Using the Leverage of Pain and Pleasure to Your Advantage....

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Hi, Steemians!

People rarely ever do something incidentally. We always have a reason and a trace of origin behind our every thought and action.

We cannot really follow the chain of events and occurrences in a fathomable manner, but we can surely say that there is a tangible force behind our motivations and sensations to do something.

According to Anthony Robbins, our mind operates on two principles; the need to avoid pain and the desire to seek pleasure.

By understanding this, we can utilize the two sides of pain and pleasure to increase our productivity and reach our goals.

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Either you take control of life, or life takes control of you.

If you learn how to use the leverage of pain and pleasure to your advantage, you can take control of life.

If you don’t, life will take control of your emotions and your actions, simply because you refused to understand the inner motives behind your actions and how your mind processes those motives.

The human mind is complicated. No one can deny that. But when it comes to taking advantage of how your brain works, the procedure becomes comprehensible.

The two main aspects of how your brain functions is pleasure and pain. We are always running away from pain and seeking pleasure.

The problem with the brain wiring of most people is that they take pleasure from things that hurt them and conceive pain from things that are beneficial to them.

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For instance, consider a smoker who can’t seem to quit his harmful habit. The main reason behind this is that he takes pleasure in smoking.

Imagine that he experiences a cardiac arrest. The doctor tells the person that he should never smoke again. That traumatic and enlightening experience might just become the leverage that person needs to quit smoking forever. Because now, that delight has turned into a profound hatred and regret for selfishness.

Now you may say that you know some people who just wouldn’t stop doing the things that would harm them, even if they were well aware of their consequences. Well, for those people, pain has turned into a comfort zone.

A lot of people are stuck in a state of unhealthy behavior because of this comfort zone.

A smoker knows that they are slowly killing themselves, but they keep smoking nonetheless. Because even though smoking hurts them, they have grown used to the pain and will choose it any day over the idea of change.

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Becoming wealthy is absolutely pleasurable to you, and something you definitely want.

You may now be miserable or might go through a lot of pain because of the state of your livelihood, but when you have grown used to the pain, you always choose it instead of changing everything and suffering through the consequences.

What you feel right now is the temptation of your comfort zone. The only place where you will truly feel pleasure is the destinations that await the end of your dreams.

Pain is contemporary, while hope is forever lasting. Picture yourself in a world where all your dreams have come true.

That is the place where you will truly take pleasure.

Think of all the bad deeds and habits that might now seem pleasurable (comfort zone) but will ultimately prove to hurt you and push you away from achieving your goals

This is the place where true pain lies.

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The matter of true pain and pleasure can be confusing, but if you use your mind’s understanding of pain and pleasure by envisioning the future, you will turn these sensations into motivational forces that can push you forward and help you along the way.

Think about the pleasure of success and the pain of defeat.

Think about all the things that you should and shouldn’t do in order to achieve victory and avoid pain.

Only then will you successfully turn the most powerful weapon in the powerhouse of brain to your advantage!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Either you take control of life, or life takes control of you.

Such a great line it is true if we don't pay attention to our attitude towards situation then life can control us. It is necessary to take control over situation so we can handle everything in our life.

Dear @chbartist sir!
The ways of the world are very strange. People here find pleasure in pain. It is very difficult to believe. Here, the pain medicine is used to remove the pain. To remove the pain, use the same kind of alcohol (pain) that actually causes pain. Today, we have two aspects of happiness and sadness. Either enjoy the pleasures by taking suffering and enjoying the pleasures of pleasure. The pain is contemporary, whereas hope is always permanent. Yet we choose the path of pain because we can not leave our addiction habit. Deliberately pushing himself into the pit of pain. Our bad habits and bad habits can be special areas for transient pleasures but they cause permanent misery that separate us from our destination.
Thank you.

Thinking about the pain of abstinence from certain things and focusing on the results of experiencing pain will make us enjoy the things that make our emotional muscle strong. Emotional strength is needful in changing our life's pace and that is being molded through our painful experiences.

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Hey @chbartist liked this line very much out of the whole post.

"Think about all the things that you should and shouldn’t do in order to achieve victory and avoid pain"

This line shares a very good message. Truly a knowledgeable post and I thank you for writing this nice post.

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It's a very good post.And there is a very good information. You said absolutely right that we should do any work, regardless of its good or bad results. It will be good for our health.

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I have always disdained the concept of seeking one's "comfort zone."

To me, comfort zones mean only one thing — stagnation. In turn, stagnation will only bring about doom.

The transition from childhood to adulthood is supposed to wean us off the comfort teat. Unfortunately, the more comfortable our upbringing, the more we want to retain our comfort zones as adults.

This results in:

  • Repressed maturity
  • Increased instances of self-destructive behavior
  • Lack of an ability to appreciate substance over fluff

I found this article to be insightful in how the majority of us need to reevaluate our perspective on pleasure and pain. It seems that a large number of people would benefit from inverting their take on pleasure and pain. A sort of "inversion therapy" for one's mindset, so to speak.


I agree in part with what you say, about where you highlight that the "comfort zone" is equal to stagnation. It should also be noted that when we fall for any reason in this area we become addicted to sadness making it difficult to separate and emerge on their own, and that's where the help or complement of the closest ones comes in, thus stimulating the desire to do new things and motivate the person to grow. regards

Saludos @chbartist! Muchas veces, las costumbres que desarrollamos son heredadas de nuestro entorno, las tomamos de familiares y amistades cercanas, un ejemplo son el fumar, el beber, el tener parejas conflictivas, y otros. Nos acostumbramos a estas situaciones a tal punto que las vemos como algo normal.

En base a lo anterior, como podemos saber si, nuestras costumbres favorecen nuestro crecimiento personal, con una practica sencillo; Al capacitarnos, al adquirir nuevos conocimientos, conocer nuevos sitios y nueva gente, obtendremos un nuevo criterio que muchas veces comparamos con nuestra realidad, en ese momento nos damos cuenta que, aplicando cambios en nuestras vidas podremos estar mejor.

Feliz día!

I have alway lived by the thought that anything is worth trying as we learn through experiences. Sometimes these mistakes incur in the paid and assist in learning even quicker. The difficult experience is achieving success as it is tough to maintain while expectations change and environments change.

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As you mention the comfort zone, emotions are addictive, if we are accustomed to be brave, bitter, sad, we unconsciously seek to be in this state.

If we realize that what we need is to have well-being, but a well-being that is not ephemeral, it is the pleasure of being really healthy, healthy, of having a clear conscience, of being calm. And to live in this way we must cultivate with every daily action, which will bring excellent long-term benefits.

Our look in yesterday to improve, in today to act and in the morning to have the correct vision of what we want.

Thanks @chbartist

Pains and pleasures are part of our lives. Sometimes they can't be avoided and made us think, "Why are these happening?" There are things in life we couldn't explain. But we have to accept, move on and continue our journey.

Excellent review, my friend and you are right, only when we use pain and pleasure in our favor will we succeed! Thank you @chbartist

Great post! So, let's think about it...


Pain can be motivation for the pleasure we seek. There is an instinct to fear pain.

There is an expectation of pain if we fail to confront and perform the work required to achieve success. Failure is painful.

I also think pain is a great motivating force in itself. The challenge can be realizing there will be pain to achieve success, then coupling that force to the higher powers anointing ones desire to achieve success.

I think this will get most people past the fear of pain associated with the process required to achieve success. Pleasure is the intangible reward of success... Doing whatever gotta be done. Whatever it takes! No matter the pain... The desire for success overcomes the fear of pain.

Therefore, let pain and the fear of it, be the fuel cell for desire to accomplish success because pleasure is the ultimate reward of success.

Thanks for the post. Good way to start the daily mindset. I am getting a lot of good ideas for tee-shirts and hoodies.

Big hugs to everyone!


Certainly, people feel pleasure with the things that can hurt them, it happens in a loving relationship and it happens in many situations of our life

I know of a case of a man who is addicted to smoking, had an aneurysm and was forbidden to drink liquor and smoke cigarettes for life, he literally did it for 3 months, after that time he started drinking and smoking, more and more Frequently, and, today, smokes up to 2 boxes of cigarettes a day, this is a clear example of how people feel pleasure with the things that can harm them.

It is very sad and regrettable that people feel pleasure with the things that hurt them, but unfortunately, it happens very often. everyone, is responsible for their own actions, but all, we should seek to do those things that give us pleasure, but nevertheless, be aware that those things that hurt us, however pleasant they are, we must discard them.

life is full of ups and downs, it's up to us to maintain a balance and take control of our own lives

Thanks once more for sharing!
let's continue working together

Here in South Korea, the way we relieve pain and get all our anger and stress out is by beating broken cars, really, go to a car dump and take a hatchet and keep hitting the glass and car its just fun and good

True talk sometimes the pleasure we enjoy in the present can cause pain in the future, Letting go of present pleasure avoids future pain

Every life lived by humans is actually determined by the mind, according to the philosophy expression "Change your way of thinking, then your life will change".

Your post is very good, resteemed 😊

Estas palabras son necesarias. En algunas ocasiones podemos tener a nuestro lado personas que están pasando por malos momentos y están confundidos y solo necesitan unas pocas palabras para ayudarles a tener el valor y la fuerza para tomar las decisiones que su vida necesita.


It's sufficient to make us need to surrender, or hurried to our solaces.
In any case, this looking for of solaces and leaves, avoiding fears, lashing out at others in disappointment … it just compounds the situation. It's tossing fuel on the fire, and trusting it helps the circumstance.

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Very brilliant and knowledge-enhancing article. Happy Sunday.😊😊😊

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Very good points, In that I like this point very much

"Either you take control of life, or life takes control of you."

Excellent reasoning and I thought about my pain and pleasures, which of course should help in achieving our goals!

Oh yes @chbartist, to understand our pain and pleasure, after which to direct them to the right path, this is a great motivation to act and achieve success!

Take care of yourself take control of life are Take control of you avoid pain.
I like your though good article.

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I think good idea yoga and mindset yoga's gives lots of energy

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Very interesting and inspiring work. This is my first time of coming across something like this. And it has got my attention to read more of your article. I'd gladly anticipate to see more.

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I enjoy your post, you have paid attention to the bad habits we get used to, we treat them as our comfort zone but we should exclude them from our life to be the best version of ourselfs.

Very True Saying @chbartist
All people want to avoid pain and they desire to seek pleasure.

It's not about what happens to you but about how you react!

Don't let pleasure of life control you, you should control it instead.

while pain , discouragement , failure is a great teacher of life , i believe that success is a great revenge .😂😂😂

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Brilliant article sir!

Guys I am new to steemit and I have written something,
Please read upvote and give your valuable comments.
Thank you.


We got you! You are in the right place... If you have not posted an "introduce yourself" article, that will help build your "following" and your "Steem Power"...


That reminds me... I gotta go there also!

Dayam,you should be a motivational speaker !

Since you've mentioned the smoking habit, it might be interesting for you read this unusual point of view:

Nice write up. Reminds me of a book I recently read:
'The subtle art of not giving a f*ck'

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