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How are you, dear reader? I hope you're doing well, and also hope your demeanor won't be diminished by reading the short post I have for you today. I'd just like to briefly introduce you to a marvelous effect that's forever out of reach for most of us alive today, but could have tremendous influence on how we look upon ourselves as human beings in future generations.

source: National Ocean Service

I'm talking about the Overview effect:

The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from outer space.

It is the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life, "hanging in the void", shielded and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere. From space, national boundaries vanish, the conflicts that divide people become less important, and the need to create a planetary society with the united will to protect this "pale blue dot" becomes both obvious and imperative.
source: Wikipedia

How I wish we could all hop on a spaceship and experience this feeling; it must be so humbling, magical, confronting and breathtaking all at once, and it would make us all learn the most important thing about ourself, our world and our universe; that we're not alone, not really, but that we're all alone together. I believe this "overview effect" may be the best remedy imaginable against the atomization of our species, against the deeply ingrained belief of being alone, having to survive in a world in which every other human being is a competitor. I'm not sure of course: I haven't been on a spaceship yet, but I invite you to watch the short video at the end, and listen to some people who have been.

Maybe we could start shooting our politicians into space, not to get rid of them, but for them to get rid of their worldly preconceptions, and start ruling their people as their people instead of just another resource to be exploited. Maybe we'll finally see the beauty that's hidden in taxation; that the most important feature of it is that we ALL contribute, we ALL pay, for the good of ALL of us. When we use that tax-money to pay for education for ALL, medicare for ALL, utilities for ALL, housing for ALL, food and water for ALL, we would then feel the love we have for each other in our times of need. We wouldn't feel abandoned anymore by our fellow-men, but instead feel loved by them, because they refused to let us fall, refused to not care about us. As opposed to the life of eternal strife and competition we spoon-feed our offspring right now.

We would truly realize, I believe, how fragile spaceship Earth really is, and we would take much better care of her, and each other and all living things... And if we translate that effect into politics, maybe we'll finally evolve towards a post-hierarchical and post-capitalist society in which we're united but diverse, free but responsible, rich enough to be happy but poor enough for our neighbor to be just as happy. You're not alone. You can't ever be alone. We're in it together. If you zoom out far enough, you'll see the truth of it; enjoy the Overview Effect:

The Overview Effect

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Maybe we could start shooting our politicians into space

I mean, we don't have to bring them back, do we?


Indeed @wholeself-in; we could use planned obsolescence and make the engines fail while they're up there ;-) "Make it look like an accident..." 😉 😊

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thanks for the support! :-)

"That's what it takes to build civilization"
"One species with one destiny"
Sure makes the politics of the day seem petty.
Great post.


Thanks so much @owasco, for the kind words and encouragement 🙏🏼 :-)


Sagan will never stop to be relevant :-) Thanks for the great addition my friend 🙏🏼

Very nicely written my friend.

I often think about this overview concept myself. Especially in light of the flat earth vs round earth debates. I can't help but to wonder the root of certain concepts. Certain concepts that truthers are susceptible to, do little more than polarize, and some are so far out that I can't help but to wonder if it's a type of "avoidance".. Getting fixated..

I read a comment on YouTube recently, a woman that was fixated on the "Matrix" theory. She said she was tired of the way humanity is, and trying to figure out a way to raise her vibrational frequency so she can "vibrate up out of this existence and go into another simulation", somehow. The way she worded it was a bit funny actually and I had a nice chuckle, but really I felt a deep sense of empathy for her. To think that reality bothers so many people to the degree of coming to concrete belief systems that we are really not able to substantiate or prove is a bit sad to me, and influences me to feel empathy for humanity. Don't get me wrong, the Matrix theory is pretty cool, and I do enjoy watching YouTube videos about the potential reality that we are inside of a simulated reality, but I don't believe it so profoundly that my life view is altered.

I feel what you are sharing here carries a deeply important message for humanity. If we could all just take a step back from our beliefs, and the day to day hamster wheel and just BE, and do so in a way which is full of love and compassion for fellow human beings, we would continue to evolve in a positive way, instead of what appears to be a de-evolution that is occurring now.

Keep up the great work my friend!


Thanks for this thoughtful addition and response @futuremind; much appreciated, as always :-)

tHe eArTh iS fLaT


Well, make sure you don't drop off the edge my friend ;-)


wE LiVe In A Pineapple DoMe UnDeR tHe SeA


The consumable Earth... I like it :-)