Why Do We Need to Look Out for Those with a Broken Mindset?

3년 전

Hello, dear Steemians!

As we have discussed before, you are the sum of your closest friends.

Their mentality, characteristics, and behavior determine a great deal of your own merits.

But often times, we do not determine who we come in contact with. Furthermore, some of our friends have mindsets that are not beneficial to them, especially in the long run.

What is our responsibility towards people who may not have the clear vision of what we are trying to do?

In this blog post, we are going to figure this problem out.

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Although when I use the word ‘problem’ you should not really think of this as an issue, since a harmful mindset is detrimental to the person who possesses it, and not the person who comes in contact with that mindset.

It is also fair to mention that you should not completely expose yourself to harmful mindsets, because in time, your subconsciousness will be inevitably influenced by their train of thought.

But I believe that if you are a person with a higher vision, then you need to hold yourself responsible to those you come in contact with.

Again, this is not about preaching your ‘truths’ to other people, but more about giving them unbiased information and perspective about the world.

If you take a closer look, you will realize that this is exactly what we have been doing in this blog.

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In our community, we are always pushing people to find their voice and bring productivity to their lifestyle.

This is not necessarily about having a positive outlook towards the world, but more about putting the necessary effort to achieve the things that have always been your dream.

But a lot of people do not have that information to begin with.

They cannot perceive of a mindset that compels them to actually try their hand at something. These people are effortlessly beaten in the playground of life.

But it should not be like that. You are in contact with such people for a reason.

The art of bringing these people around and showing them another way is delicate; because you do not want to preach, you want to educate.

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Consider this: You know the stuff you know because you were in the right place at the right time when it was conveyed to you.

A lot of people didn’t have this chance in life, and that is why they are struggling to keep their balance.

I believe that we are all responsible towards one another. We have this obligation to show other people a better path if we are aware of one.

That is what I have been trying to do with this blog and I hope that the rest of you do this to everyone you know.

Even if you don’t see it in yourself to do this, you could always introduce them to sources of inspiration and motivation; like this blog or any other place you know about.

In the long run, all of the effort you put into this will be worth it, because then you will have a community of people willing to take control of their own destiny.




Please, take the time to read the text below, it can always change in some points and it is it that has made this community understand and help each other. I would like you to pay close attention to what is written in these notes. Try to really follow what I ask of all of you who are a few months old with me contributing meaningful comments and we have built something really good here along with people who have a positive mindset and we have managed to get more people together like that.

Always read this text of notes because I can making important changes in this text like update names in the list and things to the growth and understanding of how we can improve our foundations and how this community was built until here.

I have been working very hard on this blog since the beginning. I have a very busy life but I am giving my best and believe me I have shared experiences that I have been coaching thousands of people and I know that the change of the Mindset should be daily. I am already grateful to see you giving upvotes to each other and you can see this with the fact that many already have 8, 9, 10 upvotes. But I'm sure that with the effort of all of us we will see a community with, more and more upvotes each others and for that everyone should get engaged so we can make it come true. I believe and we can! Resteem...

In the end you will see that I ask you all to sign up for a youtube channel that I created this specific channel to talk about steem and for projects that I am working on steem that soon I will release a video about that channel. It's important that you sign up for the channel and talk to your friends at steem so they can sign up as well.

There is no video in the channel yet but it is important that you are subscribed to this channel precisely so that you can be notified when I launch something there.

I know everyone has a google account or 99% of people, so you just have to sign up for the channel.

I'm counting on all of you.

***Remember Community: Please, if you commented and upvote on a new post I did, please always go back to the previous one because if someone in the community commented lastly because of time zone differences it will be without your upvote and that would not be fair.

You all know the goal! We can reach: More and More Upvotes each others!


I'm reading all the meaningful comments from the posts.

I am here making a list of all of you who have helped build this community by voting for each other who write meaningful comments and soon I will respond to everyone with comment and thank you all because I can already see this spirit being built in this Positive Mindset community and help between all of you.

You will receive my upvote in all material and brief comments I will do this in all the posts I am following very closely and I can see what the people who are generous and contribute to this legacy that I am trying to build with all of you can become reality in a short time.


First of all, I would like to thank all of you, who are the most active and proactive in this community, showing your generosity and always with meaningful comments. From now on I will always make a list of these incredible people who have helped to expand our goal of growing ever more.

But I ask that if you are new around here you read many of the previous posts because they make it clear that we are building a community with respect among all, generosity and this blog is for those who really want to start moving their Mindset to positive and moreover be part of the growth of all of us who contribute to this blog. Please do not ask to include you in the list if you are just wanting upvotes because we want here people genuinely attuned to growth and good attitudes and as I have always said with Respect as the basis of all, generosity and positivity!


Feel free if you want to be included in the list of contributors to this community. Just ask at the end of your comment.

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Hello very interesting friend this post I agree friends are not always positive for our lives because in the world there are few people who want and want good to another and have no jealousy in seeing success or achieve success to a friend greetings m very much like your post very positive congratulations

I agree so much with this post and I try to help and teach people as much as I can until I just need time off a while. I'm also trying to act on what I know and teach myself, but sometimes self discipline is a problem for me. I would love to be a part of this community. Keep up the good work!

Saludos @chbartist.

una mentalidad dañina es perjudicial para la persona que la posee...

Esto, digamos premisa, siempre se cumple; una persona con mentalidad dañina siempre será el primer perjudicado pero no quiere decir que será el único porque dependiendo del alcance del daño es posible que pueda afectar a otros a su alrededor.

Totally agree with you. Thanks to this platform now we can reward those who take the time to teach and guide others to accomplish their dreams, their way to life. I also think we should make an educational system based on what you are talking, an education that guides, provides you of information and support you on your early ages.

Thank you chbartist, you are doing a great job here. And more importantly you are doing it with love. Not everybody can say those things.

Have a great day!😊


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Sounds like a great idea, I'd love to both be taught and then teach others it could help. :)

Greetings @chbartist.

In the present time, it is an advantage to work as a team with several people, which should have common objectives.

At times when a person close to you has a problem, you can be helped through advice that allows you to overcome the bad moment.

When there is a good group of allies, with the support of all, progress is made until the objectives are met.

yeah you are right but there people who refuse the help of others because they knew what they are doing.

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It's good if we have that kind of mindset because it shows that we've been cared and guided by loving and caring people who by their experiences and wisdom wanted us to tread the right path of life. There are also people who were looking with the broken mindset to prey on them just because they were treated as such. Let just make our lives be a channel blessing to others.

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Everything you say is true. I'm very lucky to know you and read your post. say try to implement what I've read. of course with improvisation as needed.
Some time we see the success of the other without know the process and we want ti get the goal without hard work. Fortunately, i read many your posts and i think need to reflect in my self.
In life we are always faced with the challenge that will make us mature, more mature in action. Every time we will stumble and then see one problem from one side to forgetting something else. but when we know from another point of view then we feel grateful to have problems become better in managing ourselves.

Thank you @chbartist
Warm regard from Indonesia

We must be influential people, to convey positive things. This will attract others without the need to make an effort. We all like to hear good news, we all like smiles. If we transmit good things, then people come alone. I follow you for a long time, long before creating this community, and the reason why I joined, is precisely because you always transmit a positive message, a message that helps us see things from a different perspective. I congratulate you for that.

Happy weekend.

Hello @chbartist today I came to know about your writings at the suggestion of @blessed-girl I can appreciate that we are on the same wavelength. Congratulations for your work.
They also told me that you have collaborated a lot with Venezuelans and I want to thank you. Today I give you my vote as a gesture of appreciation and gratitude for the good energy you are transmitting and the support for my colleagues in Venezuela. A hug and blessings.
Good vibes and see you soon.

Es infinitamente cierto! Me agradan mucho sus posts. !
Saludos desde Venezuela!

Great post and get useful information. If we help our friend whobis with negative mindset we are helping him to make his life better and by doing this we also contribute tomake world better. While we teach him correct things we learn that things twice and which give us more clarity.

Thank you @chbartist . Keep it up love this community and knowledgeable posts.

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I completely agree with you and I really liked your message. There are people who need help to steer in the right direction so that they begin to see the world objectively and assess the situation adequately.

Hi friend @chbartist you are saying right good way of inspiration and motivation give us a great chance choice and effort for achieving dreams goal and success.
I like your motivation.
Keep continue motivate great job.👍

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I think it is the average of other people around the people.
But of course we can shape our environment.I really like your article very much.
Motivational and inspiring.
I would love to join this great community. Thanks for the post :)

The power of community is more than the individual and with a great leader to share vision, goals and objectives can be achieve with great success to those who make and effort to participate. Sharing the vision is a key factor and many unknowingly become the light for other to follow with the vision.

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True,we should help each other to get into right path.
keep inspiring us

This is not necessarily about having a positive outlook towards the world, but more about putting the necessary effort to achieve the things that have always been your dream.

We should not the required efforts to make our dreams reality rather than wasting our time in unproductive things.

Why Do We Need to Look Out for Those with a Broken Mindset?

Because we care and we love them.
The most important people to look for and share with our help are the least ones of course, those that are in need of much love.
Is there any credit to love those who also love us?

broken mindset=No strategy

Very interesting post. As I told you before, I love the way you see the world, I completely agree with you

Posted using Partiko Android

It’s true Sir, it is not necessary to have positive mindset only to your life but we should act act in a right direction , is must. If we excel in some art or having experience , it is our prime duty to share it with our near one if possible to other also as we are sharing through this platform . Thanks

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Bro not all fingers are same , different people have different perspectives ..Just be yourself , stay positive , Do your best and leave the rest people will adjust anyways

@chbartist Love this post. Have been dealing with exactly this with my nephew, who's disposition lately lends itself to negativity and needs the very guidance you speak of in this post.

The forest is thick with guises coming with persuasive promises and sometimes all we need is an encouraging soul to help guide us away from impending danger.

Thank you for this reminder to just do good to and for others.

I had just to much to say on this one I had to edit it to turn into a post (found here):
Re: Why Do We Need to Look Out for Those with a Broken Mindset? /5 SBI Giveaway Contest!jeeeezzz.jpg

I really think you'll enjoy the perspective!


hear similar stuff from various successful ppl, you're the sum of 5 friends that you closely connect. start adding more ppl tat help add value to your life.

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I really liked your message

Great content @chbartist.

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It is infinitely true! I like your posts a lot. !

It good

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