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Good time of the day!

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On cryptoprostors almost every second there are new coins which are already far beyond a thousand with a tail has passed. And so those have so long ago revealed to the world a new koin whose name is Merit. Well, you have revealed yourself Well, and the dog with him ... And no, it was not here for it's another storm in a glass - otherwise you will not say.

Let's take a walk in order.

The name of the coin is Merit

Ticker - MRT

Mining algorithm - PoA (Proof of Affiliate) - cycle Cuckoo

Formation of the block - 60 seconds, 20 coins

Pools for mining -,

Calculators of profitability - the Calculator of profitableness, the calculator of profitableness 2, more precisely giving results

Exchange for bidding - official exchange from the developers
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This coin has an original mining algorithm, unique in its kind PoA (Proof of Affiliate- Proof of Invitation), the essence of which you can not get through unless someone invites you by your link and confirms your invitation! And if it's scientific, then >>> the distribution of the production of crypto-currencies according to the rating of the participant, which first of all depends on the number of which he invited to the system. Do not be afraid this is not a pyramid, and not Hypes!

The inviting system is built in such a tricky way - the number of invited participants is limited. So in order to register a purse in the system and start the process of mining you need to register through the referral link Based on this "commercial" approach, the developers set themselves the task of limiting the influx of users and thus avoiding a dramatic increase in the complexity of the network.

Mining of crypto currency will build on a new algorithm the name of which cycle Cucckoo / You can already get this coin both on the processor and on green cards from NVidea
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The mining process is somewhat gluttonous in terms of consumption of RAM if you decide to use a third-party application for the minidor from zjazz Cuda Miner. It is more stable and has a higher profitability but at the same time if you have one card that requires 3 GB of RAM. And having in the presence of a rig of 5 cards, then you need to have 30 Gig on board. I suspect that you do not have such a margin of RAM, and by this it is worth to increase the swap file to 40GB

The price of one coin at the time of this writing is 0.00003945 btc

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This is how the personal cabinet itself looks like, and in particular the window of mining

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Now I'll lay out the principle of extraction - once a minute there is 1 block containing 20 coins. Half from which receives the miner and the rest is divided proportionally among all users of the set, depending on the number of invited participants. When you trade these coins, your rating is supposed to have the same property as the invitations.

Registration is extremely simple if you have experience in creating a desktop purse. The main thing is to keep the key key and other charms)

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Merit community then go on my INVITATION

After registration, your wallet will be temporarily blocked for mining and sending funds, until your humble servant confirms your registration.

To speed up the process, just leave a comment about this :)

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