Time Management #3: Eliminating Gathering Points to Reach Maximum Efficiency...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Here we are with another post in our series of articles regarding time management and how you can utilize it to effectively and evidently increase efficiency in your daily routines.

In the olden times, when people wanted to start an activity or tend to their daily obligations, there were just not a lot of things that could distract them. Of course, it is also fair to point out that these chores were simple or singular, which left them with a lot of free time. In our modern society, we are literally surrounded and drowned in a world of distractions, from the very moment we open our eyes to the moment we lie on our bed to sleep.

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When it comes to time management, there are three defining factors; space, mind, and time. Time is of essence, as it is the ultimate resource out of the three. Space is an important asset, as what surrounds you contributes vastly to the extent of your concentration. We will discuss these elements in depth later. But today, we are going to talk about the mind.

Imagine that you want to study for your exams. You open your book and begin reading with intensity. After half an hour, your mind starts drifting away to the post that you sent to that social media or the friend who is going to be online at this hour with whom you usually chat and communicate. Maybe you begin to feel a little hungry or thirsty and go to grab a snack or something.

Maybe your gaze catches the painting that has been hanging on the wall of your room for forever, but this time you have begun to contemplate new meanings that have been well hidden inside it!

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You see, it is in our nature to lose focus or interest in the things that we may not like to do, but have to. Next to this malicious force of nature is the disrupting elements of the world in which you live, or what we know as ‘gathering points’!
Gathering points are bottlenecks of your mind that seek to ambush you at any given time and distract you from doing what you set out to do.

Take a closer look at the thoughts which pass through your head. If these thoughts are out of control to the extent of intruding on your work time or while you are in the middle of doing something important, they are ‘gathering points’ of your mind.

The problem with these gathering points is that you may start to do something and intend to finish it in an hour, but these gathering points devastate your efficiency until the whole ordeal is turned into an obnoxious and utter waste of time.

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What you have to do is eliminate these gathering points to reduce the amount of distractions to a minimum so that you can have peak efficiency in everything that you do.

For example, if most of your distractions or ‘gathering points’ are centered around your smartphone, you must put it in a place where it will be inaccessible to you for a certain timeframe. Or if it is the internet that is slowing you down with all of its colorful distractions, you can shut down your router.

You may say that this is not a solid or permanent solution. That is not the point. The point of this deed is to put an obstacle between you and the thing that has the potential to distract you. When you have enough obstacles in the way, you will have the time to really think about what you are going to do and stop yourself from doing it, saving time and energy as a result and eliminating the gathering point that has been haunting your work for a long time.

This is the next step towards our journey in time management. Starting today, try to identify the gathering points that are slowing you down, and try to shut them away or put obstacles between you and them, specially when you sit down to work. This way, you will have inherently hardwired your brain to reject the notion of these gathering points, which will in turn increase your ability to keep focus.



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Muy buen tema. El tiempo es relativo, eso ya lo sabemos, pero podemos maximizarlo y aprovecharlo. Reconocer eso que nos distrae de lo que estamos haciendo y nos hace perder tiempo es importante. Buena recomendación. Antes no teníamos tantos distractores como ahora, las interrupciones se presentan una tras otra y a veces vale la pena para un momento, tomar un rico café y seguir con lo que nos estamos proponiendo con mayor energía.
No sabía de esta comunidad que se está formando. Estaré más atenta para participar más. Saludos.


Saludos, @charjaim. Bienvenida. Justo ahora me tomo un cafecito para cargar las pilas


Excelente, el estado anímico mejora con un buen cafecito, y la recarga de las pilas es inmediata. Gracias por la bienvenida.


@charjaim, Gracias por sus amables palabras. Regards

Greetings @chbartist, thank you for including me in your list, I feel honored because your messages are part of the enrichment of this community and positively affects our lives, time is the most valuable thing we have, and manage it efficiently is wise, when we we give time to something to someone we are giving life, it is very important what you mention here, the focus, we should not lose it to reach the objectives.


Thank you @darlenys01 for your comment and kind words! Success!

This is a good idea to put out of reach those elements that sometimes distract us from the activity we have to do, I had not noticed that this part of removing the distraction would make us think better if we really wanted to keep looking for that distraction. That will be something that I will have to put into practice to try to see how I am doing.


I'm sure if you practice it will be good. Regards

  ·  2년 전

Greetings of the day sir @chbartist

Thanks allot for adding me in the list. I really feel honored and much blessed. I highly thankful to you for recognizing my little effort. I'm always here to support our community.

Today's blog is very informative and meaningful. As you sad there are so many things which are able to divert our mind from our goal. I we want to be successful then we have to set obstacles between these things and our goal so we can't distract from our destination.

I'm using this strategy in my life so I could achieve what I want .


Dear @chbartist sir!
Another article in the episode of the Best Mindset. To achieve any goal, we need to focus our attention on our goal rather than our own problems, because the thoughts of extravagant starts coming to our mind as we wander from the goal. As long as we can concentrate on our point, we grow, but as soon as we face problems, our focus disappears from the point, and the troubles are overwhelmed by us. Protect your mind from being confused and move towards your goal.

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Greetings, everyone.
Very good point. I am one of those who start reading and after some time I realize that I am not registering anything. My mind was wandering somewhere else.
Also, the web itself becomes more than a gathering point, it's a trapping device. I have been doing what you suggest here, shutting down the router to avoid distractions.

The thing is that we have been taught and even expected to multitask because the internet solved the problem we had before when we needed to be physically present, say, at a library to do research and then at a bank and then at a store. Now we can shop, do banking and research from our computers, we can even do all our work from there.

We got too used to having multiple windows opened and check the news and some trailers while writing a post and solving some other problems.

It takes discipline to undo all that. But, as you rightly point out, it is doable. I write down the list of urgent things, and then another list of important, but not urgent things that can be done only if there's time left after the urgent ones have been covered.


You and your very great comments! Thank you!

Obstacles tend to hinder our path in one way or other,learning the art of avoiding it is what you have explained and it was worthy to read it all.
Anyways, Its amazing that you tend to keep up with people among 45-50 comments and many upvotes, happy to be the part of one.keep flourishing buddy.

There is a rules i learn 70 30 back when i do business. Do the 30% of you daily job that can cover or worth 100% of their daily life . This mean they are productive to do they daily job.

But not everyone know what is their 30% . They should learn how to know these 30% . i myself still learning and i hope i can become much successful impact of the way i choose my 30% in mu daily life.

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I have been a little distracted of late but i made reading your posts on steemit a thing i should not lost completely. Most of the time i dont log in so i wont drift to other posts and start commenting and the likes but i think i have to drop a comment here and my thanks to you for the expensive and free lectures you have been putting together for us all.
Thank you very much @chbartis. I/we appreciate.

Yes, it is absolutely right to work according to the plan should be of great benefit
Every night before bedtime or in the morning, you should make a daily plan of what you have to do all day.
This will happen that you will know what you are going to do the whole day tomorrow. Now you will continue to do your bit according to your plan.

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Exactly friend! Do it! Success!

What do I understand to clear up my minds from gathering points is that you should set your priorities right, set your schedule, and carefully plan for the daily tasks.

Posted using Partiko Android


Yep! go ahead!!!!

Great advice given the times we live in where most of us, me included, fall into the trap of multi-tasking and trying to be productive.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Multi-Tasking is very GOOD @newageinv, but organized, LOL... Regards!

It happens to me often, that I get distracted and then I leave some things half-hearted and that stresses me ... I have to start this technique to move away what distracts me ... of course, sometimes they are distractions that appear suddenly ...


I understand but It's always good to try to stay focused.

How strange, just now that I have decided to live without taking into account time, I get hooked on your article, living without a clock and without taking into account time has given me a tranquility that I did not know, I hope to continue without repentance ...

Include my profile in the list, because I want to be part of all this with all of you! (I use Google translator, I only speak Spanish)


Hello @mariita52 do not worry, it's not just you who uses google.LOL Here we have people from all over the world. Thank you very much for your words and I will include you in the list! Success

Time is something that can't be reobtained once lost especially in this century in which innumerable distractions ranging from self to social media and fellow humans exist. It all comes down to self discipline and spending time doing the right things.
Thank you so much for inspiring us once more Sir


Thank you for your comment!!!!


You are most welcome sir.

Great blogg...great inspirining person @chbartist...great work what you are doing...please keep doing this for us...

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Great post, one thing I'd like to add is simply writing down the tasks you need to accomplish for the day. when you write them down, you have your tasks in a sense 'staring back at you' - so when someone does this, they'll be less likely to remain distracted.


Good addition, but I'll write better about it in another post because writing is important when you're focused on a goal, writing to remember what you have to do the next day can be a trap. I'll still write better about it! Regards

This series is very good on time management, friend

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Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest problems of the modern world

hieeee... thankyou for adding me your list.. i honoured to be part of your list... on post on time management is awsum ... time is very much precious it is never going to come back.. i think we should utilize it very wisely... bestest part in your post was your suggestion how to be focus on your goal...

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Hey @chbartist, thank you for mentioning me in your list. It is a real honor for me. I am still super new to this community and you were the first one I followed :) you are an inspiring person and I like the ideas you bring to the blog. Sometimes I just like to add some thoughts which I get when reading the blog! Keep up the good work buddy :)

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Yes, is wrong. I make correction now! Thanks

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hi @chbartist , Great advice about time management and even great community initiative ... I love to be apart of this growing and positive community

I think in time management we must write down our priorties and then do that accordingly. if we have commiyment with our work then we can finish before any distraction.
2nd thing is that divide the time for your task for example task one time is one hour or little bit up and down.and then come to the next task.
some time we open any social media site waste our time there if we did not manage time.

If we don't know how to manage time then anything can't be at the right moment. You article was very helpful to get tips.

I wish you all success and happiness in the new year. strongly recommend. It's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. yukseltilmis zemin

Big thx again for sharing your knowledge @chbartist

Being able to manage time efficiently is indeed key to a success in almost every industry and it's never ending process.

It's great to refresh some of things I already knew and learn something new at the same time.

Starting today, try to identify the gathering points that are slowing you down, and try to shut them away or put obstacles between you and them, specially when you sit down to work.

Would you have any advice if your gathering points are real life things like your wife or dog? How to shut them away if those two are around most of the time. That is currently my biggest distraction which I dont know how to handle.

Appreciate, yours

What do I understand to clear up my minds from gathering points is that you should set your priorities right, set your schedule, and carefully plan for the daily tasks.

GO! Excellent post I found it super good, useful and of great use for our day to day. Elegance more presicion in this information. Congratulations, mate! REGARDS!

Very thoughtful and engaging post. Thanks for sharing.

@chbartist Excelente sobre ese puntos de reunión que nos invade muchas veces, muy cierto todo lo que dice..

hello chbartist.This is a decent plan to place out of reach those parts that typically distract USA from the activity we've got to try to to, I had not detected that this a part of removing the distraction would build USA suppose higher if we actually wished to stay trying to find that distraction. that may be one thing that i will be able to have to be compelled to place into follow to undertake to check however i'm doing.
chbartist i am having trouble to get votes can you upvote me please.