Why Some People Don’t Really Know What They Want Out of Life?

5개월 전

Hello, dear friends!

Today I am going to touch on a sensitive subject that you have all dealt with or at least know about to some degree or form.

There are a lot of people that we meet in our daily life that don’t know what they want from life.

They don’t have a clearly defined goal or purpose. Their daily schedule and routine is… questionable to say the least.

I’ll be frank; many of us may have also suffered from this. Many of us are still suffering from such ignorance towards life.

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When people do not know their purpose and goal in life, there is often a very particular reason for this: These people are ‘agreeable’!

What does it mean when someone is agreeable? It means that the person is always desperately trying to keep everyone else happy and satisfied with himself.

They are not independent, and do not wish to have independent thought. All they care about is the happiness and contentment of other people.

They want to be accepted, and as such, have no independent ideas and actions of their own.

Their whole life is built in a way that represents the people around them and what they want out of such agreeable people.

So, in this scenario, your opinions and desires do not matter.

Only those of the people close to you are important and you will do everything within your power to comply within the boundaries of those opinions and desires.

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Agreeable people lose touch of what truly matters to them after a while.

They are basically living for other people and not for themselves. That is why they do not know their purpose in life.

Put more delicately, they do not know what THEY want out of life. All they know and seem to care about is what other people wish for them to be or become.

Such is the determination of agreeable people: Keeping everybody else happy while completely ignoring oneself to the point of utter depression and anxiety because of the ignorance that follows suit.

What they don’t understand is this: in the process of getting everybody to like them and practicing their mindset to care for what other people think about them, they will forget who they are and what they should do with their lives.

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If you want to understand your purpose, you should be less of an agreeable person. You shouldn’t bother with what everybody else is going to think of you and your motives.

Just go for them. Think about what you want.

Prioritize that. It is only then that you will start to understand yourself better and work towards that glimmer of hope inside your heart.
Think about what YOU want.

Think about what YOU need to do with this life.

Your destiny awaits you at the end of this journey of self-discovery!



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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Dear @chbartist

For those who understand the existence of life, life becomes easier because it understands the value of life. It is not the only fate to be a human being that we end our responsibilities by fulfilling the activities of daily life, but we fulfill our moral responsibilities towards society and our objectives. Be conscious of life that we have to fulfill the human life we have to fulfill those objectives which really make sense of being a true human being. Or our mindset depends on what we want from life and how we accomplish our purpose.

Think about what YOU need to do with this life.

In fact, the same person can understand the very best way about life that what we have to achieve in life and in what way to use this life which understands the value of life

I very much agree with you. Time passes and we end up forgetting our dreams and illusions. We just want to please everyone and the recognition of others who do not think of us. What you say I was thinking the other day, not long ago ... But I think that doing what you say is not so easy for everyone. What about the parents who depend on their work to give their children all the possibilities that one does not have? I'm not saying you're not right, it's true that there are many people who do not have a meaning in life. But there are many people who, however hard they try, are not as easy as wishing ... For to get what you want, you usually have to work hard. And it takes a lot of time ... And there are people who have to take care of others, elderly parents, children, handicapped families ... And how to fulfill your dream, when you have an obligation to your loved ones? And this is just one example... I would like to know what you think about this, you and the people who follow you.

que buen post!! hace un tiempo me sentia deprimida y frustrada no entendia porque me sentia asi o talvez no lo queria ver , siempre he sido todo lo contrario a lo que mis padres y la gente esperaba de mi; y el estar buscando complacerlos era agotador y con el tiempo entendi q esa era mi depresion, y q no podia estar vivendo para darles motivos de felicidad a los demas. que la unica felicidad q me debia importar era la mia ( no se si sea un punto de vista demasiado egoista ) . asi que empeze a hacer lo que yo creia y sentia asi no fuera del gusto de los demas. hoy en dia nop se si se sienten orgullosos o no de mi , solo se que me siento orgullosa de creer en mi y no permitir q los deseos de otro arruinen mi felicidad . saludos a todos!!

Very interesting thoughts. I believe not everyone who struggle with this problem are "agreeable" though, some people just never had the chance to be themselves while young, so they pretty much useless in that matter as adults, so they will go "wherever the wind takes them", not necessarily to make people happy, just to no have to make decisions at all. It's a very deep topic that involves personal growth, self esteem and the circumstances in which you were raised. Not everyone had the chance to worry about purpose and give it some thought.

I enjoyed this post. Thank you @chbartist

In serious matters, it is necessary to take care not so much of creating favorable opportunities for others, but rather of not LOST them to go towards their dreams towards their goal.

It has become an ever challenging world to remain focused on your own priorities as we are often driven by the herd mentality of following those that are influencers in the world. However, breaking the mold is important as we strive to reach our goals as it starts with knowing what they are. Being independent from external pressures is a key factor in achieving this!

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You are Great doing sir.
I appreciate your job.

Posted using Partiko Android

Well. What we want and what we need can be two different things, right? As Ravi Zacharias once said, "The loneliness time in a persons life is when they've just experienced what they thought would deliver the ultimate and its lets them down."

Very sensitive and very useful article.
If all of us understand it clearly

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This style frankly benefits at times
Because there is someone who plans his life and does not succeed until he works randomly and succeeds and vice versa
Thank you

I was not familiar with the term ‘agreeable’ but now I am! All empathic people are guilty of this syndrome and often care too much about what other’s think. However also I think that too many people want what they believe is the ‘best’ of life, a big house, good job, great friends and they will go to all ends to get these things. They will not bring happiness unless they also find what their heart really wants out of life which is usually not materialism but a purpose. The true purpose of the soul can be hard to find if you are too tied up in chasing material dreams. I hope that this post will make all the readers think long and hard about their true purpose in life and find something that really makes them feel like their life is making a difference to the people around them, themselves and the world.🙏love to you all

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Life is one, and you do not have to waste it to please others. We have to live every minute, every hour. We have to make a list of our priorities or put on paper our plan of life to remember the things we have forgotten or ignored. Also start taking a short time for yourself, to rest or de-stress, that will help a lot

This year, one of the things that I proposed was to make my things better, instead of doing everything for the rest and leaving mine last, there comes a time when you realize that you are running out and you have not achieved what is really necessary for to attend to the needs of others first ... even if it sounds a bit selfish.

A nice write up, but on the contrary a great number of agreeable people make a better mom(homemakers) they sacrifice a lot for the good of others.

fabulous post @chbartist, it's no surprise that the human being completely forgets his true purpose, keeps busy making others happy around him, could say that it's okay to carry someone else's burden from time to time, but it's not a secret that the purpose of life is lost for lack of "self-love" of the individual; When it is too much we ask ourselves, And our goal of life ?, Our ambitions ?, Did I love myself? ... We decided our own destiny.

It’s always a struggle to put yourself first ... thanks for the article and making me more aware I’m not alone ... it’s a daily commitment to stuck to the plan !!!

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True in every aspect.

i will speak for myself but i believe that a lot of people are in the same page as me. i know who i am and i know my value as person. no one can change that.

There are not only ‘agreeable people’ but ‘disagreeable people’ too.
i believe that agreeable people are not that bad at least when they do not become a burden to you and they are not oppressive.

the problem is with ‘disagreeable people’. people that want you to be under them and they dont want you to be a better person because they can't be better themselves and they try to put the blame on you.
i have a saying for all these people. " i will not empty mine to fill yours ".
because it is a Greek saying maybe it not get any sense if your read it but i will explain.
with this saying i mean that i will not insist to explain you what you are doing wrong or to try to educate you nor even to deal with you at all if you dont have the will to change or you have a false interest for me.

many peoples acting like that and they dont want to change. it's ok for me if they don't become toxic to me.

There are many people like that and maybe because they have no one to educate them or to help them to find their purpose. I have always believe that a life without purpose is a meaningless life

It's reality many people did not know that they want in life they seach things but they did not know what they should want in the life. I also incloud in these people ,
we should chose the right way to get ou dreams THANKS CHBARTISR.

I'd challenge the assertion that people that lack purpose are agreeable, and would like to see the research that supports that claim. Practicing some disagreeableness here. My own anecdotal evidence suggests that I've met agreeable people with purpose and disagreeable people without purpose.

If you do want to know what science says about purpose check out the book titled Life on Purpose. Haven't found the section on agreeableness yet, but it's got some scientifically backed evidence that purpose is positively correlated with health. It's also a good resource if you are still trying to discover your purpose. Don't get discouraged, it takes time for everyone, and you're free to be yourself throughout the process.

Cambiar la mentalidad y descubrir el propósito de vida son temas que disfruto mucho. Y es que cuan grande seria la humanidad si lograra ser consciente de sus pensamientos y sus actos, si sólo comprendieramos que para cambiar al mundo primero debemos cambiar nosotros. Gracias sr @chbartist por tan excelente tema. Feliz y bendecido tiempo.

Dear @chbartist
Thanks for good sharing. This and the other sharing is good idea for us. People can be easily decide to what to do, after that reading.

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Very useful article. this if you really value. tanks for share u.u

good and nice issue discussed an onother one good post

نعم ولكن لماذا نبحث عن ما نريد لماذا لا نصنع حياتنا

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Because I am fucked up and need to get out of this

Have to agree with this. I have been that 'agreeable' person before, it didn't get me anywhere but a place of self-doubt, second-guessing my decisions, and overall just making myself unhappy. I love making art, and being asian with a 'typical asian family', it's not something they are too supportive of. After years and years of trying to please them, I'm done. I do what I love now, and I have never been happier :)

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