The value of questions and honouring the other


Lately, I have realized how much I have assumed of people, of situations in the past.

It's hilarious to see how far off I was. and it's not just me.

We assume people's reactions ("but it's common sense to do so"), we assume what they think or feel, we assume they want to be treated the way we want to be treated (we don't express love the same way, we don't handle grief the same way).

We assume people "get" what we say. We assume things are obvious. THEY AREN'T.

Coming to people, ask questions, good questions, makes any relationships so much better.

Before he died, my Dad asked me to take care of my Mum.
So despite loving my boyfriend at the time, I wanted to spend time with my family, be of service, support my Mum, be there to give hugs and small acts of love to ease her pain.
My boyfriend had a jealousy fit because "if I had loved him, I would want to spend my time with him." Well you can guess he didn't stay my boyfriend for long. He was seeing my grief and the world through his lens. He assumed my Truth, my reality and feelings. HE was far far in the wrong.

As I discovered Human Design, I dived in first in my type. I had a massive craving to understand myself, find some keys to make life easier. A Projector. What is it like to be one? in flow?
How can I use my sounding board authority?

Then my profile. 4/6. It's been a ride.

Then went a bit crazy deep in details (gates, channels etc) and breathed back to the centers and other people authority.

For me, knowing my relatives authority is the main point. I guess I always felt disconnected so making sure I connect the right way, I respect someone best way of being, is really important.

Now, I have started having a better feel for my Strategy and Authority, still far from mastering them but having a fair hand on it. My craving is now for understanding how the other types interact so I can ask them questions the right way, understand their signature and mechanics better.

Human Design is such a beautiful way to interact with less friction and more patience with other people, honouring their needs and their nature. It's not easy but it's so rewarding.

What's your story about good questions, questions you have been asked or ones that you asked?

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