Why Is It Absolutely Necessary to Have Breakfast in the Morning?

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Hi, Steemians!

Most of the content on this blog is dedicated to training your mindset and boosting your productivity to reach peak efficiency in your daily life.

But as much as we struggle not to admit, a lot of your efficiency and productivity can be traced back to your state of physical health.

Yes, mental health is the cornerstone of our existence, but without a healthy body, we are going to suffer in more ways than we could possibly begin to imagine.

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The importance of how you start your day is not necessarily about the first activities we tend to perform.

For instance, you know that checking your phone as the first thing you do in the morning after you wake up is a huge mistake and this can effectively ruin your day.

You know that immediately starting to work or worry about the things you have to do is detrimental to your mindset and productivity.

You also know that one of the first things you should do everyday is to plan your day out.

But before that… you need to make sure that you eat your breakfast!

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A lot of people are negligent towards the idea of eating breakfast, as for some of them, eating after you have woken up is a difficult thing to do.

But here’s the thing: You do not have to enjoy eating breakfast, you just have to eat it!

Why? Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and most people do not realize how much our body needs breakfast to function properly.

Now, a lot of you are thinking, ‘I haven’t had a proper breakfast in years and I am seemingly doing just fine without it!’

You’d be right, but what you don’t realize is how much better you could perform if you were to take this meal of the day more seriously!

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When you wake up every day, your body has essentially gone through a fast during your sleep hours.

No food. No water.

A lot of healthcare professionals advise people to drink a glass of water when they wake up in the morning, even before eating, because it can take effectively take care of the poison and the waste that the body has produced.

There are a lot of things that we should push ourselves in order to achieve, and some of them require strength and will.

But something like eating your breakfast, as ludicrously simple as it might seem at first glance, is also important if you want to be a productive person on a daily basis!



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It depends on your goals
If fat loss is a goal usually intermittent fasting is a big help and pushing breakfast tends to be easier

I've actually read that modern research is suggesting that whether a person eats breakfast in the morning or not essentially makes zero difference to their health or overall functioning. Most of the research that claimed that eating breakfast was important to health and functioning was conducted by cereal and grain companies like "Post," "General Mills" and "Kelloggs." When research on breakfast is conducted by third parties who do not have a conflict of interest, the results tend to show that breakfast is no more important than any other meal of the day and that it's better to follow your own natural eating cycle. just something to consider.

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Different things work for different people. Eating early is not necessarily the best for everyone. I don't eat for a few hours after waking up, have an 11-7 eating window, and I have never been more alert and had more energy. Our diets are greatly influenced by genetics, gut microbiome, etc. People should experiment with what works or consult a dietetian, and not follow generalized advice.

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It is not and that is proved too.

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Hello - Greetings to @chbartist and all of you, my friends. As you will all know, the socio-economic situation in Venezuela is so hard that it is difficult to obtain a balanced and quality diet. To give you an idea, I will tell you that a bag of cereal for breakfast costs almost the equivalent of the monthly minimum wage, that is, 18,000 bolívares. However, as I have been saying, the difficulties are to overcome them and for that there is no better tool than creativity. It is always necessary to look for alternatives that are economic and that really help to feed us better. The industrial products are not always the least alternative. As you can see in my photo, I have solved a delicious breakfast with a pair of arepas made with ground corn, that is, totally integral, a pair of stews made with spinach and chard, respectively, a little banana dessert, a lettuce leaf and a piece of ricotta. As you can see from my face, everything was very rich and I assure you that I spent very little money.

Blessings to all of you on the occasion of my celebrating my first year at Steemit!


Greetings @yomismosoy

Excellent breakfast

Creativity in times of crisis is a capacity that develops and helps face problems.

Enjoy your meal.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." is a slogan of food industries.

The line “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” was invented in the 19th century by Seventh Day Adventists James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg to sell their newly invented breakfast cereal.

Not all 7 billion plus people on earth are eating breakfast.
I don't eat breakfast for more than 2 years now and comparing my health to those times when I eat breakfast, its quite different.

Greetings @chbartist

Water consumption in the morning allows diuresis, or elimination of accumulated toxins in the body while we sleep.

With regard to breakfast, this food provides glucose to the brain, this being the fuel the body needs to function. If we do not supply the machine with fuel, it will fail. If we do not supply quality fuel to the machine it will fail.

We must make breakfast, and make it of quality

I have adjusted for this with my current diet and the importance of energy is clear to be able to concentrate on our efforts throughout the day. I sleep with water by my side to have a drink as I wake up and go for my workout every morning.

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Greetings @newageinv

Excellent advice, thanks for sharing

si hermano siempre mis abuelos me enseñaron desde muy pequeño lo importante que representa el desayunar se dice que de las comidas esta es la mas importante porque nos programa el cuerpo con energía por lo que hayamos desayunado a que el cuerpo se tonifique para el rendimiento de las horas por cumplir siento que es obligación preocuparnos por una buena alimentación y que también sea sana y baja en grasas y otros nutrientes que pueden afectarnos.

I really agree @chbartist, for health and returning energy we need breakfast. the food we eat depends on our individual tastes.

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You are right. Breakfast is a guarantee of health and good mood. Morning calories never turn into fat, but are spent without a trace - and this is only a small plus of regular morning snacks.

Well, it depends on where you stand on. For example, believe me when I tell you that most people don't have "breakfast" to eat in the morning.
Breakfast will come sometime in the afternoon, or very late at night after a serious days hustle.
Then, there some others like me who deliberately avoid eating early in the morning because I had a very heavy late dinner. I usually allow my body to clear the previous nights load out of my system effectively.
Besides, the last thing I want to do is worrying about restroom issues once I am out of the house.

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I always believed that it would be best for our health to have a good breakfast!
Because after all is what they have always tried to instill in people and they should also eat every 3 hours ...
Nowadays I have a different opinion! ☺️
And I know that the intermittent fasting (of 16 hours) has its many benefits and there is no lack of energy for not taking your breakfast ... Quite the contrary! Of course you can have the coffee in the same ...
But only the coffee and no sugar! 😉

I used to skip breakfast before and it really gives me a lot of diet imbalance. I feel like something in my body is lacking and it makes me so stressed and exhausted even I am just starting my day. Then I did some research and reading what would be best for a balance diet.On one article I read it suggest that breakfast is a meal that a person should not skip daily.

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True indeed, breakfast is very essential meal of the day, it is our important source of energy as it is our first meal , it doesn’t matter whether you take much or less but we shouldn’t skip this along with plenty of water.
Thanks @chbartist

Experts says we have to take large intake of breakfast and as much minimum supper. As morning we need more energy.

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I like food a lot as I can not denied that. I don't think I will want to miss my breakfast except if something emergency beyond what I can hold comes up

Morning breakfast must for good health energy and fitness.

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Unfortunately I don’t have breakfast. I start day with launch :)

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Yeah I'm done take my breakfast my friend thank you Lord

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breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are persons that have not a breakfast. I don t understand why

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Yes,breakfast is very important. But due to time constrain, I always had only a cup of coffee and a small bread most of the time..

I agree. Breakfast is the first step for successful day.

I use to be a breakfast guy in the morning but now my breakfast usually occurs after 16 hrs of fasting. So it can occur at any time of the day depending on my fasting window. Breakfast may be eggs, bacon or even steak with coffee of course :). I think fasting is more important for your body than eating at set times of the day, just for the sake of eating. Do what works for you as its not simply black and white as everyone is different.

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For you to have good health

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When you take your time to eat breakfast it starts a good day.

Where is mine?

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For years I am doing fasting and that has become popular, and even advocates suggest that the longer your body goes without food the better it is for you. Indeed, digestion does take up an awful lot of resources, and giving your body a break from a constant onslaught of food can be a good thing. If you had an early dinner and then skipped breakfast, you’d be “fasting” for a good chunk of time, meanwhile your body would be going into ketosis, where fat stores are burned and your brain is fueled by triglycerides rather than the usual glucose. Some people feel really good eating this way; others do not.But if you give it time you're body get used to it... Think about the early days when man had to hunt for their food... There was no breakfast and because you are so called hungry your stomach is actually sending a signal to your brain that it's time to hunt.. it's give us more energy and we are more allert and productive with a empty stomach.
I always work out on a empty stomach and I have gained more muscle then ever before. After my workout I eat meat fruit and vegetables no carbs or so ever.

Also some people who don't eat breakfast they do so because they feel that once they have breakfast, they can’t stop eating for the rest of the day. By skipping breakfast they’re shortening their eating window and reducing the number of eating hours each day.
But remember that it's important to keep hydrated so drink water the whole day. We can survive without food for 3 weeks water only 3 days.

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I agree. But some do intermittent fasting which I think also have its benefits.

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I have proven that my body needs a healthy breakfast. And about checking your phone first thing, I will not be controlled by the addiction to get on Facebook and read things like, "I had to cut on my air conditioner for the first time this year!" Really, and why would any body care or want to waste time reading such?
Thanks for your post. Well done.

I every day no can to eat breakfast. I do this I will be fat!

yes breakfast is very important meal of the day and i think i found myself more energetic and fresh when i have my breakfast

and this post is worth 413 usd!!!!

It's not important what researchers said, I think that we should follow our body and intuitive. Personally, I ate breakfast at 10 a.m. because for me it is perfect but my husband or my kid prefers to eat it little earlier. But it all depends of our needs, no-one can force us to do it in a different way. I appreciate your post.

Does the quantity matter?


What matters is to cover all nutrients that your body needs to get the energy that's necessary. Some people even weight their portions to get that. I think discipline is essential.

Because you can not have breakfast during afternoon. (Kidding)
Breakfast is absolutely necesary. I have been struggling with weight issues and one of my main problems is not having a proper breakfast.
I started seeing a diet expert from last month who gave me a couple of tips which i've been putting in practice and I finally put on some weight after my first month. It's absolutely necessary.

Thanks for the post.

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