Minereum few months later...

7개월 전

To begin with, I would like to point out that I am creating my post and will continue to update it every few days and it is not an investment advice.

In April, the first self-mining was organized by Minereum. I came across them on one of the airdrop newsletter sites. I have read that the only action you need to do to participate in airdrop is to enter your metamask address or multiple addresses with no limit. I will die, probably poor, because after a long reflection I decided that I will only give you one address because I will certainly not work any of it anyway, it is a pity to waste time again ...

On October 1, I read about the fact that Mnereum introduces a new type of stacking, but I will not write about it now because I do not use it when I get started, I will write it. By no means had I just as much as I needed so that my address which I gave in April could start extracting the MNE token. For this to be possible, each participant must upgrade their metamask address. there are 3 levels. The first one does not entitle us to anything, we can only put it up for sale at whatever price we want and someone can buy it in order to generate income. People sell their addresses for almost nothing because just like everyone else they are confused that you have to invest 0.3 Ethereum to get our address to level 2 and this in turn starts mining MNE. We can pay out dividers only after reaching level 3, it costs 0.6 Ethereum if you have level 2 of the portfolio. It is possible to go from lvl 1 to 3, then we give away 0.9 Ethereum. Lvl 3 allows you to transfer coins from the genesis wallet to another metamask wallet, then replace MNE / ETH on livecoin.com or exchange Uniswap.
At the moment, my wallet is worth $ 12,442
I created this post so that everyone can publicly observe this type of mining. I also hope to allay any concerns about this project. Tra he has been his first drop for 3 years, so I decided to trust him and I have a wallet at level 2, if I had more Ethereum I would definitely buy level 3 out of curiosity if it is true. As if it were true, you can buy wallets from others for ridiculous eth amounts. Everything is based on a contract that can be checked at any time on etherscan, although there was already one 200Tron company that disappeared with a few million dollars in TRX overnight, and by the minute people lost their savings. I hope this is not the time when I did not make a mistake in investing my Ethereum :)
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