Why is Learning Astronomy a Character-Building Experience?


Hi, dear Steemians!

Men of considerable wisdom and venerable esteem have often talked about the beauty and magnificence of learning astronomy and how it can be a humbling experience for those who embark upon the journey.

Why is learning astronomy a character-building experience?
“There is a wide, yawning black infinity. In every direction, the extension is endless; the sensation of depth is overwhelming.

And the darkness is immortal. Where light exists, it is pure, blazing, fierce; but light exists almost nowhere, and the blackness itself is also pure and blazing and fierce.” – Carl Sagan

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When we seek the knowledge held in the sky and the infinity of the deep and dark space, we begin to realize how small and insignificant we are, compared to the vastness of the existence.

Galaxies are born, and within them hundreds of millions of stars shine against the blackness that engulfs them. Stars live and die by the millions, and every atom of this infinity tells stories of how wonderful and unlikely the whole of universe and creation is.

All the while this pestilent creature in existence capable of will and thought looks out to the skies in the middle of a calm and peaceful night, and thinks about his place among these bright stars.

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When we see the world and life from a larger scale, that of a distant dying star, so far away that the Earth looks like a speck of dust, we begin to realize how unimportant and ludicrous our difficulties seem compared to the greatness of existence.

Every struggle, every fight, every compulsion to hate or hurt, every motivation to have power upon people, every urge to inflict cruelty and cowardice unto others, and every blissful and toxic relationship or experience of any kind appears to be insignificant from that vantage point.

If you saw your life through the space time continuum and realized how limited your chance is to live for a while, and how momentary your life is compared to the age of the universe, would you still be eager or fervent to make the same mistakes that you have always made? Or hurt other people to meet your own ends?

No, studying the deep and endless space will only bring one thing out of you; the humility to understand the value of life and live every moment as best as you possibly can.

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Our pride, insecurity, hatred, and prejudice all seem to disappear when we embrace the humility that comes with seeking the knowledge of the stars and studying them to understand the truths of existence.

You do not have to be a scientist to consider learning about the stars and our universe.

The Earth, as complicated and vast as it might seem from here, is nothing compared to the infinity of the universe.

Learning about our universe can greatly affect your outlook on life and give you perspective beyond anything you can imagine.

Let us give ourselves a chance to speculate about our place in the endless cosmos!




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I am not exactly sure why "min-maxing" seems to have a negative connotation to you, or you feel the need to call it "optimizing", but the term min-maxing literally comes from minimizing some aspect that you don't care about to maximize an aspect that you do, which is exactly what you're doing here (and there's nothing wrong with that, especially in a computer game). Some people take issue to it in a role-playing game because the character is unrealistic in a world-view sense. Every fighter having a 8 intelligence and a 21 strength isn't very realistic and makes some people groan. However if you want to be the most effective fighter, that's likely how you're going to build them. Those that are opposed to min-maxing are also opposed to always making the most effective character. Min Maxing taken to extremes is something that's generally done in games that have a flaw system or some way to get more points, where you take any negative thing you can that won't have much impact to get better at the thing that you care about most on the character. For example, "I'll take color blind, no sense of smell, paranoia so I can get another +1 to hit and damage with my sword". In pathfinder your options are to tank certain stats you don't care about to maximize stats you do, and then select feats and class abilities that continue to further whatever your maximizing, and that is the definition of min-maxing.


very good friend, keep it up!

  ·  작년

i agree that Character-Building Experience can be found by learning about universe as it majestic compared to us, it's a realization about who we are within the universe mades we conscious of how precious our life is.

in the present, the character building experience for people in this modern era mostly determined by how theirs social media's interact within smartphones, worried about how the crowd react to his/her thought by comparing how many 'likes' we have everyday.... never to realise how short our lives compare to time within cosmic calendar by try to pleased everyone but not improving ourselves.


Well Yeah I Agree with that thought. Its sometime improving ourselves really matter.

Oh yes @chbartist, the study of the cosmos and the universe has always been interesting to mankind, because the stars attract us and our imagination. We are always trying to aspire to the stars, to understand the nature of the universe and our place in it, which makes us strive for something and achieve certain goals. Understanding the universe and our place in it can be a great motivation for action!

Great post thanks for writing this. I think we are getting close to knowing the value of life. We may be so small but worth so much.

You are right. We all look at the starry sky more often to remember that life is a moment and you don’t have to spend it on evil. Thank you for sharing

  ·  작년

Learning astronomy is a character-building experience because we could compare and analyze it in our own character and experience in life.
Sometimes we think we're superior to others and tends to be boastful that lead us to pride.
We could not see how small we are compared to others because our eyes are covered by ignorance.
We are limited and we couldn't know everything, and so we must be cautious in dealing ourselves and to others.
Remember, when we die, we become dust and soon will be forgotten, unless we've done our best to love and serve for others that will make them remember us for all eternity.

I totally agree with you. Cosmos is something amazing ... The giant flywheel of our life is aimed at self-maintenance; we all run aimlessly on the squirrel wheel of our civilization. We have no time to raise our heads, look at the stars, think about the eternal ... Only space gives our flat life a new dimension; only the starry sky allows us to take our eyes off the earth and direct them into the distance. To understand how unstable that we don’t have to waste time on wars and evil, that there’s very little time for us

All people have mixed feelings when they peer into a starry sky on a clear night. All the problems of an ordinary person begin to be seen as insignificant, and everyone begins to think about the meaning of their existence. Then the worldview changes and people become different.


but do they? I would actually question this. I think we become different for a period of time, but by tomorrow when the next bill comes we forget about this experience. Why?


We must look more often at the starry sky. To think about the eternal and be kinder to each other, no matter what bill is published

The size of the universe always gets me...

To think that from a certain perspective (in this case a deep-field image in space from a telescope) all points of light are not stars but galaxies is truly a humbling experience.

The mind can literally not imagine this vastness, this infinity.

So the question I would have is why humans even after having such an insight are still so closed-minded.


Great sense resounds in every word of this article. I will like to chip in this: "No matter what humans do during their stay on Earth, they can never stop TIME" This serves as a reminder that we should embrace every moment of our lives like it is our last. Nobody is invincible. We all should do right always so that the world can be a safe Haven for every soul. I join @chbartist in giving you all a BIG HUG.

The Earth is a big planet but only a dot in the solar solar system. Our solar system is a vast space but only a small part of our galaxy. Likewise, the Milky Way is just a chunk of the infinite universe.
We may have attained or achieved great things but compared to others, how great are we? Humility is the lesson I've learned here.

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Learning about earth and our planet is too good and increase our knowledge level.

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Hello @chbartist!

Observing the universe also serves to realize that the entire universe and its concept could not have been created by chance, since everything we see there, in addition to everything that is calculated from it, is totally unlikely as you said Several lines in your article.

It is impossible that such a complex and abstract system is the product of chance, it is too obvious that the universe is a design of someone far superior to us, God.

This also serves to develop another layer of humility, because we tend to believe that we are the only ones and the center of the universe (in ancient times it was teaching). But from the universe we are only a small blemish compared to all the galaxies and solar systems that exist. In this century we can not continue thinking that we are the only inhabitants of the universe, or worse, that we are the center of the universe, because that makes us too naive and arrogant.

  ·  작년

I agree! I just so happen to be taking an Astronomy class now.

i agree with you @chbartist . sometimes when people achieve what they want or more than what he or she should get , they start to think that they come to that point because that was their effort. But they forget that everything that have and they do or the knowledge that they get at point is from someone else . the different thing between human being is their will and reason to live. when they have strong will, he or she can become anything that they want to be. but sometimes we need to slow down and remember where we come from.

today lesson is a great lesson for us to learn that we are small . we are nobody . we just a small tiny person who live for a while on universe. Goos job @chbartist

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I think black holes are some of the most fascinating things to study. I really enjoy watching lectures like this one from Leonard Susskind

  ·  작년

I rather find our ocean secret which of only 7 percent species are found.

Gaining an understanding of the greater forces that surround us is important as we should learn the privilege we have of the billions of years of evolution to get where we are and the potential to move forward!

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  ·  작년

Already when I was of very young age, I was thinking a lot about the universe. I remember my friend and me talked in school about it. We were wondering if there is the edge of the universe. We came to conclusion, that even if there is nothing beyond the universe "borders", even that is something. Incredible ... it's about 35-40 years since then I still remember this "wisdom" of ours very well.

  ·  작년

There's a lot to process when it comes to the teachings of the universe. Of course, there is so much more we don't know than we do know. And it includes our cosmovision. I believe through that humility you mentioned, we can also begin to understand our potential. Mankind occupies a minimum fraction in the vast existence of the universe. Yet we are valuable. We represent a dot in a really long line which is always getting longer. But that dot has its value. It's a matter of understanding our place and the principle of causality as the guiding thread. Thank you so much for the post! Would be great to be included in this community of positive growth.

It should be interesting to study the universe, to learn about the constellations and the wonders that God put in heaven ... I particularly like to see the sky and enjoy its beauty every day, in the morning when I go out and in the night Seeing the stars and the moon is something that I always enjoy and relax a lot.

Theoretical astronomy: This field is more concerned with the formulation of models of processes and phenomena that occur in space, and is interested in the development and development of theories,

To learn astronomy you have to be familiar with many sciences, especially physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology. At the moment you have to master a lot of techniques, such as computers, electronics, etc.

  ·  작년

I agree with you giant flywheel of our life is aimed at self-maintenance is more than other things i want to be in contributors list tell me how.?

Through the law of gravity and the interpretation of Kepler's laws and predictions and the movement of comets and the form of land and tides and modulations and disturbances in the movement of planets that led to the discovery of the planet

If we compare our lives to the Cosmos, how can we make our carrier, as our life span is too short to be specialist on something, we can carry the job that's not been completed or take forward to the more developed way by our past thinkers, as we are ordinary people, we can't think deep into the cosmos, it will make us hopeless, but it’s sure that our pride, gravity, careless all these will go away from our heart. thanks.

The Astrology Sites Branch: aims to measure the position of stars and monitor their movement. Celestial Mechanics: This section works to monitor the movement of satellites, stars...

The field of astronomy uses a observatory on Earth, or is in space on a space station, to collect images and information.

So often I remind myself of this truth, that we are but grains of stardust. And we will all return to dust eventually.

It indeed, has shaped me. I am unlike my peers because of it. But love and compassion I have accepted into my heart.

These words here "If you saw your life through the space time continuum and realized how limited your chance is to live for a while, and how momentary your life is compared to the age of the universe, would you still be eager or fervent to make the same mistakes that you have always made?" , I cannot agree more. As far as character building experience goes, my path in science has been all that as well. My main interest, hobby and job is Scientific Instrumentation. These devices are extensions of our senses, and the tools for our discoveries, yet remain a mystery to most. Working with these instruments for the past 18 years has been an eye opening, mind blowing experience.

Interesting post @chbartist. I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about astronomy in the past, except when I watch movies like Interstellar, Gravity and The Martian. However, the information in your post makes me want to learn more about it. I did also listen to a pretty good audible book on various dimensions and how our universe might just be one of many, and that there might be someone just like us on another universe in a different dimension. Good points about the trivial things that we concern ourselves with, as compared with the big picture of the Universe. I will try harder to live ever moment of the rest of my life as best as I possible can. A big hug back to you and everyone else.


You know what they say, ' silence is golden ' and there is nothing nicer than sitting in the outback ( outside of the range of Perth Australia City lights ) and staring up into the Milky Way with the naked eye, as the light from the stars is so intense and letting your imagination wander and forget about the hustle and bustle of getting through the day on earth and all the stresses and problems that it brings. It certainly makes you appreciate that we are just a tiny insignificant DOT at the end of our Galaxy and a blink of an eye in the overall history of our universe. Yes..silence is golden.

  ·  작년

Wow wonderfull words of this topic

Thats amazing post im learn from u daily

Life give many chances, movement and opportunity anybody who can understand that value.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing, I hope you continue to publish such important articles.

@chbartist I appreciate your efforts and also be a part of this list so you can grow but also I am and I hope you so well

Interesting, thanks for sharing, I hope you continue to publish such important articles.

Hi chbartist, never stop learning is wise and something that motivates me. I love the idea of being on a space ship like I see on Star Trek, exploring the unknown universes. Maybe a wish but it is a great desire.

Sir thank for sharing valuable article.
Life is beautiful jurrny but limited chance increase your learning power through the your experience.

Learning astronomy helps in guessing the distance of another star from our star, stars alignment, and so on. But, i think it doesn't help in character building.

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The post is Out of my mind, as I am weak on the subject of science and astrology, but I will try to understand by reading again and again.
Thank for Your efforts to educate our minds.

Astronomy studies everything that is extraterrestrial in large space, such as celestial bodies, planets, stars ..., and studies the phenomena of cosmic space,

Of the oldest science on earth has emerged as a result of the curiosity of the human who was trying to understand what is happening around him, and understand the phenomena that surround him such as the movement of the sun, the movement of the Earth, the movement of planets and others,

Astronomy is not meant to read the horoscope, to read the stars, to predict the future using astral constellations and other myths and myths. It is a true universal science that has its proven theories, scientists and pioneers,

  ·  작년

In the 19th century two areas of astronomy appeared, namely astronomical astronomy and theoretical astronomy.

Astronomy is the study of the sun, moon, stars, planets, comets, galaxies, gases, dust and other non-terrestrial objects and phenomena, and in students'

Astronomy helped us improve our living conditions. We were able to understand the movement of the moon, the sun and the earth through which we managed to put the calendar.

Astronomy is a comprehensive science that studies the universe with all its celestial bodies, stars, planets, moons, nuclear explosions and many more. Astronomy has helped us improve our living conditions. We have been able to understand the movement of the moon

Man's interest in discovering heaven was universal and unlimited. Man always tries to discover the unknown, discover new worlds, transcend scientific and technical boundaries, and go further.

In various civilizations, astronomers first monitored the movements of the stars, the sun, the moon and the planets, and used them as a basis for clocks and calendars

And astronomy is not related to the digestion and knowledge of the future and sight and luck These things do not rely on any facts or theories are proven, but comes from personal interpretation according to fancy and originally nothing but superstition no more

Astronomy is close to astrophysics, where astrophysics relies on the study of the physics of astronomy and focuses on the behavior, characteristics and movement of existing objects

The blog is worth reading and thinking about the momentum of our life, what is really the most important and where we are going. Much I liked the fragment: "When we see the world and life from a larger scale, that of a distant dying star, so far away that the Earth looks like a speck of dust, we begin to realize how unimportant and ludicrous our difficulties seem compared to the greatness of existence." Thank you very much for professionals and work on steemit

Astronomy has many scientists from the most famous Muslim scholars, the children of Musa bin Shaker Mohammed and Ahmed and Hassan during the reign of Caliph al-Ma'mun

@chbartist Do you believe Big Bang theory is right for the existence of universe?

& I also want to be the part of your community.


Discovering the immensity of space makes us think that we are a small part of this universe and that when we leave this life all things will continue to exist no matter what has happened to us.
The only person who would have imported your life is you, so you have to live life as you want and enjoying every second.

You are the best artist ever

  ·  작년

Great lesson for today

I wish you success and success

I like all your topics sir

Does astronomy really have an effect on the character of people? Anyways it's not you will lose something if you believe it so why not?

yes, good point. I guess we are mostly living in bubbles.

Hi, I have always been fascinated by stars and how people used them for navigation thousands of years ago, but I have never been able to study them till now, I think I probably should start now.
Also I would like to be mentioned in your next post,

Dear @chbartist sir
The observation, analysis and interpretation of events that occur outside the Earth and its atmosphere reminds us that humans have developed their functioning brain. The events of Astro are like a mystery, the more the mind gets confused about. When we seek the existence of Astro, then our existence is very small. Knowledge of Astro protects us from difficulties during the journey because it gets a chance to study the climate and environment of the place. The hypothesis of the universe affects our attitude because we are beyond our imagination
Thank you for spreading positive mindset

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to ponder the depth of universe is interesting process which can fresh the way you value life. There is no difference between human life and a little stone by sideway for mother nature。meditation-2214532_1280.jpg

Interesting theory that’s studying Astronomy can enrich your life and change your perspective. My young grandson is obsessed with the stars and has memorised many of the stars and all the planets, his absorption for this stuff is amazing. I have this flat earth mate that tries to convert everyone he encounters, it’s full on. A lot of his old besties think he is crazy now!

What I learned is that everything in the universe is energy, and we are all made of star stuff.

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wow so nice very good post u are best steemer

Sky is the limit

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There is a no more awe-inspiring vista than staring up at the milkyway. If you can find a spot with low light pollution it's breath taking.

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In the old times where city lights didn't hide the stars people used to look up and see layers upon layers of stars. I had the privilege to go to Nepal (my photos are in my profile) and at heights of over 4,200 meters I would go outside at night and see so many stars. It was mesmerizing. while living in NYC you I could only see the moon. I always wished the city could reduce the number of street lights at night. there is literally too much, and as a result people have forgotten thats is above them.

Thank you for this post, because it is needed for us to look up and see the universe we come from rather than looking down at our feet or rather our cellphones.

I am really enjoying your posts. would you mind if I include you in some of the posts I am writing? I am new to Steem and love the community.

Again thank you for this, I look forward to reading the rest of your posts :)

When we see how tiny we are in the awesome beauty around us it changes us a little

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@chbartist learning astronomy can help to develop wisdom but simultaneously, it can tell the future as psychics would say, am I wrong?

Thanks for sharing this article you can check out the Anime streaming sites that are quite popular :)

I love Astronomy! The local community college does a free planetarium show every first Friday of the month. I am super excited to go tonight. Also one of the near by parks has an small fully functional Observatory, which is open pretty much every evening as long as there is good weather. :)

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