Why is it Important to Determine and Prioritize Your Values in Life? Part #2

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Hello again, friends!

As I mentioned earlier, our values define who we are and what we can be. They give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions.

They act as guiding principles that dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. But how do we actually find our own personal values?

In today’s blog post, I will talk about some of the core values that help define our personality.

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Take a look at your morals to get a better understanding of your values, and understand that everything always starts with you!

Let us start with ‘Respect’!

It is pretty easy to say that you respect someone, but when it comes to acting with respect, it can be challenging.

You need to be mindful of your communication. Let me clarify this with an example;

You are a partner who puts their phone away when going on a date with their loved one.

Evidently, as a core value, you put your relationship first to show that you are doing your best to care.

Remember: Just because you are not physically harming your partner does not mean that you are treating him or her with respect. Respect is far more complicated than that!

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Next is ‘Reliability’!

And it can be listed as one of many key values that can help you forge deeper relationships, regardless of their personal or professional nature.

As you well know, relationships are built on trust. Being reliable builds that trust. It is highly important to be there when you say you will be there.

People around you will feel safe to see that you are the same person day after day.

If you prove yourself to be unreliable, people will withdraw from you, and they will feel as if they are stepping on broken glass in your presence.

Opportunities arise when you are reliable and people see a sense of responsibility in you.

Then, they will be more likely to give you challenging tasks that will help you grow and prosper.

When you are reliable, you will get as much as freedom you need, no one will constantly look over their shoulder to make sure you are doing the right thing… and this ultimately improves your self-esteem.

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Working hard to adapt some core values such as respect and reliability can really improve your image as a person in this society.

Whether you are dealing with your colleagues, boss, or even your significant other, respect and reliability can turn out to be your ace in a world that tends to ignore such concepts.

Be a part of the small minority that always strive to be better by leaning on their core values and ideals!



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How important it is that we inspire confidence, a person who is not sincere can hardly inspire confidence. Everything depends on our behavior and how real we are or how transparent we are in life, nothing better than being a sincere and honest person wherever we go and in all aspects of our lives.

These are great example of how given something, you may also receive in return. While the receiving is not always tangible in nature, these will help you towards your goals. Being respectful and reliable are key factors to becoming a person that people look towards when in need and that helps.

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Greetings @chbartist

The values ​​that you indicate in this publication are very important when carrying out any relationship in personal or work life; Respect and trust

In the sense of respect, we must always keep the consideration and compliance with the applicable rules, which will lead to build trust of others towards us.

When we comply with the principles, all management is more fluid, we gain time, we fulfill the objectives and we generate a good image in other people.

Hello @chabartist

As you say in this part .........

It is pretty easy to say that you respect someone, but when it comes to acting with respect, it can be challenging.

Respect, like any other value or feeling, manifests itself much better when we take care to demonstrate it.

It is very easy to say that we love and respect someone, but only in the hour of interaction and dynamics will we know if what we say is true.

With respect to the levels of difficulty in achieving these values, I believe that the only difficult thing is to have the strength of will to undertake the adoption of these values.

Being respectful is very easy, being friendly and kind is also easy, giving the attention and care you deserve to our family and our partner is quite easy.

What is really complex is to find the willpower to put these things into practice, I think the key word for this should be Adoption. Because it is precisely a process where we can change our heart and adopt all these values ​​that we lack in our personal growth.


Happy to see You again

Every-Thing is Okey

Hello @chbartist, very important this topic, for all without exception. Even when sometimes they become very difficult...

I am sure it is another perspective expender writing from @chbartist . Resteemed to be read later:)

@chbartist Heya, Glad to see you back... Was eagerly waiting for your blogs from long time... Thanks for coming back.... Keeo posting now on regular basis=) Thanks keep going..m

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As I've commented on the 1st part is focused here. You see life with your careful keen eyes. Again I'd like to say great to see you back again.

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Do better and right cearful with increasing our value responsible person always valuable for everyone.

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Cuando la confianza es alta, la comunicación es fácil, instantánea y efectiva (Stephen R. Covey)
La confianza y el respeto dos de los valores que se necesitan par formar buenas relaciones.

As they say, be with people with positive mindset!😊
Thank you.

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Es muy importante priorizar los valores en nuestras vidas , estos determinan la confianza en cualquier tipo de relación. Buen post amigo, @chbartist.

Hi @chbartist

It's me again. I really wonder if you will even read that comment since you haven't been present on Steemit lately :( I really hope you're okey.

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"How many of us buy things we do not need?"

Very true that good to learn this, filling gaps.

"But when you decide to make small changes like these, you will begin to feel less anxiety in other aspects of your life."

We will walk through life lighter. Teach those who come behind in a simple way, do not believe that we are envious or that we do not want them to be happy, that it is worth to arrive with so many things but without health. Thank you for sharing all these teachings.

Hello @thenothus, I hope you are well, what things have @chbartis, always guessing right in their articles. that is, in times past, giving the word was a respect that was imposed at that time, each person has the particularity that at a given moment stops reacting to that precious value; In this busy time is already losing in the big cities, stress leads to that, each of us must apply the concepts that @chbartis mensiona here, Best regards.

Action speaks louder than words. Saying you respect someone and doing it in actual is a totally different thing.

Improvising our actions along with our thoughts can only help to build our true character.

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Thanks for sharing on values. I didn't know all this. Thanks again:))

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Respect and trustworthiness are values ​​so important for the family, how different our society would be if values ​​were taught from the children in our homes, first with the example of the parents, thanks for sharing is post and contribute to the personal growth of the friends @ Steemit's

It is simply because if you dont value yourself, others will take advantage of you.

Can I ask you for and advice? On how to be success here on Steemit?

Why u are not posting?

@chbartist, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Dolphin!
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very important subject. its perfect post bravo

Dear @chbartist

I just visited your account to see if you published anything new only to realize that you seem to give up on Steemit? :(

Hope you're not done with this platform yet.


That was very thoughtful, in daily life we sometimes tend to ignore the mentioned two core values - respect and reliability! those are seriously important.
Keep inspiring!