Consistency is the key!

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Hey steemit family!
Now a days, the lack of readers is such demotivating that it is difficult to stay on this platform. It is really important issue I guess not me but many of you guys must be facing it. But still consistency will make us all reach success here!

Today, I want to address a really important subject which is backbone of every success, We all know the basic thing that how much hardwork and dedication is required to reach the pinnacle of success! But most of us ignore the most salient thing, which definitely is Consistency. It is very hard to maintain it as during low time many of the people end up quiting things, (considering the exceptional cases where such kind of decision is important) but yes, the road to success has never been easy and will never be easy too, that is only why few people make through it.

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If we tend to focus on the importance of being consistent at something, so for sure we will reach to success. Practically I know writing and talking about such suggestion is really easy, but following it is hard. That's why I had mentioned a crucial example initially, i.e. staying up here with lack of readers. But still managing to create some content from heart regularly.
I guess that might be enough motivation. Hopefully you all must have understood the vitality of Consistency in life.

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Just came across this and wanted to say you've got it spot on. I've just commented this somewhere else, but instant gratification is a reward killer. We need to put in the time and the money into certain places and consistently put in the effort in order to reap any kind of benefit.

The best things in life come from compound interest. Don't give up.

PS, we're from India as well!

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Dear @praditya

I absolutely agree with you. Being disciplined and consistency is a key (most of the time). Especially if we're thinking about building project (or anything else) within longer period of time.

Great choice of topic.

You keep posting really quality content. Perhaps you could always send me memo with link to your publication and 2-3 sentences description ? I will gladly support you with upvote, will drop a comment.

Especially if your publication will be related to crypto,blockchain,AI, economy or psychology (just don't send me memos like every day hehe)

And if I will have some time then I will also share your publication with my larger audience and will help you get some extra traffic.

Please keep in mind, that you can count on my help (whenever I can support you, I will) :)



That's good of you to be so supportive. you are building a great community.
Keep going on buddy!