Remembering Our Dearly Departed

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Hi steemians,
It's good to be here again after like a week offline attending to personal stuffs.
Wednesday 5th June, 2019 marked a year ago that my mom passed away.

It felt like just yesterday, it seemed all so real looking down her lifeless body and wondering what this life is all about?
I took the whole day off and did offer prayers, called up my brothers and sisters and talked about our mother. The good and bad memories we had about her and generally prayed for her soul to continue rest in peace with the Lord.

Personally, I remember her for her "no nonsense" personality. She doesn't take rubbish from anyone and always ready for a fight. She will give you a proper beatdown with her mouth and her hands if it is possible.
I remember my early youthful years (between 19 to 26). When ever I wanted to end any relationship with the girl I was dating, all I needed to do was bring her home to meet my mom. And presto!!!! She would be the one avoiding me whenever I asked her to come over to my family house. On the other hand, if I liked any girl a lot, I made sure I did not bring her home to meet my mom!!!! I handled all my business outside the house 😁😂😁.

I can't say how I really feel about this day, because it carries a lot of memories for me. I am not one to feel all moody or sad on such days. I want to remember all the good times and things I shared with my mom and keep it that way.
Personally, I have decided to forget this date. I will always remember my mom every day of my life.
I would rather celebrate her birthday, as a day of her memorial rather than any other day.
I will celebrate life rather than death. That is just me.

So I ask you this question, if you have a loved one that is no more, when do you think it's better to remember them??? On the the day they were born or on the day they died????
Would love to know your thoughts.

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Your post had no rewards, now it does!


Thanks for your kind gesture and encouragement.

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