:

It's now or never,
Come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
Be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
It's now or never
My love won't wait.

When I first saw you
With your smile so tender
My heart was captured,
My soul surrendered
I'd spend a lifetime
Waiting for the right time
Now that your near
The time is here at last.

It's now or never,
Come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
Be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
It's now or never
My love won't wait.

Just like a willow,
We would cry an ocean
If we lost true love
And sweet…

We will pass in this world whether we like it or not. So, every moment and time are precious and must be used to serve our purpose. For those who believe in the mystery of life eternal would never spend their lives in waste but in haste to people in need.


beautiful version of 'O sole mio.


'O sole mio' is the original song.
I never knew this.

You have a very good motivating post. There is such a quote. Time is the coin of your life. You only have this coin, and only you have the right to determine what it should be spent on. Beware that no one else will spend it for you.
Karl sandberg
Thank you for sharing

The time is now. This is the best time to be happy, to live without guilt and remorse towards ourselves because we let the train pass that would take us to happiness. The time is now. Do it now or never!

It is an excellent reflection of @chbartist. My best wishes for you

Sir, you are right.
Life give us only one chance never give unther chance.
Never miss this beautiful chance your all work do with proper menge time.
Time have a most important role in our lives.

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The early bird gets the worm! I am always up early to get the most out of the day and the serenity of dark mornings help me contemplate my day forward to achieve steps that ensure the success of objectives. Make the most of every moment even downtimes are sometimes not taken advantage of as we often do not consider these moments to do something.

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Hi, you're absolutely right, I've been postponing for several years what I want to do. But this year I am determined to fulfill my dreams and I have begun to plan, and already with small tasks that I set out to achieve, I begin to feel happy and more motivated to continue

Time is money
Time is very powerful it can change everything. We have to set our schedule so there is no wastage of time if we are wasting our time it is very dengerious to us . Time is like rivers flowing water once it flwon I can't touched from same place twice. So we have to be very careful about time and have to do things in time.

Time is key of success we have to be time consious so we can achieve our Target or goals

Oh, how time flies!
It was a phrase that I repeated many times in the past: and today, I repeat it after a long time.
Yes, that seems like a lie, I went surfing a bit through steemit and 7 days and 13 publications have passed since my last visit to your blog. :) :) :) Very good this publication on time. Greetings.
(I use a translator)

This is extremely valuable, time is life, when we give time to something someone is giving our lives, it is like faith, faith is in the now, because if we say tomorrow will be hope, everything is done in time Kairos, perfect of God, it is up to us to bring it into the natural world and make it a reality, a pleroma time, called a time of fulfillment. Thanks @chbartist.

Philosophers and time management experts love to remind us that our time is our life. What controls our time, controls our life.

On occasion, most of us have had to deal with some of these feelings:

"I can not do everything I should!"
"I'm a slave to the clock - I can not even take a breath."
"I'm always busy, but I feel like I never do important things."
"With so many urgent priorities, it's hard to decide what the next thing I should be doing."
"When I take a day off, time seems to slip out of my hands and I feel it was a lost day."
We face several challenges over time, but generally we have the same desire: to use our time in the best way to be able to fulfill the things we think are really important.
God created time as a tool. We were placed in this universe of time to learn many lessons and develop the character of God. Managing a Christian's time means using time as God wants us to.

I just want to know were you get all this wisdom, your articles look professional and send message in a good way, god bless you brother from South Korea wish you visit us soon

Utilizing time successfully is something we as a whole need to take in, the sooner the better. We are always in a rush to do whatever number things as could be expected under the circumstances. Such a surge regularly bridle different parts of your life wellbeing, family, relations with individuals around you.

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The greatest regret in life is not doing the things we should have done when we still possess energy, freedom. I should have grab that opportunity offered by my friend, I should have visited my sister in California and etc. It's a good reminder that we should live with action and not just wishes!

@chbartist, In my opinion time is,

T - Teacher
I - Intuition
M - Master
E - Experience

Time is teacher without any question because, somewhere inside us, something teaching us about time, like, wake up, now is the time you are lacking behind or you are on right path and on track.

Time is Intuition, sometimes when we see times in number form in my opinion we connect with the Alignment and we can feel the power of Intuition.

Time is master because, at the end of the day we are controlled by it, we cannot control it.

Time is experience, either it will going to give pleasant or unpleasant experience, learning or motivating experience and any other dynamic experience too.

So, time is time and time is now moment. We have to work in now moment to stay in alignment. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Completely agree with you @chbartist about this post. As you said that time is now or never which truly correct because whenever we thought of doing then we must start doing. If we keep thinking and waiting for right time which never comes then we are wasting time and time whichever is gone will never comeback. We must understand the value of time as we have have very limited of it ans wasting it will never be good for us. Thanks

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“Live every day like it’s your last, one day you’ll be right.” - Frank Sinatra

This is true. Time is cruel, do whatever you need to do before time runs out.

Tomorrow is never promised. What you want to do, do it now. :)

Very precisely said. It's easier to do things now when I'm young and strong than postpone it to time I'll be old and ill. I'll never be younger than now.

Outstanding post, like all of your other post I have reviewed. I agree time is very important.

It's interesting how I keep running into your post. I lost my pass key for a year and just found it yesterday, now I'm back and glad to run into this community of Steemit.

This is a question I have been thinking asking my self for a while.
Does anyone know what the meaning of time is?

Thanks for the Post and look forward to understanding your ideas. @chbartist

Greetings my friend steemit you touched on a subject of which I always speak to people in my environment, although it is true there is a saying that says "DO NOT LEAVE FOR TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY", every second that passes we are aging life is only one and we must know how to live it and take advantage and enjoy it to the full! BUT REMEMBER " THE TIME OF GOD IS PERFECT" T TO THE BAD TIME GOOD FACE... greetings I love your article!!!!


Time is my friend and my enemy, I carry it with me and I don't know for how long. I leave you this humble publication: I propose waiting for you to read it and give me your opinion, please. It would be of great value to me. Thank yous

SI, estoy de acuerdo contigo, el momento es ahora y es hora cuando debemos comenzar con el proyecto que tenemos. Pero te puedo decir con propiedad que un de las cosa más difíciles que he vivido, experimentado y con lo que he luchado siempre ha sido comenzar....

Comenzar es y ha sido uno de las cosa más difíciles para mi...

Yo como arquitecta contrato proyectos de arquitectura para mis clientes y comenzar esos proyectos me complican en mi responsabilidad. Es decir, al contratar un proyecto debo comenzar inmediatamente a trabajarlo, a pesar de tener todas las características parea el proyecto, a veces se me hace difícil comenzar, pero lo hago porque es mi responsabilidad.

Es cierto el momento de comenzar es ahora. no hay que esperar el mañana.

La motivación para comenzar es muy importante, porque así como yo hay muchos que no saben ni empezar y otros que no se atreven.

comenzar es levantarse de la cama y hacerlo sin poner obstáculos de ningún tipo.

Muy buen artículo. me gusta. felicitaciones.

It’s time to act..!!!
It doesn’t have to be like this, you know. You have a choice.
You can do that thing today. Not tomorrow. Not in a month. Just Right now.

If it’s worth the effort, you shouldn’t wait. If it’s not, then simply tell the truth: I don’t want that badly enough.
Whatever you do, I hope you begin.
Build momentum. Overcome Resistance. Break free of laziness and malaise. Do something.

You’ll feel better about yourself once you’ve started. Trust me. It gets easier as you go.

Starting is hard, It requires courage and perseverance. That’s why most people simply talk about it, but never do it. That’s why it’s the hard part.

But starting is necessary. It’s crucial to making your mark and leaving a legacy.
I dare you to begin. (And then tomorrow, do it all over again that´s it..!!

Incredible @chbartist ..!!!

This post has reminded me of a friend who always complained about the routine .... one day she came from the supermarket and she could not get up anymore, she was in bed for 4 months and then she died ... I always remember that when I feel that there is a routine in my life ... I think of her complaints, and I imagine, how much she should have longed for, to be able to continue even one more day of her routine ....
The human being sometimes does not appreciate what he has and spends his time in complaints, when he no longer has it is too late to value it. So time must be used to the maximum because we do not know when we will run out.

Yes it's so true. Time never waits, it's now or never.
That's really a good read:)

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this subject of time is really very complicated, Einstein said that time is relative that is to say it differs according to our thought, there were those who say that time does not exist but what exists is only the moment present (You can read Eckart Toll's book on the power of the present moment) ...
For me personally and to stay simple I will say that time is a precious gift that we must not lose on anything.

I like your photos,and agree with you,I always miss the days which have passed,the important things is future,so we have to move on.

Do the things that need to be done so when the time comes that we will gonna leave Earth, we will have that sense of satisfaction wherever we may be. :)

Everyone has to face a situation like do or die. That's great bro.

Thank you for reminding me. I love what you said. I know every moment is important so should not waste time, but sometimes forget about this. I hope I don't regret today. It is the time to rise and fight for my dream.

Greetings! Your post has been voted and has had resteem by the @votomasivo project.

Appreciation: Very good recommendation and reflection, time is that entity that we can not control and it is best to live the here and now, enjoy every moment while we have the beautiful opportunity to live.

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Your are right! Wasting and wasting time is just create a life full of regrets for you in the future.

I love steemit

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Buen contenido

Very TIME-ly post.. Pun intended.

Thanks, @chbartist!!!

Nice motivating post. So powerful!

Very nice super post

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