FOMO to JOMO and it shows my money mindset journey

2년 전

It's funny how the little things we brush over in our everyday lives can be revealing on much bigger things...

I used to have a HUGE FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). HUGE.
As I was planning my move out of the UK, I was crying over all the people I wouldn't see anymore, all the lovely British things I wouldn't be able to visit anymore, the food, the museums, all the things I thought I wouldn't experience anymore. and it was a huge FOMO that was making me lists of what I should try to experience that one last time before I went.

Obviously, there was no way I could do all the things. There was also many changes in my plans that made these lists useless.

At some point, I did feel what I was missing out. The vegan food is rather not "there yet" in France, and even less in the countryside where I have spent a few months, helping a friend and "retreating", healing what 3 years of stress did to my head and my body.

I had an occasion to go back to the UK to teach and I joyfully eaten all the vegan cheese I could put my teeth on. I can't lie.
But I realized I was longing for things I left in France. I was looking forward to things to discover in Berlin, my next stop.

I knew there are so many places I want to visit, so many things I want to experience and all these could fill a few lifetimes.

and it hit me. IT'S OK. If I am in present, I can't miss out on what I experience NOW.
I missed out on my London experience because I was always regretting my past or planning too far ahead in the future.

Only because I had FOMO, I was actually missing out on the only thing I should focus on: the Now. What I was experiencing, right here, right now.

Me the woman without kids and most of the time without a partner, living with my friend 2 kids... that has provided me with their fresh and playful energy. Their full presence in the now, whatever they do or want.

It's mad how rejoicing my full experience makes me HAPPY to miss out on other things because it means I'm entirely here and as a friend says... "It's always perfect". I am experiencing JOMO (the Joy Of Missing Out)

Wherever I am, however hard it may feel, there's a gem. A person I meet, a lesson, a revelation.

**As I write this, on a quiet Sunday by myself, I am happily missing out on all the rest of the experience of other places or other people. **Just here, now, with my thoughts and my cup of Mate.
With a house freshly saged, windows open to let the fresh air in, letting out my thoughts, about to sit with myself and meditate.

**It's exactly where I want to be, how I want to be now. Next week? who knows and it doesn't matter. **
Happy Sunday to all of you, however you're spending it. May you find one thing today to light you up.

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