Why we spend our life only in working?

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You want to enjoy or waste your life in working and collecting money only?


Our life is so precious and we should not waste it in working and collecting money only.
What work is? >>> It means that we work to earn money.

Earning money is a very important thing to eat and drink, but we should not spend whole of our life in working. There are many things else that we should take care of it as visiting friends and family and travelling, visiting many countries and saving our life energy, because life is so short and we should enjoy in every moment in our life.

We should choose the suitable job which helps us to achieve our goals and save our time to carry out good things. Your effort in your job should equal money you earn from this work. A lot of people fail to determine their life energy, because they work hard all the time so that they make some changes to their daily life routine.

Through your life, you will discover that working is a part of a problem which we face in our daily life.
In order to find a solution for this problem, every one of us should ask himself many questions such as:

Do you happy in your work?
Do you love your work and life?
Do you use all your life energy only in your work?

You should know that your life energy is so precious and irretrievable, because you will live only a few years and you should enjoy every moment in your life in doing good things. All of us should know the great value of life energy and spend it in doing things that we love.


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