How to Ignore People Who Think They Are Better Than Others


To anyone else, men and women are really the same; you want to know how to ignore people who think they are better than others? Well, if you are like me, you also want to be noticed. So, when someone thinks they are better than others, you need to take them down a notch or two. Not too hard, right?

In most cases, women are on the bottom rung of the ladder because women, in general, have been taught that they are inferior to men. Women's self-esteem suffers a lot and they can't seem to figure out why!

A man's eye is much bigger than a woman's. Because of this fact, if you want to get noticed, you need to behave in a way that looks a lot larger than your true self. You want to show that you are of proportion.

Women really do not appreciate compliments when they receive from the opposite sex. Why would they? Men think they are better than women and are not willing to accept anything but the truth, so women need to take them down a notch!
A man will keep track of the person's accomplishments, regardless of how big or small they are. Women have different ways of looking at things. Women believe that all men are superior to them in every way!

The only time a woman will compliment a man is when he makes a mistake. Women are much more forgiving of each other's mistakes than men are. Therefore, women need to ignore the bad behavior of a man and do nothing!

This applies even if it means trying to minimize the impact of their bad behavior, which is what needs to be done. The best way to ignore other people who think they are better than others is to be as independent as possible.

To avoid being overlooked, women should avoid people who cannot understand that you are as capable as they are. Remember that no one is better than another, so don't give them the opportunity to try and fool you. If they are trying to impress you, they are doing it all wrong.

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