Why You Need to Make a Choice Now!

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Hi, Steemians!

It is easier to live a life of indulgence and obligement. Many of us would sooner take the course with the current of the river rather than sit down to think and make actual decisions about our life.

This is not to say that we do not make decisions, but often enough, we find a lot of our friends and acquaintances living the life that other people have chosen for them, or at best a life that they have imitated from other people and their actions.

To those who procrastinate and protract, you need to make a decision right now and I am going to explain to you why!

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We are, all of us, natural procrastinators. By this statement I do not merely want to claim that we procrastinate doing the things we hate; chores and tasks that are not in our best interest or we cannot bring ourselves to really enjoy.

No, the truth is that we are procrastinators of thought and progress.

We rarely give ourselves a chance to reflect on our future or our current state.

We do not want to think about how we are doing and how are days are spent. Because facing the truth is always hard, and the truth is that we are not living up to our real potential.

It is hard to sit down and think about how bad you are doing. It is hard to criticize yourself, your thoughts, decisions, actions, and eventual shortcomings that are a result of those decisions and actions.

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Hence, we procrastinate and procrastinate, indulging in the silly distractions of daily life to put out the fires that are raging at the back of our mind, begging us to heed to their word of wisdom and sit down to reflect on our life and its progress.

But we are not here to whine or grovel about the nature of human beings. We are here to find solutions.
Today, I have a very simple point: You have to accept the hard truth of your life and make a decision now.

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What decision is that?

One might ask. You must decide what you want to do with your life.

You need to determine your purpose, and take steps towards that purpose with all your heart and your will.

Some of you think that you have plenty of time and you could always make that decision. Some of you think that you are not prepared for it…
… and that is where you are wrong.

Because trust me, friends, if you do not make a choice now, you will be at the mercy of those who do!

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There are some people, unique and particular, who work up the courage to make a choice and dedicate their life to a cause. For the common man, and most of the people living in ignorance, it is easier to follow that man and fall prey to his thoughts and intentions, as stated at the beginning of the article.

That is why the human society is still struggling with freedom of thought. There are doctrines, schools of thought, and other sorts of occult groups that people tend to follow.

They submit themselves to a particular doctrine, because it is easier to follow than lead.

By facing the hard truth and thinking about your life and your future, you will come to make a decision and there, you will finally have freedom and satisfaction. There, you will have a life fulfilled.

Make a choice now, or you will always be at the mercy of the people who do!




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You are right. Until then, until you made a final decision, doubts will torment you, you will always remember that there is a chance to turn back, and this will prevent you from working effectively and going towards your goal .. Courage gives a person power and even magical power. It must be decided Who ponders a long time, does not always find the best solution.

It is necessary to make a choice if you want to be successful. It is hard to do that but if you don't then you won't survive. Everyone who became successful made a choice he/she decided to do something extraordinary. That's why at this point he is successful. Remember, it is not necessary if you make a choice then you became successful rather then there is a long time of struggle. Making a choice means you decide to fight with failure with decorations. Stay calm and solve problems because the time is not far when the sun will shine again.

Left your soft corner behind and ignore obstacles and distractions so you can achieve your goals.

With much love @ajks


Excelente aunque yo diría: "es necesario hacer una elección para empezar a vivir y dejar de sobrevivir".

totally agree, none of us knows when our last day will be and that is why now is the time to face the reality of the things we are wrong and strive to see a satisfactory change and not give up, but every day keep fighting to be better. If we had a failure or a fall, we only have two options: keep crying on the floor or get up, shake the dust and keep walking despite the pain, so let's reflect and if there is something to change, now is the time.
Thanks for sharing this article with us, I loved it.

great advice. freedom of thought. interesting concept. most don't fully know what it means. they just think they do

Many people in this world are working and earning money but are not happy, because it's not there choice. So to be happy and as well as productive you need to be work for your choice. Every successful person in this world are successful because they made a decision and they work hard for it in every situation.

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@chbartist many of us wan't make a short drink of vine due which they have to prepare themselves for a long journey of strugle. But at the end they so tired and have less energy to enjoy the happy moments of life. The best thing is please hold yourself and stop from looking ahead that we can fully focus on our today. Thats it?....

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Es una buena reflexión, personalmente creo que no todos nacen para ser líder y algunos lo pueden ser con facilidad así como con dificultad pues en este mundo hay de todo tipo de personas. Ciertamente cada decisión influye mucho en nuestra vida y la de los demás en otros casos, creo que dependerá de la formación de la persona para tomar una decisión para si mismo, para ayudar a otros, para afectar a otros, etc.

Making a choice is one thing, but there are times in life that going with the flow makes you more resilient and more adaptive to life's currents. A choice is one thing, but knowing when to bend it and modify it gets you to come out at the end successfully. Don't hold onto a choice you've previously made too tightly.

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Yaa! @chbartist, most of the people living a life which is chosen by others like their family, teachers, friends. I don't want to say that we should not obey their decisions, but its important for you that make your own life by yourself. Making your path by you experience and working, is more important.

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Ni agree with your post about life. Most of my friends living the life that they didn't love/choose and its sad.

I think it's better to learn to make decisions earlier than later because than earlier we will make it than more chanses we will have. Also I think we need to teach children to make decisions from their childhood it will help them in their future life!

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Choice make sure and support.
Improve carefully a wonderful quality life.
Good article sir thank for sharing.
It is really helpful and part of human life.

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Every day is an opportunity, we must stop what is known in Spanish as "Desidia" which is basically postpone or do something later, so self-assessment should be something of each day and correct what we are doing wrong, great contribution @chbartista

Very interesting your post, some persons are procrastinators and as you said have to make a choice and take an action. Thank you for sharing

I remember this line:

We are born not for comfort but for greatness.

If we decide now, it must be great and for greatness.
If we're spending much of our time on television and entertainment from childhood until today, then now is the time to think.
If we calculate those times we spent wastefully, it would be so much of times.
The battle for greatness starts now!
We gotta act now!

Yes here is many choices and opportunities in life but you do actual right decision that makes you a successful person. To offer so little choice is a very contemporary show of confidence.

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Very good advice, if anyone thinks that he/she would be a doctor, engineer, pilot, professor and many more for that they have to spare 25years of their lives, among all these very few will be especial isled in their respective field, to reach to that goal, patientience energy, willpower needed, following your advice some may become successful as it’s not so easy. Thanks for your excellent advice for becoming a extraordinary one in the present society.

The hardest part of many implementation plans is to identify and decide the best route of action! Everything else can come from there but the more we suffer from analysis paralysis, the less we will benefit from the one thing we can never get back, time!

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In my weight loss work, I try to get people to take action without analysis. Just do one thing better and stop or reduce one of the "bad" habits. Let those take hold and then move to the next. It works if people try. But too often the feel they cannot do anything unless they go whole hog into something like vegan, or paleo or intermittent fasting and on and on. This is so frustrating for me but I keep trying.

Sometimes it is difficult to self-criticize or give us feedback, but it is always necessary and I think that smart people know how to do it.

@chbartist Excellent post

@chbartist great post!
procastination takes you away from your goal
so you must take actions with proper planning otherwise you will be mediocre.

good choice can let us cost less effort and get bigger results. But it is not easy to distinguish which is good or bad. It is offen puzzled to make us feel a large difficult sitting in front of us.

If everyone becomes a leader by making choices like you suggest, no one is a leader, because there are no followers left.

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gran articulo de tomas de decisiones, es verdad, quizas la vida no te premie 2 veces con la misma oportunidad asi que hay que aprovecharla y tomar una desicion y seguirla hasta lograr ver el efecto positivo que esta cause en ti.
magnifico articulo.
eres grande @chbartist

Choose now or you will always be at the mercy of the people who do it!

How certain your words! We renounce having control of our lives when we postpone taking decisions about relevant aspects. And I think it is mainly due to a lack of courage.

Your posts are all very interesting, provoke discussion and give you much to think about ... thank you for your work, all the best from @aple

Bilmek ve yaşamak yada bakış tarzı.

Sometimes the postponement is due to fear, fear of the uncertain, what may happen if that decision is made ... but, if you do not act, it is impossible to know what would really happen.


I see this is my weight loss coaching almost every day. People are bombarded with ideas and do not have the knowledge of what to try or what will work. They feel like nothing will ever help them lose weight and so the do nothing and just get worse. Or they try something very short term and give up quickly.

La mayoría de las personas piensan que les cuesta mucho trabajo tomar decisiones sin saber que lo hacen en todo momento, la peor decisión justamente es esa; "NO TOMAR DECISIONES".

Mientras generemos la mayor consciencia de que somos procrastinadores menos lo seremos.


The important choice is to choose to engage with yourself. Only when you do that can you understand why you procrastinate, why you feel down, why you feel hopeless, why you feel happy, why you feel energetic, etc. After understanding that, you need to learn to accept that none of those emotions are the truth. The truth is at your core. Get to that, and you will be able to build a successful (read: happy) life in the long run.

Sometimes, procrastination can lead to amazing things.

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Dear @chbartist
Every person in the world is looking for establishing his own existence but is afraid to accept the challenges coming in the way and fails to make the right decisions. The only reason for which it is unable to identify its underlying powers and hopes for a miracle for change in life. Because of this, the habit of living a life of enjoyment and goodness and hesitation in making hard decisions of life. We need to understand the freedom of our thoughts and need to find alternatives for quick decisions. This is possible only when we will be prepared to face reality and make decisions, understand our challenges and responsibilities, and others Will be left dependent on.
Thank you for motivating

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It is very important to make choice because if you don't, then you waste your time doing unnecessary stuffs & When you will be on verge of death, Then you will REGRET that you were just a Desicion away .

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I like your post. And you are so right about making the that decision or else someone else will make for you. The truth as you said determining and finding your purpose is so important, that reading this post reminded me of myself and the day I made that decision and realized what my passion and purpose was. Making that decision is most times so hard to do, because of being in a comfort zone and playing it safe. But with faith in God and his guidance it's well worth it in the end. As you said sometimes we think that we have plenty of time and one could always make that decision - which comes back to your point of procrastinating. But as I said taking that leap of faith to make that decision to do what's your passion is well worth even when the testing and trying times show up.

False lies like a bubble of milk, but it does not last long.Today's life is something similar. Those who are cooperating with the truth, they have to work hard, they are happy at the end.

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