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MinedBlock - Mining As A Service


Mining, depending on the technology of the blockchain, is the inclusion of transactions in the current account into a large public account called distributed public ledger. Today we will discuss one of the most popular topics for the cryptographic money market for the mining industry. In the end, this is where every single cryptic coin launches the path of money. With the computing power of the mining industry, where we have the opportunity to use our digital vehicles. However, as in all other aspects, the mining industry is experiencing some difficulties, which today are aggravating all the processes and the demand for currencies is paralyzed.

Cryptographic production is a way of confirming miners' blockage and compensation and creating a permanent seal for the block.

Cryptocurrency extraction is extremely profitable, as Blockchain technology, cryptography and cryptocurrency bring a new approach to the unveiled infrastructure and financial ecosystems.

Block chains and cryptographic interactions are about to enter the technological world. People now know that these technological aspects can change every aspect of our society. BlockChein's unchanging feature is to bring the world to life in all its business processes. In addition, cryptographic exchanges are becoming increasingly popular and ready to provide daily payment services.

Minedblock is a cryptographic currency project that will help investors earn more with their investors. MinedBlock recommends the development of complex, fully functional and large-scale mining mechanisms that provide energy management and costs, low initial costs, a monthly reward system system, and efficient management conditions for investors.

MinedBlock aims to develop a wide range of advanced equipment and technologies for the development of various crypto currencies to create a complete solution to the problems of the mining industry.

The first problem is often the high cost of the computer equipment needed to produce secret coins in their entirety.
The second problem is also financial because most of the profits from mining are used for electricity. The more expensive it is, the lower the benefit.
The third problem is likely to be transparent management of the internal processes of the mining company and investors. These relationships are often opaque, which naturally influences the entire investment portfolio of the participant.
and the fourth problem is that not all investment and business problems are resolved between the mining company and its investors. Many modern mining companies simply do not have the legal support or other legal aspects necessary for the quality of the business.
To solve the above problems, a team of professionals whose design changes the current situation of all mining companies at the same time provides a highly efficient new cash flow.

project information
MinedBlock - The project itself has a very simple and concise name. MinedBlock is the first mining cryptography company to sell its card with Scrabble STO.

This will make it possible for both parties not to incorporate their fake actions into the parties and to protect future investors from force majeure situations. In addition, all revenues from sales are fully utilized for the purchase of powerful and expensive mining vehicles, for the processing of services and other related transactions.

design feature
To this end, the founders developed a clear strategy of action that allowed them to carry out some actions on purpose after they were launched. Equipment purchase and installation, depending on the location selected. As I said before, electricity costs are a very important criterion for the mining industry. For this reason, the price is of great importance for future investors who want to join the STO MinedBlock directly. However, the MinedBlock team will be able to calm down a bit because they are considering using "green" energy sources with various benefits, from low cost to low cost. High environmental performance for all environment.

Geographically, the MinedBlock farm will be in Iceland, which will provide not only the electricity savings of MinedBlock's founders, but also the cooling system, which is crucial for the continuous operation of the equipment. Cryptography.

MinedBlock's unique advantages have many advantages:

First of all, the transparency system should be established for all internal and external processes of MinedBlock founders' investors. In addition, it is the only mining company that uses an improved STO system instead of a traditional ICO system when selling chips.
Secondly, MinedBlock's founders took over the essential elements needed for a high-performance mining company: location, 'green' and easily renewable electricity, geolocation and high-efficiency equipment.
and third aid, the investors who receive 75% of the profit of the entire MinedBlock mine have their own unique benefits. 25% of the profit is held directly by the founders of MinedBlock and at the expense of managing various extraction processes and collecting their own tokens.
The fourth advantage of MinedBlock will reuse the privileges of markers who have the right to vote and make changes in the future expansion of the mining service.

If we talk about the parts that have to produce the MinedBlock farm, there will be a few. These parts will be among the most popular and promising 50 tracks in the entire crypto money industry. By simultaneously removing two different rooms on the same farm, the founders of MinedBlock can diversify their risks and increase their potential profits for their investors.

Competitive benefits

• Token ticker: MBTX
• Token offering: STO
• Token platform: STO-20 Polymath platform on Ethereum blockchain
• Token price: $0.15 per MBTX
• Softcap: $1,000,000
• Token sale: 30th March to 30th May 2019



Website => https://www.minedblock.io

Whitepaper => https://www.minedblock.io/assets/MinedBlockWhitepaper.pdf

Telegram => https://t.me/minedblockofficial

Reddit => https://www.reddit.com/r/MinedBlock

Twitter => https://twitter.com/mined_block

Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/MinedBlock/

bounty0x username : bitaircan

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